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    There are a lot worse things going on right now than somebody using an Uber Mod on offline bots... 😑 Especially on PC. As long as your not affecting anybody else's game, I don't give a crap what people do offline or in private matches for that matter, as long as everybody involved agrees on the rules. Sorry, but I'm going to support anyone whose actively trying to keep this game alive, especially in the current environment with so many assholes out there trying to kill it.
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    As soon as we have confirmed the date and timing, we'll share the date and details.
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    Pretty slippery slope. I guess they'll have to ban Slash N Cast too and anyone else whose helped keep the game relevant over the years with twitch/youtube. I'm definitely against any mods that give a competitive edge in an online setting, but I'm also against people whose sole purpose is to stop people from playing the game over petty stuff. To me, that's no better than the hackers currently holding PC lobbies hostage on the regular build and we definitely have an unhealthy amount of both types in this game.
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    That's 100% wrong,They do ban people with video evidence.Before the modded lobby situation got worse my submitted videos got at least 4 people banned, one of them keeps harassing me on my 1 you tube video I had to disable the comments.
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    Umm yes his name is on the video it doesn't matter if you provided his Steam URL or not it is still considered naming and shaming so YOU are guilty of breaking rules yourself so it's the pot calling the kettle black. He is causing NO harm to anyone, technically YES he is using a modded version of the game and IF he was using those mods to gain a unfair advantage in a actual ONLINE match then YES I agree he should get banned.He most likely will now that you raised a stink about it and sent a report to JKB. I myself don't think he should be for now.I have NEVER seen him use any type of actual cheating in any of his past videos in fact he gets upset if he comes across a hacker or someone using a map exploit and if someone rage quits so he doesn't approve of actual "cheating" himself. I suppose you are gonna comb You Tube now because there are content creators showing not only Jason X but the unfinished Grendel map too which you can't do unless you "modify" the game files.
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    He bought the game. It's his game. He does whatever he wants with it. It would only be a reason to complain if he was affecting other people's gameplay. But to be honest, I would be more than happy to play against Jason X, so I don't think it would be a problem on that scenario either.
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    He's playing with BOTs, therefore not affecting gameplay of others. Plus, he did nothing that ruins the game (quite the contrary actually). He's one of the only content creators that are still putting effort to keep this game alive. No reason to ban. Why do you think he should be banned?
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    @BYKyte, just make a note of the offender, and avoid playing with them.
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    I played a few matches on Xbox, I'm happy to see the match making is at a healthy volume.
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    I see I can get the Ultimate pass on Xbox for $1 right now. I will probably cancel before it renews, and just buy those activation passes from a gas station by me. Sometimes I play the game for a month and put it down.
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    No, there's no hacked lobbies on Xbox or console in general. No hacking issues at all really, and the player base on Xbox is still fairly sizable so I rarely have issues finding a lobby... Just staying in one where the host doesn't quit or you get disconnected. This is the first online game I ever played, and I wasn't happy either when I found out I'd have to pay an additional $10 a month to play a game I already shelled out 60 bucks for. Turned out to be well worth it for me in the end. It just depends on how badly you want to play the game and if you're willing to shell out the extra cash for it, especially if you don't play Xbox enough that the Ultimate Game Pass doesn't appeal to you.
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    Sorry for the double spam but, I have updated the website with new coding to help make the website feel different and more unique check out the new features listed! New Features List Thread
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    People have made topics in the past, but they get shut down pretty quick.
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    A game needs to be released before we worry about deluxe editions or DLC for the game.
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    It sounds like a little of Column A and Column B.
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    I can't say I've heard of any temp bans either. Then again, bans aren't really discussed here.
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    I agree and as I said I don't condone hacking in a online environment if it's giving the person a unfair advantage.I have NEVER seen a Jason X online in a match with the stats he is suppose to have.I've only ever seen a Part 8 with Jason X skin way back a long time ago. tyrant666 has a excellent point they'll have to ban Slash and Cast also who have won content creator awards on this site.They have recently shown all the unreleased content as far as kills and they have shown Jason X on the Grendel map. We are kind of splitting hairs here.Should these content creators get banned showing unauthorized content in a OFFLINE setting? I guess if you want to follow the letter of the law. They don't enforce the 13th point AT ALL or they would have pretty much nobody playing the game as it basically says if you purposely rage quit too many times you are suppose to receive a temporary ban .I've never heard anyone getting a temporary ban.. IMO until they use these mods online and it gives them a advantage, I don't think they should be banned. Let's leave that up to the powers that be.
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    if this were microsoft, he would have been totally banned for accessing uberjason. and while it does say in the TOS that it is prohibited to access him (seeing hes not available for the public), hes not actively harming other players. if i were an admin, if all youre doing is playing with a character, i wouldnt care. id care if he were literally cheating.
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    Just because he's a youtube star doesn't mean he's exempt from breaking the rules. It encourages players to modify files, and on pc players don't only use cosmetics unfortunately.
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    Honestly theres no point in reporting since they dont ban anyone also the game is somehow considered dead so i dont care if hes using jason x in an online match or other unreleased contents online.
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    Yeah he announced that after he experienced a modded/hacked lobby or 2 he was ONLY going to post videos of him playing OFFLINE against the AI counselors.You are breaking forum rules by the way by attempting to name and shame him. I have Jason X too but ONLY offline in a modded version of the game. It won't let me play online at all. I'm a stickler for banning hackers too,like I've reported and have gotten unauthorized Savini players banned before only because he is a viable Jason online and he is only meant for backers of the game. It's unfair for others who don't have him even though a quick search on a certain video hosting site will instruct you how to get him easily. It's rather pointless to ban anyone at this point now until they fix the hacked/modded lobby issue which IMO they won't be able to fix unless they change their stance on diving into the code which they have expressed they aren't going to do. The PC version is officially screwed right now.
