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    We still have some of the same bugs from launch.
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    That reminds me, I need to join. Gang, fan forums like the one mentioned there can be a great way to keep the community vibe rolling. Also, if you're a Discord user, we have the Official Gun Discord.
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    This morning the team has deployed a workaround for the PC platform to help players avoid unofficial lobbies in matchmaking. Quick Play is replaced with Join Match and functions the same way it always has. A new option, Host Match, is now available to choose to be the host of a public game. This option is only available on PC.
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    Who knows what the future holds? I'd like to see another F13 game one day.
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    We still have people comparing this game to Dead By Daylight.
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    That is really only Strigoi. LOL
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    That doesn't sound too surprising at this point. Thanks for sharing this. A lot of people are angry, upset, frutrated or disappointed at this point, for good reason. Other people, not so much. Let's hope the workaround can make the PC players a little less of any of those feelings.
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    A lot to cover here, but let's start with this: What Kodiak said still applies. Also, giving Kodiak trouble for moderating here is going to get you nowhere. We need to keep the peace around here right up until the day they're locked. Which brings me to my next point: "Why aren't they locked yet?" Because contrary to all the keyboard lawyers in this thread, we are working on getting the PC situation under control, in some form or fashion. We are also working on a pair of nagging issues on the Switch. I saw someone mention in here that the game is "close to the end" and I have to point out once again that is incorrect. The game is PAST it's end. We are well outside of active development on this title. I don't know how much clearer I can be on this. We are no longer actively working on F13. "What does that mean? I thought you just said you were working on two Switch issues and the PC situation?" We are. But we are doing so outside of active development which means we're stringing together work on a title that is no longer officially supported in hopes to resolve these nagging issues for the community. THIS TAKES A BIT MORE TIME THAN USUAL. This title, for all intents and purposes, has already hit sunset. The work we are currently doing is beyond and outside of that. I'm not expecting anyone to bake us cookies over it either. I'm simply highlighting the fact that we are no longer in a normal development cycle. "It is unplayable! Take it off Steam." I'm no lawyer, and neither are you. That's first and foremost. But more importantly, we are still working to get the situation resolved. That said, the game is not unplayable to a point that would cause us to completely remove it. Do private matches function? Do challenges function? Do bots function? Ok. So public lobbies are in a state right now, the team is working on getting a workaround done. "A workaround?!?!?!? Why not a straight up fix? Stop the hackers for good!" That's a wonderful long term goal. Unfortunately, as stated earlier, we are well beyond long term goals. I'm going to be brutally honest: Hackers are going to continue to tamper with the experience on PC well after we are fully sunset. This is true of all multiplayer games on PC. Eventually, things like player hosted lobbies or private matches will be the main way to avoid a tampered game experience. So a workaround is important because down the line, however long it takes them, when they do hack the lobbies again, we can't keep coming back to work on F13 for the rest of our lives. And now the final point to make. The censorship topic. It is not censorship to be told you are not following the rules of the forum and be removed from said forum. You are still free to say and think what you want, but this forum has rules. Follow them, or leave. Those are the only two options and it has absolutely nothing to do with censorship. This is a forum created, curated, and run by the makers of a damn video game. Stop claiming censorship over showing images of unreleased content or otherwise ill-gotten content. That is against the rules. Just like when you go to 7-11 you gotta wear a shirt and shoes. That's not censorship either. Or how you can't scream expletives in line at Burger King. That's not censorship either. And as for being overly negative, no one is saying you need to be our biggest fan right now. No one is saying that constructive criticism isn't welcome. Because it totally is! But what will not be tolerated is showing up in here just to try and start trouble with people who are still following along to stay informed. Forums are a mini community and if you're here to agitate the community here, you are not a welcome part of this community. Be critical, be cynical even. But starting fights with people who aren't as aggravated as you or aren't as cynical as you is not welcome in the least. And guess what? There is no rule or law against that! Because this forum is a completely optional space. This idea that you have a RIGHT to be a jerk in this forum is ridiculous and honestly, wholly incorrect. You purchased a video game. You receive the game and support for the game, which is always available through JasonKillsBugs.com. ALL OTHER ELEMENTS of the community efforts Gun provides are completely optional and not owed to you in the least. This forum, chatting with us on Twitter, chatting in Twitch streams. That's all optional and you can be banned without even being given a reason. Because those are not rights you've purchased by buying the game. Sorry you had to find out like this, but this and all other Gun Official channels have rules and if the rules aren't followed, you have to go. Regardless if we're in the waning days of the forum or not. And that, my friends, is STILL NOT censorship. It's community management. The community is a garden and if you choose to be a weed, expect to be plucked. You can still be toxic, just be toxic elsewhere. The internet is vast, find someone else's garden to go be a weed in. Because I can guarantee you we didn't build this house and keep it running even now for you to be a problem to the other members here.
