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    Let's just all agree to disagree and move on. He may not appeal to everybody, and that's fine. If you like his works, have a figurative drink on me. If you don't, you can have a drink as well. Kane Hodder is better at his craft than I would be at the same craft. I'll give the gentleman his due respect. @OCT 31 1978 and @SonofOdin6039 I would also enjoy seeing Kane in other roles, just to see what else he is capable of. @Jason Todd Voorhees, that is an impressive avatar.
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    Every since I was a kid watching Friday the 13th I always wanted to play that role of Jason. In early 2019, I asked Kane Hodder for his blessing/approval and he said Yes, this was something amazing for me to ask for someone I look up to for years on end. In mid 2019, I was making my own ideas for a fan film a lot of stuff was deleted for obvious reasons of it either being too unoriginal to people or just people doing it. As of 2020 I threw a lot of my original ideas. Vengeance with their introduction of Elias Voorhees, which I also had an idea of bringing in his "father" but this was there's and well I didn't want to look like a "Well you copied" them and stuff. Never Hike Alone in the Snow is also another which was always a discussion with Jason being able to kill in the Snow so that idea was also something I had but Stomp Films is producing such a thing. Friday the 13th: Rose Blood is doing a continuation of Part VII So I am asking for any other ideas for me to try to do, it could be a continuation like with Vengeance/Rose Blood or with NHA with something new and nothing to do with the overall sequels. Before anyone ask I am hoping to do a Part VII sequel (a Personal Goal lol) and then that sequel being it's own entirely new Jason design. This thread is basically to see what the fans want to see and what not to see or what to do with Jason and what not to do with Jason, My main thing is....I dont want to do what Halloween 4-Resurrection did for Michael which made him to Humanized and to Obvious with the plot. Any Ideas/Help? (These Tags is to help get the discussion started: @OCT 31 1978 @Fair Play @Dragonfire82877 @Slasher_Clone @Redcat345 @Big Daddy J)
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    Firstly thanks for the advice/heads up I know film making isn't as easy as what others make it out to be! I gotta look for ALOT from audio help,cameramen/women, to just finding special effects people who an work for a long time for different body parts and other such things so yeah gotta go with a profitable salary and insurance and etc for people, I can def do Jason but I can't see myself not doing the stunts myself LOL. Secondly that is def something I will be considering with a sheriff who knows the "Legends" Thats very very interesting! I think I could add such a concept as a "Prelude" during Jason's death but also during a part 6 proluding! Def something I got planned up for!
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    This is a very ambitious project @Jason Todd Voorhees. If anyone can do this, it's you. One thing I would have liked to see is a Tommy Jarvis / Tina Shepard teamup.
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    Heres a cool tweet and video from wes keltner on twitch i believe. Wish it was on you tube. It aired today in the afternoon. I Cant wait to watch it and understand more about IP Intellectual properties of video game license.
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    Proven Facts: Jason's Stun Resistance is not a working attribute in the game. All Jasons have the same stun chance and duration. A counselor does not have to be crouched for the Low Profile perk's sense avoidance chance to work. A cabin/lodge does not glow red when Jason uses his Sense ability pre-Rage mode if a counselor is in a hiding spot. Jason's -Defense attribute does not contain a 'Block chance' mechanic. All Jasons will block all counselor melee hits as long as the Block initiation was not affected by the player's ping value/lag (off host). There are only 3 pocket knives to be found by counselors in a mtach. Tommy Jarvis, if called, arrives with a forth. The Strength stat marginally increases the duration of a counselor's melee weapon stun on Jason. Fear takes longer to decrease, as well as increase, for high Composure counselors. 15% Lightfoot perk allows A.J. to sprint without giving off any noise pings. The same cannot be said for Tiffany despite her also having 10 Stealth. Luck slightly increases the size of the skill checks when repairing an objective. Jenny's Stealth is actually higher than 6. It is actually ~8.5. The cooking pot is more durable than the in-game infographic displays. It is as durable as the 2x4. (Several weapon stats on the in-game infographic are actually incorrect.) Using 10% Nerves of Steel and 10% Preparedness perks together on Jenny ensures her fear level will never increase; simply known as No Fear Jenny. Part 7 Jason can detect counselor noise pings from a greater distance than other Jasons. Jason can use Combat Stance to identify the specific bed that a counselor is hiding under. Brainless Fiction: +Shift Jasons travel at a faster speed than neutral-Shift Jasons. The Stealth stat impairs Jason's ability to sense a counselor when he uses his Sense ability. Turning on a radio will cause the entire building to glow red when Jason uses his Sense ability. A counselor's Luck stat influences the amount of damage they receive when climbing through a broken window. High Luck provides a counselor with better items when looting cabin/lodge draws. Sense avoidance perks do not work when Jason is in Rage mode. High Strength increases a counselor's chance to stun Jason with a melee weapon. Man At Arms perk allows all counselors to attack more with a melee weapon before it breaks. (A 15% MAA perk provides only one more hit for counselors with 8 or higher Luck.) The frying pan has a 100% stun chance. Jason can hear players conversing from anywhere on the map if their counselor has a walkie-talkie. An Epic/Legendary Sucker Punch perk will 100% guarantee a sweater-stunned, demasked Jason will fall to his knees when hit. Pyro perk increases Jason spotting time with the flare gun. Jason can be killed with his mask still on. A player muted in game chat can still hear you talking. Tommy must have Jason's mask in his inventory in order to perform the Jason kill. Part 2 Jason has a worse Sense range than other neutral-Sense Jasons. Unsubstantiated Claims: -
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    No problem. Have a nice stay at camp while you are here.
