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  1. Ok I’m done with yalls ridiculous 10 ft grab radius ur Jason’s have.... makes the game that much more ignorant to continue along with constant blue screen errors, time outs, etc. all u guys seem to have is promised for more content when bottom line is u ppl refuse to fix the problems with games playability.... I’m finished with this game!

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    2. Foxhound32


      He's right about the 10 foot grab radius....hell I've been grabbed by further than that and I might still have some video clips of it to prove it. The game is glitchy as hell and needs lots of work, but I see the potential and I'm not giving up on the game just yet. 

    3. pioneer67fkd


      no he's not  right on 10ft grab speaking on experience from both as Jason and counselor the grab is 4 amd half feet at most if you experienced further it was LAG

    4. crip269


      i agree i've been grabbed from inside cabins with doors shut and threw windows the grab radius is outrageous top it off with bluescreens and timeouts is such awesome gameplay experience please will you fix your game i love the game just to many bugs

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