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  1. I tried talking to you in a PM, but it looked like you were too busy to see it.

    I already published this message in F13th facebook and I think you need to listen to it too.



    I want to talk with you devs a subject which involves Savini Jason and this game in general. No, I don't want him or something cliche like this. I want you to hear my story with this game and consider it when the subject is exclusive "never sold again" content.

    I was born in Brazil and I still live here with my parents. I'm in the high school and I hope to enter in a college soon. Here, there's no part-time job. So, I cannot work until I'm 18 years old.

    Now, this is where things got started. In December 2016, I heard about this game and I freaked out. A Slasher-based game? Great! I saw the Kickstarter project saying it would be the definitive Friday the 13th experience and I got even more happier. I even though about supporting it! Ya know, being a backer!

    But since this is Brazil, I couldn't do nothing but watch. Throughout 2016, my country passed through an economical crisis and my parents sank in their debts. This, combined with what I said earlier, made me powerless to do anything regarding your project. I also got surprised with you guys selling a exclusive skin for $6.99. I didn't even believed at first, but it was true. To think this would cause such a wave of complaints, huh? 

    I wanted to buy it, but... If I don't have a decent PC, a PS4 or Xbox, why should I (and I couldn't buy it at the time)?

    The point is: I wanted to be a backer and buy Savini Jason. I was there. But I could do nothing about it. 

    I was thinking in telling you devs about this, even though I know it will change nothing here. 

    And that's it. Sorry if I used some of your time, but I really wanted to tell this to you.

    My only request is: please don't do this again. Because when you do things like selling exclusive content, you are impairing people like me.

    Atenciosamente, Yan Carvalho.

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      Note: I see you visited my profile, probably due to the amount of posts I reported. Sorry for being annoying. Every post I reported was because I believed it was offensive to someone or violating the rules.