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    I imagine all the people playing VR that might end up running into a wall.
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    Looking forward to that movie.
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    I speak on the ones who are positive that you guys brought a dream project to life! thank you!
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    HEYYY! If that isn't an accurate depiction of my time here. 50% response to instigation and 50% response to tough questions. Feels like it's been a lot more than just 666 posts. Love all of you, even the ones that don't love me back.
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    I do have a fan driven community based website for everyone once the website is archived: Friday the 13th Forum (Fan Driven Community) <- Click here!
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    If one puts in the work on either side, their success rate can be higher than 50%. I agree that no one should expect a win, especially if they don't put forth the effort.
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    I fixed that for you. Last time I checked, Camp Crystal Lake was Jason's territory. The counselors are trespassing on that territory. No sensible member of this forum has asked for counselors to be made to feel helpless. I have seen players ask for more weapons and pocket knives for counselors. Newer players may be a little more fearful or caught off guard than more experienced players. As you learn your way through the game, it happens much less. The only time a counselor would be helpless is if they had nothing to protect themselves with. There is a reason why counselors run to a cabin or campsite and arm themselves when a match starts. You also have perks to grant you resources from the start as well. I find the entitlement to be about the same for long term and short term players. People don't like to lose, or to look like they suck when they have an audience. All players don't put in the work to adapt and improve. That's why they lose, and that's why they are extra salty at this point. The rate of survival for any given counselor all depends on a number of variables. Skill, luck, timing, communication and experience are just a few things that influence the outcome of a match. If the game was the perfect embodiment of a movie, only one or two counselors would survive every match. Intimate knowledge of the game's mechanics and animations give players who study them an edge over those who don't. There are counselors who have a 90%+ rate of escape/survival to this day. Just because a Jason player expects an easy kill, doesn't mean he gets it. The same goes double for counselor escapes, and triple for a defeat of a Jason.
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    It sucks when players rage quit. At this point, there is nothing to deter them, since the dedicated servers have come and gone.
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    In a game that's 4+ years old, where do you stand?
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    Not a very enjoyable one. That would have been nice.
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    You can have a game with multiple killers and zero celebrities. The more celebrities you have in the game, the bigger a budget you will need to compensate the celebrities. If they do it for free or close to free, that's a different story.
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    impatient (adj.) eagerly desirous : ANXIOUS impatient to get home (or impatient to see what Gun's next project is)
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    We still have people having some of the same arguments both in-game and on the forums.
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    All it takes is an idea. The rest will come later. Nice analysis on the Halloween franchise @OCT 31 1978.
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    I'll attempt to pick up a passenger with either car, if possible. I won't take a running car unless no one else is remotely close to it. I don't run people over, unless you team with Jason, or accidentally run in front of the car. If you save my ass during the match, you get a seat. If I have the fuse, I'll leave the car for someone else.
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    Kill an inexperienced Jason once? They'll get over it. Kill that same Jason ten times in a row? That might frustrate them to the point of quitting. Not all rookie Jason players will take it personally if they lose.
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    I see new players on both sides making mistakes. Some will get better. For those that don't, easy prey.
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    We need something like that, after a standard Halloween game is made. It's possible that it's a standard vacation, with some rest and relaxation, without any plans of an announcement. I think many of us could do with a vacation right about now. If anyone has any formal announcement to give, we'll know when it's time.
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    The team is working on it and we'll have more news as soon as it's confirmed. I will say this though, considering where we are (outside active development) this will take some time. But we are working on a solution for the PC community.
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    No one doubts your love for the game. Turn your intensity down a couple notches, and continue to have discussions, in the time we all have left on the forum. "Maps that should have been in the game" would have been a good enough title. Take some time to read some of our more active threads of the past. Look at what kinds of things sparked good conversations. While you may not feel there is anything more to talk about with this game, others feel differently. We don't know what Gun is doing next. I personally hope that whatever they put out next doesn't have any of the problems this game had. A forum exists to spark discussion. Complaints are part of the discussion process. I do too.
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    It has been said that any future announcements will be made on their social media accounts. Follow them on social media, and you'll get the announcement when they are ready to share. The Beyond streams may or may not come back. If they don't, there are those who will miss them. I doubt any "big" announcement will be made once the forum is archived.
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    I'm counting on a fan game or two to surface sooner or later.
