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  1. Flagging us privately does not give you a line on getting more information on bans. We actively review reports and pay attention to each report that comes our way. We do not and will not discuss bans publicly in any way, shape or form. We are watching.
  2. AldermachXI vs Pappus - Twitch Boxing Match

    This grudge match has gone on for months now and had consumed far too much time here. This is over as far as the forums are concerned. Take your issues elsewhere.
  3. New Mod: NthnButAGoodTime

    Hey all, so we've added NthnButAGoodTime to the moderating team. Please welcome him in and all that. He's been a long-time member of the forum and we believe he'll be a great addition to the community mod team!
  4. Seriously

    Godwin's Law strikes again.
  5. This thread has already resulted in several warnings to multiple users....so I'm going to close this and ask that those who were warned please keep their anger in check. Thanks!
  6. Hi everyone!Wanted to take the time to talk about dedicated servers vs host migration for consoles and we’re here to elaborate on what we’re doing for Friday the 13th: The Game. To start; we are currently working on dedicated servers for consoles. That is going to happen, however the time it is taking is rather substantial. We’re going to go a bit more in-depth on why things are taking time for dedicated servers and why we chose dedicated over the oft-requested host migration feature.First off; Host Migration vs. Dedicated Servers.One of the biggest, if not the biggest request we currently receive from our fan-base is for the inclusion of a host migration system.Host Migration would take a very long time to implement, something in the neighborhood of six months or so with our team to be able to work without interruption. It, unfortunately, is not a quick fix as some might believe.Even with host migration, as soon as the host drops we tend to see people leaving rooms and finding new games, thus perpetuating the wait and potential for loss of game data between clients. We’re talking about a good 30-60 second delay for a host switch and in that time is fairly common for users to quit. The potential for multiple interruptions for host migration is a very real possibility, especially knowing that users tend to leave the moment they are killed. We also have an issue if the host is Jason and they disconnect or quit; no one would be picked as a new Jason. With dedicated servers we can swap Jason, with host migration we can’t.While this system is potentially good, it stands as a band-aid rather than a full fix. We’re opting for the full fix.Dedicated Servers and What to ExpectWe have more coming soon, but going with dedicated is a smarter route for the game. Console versions of the game will perform smoother overall and you now have removed the host advantage. Whenever someone disconnects, you take away the need for the game to pause and there’s less of a chance of data loss in-between any migration of hosting duties. Overall; the console version will perform in the same manner that you see with PC in regards to joining and leaving games.We are getting close with our dedicated server system going live, however there are a lot of considerations we have to take into account. We have been working with a partner on implementing our dedicated servers and they’ve been doing a tremendous job in the time they’ve had. This is something we’ve been working on for quite some time now, but want to remind fans that it remains a long process as well to fully implement, just like host migration would.The work has been on track, but we have a lot of security protocols in place from the consoles that must be implemented. We have a lot we have to do on our end to ensure things are working properly so that when we go into audit with Microsoft and Sony, we minimize the time needed to go live. They have a minimum test and evaluation period and we want to get through that as quickly and properly as possible.We don’t have a set date at this time. We are aiming for late-September, but it is not out of the question that it might take more time and could go into October before we release. There has to be an audit that ensures things run properly on consoles and that is a process that takes time.TL;DR - Host migration bad, Dedicated Servers Good. Give us a couple months
  7. Hi all! This is a reminder from a post made on July 7th of last year regarding the report button and it's functionality. We generally receive anywhere from 10-20 reports a day, which I have to say comes from less than 10 total members and represents instances of disagreements between users, not necessarily rule-breaking. Given that the thread is in a pinned/locked/non-responsive area and is likely to be skipped over by users, I would like to make a refresher post to address said issues. We ask that you please use the report button as last resort. Thanks!
  8. Our team offered a digital skin of Jason Voorhees as a Kickstarter reward for those that wanted it at specific tiers as listed. $65 Jason Voorhees Digital Pro Pack $99 Physical Game Edition + Digital Content $129 Physical Game + Digital + Extra Download Key Pack $140 Physical 'Machete' Steel Collector Pack $140 Rev. 2 Physical 'Machete' Steel Collector Pack $230 Signed Physical Game + Digital Content $275 Signed Physical 'Machete' Steel Collector pack $275 Rev. 2 Signed Physical 'Machete' Steel Collector Pack $400 Camp Crystal Lake Counselor Database $500 Virtual Team Member $750 Youtube Star $1,000 Jason's Victims $1,199 Name a Cabin! $1,250 Design & Name an Achievement/Trophy $2,000 Jason's Victims + Design an Achievement/Trophy Combo Pack $2,500 Dev Team Hangout $5,000 Design-a-Kill! $6,000 Horror Icon Dinner $7,500 Launch Party $10,000 Be in the Game! We initially stated that our team would only offer the Tom Savini designed skin as a Kickstarter-only item to thank our earliest supporters. They would be the only ones to get the skin, and would get to have something exclusive for gameplay. Our thanks to them, and their way to show off a bit to others that they were there at the start. Of course; we hit 12,000+ backers. Not all of them got that skin. Many opted for the cheaper options that got them the base-game, and many are now realizing that each tier lists rewards. Simply backing the game did not get you the skin. So we decided to take another route when Backerkit opened soon after the end of Kickstarter. We offered the skin as a standalone product for backers at the pricepoint of $6USD. The same can also be said in all regards for the counselor clothing pack; they were a la carte items. You were given a menu in which to choose what you wanted, what they were to get for your level of backing, and when all was said and done we would deliver on those items. We made that clear on Day 1 of the Backerkit that these two DLC were for backers; both Kickstarter and Backerkit. Kickstarter was a month of funding, while Backerkit lasted until the end of March 2017. We made multiple forum posts. We made multiple Facebook posts. We made multiple Twitter posts. We made multiple statements to our Backers, we posted to all current Backers on Kickstarter/Backerkit via updates and emails to ensure they had the right items they wanted and to ensure they bought for the correct platform. We showcased the skin as a teaser, we posted a video, we had Tom Savini reveal his creation on our social channels with final warnings that this skin was not going to be sold after the conclusion of our backer campaign. So here we are and here is where we are always going to stand; that skin and those clothing items are not for sale. They are not for secondary sale. They are for those that backed us and have been with us from the beginning. They are the people that took a chance on a campaign that has produced a game that is overall fun. Sure, we have issues that are being addressed at this time, but no amount of comments, complaints or insults or suggestions are going to bring that skin back. There was over a year and a half time for someone to feasibly learn about that content and purchase it for $6 or $9; you did not even need to buy the game is you did not wish too at the time. This team stands firm that for those of you who missed out; sorry. You missed out. Our backers believed. They funded. They supported. This is our thanks to them with a skin that is in no way superior to the other versions of Jason present within the game. I am sorry for those that want it now, but you missed out. We did everything we could to ensure that the word got out through our channels, press and otherwise, but the answer remains the same; we will not sell them.
  9. Correct. It will not be offered for sale ever again, nor given out. Not much else too it. Sooooo...with that.... Finally gonna close this thread. Any and all subsequent threads about the skin will be closed. 78 pages is more than enough :/ Sorry guys.
  10. Never going out again. Not sure why there's 78 pages of discussion on this, but hey....
  11. Please keep all posts to the main thread for tidiness sake, appreciate it! Threads merged :).
  12. Please keep it to one topic in the future. You've also been spamming this response quite regularly as responses to other threads. We appreciate your input, but we ask that you not spam so much. Thanks!
  13. That's not an issue. You were banned and you know why you were. No idea why you emailed, PMed, DMed and Tweeted how we should all get fucked and how you are somehow smart for breaking terms of service for the game...but judging by your ability to write, I'd wager education hasn't been a priority in your life. Maybe next time don't break the rules and then flaunt the fact you did by sending us emote-riddled emails that involve more cussing than actual discussion. Oh, and the folks at Xbox are well aware of your activities now. Enjoy.
  14. It is a Gun Media controlled account; not one that specifically has a handler. Not sure where people got the idea it was only one of us, but to confirm; the account is for the game and can and is accessed by multiple members of Gun Media.
  15. It is a Twitter account for the game, several members of Gun have access to the account and post to it, myself included.
  16. Switching to Med Sprays?

