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  1. Jenny's are very important. Many people just don't know how to play her well. If you learn how to use her stats wisely she can actually be very good! It all depends on how you play, I am a Tiffany kinda guy
  2. No single player...No new map...I am still happy for everything else!
  3. I see what your trying to say but i have to disagree. If your playing Jason placing a trap right outside your shack gives you more time to morph to the counselor! I personally never place traps at my shack because there really is no need for it. I wait til i get the notification that they are there and can grab and kill them before they are able to run away...I waste my traps on more valuable objectives such as the phone or cars. I do realize nowa days people kill Jason much more, but for me its just a waste of a trap when I play Jason's such as part 4 (Which I always do). It would really just be uncalled for when they have so much more things they should be working on, maybe down the road it could be a known project but for now; there is more important things.
  4. Jason works fine I notice all these people complaining about how wrecked he is...I can still play him like a boss! If you know what your doing it is really easy, I actually enjoy it
  5. Yea positively, I try to play Jason as much as I can. I have just gotten used to all the bugs
  6. I try not to pay attention to the car trap after I place it, I do it on purpose because I usually catch a dumb Vanessa in it (Just a easy kill). But because the car icon is red; and my trap icon is red its almost impossible to know it it goes off or not because you can't see it...The phone on the other hand is always easy to notice! I place one trap at the phone objective because I have always just gotten lucky with it. I once morphed right onto the phone as it was being called and was able to take it out before they called. Haha, its fairly easy to scare someone sh*tless with stalk, it always makes me feel good when people say that I scared them.
  7. I personally love dogs! I have two of them now, Boxer & and Boxer-Bulldog mix. They are the cuddlers of the century and they are always there when your down! What you do is great, keep it up
  8. Good technique I tend to love using stalk when it comes active! Usually for the boat many people think Jason's don't check up on it...I do surprisingly but not just do I check on it; I place one trap if I have extras (Saying that I play part 4...) One for the phone, Gas objective 4 seater car, and boat or gas objective near 2 seater car.
  9. Couldn't say it more perfectly! I would agree not to move it, but repair it...make it have a different use.
  10. No pocket knife ever stopped me from giving Chad a crotch-chop!!!
  11. This is 10000% untrue. If you have skill with using stalk and shift its a beautiful game. Personally, I separate one person from the group at a time (I am level 101 I know how to play and do it well) and take them out one by one. If your good with stalk and the Jason your playing you can at least kill 5 people because we all know in a public match there will be two total retards that have no clue what to do, or don't even try to do anything. Though like I always say, it depends on your gameplay.
  12. No I have never had a problem with that. As part 4 Jason I occasionally get stuck but I am able to move, I just can't go into combat stance, or grab. Other then that nothing
  13. This is true, I have played with a random lobby, all of which with mics and weapons in a huge team. Was able to desperate the group somewhat giving me 5/8 kills. But some people are just impossible to get as a walking Jason (This is when I played part 8, Now I play part 4). Running Jason's have the advantage to wear out stamina, + destruction don't give counselors time to get stamina when Jason is already in the house in 10 seconds. As you can see, part 4 Jason is my go to.
  14. I completely disagree with you. I used to main Part 8, and destroy every lobby I played Jason. Since part 4 came out, I have enjoyed him and still destroyed lobbies...but did it with fashion! It depends on the game play style you like, but part 4 is now my favorite. I have the kill pack, and the kills are so brutally beautiful. Couldn't be more happy with my purchase.
  15. Just to let everyone know, since many people have wondered; I am a guy not a female. TiffanyCox just stuck out as a profile name :D 

  16. @Toddarino @Jawbone @YouWontKillMe @JasonX316 Hey guys, I am truly sorry for everything I have stated. I didn't truly understand what you guys were witnessing until further investigation. I did not try to mouth talk anyone or be rude, but it came out as that way in my frustration. As well as I would be mad in your shoes, I have not witnessed this problem. Please understand my mistakes. Thank you, TiffanyCox A.K.A - Clayton (By the way I am guy )
  17. Haha, nothing new has came...there is no need to update it. Sadly, I wish this update came weeks earlier instead of the developers taking their good ole time like always and being late about everything.
  18. This happened to me last night, lol. I gave up and turned off my PS4 with rage...
  19. It doesn't really matter what "you" think. The game is still completely playable if you actually take the time to be patient with it. A lot of games have problems and this one may just be a bit worse then others. They have been working hard to take peoples advice, while people like you sit here and complain over things that have been stated in many recent threads...I get it, maybe you can't play the game all that well; but me? It works beautifully. Yea the host leaves once in a while and it frustrates me but I stay patient with it and enjoy myself!
  20. Indeed they are, I can not get through one round without a little d*ckhead swearing me off!
  21. You can not say we haven't gotten anything since September. October was a huge month for updates and patches. We got The Jarvis Residence, Part 4 Jason, double xp weekend, new kills, counselors, and patches. Make sure to read your calendar again, stupid mistake you made there. the patch could be coming tomorrow with all the info that has been dropped, Hold your horses and relax. And also, kind words are a huge factor of the kind of reputation you get on here. If you want to be the kinda person people look up to, I suggest going to the store and buying a new attitude. If you like being the old grumpy man you are, I suggest going to the store and buying a second dose of whatever your on now. Be kind to people, if your nice to them...maybe they will be nice to you
  22. Have you played Part 2,3,and 4 in a private match; switching Jason's each round. I have, part 4 sprints compared to part 3 and he is about the same as part 2 if not a tad bit faster.
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