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    @mattshotcha I peek in here off and on the past two plus years and want to say thanks for being on top of shit as a community manager. Through all of the ups and downs of this game (and there were a lot of ups and a lot of downs) Friday The 13th The Game still is one of the best experiences I have had in video gaming. So cheers to Friday the 13th, to horror fans, and to you Matt, for putting up with all the toxic bullshit and still talking to the fans. It was a wild ride, I will still be playing no matter what!
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    Modding in this game can be seen as hurtful. Redirecting players to matches with multiple instances of Jason and Tommy is hurting the PC portion of the player base. Perhaps all PC players may not feel that way, but some do. If the lawsuit wasn't a thing and if Gun was ok with modding, it would have been nice seeing what the community could have come up with. Despite the official word being "no" to modding, people will still do it, regardless of the consequences.
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    I Love this Forum. Ive been banned lots of times but i thank mattshotcha for giving me another chance. I Want to apologize to Gunmedia Ben and other forum members for being so silly and causing problems in the past. In the next Gunmedia forums i will follow the rules and resist the urges to act silly and strange and goofy. Till next time your Friend Darrin.
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    [deleted content] Something interesting that popped up in my recommended. I’m not sure how Gun is going to feel about this, but until I hear otherwise I’m going to assume it’s not against the rules. Enjoy SlashnCast did their own walk through in case anyone prefers them, here’s their video.... [deleted content]
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    There are a lot worse things going on right now than somebody using an Uber Mod on offline bots... 😑 Especially on PC. As long as your not affecting anybody else's game, I don't give a crap what people do offline or in private matches for that matter, as long as everybody involved agrees on the rules. Sorry, but I'm going to support anyone whose actively trying to keep this game alive, especially in the current environment with so many assholes out there trying to kill it.
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    When content halted in 2018, all the haters proudly declared the game was dead. Three years later, the game is still alive and kicking. When dedicated servers were shut down last November, this forum looked like an obituary page. 6 months later, the game is still breathing with a decent number of people still playing, despite the copious amounts of bullshit you have to deal with while playing. No, the game is not dead. It's terminally ill and on life support but it's not dead. This game is as hard to kill as it's beloved antagonist. If your definition of a 'Dead Game' is based entirely off whether or not it's still adding content, you need a new definition of what a Dead Game is. As long as people are still playing, the game is not dead. A lot of people seem really invested in prematurely dumping this game in the grave, they have been for years. Hell, I've seen a handful of people who only show up on this forum for the soul purpose of shitting on it. Those people can fuck right off. And no, even if this game did happen to die within the next few months, you don't get brownie points for being right three years after the fact. You just look even more like a dumbass. Now, I'm not delusional. I'm pleasantly surprised by how healthy the player base still is on console, but it is going to dwindle over time, especially as more and more titles get released for the next gen consoles. The end is near, just nowhere as close to near as you might think... Or some people might want it to be.
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    I've played against a variety of Jason players. Some are more skilled or experienced than others. The challenge of defeating Jason depends on their moves, and your own. It could also depend on what other players are doing in the match as well. If beating Jason is too hard for you, escaping or surviving the night are options.
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    The simple answer is no, it's not bannable, nor should it be. People have committed far worse offenses playing this game without so much as a slap on the wrist, so it would be kind of funny if they drew the line at Vanessa running Jason around a sofa for ten minutes. Looping is technically an exploit as the term exploit itself has a very broad definition, with may differen't players interrupting that definition in very differen't ways. Using combat stance on doors is technically an exploit, so do we start banning people for doing that too? Some consider tossing a throwing knife at someone who's just jumped through a window an exploit. This is more of a spirit of the game argument, the types of arguments that you're never going to get a consensus on. Looping is annoying yes, especially to new players, but nothing that can't be combated with practice and experience. Bannable though, no.
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    It would seem so. I kinda wish a system similar to RE Resistance could have been a thing. While that game doesn't have nearly as many issues, there are trolls and rage quitters there, among other troublemakers. @TimDuke 01, I've been watching videos as of late on YouTube. I feel for you, @Mayday, and the other honest players of the PC community.
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    Were the Salt Mines reinstated with the shutdown of the dedicated servers? They didn't work as intended when they were in place the last time.
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    I was wondering the same thing. @gettodachappa, the final patch for the game has dropped, so it's not likely we'll see any kind of changes going forward.
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    @Daneasaur, we've been told that the login server is not being shut down anytime soon. Many people (myself included) are hoping for an offline profile to be implemented when that server is eventually shut down. Cross your fingers.
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    Everyone left in camp, enjoy this holiday season. The same applies to those passing through.
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