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  1. No I have not, I usually use frying pans or wrench's. But feel free to place this on the Bug reports...Maybe someone has witnessed it! Sorry
  2. Hello there, Welcome to the f13 forums!!! Its always great to add someone new to the campfire party. Enjoy yourself, feel free to ask me questions if you have any. TiffanyCox, A.K.A - Clayton
  3. Hahaha, nope I just couldn't think of a good name...and surprisingly no one had the name TiffanyCox, so I took it...I guess I have a pretty good reputation on here Sorry for confusing you all!
  4. I am not a girl, lol...My favorite counselor is Just Tiffany! haha
  5. Yea, there are a lot of little brats playing this game now days. It honestly ruins game play for everyone trying to play it right.
  6. I was just replying to you, it would be rude of me to ignore someone that is so kind, Thank you! Your a pro with sarcasm
  7. Actually for one, none of my friends like to drive or even be in the car with me when I drive because I take them for some off roading spins. and always escape. I have only ever been stopped in the car seven times from level 1 to 101. Juking is not hard to accomplish what so ever, and you wouldn't know how good I am at anything unless you played with me I am not going to argue with you because I am not a child, so good day to you.
  8. Helping a Jason won't get them anywhere. It takes skill to play Jason and what your teaching them are just the necessities. Jason players have to learn their own technique and get good at it. For some its shift, stalk, morphing, or even just hiding in a room in a cabin waiting for the counselor to come right upon you. Not that what your doing is a bad thing, but its better to let them learn on their own. That's how I got so good at it!
  9. It doesn't matter your game play for some Jason's...I have been playing Jason since release and I tell you, even after this patch I am able to kill everyone; even the people that p*ss me off and juke me more then anything. Now maybe your better then what I would think, but as long as you have awesome techniques you can kill everyone as Jason...Stalk is a glorious thing! Have fun playing anyways
  10. Oh my god, this made me laugh. People like you do not deserve this game. And NO you are definitely not the only one who likes playing Jason because I love playing him, and even if counselors carry pocket knifes...I still kill them all. Maybe since you like Jason in this upcoming patch you can be Jason more since spawn preferences are changing. But honestly, I would be the di*k to run you over in every match just because throwing pocket knives in the woods is just as bad as running someone over. Thanks for being a jerk to everyone who actually like playing this game. I just love laughing at your stupid comments.
  11. Any counselor that escapes their stuff will wash up on the beach, but I have never thought about people dying in the water...
  12. This wouldn't be fair what so ever. Digital owners have to level up to receive the skins while Physical players can use them immediately. They would probably be unlocked for all digital owners right away.
  13. TiffanyCox


    Heyo, welcome to the Friday the 13th forums! Its wonderful to add some new counselors to the campfire! Feel free to ask me questions or you can add me on PSN at, Thesnotlicker Sincerely, Tiffany Cox, A.K.A - Clayton
  14. Oh okay, thank you for being more precise. I understand they have been working very hard! I still enjoy the game and hope all goes well, I have just been waiting to see some more brutal kills join in the game!
  15. I'm sorry but I do #1 sometimes. There is a full lobby, we have to wait 45 seconds for that one person to ready up when we could be starting a match. Sometimes I am in a hurry to do a few quick matches before work and the people who sit and not ready up is pretty frustrating.
  16. If your trying to be sarcastic okay... All I wanted to know is if there could possibly be a Kill Pack in upcoming DLC, yea I bought part 4's but it would be nice to come out with more then just one Jason in over a month.
  17. I am expecting possibly Pinehurst Youth Development Center to be a new map. Its been stated before in the making of the Jarvis Residence. The fence near the cemetery in Jarvis Map was labeled "Pinehurst" in the creating process.
  18. Thank god for Hope!!! @ShiftySamurai Could we expect new kill pack DLC in this upcoming patch/update? I have really been craving some new kills to be honest!
  19. No... Never back down a chance for a pocket knife. It gives you a second chance at life! If I come back as Tommy and its just me and for say a Debby, I will give her my pocket knife so she could possibly survive. But playing as the low composure counselor I have... no chance I am leaving it behind.
  20. I just figured out that its not part 4 lol, I'm planning on getting Part 6 and taking a human action figure and sticking the spear through the human. Have Jason looking at the counselor while holding the spear would be amazing. Thanks!
  21. You need more information on this. I am very confused by your statement...If I am confused Jason must be to right!?!?!
  22. Hey guys, Has anyone ever made a small diorama stand for a NECA Jason figure? I am making one for my Part 4 ultimate NECA figure and I wanted some ideas if anyone had...? I will be sure to release pictures on here when I finish the product, but does any other fellow have a NECA action figure on the forums? Thanks!
  23. Tiffany or A.J. all the way. Play Tiffany all the time and have luck without seeing Jason til he hits rage sometimes. But I usually don't worry about stealth, because I juke Jason a lot.
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