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    CLUB FOR PS4, PC, & XBOX I wanted to share an idea to see if people would get behind it. I want to start a club exclusively for the members of this forums & non members. However there will be slight differences in the type of players allowed to join. 1. First off to allow the members to network & quickly get into games with various other players. 2. Second is the difference between other clubs. This club will be by invitation only. This will allow us to only invite players that meet certain criteria. A. No member will cheat, glitch, mod, hack, or exploit ever or they will be removed from the group & reported if caught. B. All members are mature gamers who conduct themselves respectfully. Minor trash talk is okay but excessive raging will not be permitted. C. Members will not rage quit from a match. The members will also conduct themselves professionally during matches. The purpose of this club will exist to make meeting new players & good fair gamers easier. Finding good games with mature players will become inevitably much quicker & resulted in better quality of matches. I have a lot of friends who are great players & a blast to play with unfortunately they are not members of this forum but their ideas on how to play fairly are mutual with the people in this community. I'm sure as well that the members of this forum also have friends who are not so different. Almost every private match I play in everyone in session is a friend or a mutual friend. Very rarely do I deal with toxic players. I hope that you guys understand what I'm trying to achieve & hopefully we can get a lot of us on board to kickstart this thing. Maybe PlayStation can also create the same thing. The goal is for the players who don't have anyone to play with can use the group to find well trusted gamers who will welcome them rather then teamkill. I often at times don't have many people online or most are already in full games.
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    We did indeed. With this move by PlayStation, this topic is no longer necessary and will be closed. Thank you everyone for the good times, the good memories, and the good sportsmanship.
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    RIP this community on PS4. With PlayStation ending the community feature, I can no longer play with this group. We had some good times.
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    Someone needs reminded that this was a kick starter game at first.How many kick start games end up being a success to F13's magnitude? Not very many. Wasn't even initially called F13 until they were offered the license. It was loosely based on F13 before then. Someone's expectations are a bit too high, that is part of the problem and I'm guilty of that as well to an extent.The license could have just as easily gone to say CD Projekt Red, Ubisoft, Bethesda, you name it but it didn't.
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    Stalk. Opens possibilites for mindgames and hilarious jumpscares. The best I would say is Shift.
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    I see it once in a while.
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    The end will come eventually. I'd rather enjoy the game in the meantime.
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    Let's hope this "final" final patch can leave the game a tiny bit better off than it is now.
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    After looking at the evidence presented, I have my doubts that it's Halloween.
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    Welcome to the forum @purplenylons.
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    Just watch it'll give you a idea of what us PC users are dealing with.
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    That's not happening. I'm sure you can't sell a game for which you don't own the IP rights to. We'll just be waiting for the F13 lawsuit to come to an end many years down the road. After that happens, someone will just create and release a new game. With technology continuing to evolve, and creativity evolving as well, I imagine a newer game done right could have just as much success, if not more.
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    One day, in the distant future, after the lawsuit ends, perhaps we could see another take on an F13 game. @Progenstein, welcome to the forum. Your passion for this game shows. Unfortunately, content for the game is done, and the company is likely working on their next project. Those that truly love the game are still playing to some degree. Others will fire it up now and then. Even if the game is unplayable one day, the memories we all have will keep it alive, if only in spirit.
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    All good things come to an end, sadly. There will be players playing for a time, though the login server will be shut down eventually.
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    Welcome to the forum @Kragi. There is still fun to be had by many in this game. There are some bugs, but they don't necessarily have to ruin your enjoyment. Some players cheat, but most players don't.
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    Have a bit of patience. The powers that be will tell us something when they feel they have something they want us to know. Good things come to those who wait, usually.
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    That's a given, as that happens every Friday the 13th. The next one won't be any different. It's still a nice option for the newer members of the community.
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    There's not a Friday the 13th active at the moment. It is possible that the previous event may still be active, even though it was to end on 1/6/2020.
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    Welcome to the forum @Nico Yazawa. You could be experiencing a lucky streak. I hope it continues for you. @Strigoi, could you please stop derailing topics?
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    One should be careful standing in front of or behind a car. Accidents do happen.
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    I guess you could call me a visionary. I've got tons of ideas I've come up with for a lot of things over the years. I write them down whenever inspiration hits me. One of these days, I'll get some of those ideas out there in some form. I just need to find the right like-minded people.
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    @Nathan5226, I'd like to think other companies could make just as good a game as this one, with different perspective approaches taken. I think a company could use Unreal or Unity, and make a spectacular product, providing they have the experience and expertise in either engine. I don't have the programming experience, but if I did, I'd take my notebook of 30 or so slasher game ideas, and start tinkering around and see what I could come up with. As far as QA, I'm sure the majority of us would like to know more extensive testing is being done before a patch is released. Either way, reporting any and all bugs we come across is still somewhat helpful, and better than nothing.
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    At this point, I'd rather just get a brand new game made from scratch, sometime after the lawsuit is resolved. I'd rather wait for that.
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    You get a six pack at the next campfire. This looks like a job for a poll. I for one am still enjoying the game, despite the bugs. I can get by with three perks. Would you mind explaining your perception of balance? I think something is being lost in translation. If this system was implemented, a number of people would object to not being able to freely group their perks the way they want to.
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    You're welcome. Enjoy your stay here on the forum.
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    I can't speak for what the developers will do as far as cheaters go. Submit your evidence, and hope for the best.
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    Welcome to the forum. You can report anything of concern to jasonkillsbugs.com Welcome to the forum. Naming and shaming players is against the rules of the forum. Submit your evidence to jasonkillsbugs.com
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