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  1. How do i delete posts? Sorry for bringing up so many repeat topics. Im truly sorry to the forum page!
  2. What are some ideas for new Part 7 Jason advantages & disadvantages? I personally feel like they should be taken from the movie. Part 7 (as Jason) was very good at showing up anywhere at any moment. He should have a better Morph then what he does now. His water speed works perfectly with him. But he should have better destruction, He broke down doors instantly in the move, if his Destruction was as good as Part 8 I would love to play him. If his shift doesn't get changed it wouldn't bother me all that much even though...I love having and using shift!!! What do you think?
  3. Try to forget about it, don't let other players bother you. Im level 97 and I still deal with jerks often. Not that i'm for it..because I horse around with noob Jason's because it keeps me alive. If I can mess around with a non-professional Jason i have a easier way to survive. But its not to be rude, some people are different strategists. I didn't have this problem when I was in my low levels, but now newer people admire my "professionalism".
  4. Not if you know what perks to use, and how to properly play her. I don't use tiffany for her stealth most often. Though its great, i use her to juke around with jason and ferry items to the objectives. (Vanessa may be better for this, i just favor Tif more) don't get me wrong when im in the repair mood AJ is always my go to. But i play tiffany so much i havr just gotten used to her stats. You may favor other counseler thats why there are so many to pick.
  5. You know the game well, when i play as a fast counseler i usaully find car parts or boat parts run straight to the objective and jump right into the trap only if i have health spray, ×2 first-aid is one of my perks for that. I won't waste a pocket knife when i have what i need to get out of there quickly.
  6. Yea, i am one of those people who if i am the last one left or just randomly coming across him, i pull him into a chase and juke him however i can. Usually i accomplish if i have a pocket knife or just get lucky.
  7. @AldermachXI Sorry that I brought up a repeat topic, im just restating and opening my opinion to the public.
  8. Does anyone have ideas on new possible maps in upcoming DLC, i would like to think the Part 6 map, or pushing it the Part 8 map. But those are my thoughts, does anyone have ideas and possibly extra information?
  9. Does anyone else like Tiffany, people say Tiffany is for noobs and tryhards, but personally im level 96 and love her gameplay. Shes great for running objects to objectives (not as good as Vanessa) but she is as well good for juking and protecting other players from Jason. With the right perks shes awesome. I have Lightfoot, Sucker Punch, and My dads a cop on her (so i can help the nerds fixing the phone). Does anyone else think like i do?
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