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  1. I did all the strip poker challenges, I think. The tough part was the arrival of Kenny and Buggsy not being same way each time to get their beer. Thus you end up unintentionally right in their path. On PC I could not locate them by sense until they were coming in the door and then not every time so I'd be stalking by the back door to have Kenny come in and see me b/c I was in his path. And there is a bug where the he gets stuck on a tree.
  2. Yeah. I got it this time. Had to be detected and catch Chad as he was running for the car to get the load of death challenge. And after two times of his being downstairs as soon as the lights were out the third time he remained upstairs and hid like he was supposed to. Got both done and all the challenges except Pt4 Jason which I don't have unlocked and never will (I utterly hate online mode!) so that is that. Thread closed. Thanks everyone. Once I got Chad killed upstairs the rest fell into place.
  3. UH?! I tried to go around to get Chad after knocking out the power. While stalking him *undetected* he opens the front window and climbs out He was downstairs as I approach the door. Restart > same thing even when I did not go to front but instead long way around back. Did they change his random behavior in this June patch?
  4. OK I think Maddog's video he sent me will get me the Chad in the closet hiding challenge. But grabbing Chad and taking him outside... I'll try it but always seems like he breaks my grip (everyone does - but that is a gripe not for this convo) way too easily.
  5. So I'm trying to do this challenged but I'm stuck. I kill the two counselors downstairs and up and Chad comes in screams and runs right for the exit. OR the two come in, find "what's in Tommy's room" and both run for the car/exit then Chad comes in does the same. No matter what I seem to do nobody runs upstairs to hide and nobody goes near the woodpile leaving both challenges undone and unless something changes *un-doable* How do you complete this challenge if all they do is run right away to escape?! I have gone through it probably 20 times over two weeks and each time I quit with frustration. I HAVE watched you-tubers do the challenges, but most skip right to the kills so the wait part is missing. Tips, or otherwise will be appreciated.
  6. They did not fix any of the interaction bugs I have reported. Grabs on the bots in the SP challenges sometimes fail to perform the kill on the icon. The E will just randomly disappear or pressing E will not activate it correctly making the character able to break Jason's grip instead of a kill happening. I reported this three different times and twice with screen shots.
  7. When are they going to issue a hot fix for some of these bugs? Seriously more than one of the bugs I reported already are game breaking and need to be fixed. The prompt going away while trying to perform an environment kill is one of the worst and it cost me the whole game last night in SP challenge 7. With 45 sec to go and everyone else dead I went after Vanessa at the card table. There was not enough time to drag her to the toilet. I got her in my grip by the window. The game showed me the icon for throwing her through the window but pressing the letter E made the screen blink several times but it would not perform the kill and timer ran to 0:00 losing for time out. This cost me the XP for the game. If that is not game breaking I don't know what is.
  8. Anyone else have the bug where one of the bots sees a dead body through a wall in SP challenges or offline SP mode? Buggzy's corpse keeps getting discovered which makes me fail the no detection. I tried to kill him 'normally' so I could move his corpse which gets locked to one spot with the cinematic kill. I kicked him to the corner by the doorway of the first room after gouging his eyes out and hid there too. It's the spot where the bots don't see you as they come through the door normally. Kenny comes in the front door and screams as if he saw the corpse and I failed not being detected. I just reported this as a bug. There was literally nothing for Kenny to see unless he was seeing the body through the otherwise solid wall. I think they have a lot of collision model problems. I have seen my ax or whatever weapon show through walls and grabbing bots near a wall and they pass through into it like a ghost. If you kill near a window they will go through the wall and you bring them back inside. *So how many game breaking bugs can YOU spot in this patch? * Now it's an interaction bug. I killed everyone on SP challenge 7. I had only Vanessa. I was not worried about the cinematic since I only had about 45 sec. I shifted and missed the damn grab but I got a second chance. With 10 sec to go I grabbed her again. I put her near the window and the interaction icon to toss her showed. I press E and to my utter frustration the screen blinked and it did not perform the kill. I mashed the key and it just blinked the damn screen until the timer hit 0 and I lost. When are they going to issue a hot fix? It's kinda overdue! I think this happened to me when I was under water doing the Tiffany kill on SP challenge 6 (the one with Chad scoping Tif from the shore). It was like I was looking at a brown and black blob for a few moments then it cleared. I thought it was just the way it looked underwater in the game was all.
