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  1. There is already a teaser for unmasked Jason X. Go to Paul Phoenix on youtube
  2. Spoilers are good imo. It doesn't help I don't own the game. I'm trying to figure out about this shit xD
  3. Now you guys are complainng on an AI asset? You guys know the all the big companies use this shit right?
  4. I don't understand you guys. You play with the FAILED aspect of the game, why aren't you playing with BOTS?
  5. Oh whoops lol I don't understand why people don't like spoiler sometimes. If you told me the entire plot of the Last Jedi, I wouldn't mind. I just realised that in a few weeks when everyone else has found the secret Jasons, they are going to make a thread just like this. They will get a few hundred replies, and I get none I think with Jason X you have to escape him, and you cant hurt him.
  6. I didn't put spoiler in the title, a Mod did that. I just made the tag spoiler the prefix. I think of a dream sequence with kid Jason in the single player challegenes.
  7. I love how the bots are complete shit but everyone loves them singleplayer games are the best. Finally a game that lets you simulate the movies. The bots act exactly like they do in the movie.
  8. Title. What are your thoughts? I honestly have no idea. I think of a dream sequence with lil' kiddo. But space Jason? I never liked the idea of a future Jason. Seemed like a comic book villian. How would you stop him? The Grendel map sounds cool tho.
  9. Oh. I'm never getting this game due to personal reasons, so please spoil all you can.
  10. I don't own the game. What is Virtual Cabin and Virtual Cabin 2.0? I wan't to know everything, because I am making a board game for myself.(solitaire ftw!)
  11. Ki Ki Ki

    Ma Ma Ma

  12. I just read it. I'm kinda sad that due to personal reasons I can't get this game. Offline Bots are always the best in every game. But I want details or stats that every Jason/survivor has. Also, do you know how I get a signature?
  13. I just realised that its coming today. Will someone come back here about it? I don't own the game, and due to personal reasons I never will. I do have a board game of this and I am looking for useful info on consuelors (srry spelling). I heard that there is some kind of computer that gives you info. Would someone be kind enough to give me some info about that and what info it gives? And what else is in the update?
  14. Has time to set up poll and forum post at work but can't go on steam to check the news section???????????
  15. Bots really determine if I'm going to buy it or not.
  16. I made a board game for home use. I made packanack, higgins haven, and crystal. I got most spawn locations for cabins and phones, but no repair parts. Does anyone have a picture of the map that is edited to show some common spawn locations?
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