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    Using a glitch like that is cheating. There's no doubt about it. Let's hope so.
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    @TimDuke 01, you got some justice. It's proof the system works. One less hacker for now is a good step in the right direction.
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    🤔 If I remember correctly: Ginny kicked the car door into him, broke his nuts with her knee, slashed his arm with a chainsaw, broke a chair over his back, mind fucked him with moms sweater, and planted a machete about eight inches deep in his shoulder. Chris stabbed him in the leg with a knife, hit him over the head with a log, dropped herself on him in the barn, hung him, then planted the axe in his head. Trish beat the shit out of him with a claw hammer breaking his mask, then planted the claw side in his shoulder. Then she smashed a tv over his head, split his hand with a machete, and knocked the broken mask off his face with the machete, setting him up for the kill. I think they all put up a pretty good fight.
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    You know, I had a moment of hilarity happen very recently that reminded me of this thread. A couple of friends and I were going around killing random Jasons a couple of nights ago. We're on Pinehurst, I'm Tommy, and we're having a bit of trouble getting the mask off. I was out of med spray and got crippled, so Jason quit trying to slash SG and came after me instead because... of course he did. As soon as he gets close enough, I swing and the mask comes off. SG does her thing, I hit him, and he rage-quits after dropping to his knees, apparently not even realizing the axe broke on the final hit. If he'd hung around about 5 seconds he probably would have noticed this, but because he was in such a hurry to demonstrate his pussy-ness, he quit what would most likely have been an 8/8.
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    Cool thread I definitely want to post some ideas here for you I am at work now so later today I will post some stuff for you. @Slasher_Clone always good to see you pop in buddy. ******Edit******* @Jason Todd Voorhees Ok here Is one of the story ideas that I’ve been throwing around in my head for quite a while.....it’s more Of a Supernatural Story....and Jason doesn’t come into it until the very end but here it goes..... Camp Crystal Lake is run down and has been dormant for years.....quiet.....No missing campers, no killing, no Jason..... All the locals know that Camp Crystal Lake is Haunted by the Vengeful Spirit of Jason Voorhees his legendary 80’s massacres At the lake are still told to Warn any outsiders who come to town.... A group of 4 friends who are Paranormal investors Like The Ghost Hunters decide to investigate the supposedly Haunted Camp......they want to Investigate and debunk the stories of Ghostly apparitions that float above the lake in cabins and around the grounds, the voices in the woods the wailing of a vengeful Mother and of course...... the rumors of an undead killer. Two of the people in the group don’t take the stories as seriously as the other two and are more Interested in investigating each other. As they set up Their equipment: I would have scenes with the group Or each person individually just missing seeing the Ghosts of Past victims around the camp/cabins/ archery range ect.... When setting up at the Lake a ghostly hand comes up from the water reaching for one of the team members.....as they feel the unease building they Turn and see nothing. As the Team conducts EVP sessions in the cabins the team records voices, and warnings..... the past victims tell them they are.... doomed..... This concerns the Two who are taking this investigation seriously but the Two who aren’t believe it’s a set up by the other two they all Agree to continue the investigation..... As they continue they hear voices in the woods......They all decided to follow the sounds.... This leads them to a run down empty shack in the middle of the woods....They continue their EVP session The answers to their question Terrify them to their core... Is there anyone here? Yesssss.... who is this? A victim of Jason Voorhees? Mrssssss Vooooorhees.... Want is it you want? Makkkke youuu sufffffer. The equipment blows out and their flashlights flicker on and off and burn out they scream as one of them scramble to change out the batteries in the flashlight as they click it on Pamela Voorhees’ Zombie face looms over them and screams at the top of her lungs... “Make them pay Jason!!!” The Flashlight bursts......the team screams in the Dark......and we now for the first time hear the classic ......KiKiKiKi MaMaMa.......it repeats KiKiKiKi MaMaMaMa....... The group runs out of the shack, in front of them Stands the giant undead Hockey masked killer.....Jason is back he is real..... the team Screams and scatters.......KiKiKiKi MaMaMaMa... This is where I leave the story idea in your hands......do they live? Do they all die it’s up to you..... Hope you enjoyed it. I will Add more story ideas tomorrow.
