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  1. Please bring back Savini Jason

    This is your second thread on the same subject and one that has been covered and discussed extensively. Please consider this a warning about future posting as your previous thread was responded too properly. Also please know that the skin will in no way be offered for sale or giveaway at any future date.
  2. Temporary Registration Closure

    Just a heads up...looks like we're getting spam targeted, so we're closing registrations until we can stop this spam situation. Shouldn't be too long, but just a heads up so members are aware. This is similar to the situation we had a few months ago with the spam assault we got at the time. We anticipate it won't be as long with the closed registrations, but will update when able.
  3. At the risk of getting your hopes up, because I do not have specific answers on a timeline right now, nor can I elaborate on specifics, I can tell you that the balance changes we've been working on seem to be on a solid path that coincides with concerns that users have made very well known. Playtests have been going well for the changes we've made, and we believe players will be overall happy with what's being done with the game in the future. These things take time, a lot of time, and the holiday break affects that, for sure. Got more info coming. I also tend/try not to directly respond to specific users, nor name names as my goal here is to address the community as a whole. None of my posts are intended to specifically address one single user's concern. It might seem that way, and I have definitely seen my share of comments made at my expense, but I'm right there with the rest of the team that I want to make the best game possible. The work is more important to me than my personal involvement, and I try to keep any and all comments as open as possible to be addressed to everyone. Hope that makes sense?
  4. I'm sorry you feel that way, but we had stated it was a hope. That was not a concrete statement, and we won't be offering hopeful timelines in order to avoid confusion like this in the future. However, the reality is that it is far more work and more involvement than anticipated, and we'll have more in that when we can. Dedicated servers remain a priority, as they have been since we announced them.
  5. Can you PM me your specific issues? I'll review and see what's up. Not sure about 'locked topics,' but the ones I've reviewed being locked are generally threads that cover content that has already been discussed. We do ask people keep to one thread, rather than make multiple threads on the same subject.
  6. Going on 'incorrect information,' said post made accusations concerning dedicated servers, which we are working on. Other comments were more....inflammatory, accusational on things that have nothing to do with the game, and were generally designed to incite criticism that is baseless due to previous aggravation overall. Going through the admin and moderator logs; I do not much being deleted by any mod or admin on the team other than spam threads (just banned 4 spam accounts and their post spam), as well as deleted harassment comments from user to user. To be frank, the majority of moderation and administration occurs from our fans more than occurs from any member of Gun or IllFonic. This is more by design to allow our fans to feel as though they can participate with fans and know that our team isn't going overboard. No one here really believes in shutting down criticism, keeps us honest. What we do shut down is harassment and trolling, which is an unfortunate thing that occurs on forums. However; I don't see many posts being deleted by mods or admins. Logs record every edit, every deletion, every post from every member. We see what every member posts and edits and deletes.
  7. A post was hidden/removed due to recurring accusations from a user that continues to parrot incorrect information. We're totally not going to censor users for voicing displeasure with the game, but to continue to spread rumor and false information due to aggravation helps no one. This thread represents frustration from a group of users on this forum that have continually made their displeasure known. The thing is, these are issues that cannot be solved quickly. Our team cannot offer more than we already have at this time; I promise you there are reasons for this beyond more than what we've said, but our team has always held that transparency is key. Everyone at Gun and IllFonic works their butts off to bring about a game to fans while balancing the needs of a lot of folks here. There are core fans, there are social fans, there are people who have been life-long fans of F13, while others are just now discovering the brand for the first time. The decisiveness from our core community here towards other communities is something we recognize daily. Reading threads from players who have an assumption this is a 'cash grab,' or that we 'took money' or somehow believe that our team doesn't care about a game that has from the very onset been a passion project is something that we face every single day. It's something that's pretty well known in the industry overall...but that still doesn't stop our team, those people creating something that matters to them not as product, but as a show of who we are, from coming in and working on the game. That means more content. That means more accessibility, that means a lot of things from gameplay to backend support that gamers never really ever pay attention too. Updates are coming, news is coming and your comments and concerns have rung very loudly, and very clearly. We recognize comments from fans. We recognize concerns from passionate people who love to log on and play this game every day. Even with the accusations, with the heartache and the vitriol that occurs from users here, we know it comes from a place of commitment to a game and franchise they've known. We will have more for you soon, I promise. Dan is focusing on it, Wes is focusing on it, Ronnie, Randy, myself. Everyone you've known. People you don't know, all of IllFonic. Trust me, our commitment hasn't changed. It sucks that things take longer than anyone wants, or that we can't provide the most solid information, but you are heard and we are working. See you all, soon.
  8. Remember that giant PS4 hack? That's what the console manufacturers want to avoid in the future with stringent measures that go into dedicated server involvement.
  9. This is the second time we've had to close a thread related to the Virtual Cabin from you, Elvis. Please consider this a warning to check forum rules before posting. There are other threads, ones that contain spoilers.
  10. A reminder of the function of the Report Button

    GG indeed :).
  11. A reminder of the function of the Report Button

    We'll review when able and take care of it. No need for reports as the mods/admin team will eventually tidy things up. If it's there for more than a day or so, then let us know.
  12. A reminder of the function of the Report Button

    Correct; if someone is being intentionally vulgar that goes beyond regular ole' howdy-dos and so forth with nominal swearing, that's something to report. If someone uses a bad word (shit, fuck, bitch...etc)...that's not really cause to hit the report button. This is a forum with an M Rated game, you can swear...just don't be doing it in a giant tirade of anger against someone else.
  13. Hi all! This is a reminder from a post made on July 7th of last year regarding the report button and it's functionality. We generally receive anywhere from 10-20 reports a day, which I have to say comes from less than 10 total members and represents instances of disagreements between users, not necessarily rule-breaking. Given that the thread is in a pinned/locked/non-responsive area and is likely to be skipped over by users, I would like to make a refresher post to address said issues. We ask that you please use the report button as last resort. Thanks!
  14. pass code for cabin update

    Please check the spoiler thread for the Virtual Cabin information. Thanks!