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  1. Tinker definitely, I have an epic on A.J. and it doesn't do a damn thing. Teamwork also has very low percentage and its useless. My sucker punch 20% works amazing though.
  2. The thing to do is morph to a car, if you see a counselor in the distance coming towards it, go into stalk and hide behind a tree and wait for that one second to grab them. And there you go, a beautiful stalk kill!
  3. His shift may be horrible but he is still my favorite Jason...He is by far the fastest running Jason so in return he has low shift. Destruction + Running is all I need! If he had better shift he would by far be the beast in game but right now part 8 takes first place.
  4. Well for one, Paranoia is "after" the snowflake. And the one counselor before the snowflake and one after. They will only release what comes before the snowflake unless they are feeling risky.
  5. Thank you! They have brought updates with several DLC content before...wouldn't be a surprise!
  6. It says Halloween October 31st idiot... Yea I had to edit it, but what your saying has nothing to do with what I was mentioning. The update is coming before Christmas no doubt.
  7. I would love to insult you, but I am afraid I won't do as good as Nature did... No duh I knew it was sarcasm!
  8. When did I ever say that it's a 6 month span!?! I said the arrival of Winter is the what the snowflake means. I never said they were putting a flower at spring, do you not understand English? Everything between the pumpkin and the snowflake is October 31st and December 21st. It would barely matter anyway...Christmas and Winter are 4 days apart!
  9. I am level 101 I play the game differently then many. Not that its bad, I just have a different skill then most Jason players. Counselor side pretty straight forward, 1) Juke Jason 2) Escape No I am not a hacker :I
  10. The snowflake is the arrival of Winter, not Christmas. Expect a update this weekend or beginning of next week. If they wait til or after Christmas there will be problems with servers for all the new players. I am hoping by next Wednesday with all the info they just dropped yesterday. I am more excited for the Offline Bots and New map than anything else. If they are dropping V.C, Offline Bots, SP challenges, Counselors, and a New map within a week and a half i'm going to be shocked. They are at least 2 or 3 weeks behind schedule.
  11. Yes, the phone icon is important to many Jason's. It would just be making the counselors even more stronger. Personally the Phone is always where i place traps first, so removing the icon will take it longer for me to find it, and quicker for the players to call the police. Illfonic would never remove important aspects such as this, there would be loads and loads of complaining.
  12. This idea is good...but yet very complex and probably would glitch out or not work.
  13. 100% agree...but I have never killed no one playing as Jason, I guess it depends on how you play. Its always been between 5-8 kills. But yea, the hit detection is trash in this game. I get hit more with melee weapons then I slash the counselor with combat stance.
  14. (Tiffany) 1). x2 Med Spray 2). Sucker Punch 3). Spatial Awareness
  15. Hello there, Its always great to have a new addition to the campfire party! Feel free to ask questions if you have and enjoy yourself here at the F13 Forums!!! Sincerely, TiffanyCox A.K.A - Clayton (P.S. - Don't let Jason catch you )
  16. This was only one night that it happened, most of the time I join a match and its almost impossible to be Jason first try, but probably ever 4th match in quick QP... Now that I am level 101 all I want to be is Jason, but i'm never not satisfied to play Tiffany once and a while
  17. I know!!! Maybe I will be Jason more often like my preferences show I "SHOULD". It sometimes could take 12 matches before I got to be Jason when all my friends preference is counselor! In one long private match!
  18. I use children as a advantage actually. Most of the time they run straight for Jason distracting him, this gives me plenty of time to lock all the doors people leave open, place traps, lay piles of weapons, and loot (Saying that I usually play with friends). But this is when I am counselor, as Jason my strategies are much different and more skillful. As you can tell any day I would rather play Jason then counselor. Little kids get even more pissed at me for that
  19. I usually get called "shitty" or "dirty bitch" for stalk killing little kids that scream... then yell at me. So it just seems like they are bad!
  20. Dedicated servers as well. I am so pissed right now...Okay, match started out beautiful I was Jason part 4 trapping as normal...Kill two people brutally, now where the fun begins. I come across two Chad's not knowing which is host (Because host is a Chad). So I randomly pick one to chase and sure enough its the host. Kill him and he immediately shuts the session down. I can not tell you @GunMedia_Ben how much this has happened. I am actually at my breaking point with the shit people do on this game. We need dedicated servers as soon as possible because I really can not take it anymore. I want one glorious game as Jason without host leaving and losing all my XP, how is that hard to accomplish!!! Come on seriously. I know this has been mentioned by so many, but out of everything your doing just bring us the bug fixes and dedicated servers. That'all I ask!!!
  21. None, I think it wil be Roy...Just because they would release him with Paranoia. He would probably be added to the game as well as the game mode.
  22. Fear...Not necessarily a patch but I am looking forward to the fear and eeriness to be increased. I am tired of walking outside and it looks like there are spotlights everywhere, it needs to be darker, foggier, and more uncomfortable. I want to jump & scream without Jason using stalk, I want to walk outside and rethink my decision when I start walking into the woods. And personally I feel none of that. As Jason I feel so proud when I stalk kill someone and they get on their Mic and say "shit man you scared the hell out of me". It's the only thing that actually gives you a little bit of heart race. Please @GunMedia make the game feel like your in a forest in real life the week after a crazed killer killed 8 teenagers...
  23. This has been stated in other topics. Actually ones related exactly to what you stated. Make sure to check them out for some other ideas. On another note, yes I agree to take out the screaming but add more fear to the whole game; Not just when Jason is near by...But make it that if a counselor walks outside they immediately stay freaked or calm depending on composure. Thank you!
  24. Oh okay, that has never happened to me...Only thing I have witnessed is the small house above Packanack, people will place keys or batteries in there and lock the door. So I have to get Jason to somehow break down the door!
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