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  1. @Yayson That's easy! I don't ever do that for offline bots anyways. They barely fix anything...so no need for traps. They as well get stuck on things and climb in and out of windows multiple times for a easy grab, without throwing knives!
  2. Hello, Nothing your doing is wrong. Pocket knives have been spread from cabins to campsites around the map. Little fire icons, usually contain Health spray, pocket knives, and a hatchet or shotgun. Also, you should post on the forum introduction thread! Many people would love to get to know you
  3. @Camp_Blood_Killer Why did you bring this up? I was not doing anything on this thread but to joke around and be humorous. Its unnecessary!
  4. Oh I hate that when I am offroading, which I do often. Car has to be started over again
  5. Hello, Are you suggesting he blinks or moves his mouth? Otherwise, his face does move from side to side or up and down. Also certain kills such as "Free Kick" he either watches a head, or is looking for the Little Dipper.
  6. Hello, Using your search function to search for topics relating to what you want to post can be a simple way of posting instead of starting repeats threads. Such as this thread, you could PM a moderator and simply ask why; instead of creating a useless thread but for one answer in return. Thank you.
  7. @silencedeffect Seems as though there are many things to be pissed about right now...
  8. @AldermachXI Spot on. But all i thought about while reading this was of course...
  9. @Alkavian @Tommy86 @Tattooey Looks like we need a whole thread dedicated to roasting made up advantages and disadvantages (Who knows, maybe they'll come true)...
  10. Yes, i think the fun in it, is still there. It's just the way they put it together. As we get more patches in the future I feel things such as stalk could become more powerful and put more fear on those who play. The game has a trophy; it's just missing the pedestal. In saying that I mean, we have the game but we don't have what makes it loud and clear. Which is "horror", when we get the goosebumps feeling or, not knowing whether Jason is outside your cabin is when we actually have a feel for what a well built game should feel like. I hope this all made sense
  11. @deathbat96777 Yea, I believe Ben had already stated Freddy will not be implemented into the game because this is specifcally "Friday the 13th the Game", not Freddy Vs. Jason. Maybe someday we could see a Horror Vs. game, it seems like it could somewhat work!
  12. I get this when I am a counselor. Jason seems to be at a cabin next door, while I watch through the window. The game then shows that I have high MS, and Jason is onto the window breaking it by the time I can even do anything.
  13. I feel like using potatoes as throwing knives as well seems a little OP. Tiffany would fry the fuck out of them...Chad would be eating french fries off the ground. I could definitely see complaining about it.
  14. The game is already well built. But setting aside the suggestions of "Brand new"; start from fresh ideas. Many of the mechanics/graphics are the problems, and can be fixed. Graphics: - I noticed watching a original Beta video, the amount of fog throughout the camp was very dense. Could we possibly add more of that while keeping the moonlight making for a great jump scare; Jason standing in the fog. - The atmosphere. The science...We could use more realistic water features such as condensation on windows and glass panels on doors. Just to real things up a bit. - The tree growth. We have need more trees! (Not a tree hugger ) but i do suggest adding more underbrush such as bushes & shrubs. - Noises, I as many people feel Jason should always be under the influence of Stalk (Drugs). The amount of russling should be increased along with more fear than there already is. Birds would be nice to...suggesting crows, not seagulls. - Music, Jason's music should only appear when your being chased or when your fear accedes a certain point or when your limping. - There are many more, but that's what forum members are for...what are your ideas? Mechanics: - Traps, i feel they should go back to their original state. - Counselor traps, the amount of times I couldn't place a trap in a doorway is disturbing! - Door and window mechanisms glitching out. Or not locking til your third try. - Animations for Jason, waste of time; should be shorter in time or stun. - I couldn't think of many for mechanics... But thanks to some people around the forums for suggesting ideas to start a new thread.
  15. @AldermachXI By the way, great to see your back! I do agree, the forums always bring "New Ideas" when what we could focusing on is the mechanics we have at this time and what could be tweaked to revise them. The game is still playable but it could be better...I enjoy it now; but again it the graphics and mechanics could be better than they are
  16. @Poormetheus Hopefully we can see a price drop in the near future. I feel bad for some of the fellows that can't receive the game in its current states; but don't want to spend money on it anyways because of the problems. I haven't put in a negative review though. I still enjoy the game and I feel it was well worth the money; for the play time I have into it.
  17. @Maddogg_8121 Oh i understand you on #3. Camp Crystal Lake, morphing to the car...but having to walk around the fence to get to the car
  18. @BeautyNumber2 This is the wrong forum for these kinds of posts. Please check the forum Rules & Regulations regarding information to posting topics. Link: http://forum.f13game.com/forum/4-rules-regulations/ Thank you
  19. Oh I never thought, I made sure I checked her pockets before I killed her Jason had to go buy himself a new weapon or better yet, a nice cold beer...I'm jealous
  20. I had a Vanessa start the car, she drove halfway over the map, stopped, got out, and ran back to where the car spawned.
  21. @LeDunk 6 Only thing to solve my problems are dedicated servers. I am tired of Host leaving when he notices I am Jason and not him
  22. @BomberBuddy I agree 100%, the game looks very narly and well put together
  23. Hello, There are a few to many topics relating to Jason being able to change weapons...Please use the search function to search for topics you would like to post. Also, don't be afraid to post on topics already created, instead of clogging space on the forums! Thank you
  24. Hello, I think we have met before... Welcome to the forums, if you have any questions feel free to ask anyone, there are some great people around here! Make sure to check out the forum Rules & Regulations for more information. Link: http://forum.f13game.com/forum/4-rules-regulations/ Sincerely, TiffanyCox A.K.A - Clayton
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