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    Hey man, I appreciate the tag. Some of the people you tagged might still check in at camp but not very often as of late. I was just stopping by myself and thought I’d say hi. As to what you’re trying to do, I wish you the best of luck. Making a fan film is very hard. It’s possible though so don’t be discouraged. In your shoes I’d start small working on a few things at the same time. You need a script, you need to find places you can shoot it, you need to do some camera tests and workout how your going to handle lighting. Playing Jason will be the easy part. As for a script, Never Hike Alone is the best example. Keep it simple but you can expand the cast, no more than 3 people as characters that you follow to the camp (assuming that’s where it takes place), assume 2 will die and pick deaths that are film able. Other secondary characters can add weight to a story. It’s easy enough to have an older man or woman play a sheriff standing over a bloody sheet covered body or as a coroner covering said body and telling someone ‘He’s back!’. Make the girl the hero and final girl, she doesn’t have to physically beat Jason. Set an expectation in people’s minds early, using the above example of a sheriff or coroner, have them state he never enters a specific place. Could be a house near the lake or the graveyard, locals would have a different understanding of Jason now than they did back in the eighties and nineties. Here’s an idea that’s pretty simple.... Imagine if kids (young adults) have started going out to crystal lake and daring him to get them before they can make it out to the Graveyard, the Sheriff and Coroner can talk over a body of the last person who failed. The three who go out maybe one of them doesn’t know that’s what’s going to happen (the final girl), I mean they (the other 2) don’t think it’s real. Of course Jason will show up before anything really naughty can occur and then it really is a race for the Graveyard. If you include Shift/Morph, you could have them split up and when one of them gets to the graveyard gets killed anyway, you establish a rule people believe and then dispel it by having it not be true. The second runner, the girl can go for help and get to it in the nick of time. (Close with the Sheriff pointing out they keep running to the wrong Graveyard and that his mothers grave is else where. Anyway, there’s an idea, hope it helps.
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    Thank you I met him for that convention in 2019 and man...it was the biggest moment of my life. I was always a fan of Jason/Kane as a kid (I'm about to be 24 irl next month.) and watching Part 7 was my first slasher film followed by Halloween (Original) was always so fascinating for me, Kane wasn't just a inspiration for me but also someone I wanted to aspired for the horror community. I met kane numerously and I can 100% state the guy is a genuine man he isn't just nice and comedic man, I have no negative experiences when meeting him. True Story: I met Kane when I was preparing to be in my Michael Cosplay in the bathroom (I had to wait for my Part 7 but James Jude Courtney was also there so why not Michael?) and as Im trying to scare someone as they were coming in it was Kane and I froze and he looked at me and said "What? you ok there?" i fanboyed so badly lol.
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    To those who celebrate the holiday, be safe and have a good time.
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    You are right. It can be accidental. If I glitch by accident on a certain player when they are Jason (if they get another chance), I'll let them have a free kill.
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    Excellent topic @F13 Seppuku Squad.
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    Agreed this guys entire arguments is illogical to the point of nonsense. LMFAO same here like who takes what a single person like MC Hammer says? he got bankrupted got into numerous lawsuits and etc so his words aren't that inspirational or should be taken into any relevancy for Kane Hodder. VERY BIG FACTS! Firstly how are you going to judge and compare that instance vs Kane's trauma??? YOU purposely kept DRINKING that is a whole decision YOU YOURSELF MADE and aren't you also doing what you want in life so what makes you different? Kane on the other hand DIDNT/WOULDNT want to be having his body burnt which is clearly mishandled stunt! the guy almost died NUMEROUSLY because of his hospital poor choices of not knowing how to properly deal with his wounds until he was properly moved! it's a MIRACLE he even survived despite all the infections he even had. Its beyond just being rude or disrespectful to compare one Death Experience to another like its some contest for sympathy or something!
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    you can tell this was a sentance formed in the year 2020.
