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  1. I agree with you. For me, it would be the first different map in the game. Why? Because, frankly, i don't know if something wrong with my environmental perception, but aside from the size of the current maps, i can't see any notable differences in them. I'm a simple kind of man when it comes to map design and if the geography is mostly the same as it is now, then i can't separate them as different maps in my mind. tl;dr I see no visual difference in the current maps, just dark misty forest with an occasional rainfall.
  2. Indeed... unless we had some ridiculous 8-bit themed map which would have 8-bit ambient music by default in the memory of the NES game.
  3. Patience = Shut the f**k up Soon = Check our out-dated roadmap
  4. Faster stun revival would be handy. I really don't give a shit. I don't play the game right now anymore, but i do like it when i'm in the mood. I'm not expecting any updates at all, but i guess some perks for Jason could be alright.
  5. I'm a very angry man in general. I should take time away from life, eternally. That is true though, his color scheme, while cool looking, is only a disadvantage gameplay-wise when it comes to stealth.
  6. Yes, really. He could be neon pink for all i fucking care and he would still have the advantage since most people have become accustomed to anticipating the danger music itself instead of visual confirmation. It's a slight advantage and that's fucking it!
  7. He already has a minor advantage over the regular Part 3. Which is his proximity music, it starts off so quiet that you can often surprise players with ease.
  8. Lachappa is obviously the sexiest guy of them! <3
  9. Tall, dark and... hideous. Luckily women only care 'bout height so Jason's in luck
  10. I know what you meant, just noted something else too. Regarding your point, i don't recall Roy surviving any damage which would be lethal for most people before the ending scene of course. So, what, he was stabbed in the leg, bashed in the head with a wooden object and... dying from the fall into the spikes. Oh and the tractor scene, which was pretty unrealistic in general... any rational person would assume it's an incoming vehicle if they were to be shined at with enclosing sharp lights.
  11. Bullshit theory! And your phrasing doesn't make any fucking sense. Paraphrasing: You know it's not true, but it could totally be true? What the fuck
  12. Plus, sometimes Roy's behavior made zero fucking sense. Like when that black kid drove him over with that slow construction vehicle and Roy just stood there waiting to get run over like a goddamn idiot. Would have made sense with Jason since he's basically a braindead zombie at times, but Roy was a just a normal human...
  13. The brutal mo-capped murder animations and Jason's detailed character models.
  14. An Ambulance to drive counselors over with, GTA style. No, but seriously, i watched the Part 5 for the first time ever about a week ago and i seriously can't remember a single weapon he used. Besides, the game would need changes for the Part 5 Jason to be realistic since he's just a normal vulnerable human in contrast to the real Jason. Otherwise one would be able to just shoot him once with the shotgun and be done with the whole match.