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    New Member hello from Dude

    Hello, Welcome to the forums! If you have any questions feel free to ask anyone, there are some wonderful people around here! Also, make sure to check out the Rules & Regulation Thread for more information. Link: http://forum.f13game.com/forum/4-rules-regulations/ Sincerely, TiffanyCox A.K.A - Clayton
  2. Hello, (I did not see a thread started, relating to what strategies are used for Jason since we all know he needs a buff or a downgrade from counselors) Strategy #1: Be honest...Do you Slash? How do you go about slashing your victims? Placing traps? Taking out Power? Throwing Knives? Strategy #2: Stalker...How often do you use it? Do you do the norm, placing traps, powerboxes, and throwing knives? How do you use stalk? Morph ahead of counselor and wait? let them run farther ahead, activate stalk then shift? Morph to...per say the phone? Activate stalk immediately and wait until they leave the cabin? Strategy #3: The Norm...or just kill people to relieve stress Strategy #4: Shifter...I would love to see someone actually get great grab kills after shifting nowa days. Do you have your own strategy that I didn't put down? (There is probably multiple) I usually mix Strategy #2 and #3. I love using Stalk to my advantage but I love making little kids scream and rage quit once I kill them. How do you go about juking? Will you slash until they are limping? Do you just get pissed and slash kill? Do you run away *wuss*?
  3. TiffanyCox

    What Are You Listening to?

    Lately, I have been jamming to 70's and 80's rock. Just felt groovy the past two weeks
  4. It's not totally Jason either. Counselors need somewhat of a downgrade as well, they have their own balance problems which indeed affect Jason's game play. Jason's nerf only affects Jason. So he has it a bit harder, but the amount of issues added to the counselors make it harder for some people to play Jason. Not me personally, but its obvious many people are frustrated.
  5. TiffanyCox

    If looks could kill

    Well then, I may take a look at it. Depends on what time i have! Thank you
  6. Take a look at this Dedicated Servers & Host Migration thread! It might give you a all around idea. Link:
  7. There are possibly some ideas to see on this link: Hopefully you can find something useful out of this
  8. I help out with welcoming members to the forums, "Brown-nosing" is someone who uses peers to their advantage. I am "helping" which means making it easier to do something, by offering assistance. But as @TheHansonGoons stated, lets get this back on topic.
  9. I have been doing these kinds of things since I have joined. Your the first person ever to tell me to stop and that I am a wannabe moderator? Actually, I am just helping out and putting less stress on the people that do it more often. And what surprises me the most is that I usually get thank you's not "no need".
  10. TiffanyCox

    "Mean Girl" Trope.

    Oh I am sorry! I got them mixed up
  11. TiffanyCox

    Pamela uses Necromancy?

    She started everything. Without her Jason wouldn't be alive. (She was a silent killer)
  12. TiffanyCox

    "Mean Girl" Trope.

    Part 7 "The New Blood" Shes the girl that started the idea for a bitchy girl.
  13. There are multiple threads relating to balance issues. Please, before posting threads; take a look at the Forum Rules & Regulations. Link: http://forum.f13game.com/forum/4-rules-regulations/ Thank you!
  14. I think all Jason's should be able to use different weapons. We all know every film there were a variety of weapons used. I wish they would add a normal pitchfork to the mix as well.
  15. Oh this always happens to me I play as Tiffany and think I can go juke around with Jason before i find a pocket knife...end up getting grabbed and asphyxiated
  16. TiffanyCox

    If looks could kill

    They did a wonderful job with that film! They were able to freak me out without Jason. The atmosphere and the setting in this movie was surprisingly good!
  17. TiffanyCox

    "Mean Girl" Trope.

    I'd be pissed if a Megan killed me
  18. TiffanyCox

    Latest Purchases

    I got this just the other week! Making a small diorama for it at the moment!
  19. ohhhh...pineapples are good! You got me there
  20. TiffanyCox

    If looks could kill

    Thank you, I might consider seeing it.
  21. TiffanyCox

    If looks could kill

    Part 3 design I thought was good for the movie. It fit the characters, location, and atmosphere. The setting for the movie masked everything else, it was very eerie. My all time favorite part of that movie is when he slowly but slumply walks off the dock
  22. Anyone with a spongebob avatar is going to be a little salty? right? He does live in the sea...
  23. There's a little bit in everyone's life. Manslaughter in f13 isn't a crime; it's helping Jason since he probably wouldn't be able to kill them anyway?
  24. TiffanyCox

    Rate/review the last horror movie you watched/saw

    Screams were always great films. Always had wonderful suspense and mystery.
  25. The cars are also way slower. I can drive away from a Part 7 and he can go like 100 meters in front of me! I don't understand. But as a pro Jason player it feels great they are giving Jason some buffs. But not the ones we asked for...