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    Welcome to the forum @Courtenayjade.
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    Quick Play lobbies will never agree on any set of rules. Play in such a way that you can live with what you did afterwards.
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    I am pretty sure most would agree that F13 is way better than DBD. But with the lawsuit thing, opinions may shift. I played DBD for the first time in 2017/2018 and hell that game sucked back then. However, with major changes in the generators' design and animation, graphic improvements, and reworks of multiple broken perks and killers, I thought that the devs were finally making the game good. Unfortunately, what they did is still not enough. On this thing, I will say my reason for why DBD sucks and why F13 the game is still LEAGUES above it, even with no new content at all. 1) Pay to win I get that already existent characters like Micheal Myers or Freddy, but why in the fuck are killer original from DBD also paid????? And why in the hell perks that come along with the new DLCs are also paid?? Dead Heart, Pop, Corruption, DS, Undying, BBQ, and many others are God tier perks that can definitively make the difference between losing and winning, but they are also paid. The most insulting part is that (idk what they cost in dollars) each DLC costs 20 reais. There are around 15 paid killers, and you can only get their perk when they are bought. It is a total of 300 reais... so. So? The game costs 100 reais. I had to pay 100 reais and now I have to pay more 300 to get the full game???? Is this some kind of joke? Seriously this game is trash. 2)Toxic community For a long time, I thought that F13's killer system was bad and that the DBD system, where people freely choose whenever they want to be killer or survivor, was better. I couldn't be more wrong. This slip up the community between killer mains and survivors mains. They are in constant war, saying that each other is trash/overtuned/toxic/unhealthy for the game. At the end of the day, both sides end up being toxic and more like a Democrat vs Republicans discussion Forum than a Video Game Community. There is another thing, which is people rage quitting. IDK why it happens more often in DBD than in other games, but it happens. 3) The Devs I sincerely feel bad for those guys. Imagine being a dev in a community split up between two sides that are constantly attacking each other. Those guys try their best, but all they do is interpreted by one of the sides as OP/toxic/unhealthy and they have to nerf it into the ground. They also took a more Survivorlish side on the war, and I use to play more as killer, so I also didn't like it. About their bad part: they basically only care about money and probably they already lost the little love they once had for this game. 4) Game mechanichs Most of them are absolutely boring and they make no sense whatsoever. Keys basically make survivors that played badly escape easily for some reason. The end game, where every survivor hides and the killer has to keep walking and searching them for 3 minutes. The add-on reliance, that is basically like that athletes that rely on drugs to win competitions. Pallets, that most of the time are safe and have no mindgame. God pallets and God loops, which is the reason behind killer mains are only playing with a few amount of killers that can deal with those. For me DBD is trash. It is now certainly better than it was back in 2017, where it was even less than trash, but it is still trash. I honestly feel bad for those who believe in the potential of this game and keep playing it; hoping that someday the main flaws that make this game trash will be fixed. Yes, even with no content whatsoever F13 is way better. At least it is fun and it is not not pay to win.
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    Okay... Just when I think I've seen everything. I originally took this capture just because I thought the lighting glitch on the cabin looked cool. Almost like the house was about to be swallowed into a blackhole, or demons from hell were going to spew out the door. I didn't even register at first that I wasn't in sense mode while admiring it. That's not what I wanted to ask about though. The really weird thing about this video is that the cabin kept glowing red when I went into sense even though I'm one hundred percent positive there was nobody in the cabin. I walked through it twice just to prove to myself or anyone else I'd be showing this video too I wasn't losing my mind, or Deborah wasn't hiding in a corner somewhere and I just didn't see her. I even included the end of the match just to show that the last counselor standing was on the other side of the map and nowhere near the affected cabin. Now I've seen some strange lighting glitches with sense mode in my day, they're nothing new. This is the first time I've seen one outside of sense, or a cabin light up red when nobody was home. I know this glitch likely has something to do with the timing of myself using sense, but nothing I did really stands out that I can say, well this is probably why this happened... I had a brief skirmish with a pair of counselors in the affected cabin about a minute before they died, but again nothing all that remarkable of note happened that might explain this. I was wondering if anybody else has experienced something similar to what's on this video, and can maybe even explain to me how the hell it happened.
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    It’s a glitch, there’s another video of a similar effect on here somewhere. It was on Packanack not sure which version.
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    Who am I?....... I’m Batman
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    @Jason Todd Voorhees, that sounds like a once in a lifetime encounter.
