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  1. That works too. This would be a huge deal for all the streamers who wants to play this game with their community. I was just talking to one of the streamers and he said he was so bummed cause right now there's no possibility to give e.g. a name and password and then people could join. I totally agree. Besides your teamkilling suggestion I have some of my own: Time limit (e.g. 5-30min) Amount of pocket knives, medic sprays etc you can find in a match Perks on/off Escape possibilities (Phone box on/off, 2 cars/1 car 1 boat/2 boats?) Items spawn rate (how many flare guns, shotguns, melee weapons etc you can find in a match) Jason's traps on/off, amount of Jason's knives These things came first to mind. So many different customizations you could make and keep the game more interesting. Ofc you don't have to use it if you don't want, but give us a chance to do something like this in the future. I think this would also bring many people back to the game, and also new ones.
  2. Wow, another finnish dude! Great to see you here
  3. Finally managed to get myself here! I'm 26 years old from Finland and a huge fan of Friday the 13th series! Played this game over 300+ hours and I still love it! Keep up the good work, looking forward to see what kind of updates you will bring us in the future. Already posted one suggestion about joining to Private Matches
  4. Currently the only way to join to a Private Match is that the host must invite Steam friends to the lobby. But there should also be another way than just add many people to your friends list. I suggest that the host could give a name and password to all whomever he/she wants and people could join (many other games have this feature too). This would also help streamers to start games with their community much easier. What you think, is this possible to make?
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