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  1. The game is already well built. But setting aside the suggestions of "Brand new"; start from fresh ideas. Many of the mechanics/graphics are the problems, and can be fixed. Graphics: - I noticed watching a original Beta video, the amount of fog throughout the camp was very dense. Could we possibly add more of that while keeping the moonlight making for a great jump scare; Jason standing in the fog. - The atmosphere. The science...We could use more realistic water features such as condensation on windows and glass panels on doors. Just to real things up a bit. - The tree growth. We have need more trees! (Not a tree hugger ) but i do suggest adding more underbrush such as bushes & shrubs. - Noises, I as many people feel Jason should always be under the influence of Stalk (Drugs). The amount of russling should be increased along with more fear than there already is. Birds would be nice to...suggesting crows, not seagulls. - Music, Jason's music should only appear when your being chased or when your fear accedes a certain point or when your limping. - There are many more, but that's what forum members are for...what are your ideas? Mechanics: - Traps, i feel they should go back to their original state. - Counselor traps, the amount of times I couldn't place a trap in a doorway is disturbing! - Door and window mechanisms glitching out. Or not locking til your third try. - Animations for Jason, waste of time; should be shorter in time or stun. - I couldn't think of many for mechanics... But thanks to some people around the forums for suggesting ideas to start a new thread.
  2. @Cokeyskunk Her clothes give it away for Part 3. But the face and hair...oh geez, if they were trying to accomplish Chrissy, it doesn't look at all like her. She was definitely one of my favorite characters through out the series. Sad to say it, she and Tina Moore were my movie crushes as a kid
  3. Definitely new, I feel it wouldn't light up the whole map when you press sense. It would look more organized in a way. But, the counselors lighting up should still stay the same.
  4. @Cokeyskunk Ohh, no way! I'd want to see shit go down in real life. Not over a video game forum (Ahm, I am taking this thread off topic...we can get back to talking specifically "weapons" now.)
  5. @Cokeyskunk Jason would whoop Leatherface's ass any day!
  6. @cwlunatic I would love to see the famous Corkscrew kill added to the game. That was a classic of the film, one of my favorite movies out of the whole series. Beside Part 3 which i think had the best atmosphere.
  7. @Cokeyskunk I think he was mentioned in the comics? Not the movies, if i'm right? I would guess bringing him into the game is about a 0% chance? The Devs have a lot on their shoulders right now, i'd think the last thing they are thinking about is Jason's ancestors.
  8. @JasonX316 This is in one part not the Devs fault. There is a huge community base, they are getting report after report of bugs each day. They have a lot on their hands at the moment, and the next patch should arrive shortly. Hopefully we can see something towards the end of January or early February. It sucks, problems like this can ruin the fun in playing but you have to realize all games have a downside. Friday the 13th is just one that's not amazing with releasing patches when they need fixed, or when they should be. I am sure the Devs feel for people like you, we can only hope for the future. Sorry that this game didn't turn out for you.
  9. TiffanyCox

    Upcoming patch notes

    @Madmaxxxxxxx7 The DLC roadmap shows upcoming updates, not fixes. You can check around this thread to find what we could see in upcoming patches! But be on the look out for new posts.
  10. @GunMedia_Ben Thank you, for your transmission. It's great to hear your still working hard to give us a wonderful game! Looking forward to the upcoming months in updates
  11. TiffanyCox

    Making Of Game Doc.Dvd

    @Alkavian We could expect some great things to be done from that, a lot of answers could be revealed; that have been hiding! I'd like to see how they go about placing graphics/ mechanics into the game.
  12. TiffanyCox

    Cheaters, or Paranoia?

    @DasMurich It seems as though everyone has witnessed something like this before. Cheating and bugs are completely different and it can sometimes be hard to tell the difference. I notice if it's cheating you can tell by how they use their actions. If they glitch around it can be obvious they aren't cheating. I have witnessed a bug when I try to drop Health sprays, the game thinks I am trying to swing my weapon. Not sure why but there are many bugs that have to do with actions. If you witness cheating, and you know it's cheating. I would just leave the lobby and find another. I have stuck to offline bots more often than not, but once and a while when i play with friends and can deal with public matches. Good luck!
  13. My Dudes all i received out of this post as well.
  14. I do agree with less players. But with her abilites she could kill against 7 counselors. She was able to successfully kill over 6 people in the movie.
  15. @Dolemite Not many people understand humor on the forums anymore. It's a shame people are to serious to have a laugh once and a while
  16. Hello, I agree that there are many problems with the balance of this game. But this is the wrong forum, for this topic; as well as it is a repeat thread. I suggest searching for other threads similar to balance issues the game has. Please take no offense by this, it just seems right to bide by the rules.
  17. @TheHansonGoons Its a two for two. Good at being Stealthy and a good juker. And the ass.
  18. @TheHansonGoons This is why when I play to repair, I use A.J. with a epic tinker. She can stay quiet but yet do what she has to do with wise time management. Lately I have been the stealthy juker as Tiffany
  19. TiffanyCox

    Singleplayer Breakdown

    @WashingtonJones As well do I agree! There knowledge may not be great but for a beginning game, they have aced it.
  20. @nazzac This has been going on since the latest patch. I love to play with my friends, but indeed I still place traps and running Jason's are great because they can wear out stamina and increase your fear. I as a counselor on the other hand, kill Jason whenever i get the chance.
  21. TiffanyCox

    Hello everyone

    Hello, Welcome to the forums! If you have any questions feel free to let someone know, there are some great people around the forums! Don't be afraid to try new things; Playing Jason is a blast once you get the hang of playing. Debby is a very well built counselor and we need more people like you playing in online sessions...Most people just like to juke Jason now days! Also, make sure to check out the forum Rules & Regulations regarding more information. Link: http://forum.f13game.com/forum/4-rules-regulations/
  22. TiffanyCox

    What games are you looking forward to?

    @Roy's #1 Fan No, other than Steam is receiving it first. It is expected to have a Beta released early this year.
  23. TiffanyCox

    Newbie At The Forums

    Hello, Welcome to the forums! If you have any questions feel free to ask anyone, there are some wonderful people around the forums! Also, make sure to check out the Rules & Regulations thread for more information regarding the forums (link below). Link: http://forum.f13game.com/forum/4-rules-regulations/
  24. Man, @Shelly Finkelstein I feel bad for you; you witness a ton of glitches I have never even heard of
  25. TiffanyCox

    Upcoming patch notes

    @Brigadius Jason would be the judge of that...(Pun intended)