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  1. I personally have never played a Savini but I have played it against him many, many times and I find him to be easy to play against compared to some of the others. I think the ones that have him like the intimidation factor that they give the newbs who don't see him much so that is why they run him.
  2. Part 9 used to be a beast. First they nerfed his stun resistance, part 6 has the best now, then with the most recent update they nerfed his grab box. From my experience his grab box is almost non existent (tested multiple Jasons on bots and friends) which makes a stalk shift from across the map useless unless you catch that shitty ass lunge grab perfect, have fun trying to do that not being the host, with lag and in the rain. If he is disappointing you give part 7 a try, he is real similar to what 9 used to be and his grab box works.
  3. HAHAHA. Yeah a lot of players with Savini think that they are intimidating and unkillable. We once had a random with Savini talking shit in the lobby about how he is going to slaughter us all. He became Jason and kept saying how he is unkillable when we were attacking him, well he went 0 for 8 and died. He was a good sport though and stuck around. We had a different dude quit mid kill and then message saying that we didn't get the points so they are still undefeated. We sent a screen shot of Tommy in midswing.
  4. I'd say about 60% of the time they quit mid kill. More quit mid kill than they run and hide. .
  5. They recently tweeted that they are looking into why PS4 isn't working
  6. I agree about the phone being at one of the main houses at Jarvis. Pinehurst doesn't really have any woods. Jarvis is easy to navigate and escape the camp locations. For example if you are in Elmwood you could go to Blackfoot, Fire branch, the Jarvis area or go towards Fire branch then change to going to Jarvis with the trail behind the outhouse. Cabin hopping is much easier going from camp to camp. The only real problem with Jarvis imo is sometimes the parts are scattered to far away from the objective. Having to bring gas from Fire branch to Blackfoot for a trapped 2 seater seems like a waste of time especially if none of the other parts are in or even discovered yet. For me escaping is old anyways, been there conquered that. I am more interested now in killing Jason or surviving the night. The big house at Pinehurst is one of the best to run Jason in circles though.
  7. Am I playing a different game? People actually prefer Pinehurst over Jarvis? I have never heard anyone say that, never. I hear the opposite, Pinehurst is usually greeted with gasp followed by "Not Pinehurst!". Pinehurst actually made Jarvis fun to play. I see people here talking about Jarvis having parts so far away, have you actually played Pinehurst? Parts there are just as far away if not farther because of how big the map is and how difficult it is to get from one location to the next. Y'all can keep Pinehurst. Have fun spawning in the phone house at Stoneside with Jason especially if he has destruction. Plus Jarvis map is so easy to kill Jason on
  8. If you run with a Jason player that runs with people that always kill Jason than that Jason player is gonna go for that Tommy power box first. Adding in having to also repair the radio will make it almost impossible for Tommy to be called. I don't mind if the radio is repairable, it was when the game was released. It can only be a slight distraction when on anyways. I think it is actually more distracting for counselors because it drowns out Jason's music which makes it harder to tell how close he is. I personally mute copyrighted music so all I hear is static when it is on. I would like to see different repairs added to the cars. Having to put on a tire would be cool.
  9. That dance is already in the game labeled as "Funny Dance"
  10. Offline mode is smooth as others have said. The bots are dumber than I expected, but I expect as everything else they will get changes. For me it isn't that fun playing in comparison to online because it is just WAY to easy. Playing on hard as a Part 7 and not trapping anything while being on a small map but still demolishing the bots isn't fun. I will use offline in times where I am short on time and want to F around a little before I have to leave. I played a few offline games and then switched to play online. When I was talking to a buddy I mentioned how stupid some of the things the bots did, then we joined a match and I was chosen as Jason. My 1st response was that it was just like playing offline how dumb some of the players were, so I am guessing that the bots are to simulate the new generation of players. I can see how offline can be practice for newbs to get used to Jason, but it would be like just hitting mitts with a coach in cardio class and then expecting to be to be a champion in the cage or ring, it's not gonna happen. You need real play time against good players in order to be truly good with Jason. Hopefully offline mode will keep all the whineys and rage quitters away from online. It gives them a place where they go and feel like the champion they think they are. I honestly don't see how the offline bots are better than playing online even with the cancerous players. I am suspecting the the people who would rather do this are not really that into the game and really just want to fill the fantasy of being Jason in a movie and there is nothing wrong with that. I understand that the game has it's issues with Jason but you just have to accept them and learn how to work around them. If we all continue to gripe about the grab and melee attack radius they will fix it eventually, until then use the shortcomings as moments to evolve your style. If you have a problem with a player being annoying all you have to do is mute them and they then become a more advanced version of a bot. One thing I think many don't realize is that to get good being Jason you have to get good at being a counselor. You have to understand how a good counselor plays in order to catch them easier. Running around and acting like a dumbass while you are a counselor will just make you a dumbass Jason.
