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  1. Would you be able to capture footage at all of what you are seeing?
  2. GunMedia_Ben

    Patch Notes - 05.24.18

    Hey all; if you are experiencing issues; we ask that you please report them in the designated thread that we usually set up for each and every patch we perform. Please be sure to include as much info as possible. Platform Screenshots if applicable. Steps to Reproduce/Full description of what you are attempting to perform Anything relevant that might help pinpoint the cause of the issue. Describe what you experienced prior to the update, and what specifically changed after that is causing an issue. Thanks!
  3. GunMedia_Ben

    Is This Game Policed?

    While it is unfortunate that a lot of misinformation is posted in regards to how policing is done, please know that users are banned for breaking the rules. We remind users that for bans to occur; we need to have you send complete proof of what is occurring. Around 99% of the reports we receive are incomplete...some of them are basically just 'this guy cheated, here's his username, please ban him.' We will not ban without getting 100% proof in regards to rule-breaking. We also want to remind users that we do not ban for team killing...as it is not against the rules. We will not comment on our actions or policies outside of Gun Media and our partners at EAC. Bans from rule-breaking and bans from cheating are verified, processed and recorded from a variety of ways to ensure accuracy of bans. We ban permanently for rule-breaking or hacking. We gave an amnesty to those that were caught using the exploits that were prevalent from the launch of the game, namely those using the Packanack Roof Glitch and those using the glitches in the rocks on various maps. We believe that launch issues from our side should not result in the permanent ban of a user for something that was patched after discovery of the issue. We issued bans during the interval to dissuade people from abusing the exploit. Not a single user has had a ban overturned since that amnesty. Exploit spamming will result in a ban, as the game has been out for some time, and users should know better by now.
  4. GunMedia_Ben

    Update barometer is dropping

    ...no. Users are suspended for instigating posts meant to cause flame wars to spark up even if they post things up in an attempt to seem as though they are innocuous. Like this thread. Edit; interestingly enough, this is your third official warning...so that's a suspension. Self fulfilling prophecies, amarite? :/.
  5. GunMedia_Ben

    Subreddit is Dead

    Then let it do what it's going to do as a community and try to avoid starting bait threads in the future. You should focus on the places you enjoy hanging out, and not drop snide comments at other locations in an attempt to appear 'superior' to other fan communities. It serves no one for your behavior.
  6. A reminder; please do not quote large posts/videos/images when replying to a specific post. As for the ongoing flamewar, you've already been warned once by an admin. This is your second warning. Please go to PMs or offsite for personal disagreements.
  7. Soon as it started we realized the issue. Changed it during the stream on an alternate device, so it'll go into effect next stream. That account is a burner/stream account, so hope people adding it aren't mad when we dont accept. :/.
  8. Nah, that was shown and is getting posted all over the place. No sense crying over spilt milk. We actually need to edit out the racist friend request names we received on that Steam account.
  9. You guys going to fix your game or not?

    Your bullshit is getting quite tiresome.

    The lies, and delays are utter horseshit. If you REALLY are from GUN MEDIA then why can't you "people" fufill any of the obligations you agreed too. OR Promises for that matter.

    At this point it really seems like all you people did was run a scam on fans.

  10. Please keep all discussion on the new info within the appropriate topic. Thanks!
  11. GunMedia_Ben

    New Info on the Game Coming

    Sorry, but please refrain from these kinds of topics to keep the forum free from clutter. Speculative threads like this can cause a lot of excitement and misinformation that no one wants to be part of when/if there isn't anything actually going on.
  12. A7C9419A-429A-4D10-AA4A-F244C9A19F7C.thumb.jpeg.b570009fcbffc2b65252af30a27c4934.jpegI see why the game is shit now you guys to busy adding 🤬 stuff like this to game!!! This was on there twitter chad half naked dancing in the rain some horror game 🤔🤔

  13. I have a Video of a person hacking the game to use non jason part 8 kills on jason 8.where do i post this video for you to see it

    1. crip269


      update update update please!!!!! release new content thank you

  14. GunMedia_Ben


    Closing due to duplicate topic of much discussed questions. While we know you are clamoring for more information, please stay tuned for news directly from ShiftySamurai! He will be the first to let you guys know of upcoming items!
  15. Ok I’m done with yalls ridiculous 10 ft grab radius ur Jason’s have.... makes the game that much more ignorant to continue along with constant blue screen errors, time outs, etc. all u guys seem to have is promised for more content when bottom line is u ppl refuse to fix the problems with games playability.... I’m finished with this game!

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Foxhound32


      He's right about the 10 foot grab radius....hell I've been grabbed by further than that and I might still have some video clips of it to prove it. The game is glitchy as hell and needs lots of work, but I see the potential and I'm not giving up on the game just yet. 

    3. pioneer67fkd


      no he's not  right on 10ft grab speaking on experience from both as Jason and counselor the grab is 4 amd half feet at most if you experienced further it was LAG

    4. crip269


      i agree i've been grabbed from inside cabins with doors shut and threw windows the grab radius is outrageous top it off with bluescreens and timeouts is such awesome gameplay experience please will you fix your game i love the game just to many bugs