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  1. I tried talking to you in a PM, but it looked like you were too busy to see it.

    I already published this message in F13th facebook and I think you need to listen to it too.



    I want to talk with you devs a subject which involves Savini Jason and this game in general. No, I don't want him or something cliche like this. I want you to hear my story with this game and consider it when the subject is exclusive "never sold again" content.

    I was born in Brazil and I still live here with my parents. I'm in the high school and I hope to enter in a college soon. Here, there's no part-time job. So, I cannot work until I'm 18 years old.

    Now, this is where things got started. In December 2016, I heard about this game and I freaked out. A Slasher-based game? Great! I saw the Kickstarter project saying it would be the definitive Friday the 13th experience and I got even more happier. I even though about supporting it! Ya know, being a backer!

    But since this is Brazil, I couldn't do nothing but watch. Throughout 2016, my country passed through an economical crisis and my parents sank in their debts. This, combined with what I said earlier, made me powerless to do anything regarding your project. I also got surprised with you guys selling a exclusive skin for $6.99. I didn't even believed at first, but it was true. To think this would cause such a wave of complaints, huh? 

    I wanted to buy it, but... If I don't have a decent PC, a PS4 or Xbox, why should I (and I couldn't buy it at the time)?

    The point is: I wanted to be a backer and buy Savini Jason. I was there. But I could do nothing about it. 

    I was thinking in telling you devs about this, even though I know it will change nothing here. 

    And that's it. Sorry if I used some of your time, but I really wanted to tell this to you.

    My only request is: please don't do this again. Because when you do things like selling exclusive content, you are impairing people like me.

    Atenciosamente, Yan Carvalho.

    1. NoOneK9503


      Note: I see you visited my profile, probably due to the amount of posts I reported. Sorry for being annoying. Every post I reported was because I believed it was offensive to someone or violating the rules.

  2. I imagine you've gotten hundreds of complaints about Jason being to easy to kill but by god, its paint by numbers easy for an organized group. I had the unfortunate luck of running into a group who thought of Jason as a joke and I tried to prove them wrong but its so easy to kill Jason that I didn't stand a chance. Can you ramp up the difficulty of killing Jason so that its only attempted by hard core teams instead of a random group of assholes who have nothing better to do than to make a joke out of Jason?

    1. RezBlaze


      I've made suggestions trying to make it more organized.

      There's a major skill gap between Pugs and Organized Groups.  That has to be addressed.

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  4. Flagging us privately does not give you a line on getting more information on bans. We actively review reports and pay attention to each report that comes our way. We do not and will not discuss bans publicly in any way, shape or form. We are watching.
  5. AldermachXI vs Pappus - Twitch Boxing Match

    This grudge match has gone on for months now and had consumed far too much time here. This is over as far as the forums are concerned. Take your issues elsewhere.
  6. Seriously

    Godwin's Law strikes again.
  7. Congratulations for your great job! We expect new content! Greetings, guys. :JasonPt9:

  8. This thread has already resulted in several warnings to multiple users....so I'm going to close this and ask that those who were warned please keep their anger in check. Thanks!
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    Hey all, so we've added NthnButAGoodTime to the moderating team. Please welcome him in and all that. He's been a long-time member of the forum and we believe he'll be a great addition to the community mod team!
  10. Correct. It will not be offered for sale ever again, nor given out. Not much else too it. Sooooo...with that.... Finally gonna close this thread. Any and all subsequent threads about the skin will be closed. 78 pages is more than enough :/ Sorry guys.
  11. Never going out again. Not sure why there's 78 pages of discussion on this, but hey....
  12. Please keep all posts to the main thread for tidiness sake, appreciate it! Threads merged :).
  13. Please keep it to one topic in the future. You've also been spamming this response quite regularly as responses to other threads. We appreciate your input, but we ask that you not spam so much. Thanks!
  14. That's not an issue. You were banned and you know why you were. No idea why you emailed, PMed, DMed and Tweeted how we should all get fucked and how you are somehow smart for breaking terms of service for the game...but judging by your ability to write, I'd wager education hasn't been a priority in your life. Maybe next time don't break the rules and then flaunt the fact you did by sending us emote-riddled emails that involve more cussing than actual discussion. Oh, and the folks at Xbox are well aware of your activities now. Enjoy.