  9. Could be. Too bad he's not Yellow I might have see where he went. It was either Eric or Chad not Buggzy that time I was on Challenge 6 I think. I have been frustrated with the awful bugs I keep running into: Last night I redid challenge 4 to kill with Pt3 Jason and 3 skulls. I shift grabbed at AJ on the front porch -MISSED- and AJ jumps through the window. I got to the door way as she was trying to escape. Tried to grab her and she just ghosted right through me like I was not even there. I mean Jason's whole bulk was blocking the door but she went past me still. I need to reinstall GeForce Experience so I can record this **** ! FRAPS only lets me record 30 sec which is not enough. These are game breaking and the devs need to fix this. I am speechless that I had a character go past my whole body IN the door way. The collision modeling is what is at fault here. How one character interacts with another. They have made it so that the counselors can run past Jason while he is in the grab animation. But they short cut it by making the character able to ghost him to get away. They should hit him as a wall and be able to be grabbed again. Sorry devs but that is poor programming!
  10. I know where she is *supposed* to go but she was not there or sense would have lit her. I looked everywhere. As soon as I killed Chad, AJ , Bugz, etc, Deborah is gone like poof just missing. Another game breaking bug! I redid challenge 4 to get the Pt3 Jason 3 skulls part. I killed everyone but AJ. She goes out the front door onto the porch. I do a shift grab and have her long enough to go to the kill point on the brick wall. I get the icon for a environment kill. It would have smashed her on the wall I think. I press E it blinks the screen and then the icon stays on the screen but the E goes away and she breaks my grip and runs. COME THE #$%# ON! I am so sick of having my grip broken when the environment kill icons malfunction!
  11. You're right. Pt3 Jason is default it's Pt4 Jason who is locked but I misread the condition. I thought it says Pt4 Jason. So I can do it after all. I'm frustrated with the 8th challenge. Deborah keeps disappearing and time runs out. *more bugs* I went to 5 different cabins and the archery range and she was nowhere to be found. Ran out of time 2x in a row looking for her. I killed everyone else and failed the no detection, but Deborah just was still nowhere. Sense cannot even locate her and there was not ping circle anywhere either. But it didn't say no survivors had failed so where the %%%# is she???
  12. I never watched Lucas I don't think. Keri Green was in The Goonies with the other Corey so it's odd I would not have seen it for her ? but alas I think I may have been a wee young too. I was barely 10 when it would have come out. My favorite Corey Haim movie though is The Lost Boys. It was a great mix of humor, the awesome on screen chemistry of the two Coreys making it funny. The head vampire test scene. The one liners "Death by Stereo!" But the best line is the final scene. The grandfather who has just dispatched the head vampire, gets out of his truck, goes to the 'fridge, opens it & takes out a cold bottle of booze, takes a swig and says: "One thing about livin' in Santa Carla I never could stomach: All the damn Vampires!" Hilarious! He knew about the vampires the whole time. If only he lived on. Imagine The Lost Boys D-t-V movies that Corey Feldman did with Corey Haim in them too.
  13. After many tries I finally got the chipper kill. Now I need a tier 3 Jason for the 3 skulls. I utterly hate multiplayer so I guess I'll be stuck at level 24 forever.
  14. I did a grab and went into the water last night. I think it was Chad or Eric on challenge 7. As soon as I went into the water with the grabbed character he DISAPPEARED. No kill prompt nothing. The character just disappeared underwater I presume? Later it said I failed the undetected challenge. So what did he do swim away UNDER WATER while I was holding him? IDK there are some real bad game breaking bugs in this new patch.
  15. The Devs outdid themselves with this one. Anyone notice the other Buggzy bug? When you grab him from the wheelchair it rag dolls in the air! ?
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