    This kind of flaming is unnecessary, and frankly disappointing. Warnings issued, thread closed.
  17. Live bug assistance

    Yeah, I did miss it, sorry for doing that as honest mistakes can indeed occur, given the volume of PMs I get a day, layered with the work I do each day and the schedules that we keep here. There's a lot going on here and publicly whining about it rather than pinging me again is absolutely the wrong way to get help.
  18. Please bring back Savini Jason

    This is your second thread on the same subject and one that has been covered and discussed extensively. Please consider this a warning about future posting as your previous thread was responded too properly. Also please know that the skin will in no way be offered for sale or giveaway at any future date.
  19. Temporary Registration Closure

    Just a heads up...looks like we're getting spam targeted, so we're closing registrations until we can stop this spam situation. Shouldn't be too long, but just a heads up so members are aware. This is similar to the situation we had a few months ago with the spam assault we got at the time. We anticipate it won't be as long with the closed registrations, but will update when able.
  20. At the risk of getting your hopes up, because I do not have specific answers on a timeline right now, nor can I elaborate on specifics, I can tell you that the balance changes we've been working on seem to be on a solid path that coincides with concerns that users have made very well known. Playtests have been going well for the changes we've made, and we believe players will be overall happy with what's being done with the game in the future. These things take time, a lot of time, and the holiday break affects that, for sure. Got more info coming. I also tend/try not to directly respond to specific users, nor name names as my goal here is to address the community as a whole. None of my posts are intended to specifically address one single user's concern. It might seem that way, and I have definitely seen my share of comments made at my expense, but I'm right there with the rest of the team that I want to make the best game possible. The work is more important to me than my personal involvement, and I try to keep any and all comments as open as possible to be addressed to everyone. Hope that makes sense?
  21. I'm sorry you feel that way, but we had stated it was a hope. That was not a concrete statement, and we won't be offering hopeful timelines in order to avoid confusion like this in the future. However, the reality is that it is far more work and more involvement than anticipated, and we'll have more in that when we can. Dedicated servers remain a priority, as they have been since we announced them.
  22. Can you PM me your specific issues? I'll review and see what's up. Not sure about 'locked topics,' but the ones I've reviewed being locked are generally threads that cover content that has already been discussed. We do ask people keep to one thread, rather than make multiple threads on the same subject.