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  1. Delaying patches and twiddling their thumbs, obviously.
  2. Good for them! I'd rather be dead than live through this suffering we call life.
  3. Thanks for the video, man! I hate this fucking forum and its whiny community, but there are some rare good people in here like you. The offline play looks good enough for me and i'm satisfied now... well, when they release the patch on Steam, i just woke up and there's still no patch online.
  4. Good job. Where's the steam patch? I haven't gotten anything yet.
  5. I don't know... never checked. I guess whenever Gun Media feels like releasing them.
  6. Gratz for putting some effort into something that will be never even considered by the devs.
  7. A very good suggestion. The grabbing angle cone should be very wide on the ground to be of any use though.
  8. Welcome Man Behind The Mask! I'm the chronically depressed edgy fucktard of this forum, hope you'll have a wonderful time in here.
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