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  1. tommy and the drawer makes the game extra creepy you hear him before you see him and then after you try to kill him and use grab it pulls him out of the glitch.
  2. wouldn't it be cool if eventually the game aloud more than one Jason and instead of 8 councilors its like 10 or more
  3. this is idea is perfect for the game it would create a better gaming experience instead of the repetitiveness as it already is ready for that new game mode.
  4. i apologize im new to this forum and community, and know nothing about game sharing or how it works.
  5. thats fair im a alittle skeptical about it as well since i just recently got my ps4 and all this is new to me, thank you though.
  6. amazing idea i give this 2 thumbs up i love brainstorming ideas for the game they need us on the DEV team
  7. this is an absolutely amazing idea DEVS listen up we got gold here $$$$$
  8. love your customize counselor idea i was thinking the same thing since day one.
  9. i have a suggestion for the devs why not have an option like the sims where you can customize and make your own counselor for the game.
  10. exactly im not a huge gamer and i dont know all the ends and outs but i do play and enjoy the game but what i dont understand is in other games like until dawn or resident evil they have smart horror killers if they can make it work so can these devs. it should be on the top of their list to develop this for the hardcore fans and players. considering they probably do need more funding i can see it tho in the future, there is so much they good with this game and i feel like it can only get better and we just have to be patient.
  11. i love your ideas, they are well thought out and make complete since for the game, i hope that they eventually get to alot of this we need a Pamela and a SS Lazarus map.
  12. love your ideas check out my ideas on my profile.
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