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    I'm never going to attack anybody for playing or liking whatever game they please, but Fuck Dead By Daylight. Fuck it in the ass with a rusty machete. Was in a lobby with a guy one time, the first thing out of his mouth as the match started was quote 'I'd rather be playing Dead by Daylight'. I asked every Miced player in that lobby where the bitch was, choked him to death within the first two minutes while telling him he was free to go play his shitty little game now since he was obviously trash at this one. I then proceeded to let the rest of lobby do whatever the fuck they wanted. For all of Friday's faults and content roadblocks, it still wins where it's most important in that it's lightyears more fun.
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    lol, that's why I said I'm not holding my breath.
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    Can confirm as a Part 7 Main. not fiction it has happened. Bet any confirmation? whoa
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    Still waiting on anyone to disprove this one....
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    No problem friend. Im happy to see a podcast of Wes explaining everything.
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    Yeah, I've seen a number of people saying they popped the award after killing the big man. I do think it's a bug more than anything, but it's hard for me to know for sure as I performed my first Jason kill before doing my final kill actually needed for the trophy. I might eventually remove it from the list if the consensus favours it being bugged. I've heard the "Tommy needs to be holding the mask to kill Jason" one also - added to the list. But not the machete only one as most people know the axe can be used too, and it is highly favourable. This one is actually quite funny. It's from the actual game's How To Play > Counselor > Radios guide. Imagine that! 😂 It might have been the case in the beta.
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    no doubt. anyways... mc hammer worldveiw had me gaspin for air earlier..
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    It isn’t very pleasant when you’re on the receiving end is it? For the record I Never said you couldn’t dislike anyone you want. You saying....... “You would take a running Ted White as Jason any day because you think Kane is a Nut an Asshole and his Burn accident was the result of his own stupidity.” .........And that you continue to try to justify it when you don’t know the facts about him or what he went through that is what I have a problem with. Sooooo...No, I don’t think I am overreacting.......those are not reasons to not Like Kane’s Performance as Jason that is you passing judgements on him Because you’re either jealous or insecure and are trying to feel less shitty about yourself.
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    Welcome to the forum. Just about every fix for this game has led to some unintended side effects. Hopefully the next fix won't be the case. We'll see. The six week long hacking incident took the team's focus off of the bug fixes. Thankfully, that's been taken care of.
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    A lot of people felt that way. On the bright side, some players truly play the way a Tom and Jerry cartoon chase plays out. I managed to stand still as Jason, and have a counselor run right to me after running around furniture a few times.
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    If you suspect they were a hacker, then you should submit evidence to the team like the rest of us. Also, insulting other members here that disagree with you will not make anything else you say be taken seriously. Take a chill pill.
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    The game may be dying, but it's not quite dead yet. People still play regularly, though the numbers are probably dwindling. There are some dedicated players that will play until it is no longer an option. Hackers and cheaters ruin the game for many people. Thankfully, there are still groups of players who come together, play some matches (without cheating or trolling), and have a good time. Some of those groups have younger players (reasonably mature for their age) among them. @Dragonfire82877, I had a match against four Vanessa players recently. I got them, though I had to work for it a bit.
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    You sound like you keep your cool pretty well in the midst of a toxic situation. I like that. Sounds like you take the good with the bad. I agree the good outweighs the bad. I admire your honesty.
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    Can't count the games I've been in there is kids playing and most of the time they're more toxic than a lot of other players I've ran into. Where the hell are the parents when the little punks are swearing up a storm? Just a bit of a rant
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    People can be superficial sometimes. I for one find no fault in Kane Hodder's portrayal of Jason.
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    Hopefully the countermeasures put into place will help keep the spread to a minimum.
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    People are just preparing for worst case scenario. My wife has reached out to our daughters, and they are on the way home from college. We've also extended invitations to our parents as well as some other family. We're pretty well stocked, though our popcorn supply needs a refill. A potential bright side is the quality time with family. @Wolledc, it sounds like the precautions there are similar to those here in the U.S. @badassgixxer05, leaves will do the trick, just as corn husks will. Improvisation is a dying art in modern times. It's good to know if is still a thing. @FridayThe31st, Monster Mania may be cancelled or postponed. If you or anyone else get confirmation, we're all ears. I was told there were talks of cancelling E3 this year. @Strigoi, A lot of the states have plans to close schools for the next 2-4 weeks. I have stocked on the usual food options (pizza, pretzels, canned food, hot wings, mac & cheese, and peanut butter).
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    Taking it one day at a time is all we can do. I'll say a prayer for you on that one. Hopefully everything is ok. I don't think it'll take you. You've got many years of things to look forward to. Thanks for the update. It's getting to the point of stuff selling out. People are taking the precautions they feel are necessary.
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