  11. I have played Shelly and I think he is a playable character. Much more so than a few other characters. I see that he is well balanced for his character, maybe one of the best well balanced counselors on the game. I do think though that his composure could have been higher just for the sake of him being into horror makeup and gory pranks, plus he had no problem checking out the barn. ** I am mostly an A.J player. If you are used to a runner than he is not for you.
  12. I think because it has been 2 months of people waiting for it to be fixed. I know that everyone I play with has been expecting it since day one of it being broken. To many, myself included, this is the most important thing that needs to be done aside from dedicated servers obviously.
  13. *I am by no means any sort of coder* Couldn't they just revert back to where the grab was before the 10/11 patch? The lack of grab issue with Jason was the biggest issue with the last patch, far bigger than the grab being op beforehand. I can see giving it a few weeks to gather data on how to fix it and then just reverting back to where it was to then spending time to fix it being a logical way of navigating this problem, but here we are 2 months later and the patch doesn't even list that as being changed. The grab issue was griped about instantly and when I mean instantly I mean the first time a player tries to grab. It still to this day is an issue. Hopefully Gun is just trolling us by not listing Jason as being fixed The grab was initially to op but yes Jason should be allowed to grab you through a window and should be allowed to grab you when you are just on the other side of the sofa. Basically if he would be able to touch you than he should be able to grab you.
  14. You are totally correct. A lot of more experienced players have left and are waiting for Jason to be fixed. We are now left with randoms that barely know how to play. On one end it sucks as a counselor to play with Deborahs that won't even pick up a can of gas. On the other end it compensates for Jason being the victim. I am lucky enough to still have plenty of peops on my list that know how to play the game properly so randoms are less of an issue. I agree that most of the players since the hard copy release are terrible. I thought rage quitting was a problem before, now it is almost a certainty for the host to quit if they are killed. The 1st thing my friends and I do when joining a public lobby is look at the host's level, if they are around at least 60 we know that the chances of them quitting is lower. It is real crappy being Jason and having to avoid killing the host until the end just so the baby doesn't rage quit because they were killed. Dying is kind of the point of the game, expecting to die as a counselor is a must if you want to play it. One thing I do wish would be brought back is team killing in public. Taking that away has caused WAY more trolling problems than any team killing problems I ever had while in public. Some mfer's deserve to die when they are counselors. The biggest one is the players that are helping Jason. Now without team killing they can just follow you around and tell Jason exactly where you are, open doors, set traps etc... Once you are dead they move on to the next person. This game really has become a trolls delight. P.S. It is kind of fun hearing these newbs that think they are bad ass talking sh*t as they dance because they chadded you with a bat, to only then have their last words be something like "WTF! How did you do that?" and the notification "babytears420 has left".
  15. All of these things are issues and have made Jason less fun to many. Jason wasn't easy for newbs to learn to use before but now with his nerfing it is almost impossible for them to get good and I have seen many so frustrated it turned them off to the game. Those of us that have been playing the game for months were able to adapt our styles because we already understood the game and how to get to the counselors, the newbs have to learn it all. It doesn't help that there are those of us that are good troll with Jason, especially at the cops. If you and a good player have a descent inventory you could run circles around even an experienced Jason for mins having time to dance and flex for him, if they are part 7 (poor soul) forget about it. Also now we can literally run circles around Jason with that shitty grab. IMO the game has become Jason not trying to feel stupid instead of the counselors trying to escape. Jason has been turned from a killing machine back into the bullied little boy. We shouldn't be able to troll Jason so easily. Watching him get killed by level 9's isn't fun. To all of those that say 'get good' I did, I had to change my style and it was for the better. It took a little adapting but I was able to get back to a consistent 6/8 or better. I had to switch to a part 2 Jason and get creative. Learning how to "throw traps", as my friends call it, at moving counselors has been fun and stops the influx of those players that are attack heavy on a now soft Jason. Even though I "got good" the nerfing is still annoying. Not being able to place traps so close together never really bothered me, it just made me and others more creative with where we put them instead of blowing our wad in one spot, it makes the game more unknown and stunning to a moving counselor. The items showing on the map I don't think made it that much harder for Jason, I actually think it made players more likely to be active instead of hiding, which in turn makes it easier to find them, i.e. it creates action and movement The one thing that bugs the shit out of me that not many are talking about is the counselors yelling when Jason is around in stalk mode. That takes away 90% of what stalk mode is for. Now they know you are near, just not how close, and they can be on alert. Also many, many times I can hear the 'Jason is here' music coming from the players mics while I am in stalk mode, like WTF is that. For those of us that know how to use stalk mode properly it puts a wrench into what we are doing, "See ya Bugzy, you SOB!" With that being said this is the only game I play and is my favorite of all time. It has been fun being apart of the evolution of the game from its original release in May. In the beginning none of us knew what the hell we were doing. Learning how to hit Jason, everyone trying to get to part 9 first, learning the car CAN go offroad and the other numerous things I was able to see the evolution of has all been a nice experience. I am certain that the developers will see the gripes and make alterations as they have from the beginning. Me personally I like that they keep changing shit around, it makes it fun when an update comes out.
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