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  1. So I have a question. Since the last update the heavy blood skins at the high levels like 100-150 you can unlock if you have physical copy. Can people without the physical copy unlock?
  2. I couldnt find a thread on traps so I will. Lets say with part 2 mostly im trying out and thinking of unorthodox trap placing. I was thinking the best way to get trap kills by themself. How about early game double trapping in front of cabin doors two in a row. Are main houses good for kills? Ormaybe double trapping windows? any other spots or high traffic areas besides car n phone for easy kills? And then whats some good ways to bait traps? Like the idea about trapping the window by the phone. Any other good creative baiting spots would be appreciated. Or what about letting the fuse get fixed then stalk waiting in the cabin by the phone, like in the bathroom or close enough to get thembefore they get off the phone.
  3. i hate the bullyembarrass the new Jason. especially if its just to get attention and show off when your already maxed. it really drags out the match for other players who arent maxed that have died or escaped already. if the Jasons good then fuck em do whatever to him. i just hate losing new players due to it discouraging them, i usually msg the jason and try to encourage them not to give up. it takes a while to get good and some people dont have as much time to play as someone i.e. who can just play all day. i just dont like the dumb dance thing, i dont find it funny or cool to keep doing it., and it doesnt make me mad and flustered when im Jason, it kinda makes me embarrassed for them cause it looks stupid.
  4. First off I never played before the nerf so forgive me, is the idea to shift behind them and end shift behind them? Do you shift through there body then stop? Which direction to you push with the grab? Is it practical to shift past them a bit, spin 360 then come from the front? I seem to lose my direction after I end shift and dunno where they are in time for grab range. Would you work shift past them, enter combat to lock on then cancel grab? Is it easier to shift slash and if so how