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    Ok just putting this out there as I am pro player and run with the very best players in this game on the ps4 and im speaking for everyone in this community Jason is just just to damn weak come on I've been able to run Jason around the whole 20 minutes with just mitch yes I am mitch the snitch lol seen a debra slap that mask off with just 3 hits umm what about this 7 Chad's just down right pounding out Jason for 20 minutes lol yes we have done this to countless Jason's umm we really dont wont talk about what 7 Jenny's or Vanessa's can do giveJason a huge buff like speed and health and weapon swing is just garbage I've been playing this game since about 2 weeks after digital release I've seen all the ups and downs of this game but damn it's so much fun we can't stop playing just need Jason to be feared not just pounded on over and over ok my plea to the developers is done give what is left of this community what they need A BADASS JASON KILLING MACHINE!!
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    Hey gang! My name is Matt, but you'll find me in game and all over the internet as "mattshotcha" and I'm a new hire here at Gun Media in the role of Lead Community Developer. While I'm brand new to the Gun Team and Friday the 13th, I have a history in managing online communities that spans a variety of titles and platforms. I'm looking forward to jumping in here, as well as social and Reddit. While the bulk of my experience in the gaming industry is in the shooter scene, I'm a lifelong horror junkie. Now that I've found my professional home here at Gun, it's time for me to get to work, with you, the community. And on that note, we'll keep this short and sweet. Feel free to reach out to me via the forums here, or anywhere you choose to discuss Friday the 13th the game. Community Development is a two way street, and I firmly believe that open and accessible communication between the players and the team (by way of the community team) is vital to the development of a healthy and thriving community. Let's work together towards that goal. And with that, I'm going to get back to work. Talk soon, campers.
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    How does one get inducted into this pro player club? 🤔
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    Im sorry I can't respond. I'm not good enough to talk to pro Friday the 13th players. They shine brighter then the sun. Their skills are saught after around the world. We should all get on our knees and kiss DEVILS_REJECTS7's ass for even posting here. We are all but humble plebs in the presence of his greatness. Please impart your wisdom opon us. Inform us that Jason is weak. Give us the knowledge that Vanessa is the META character. We already know that shit already but I have to hear it from THE PRO. Give us your your knowledge. Tell us that Jenny has two more stat points then everyone else and Roy's negative Stun Resistance is actually positive. Because we on the fourms don't know anything. Just in case you miss all the sarcasm like you did last time I am being kind of sarcastic. Devils_Rejects7's post is correct. Jason is weak. He is killed too easily. At this point there really isn't too much anyone can do about it. And it's a horse so dead your just smashing bones now. Everyone who is still posting on these fourms has a lot of time on the game. Enough to call themselves Pros easily. So I have to poke fun at anyone who claims to be a professional Friday the 13th player. I can't help myself. Congrats your a Pro at a game so casual it makes mobile garbage look hardcore.
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    Cool, I'll be on after work and other responsibilities of adulthood are attended to.
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    Now all we need is answers to go along with a new community lead. 1. When do basic things like being able to skip cutscenes in singleplayer challenges get added? 2. When will other Jasons load on the main menu besides Part 3 going all the way back to beta? 3. Can we expect more consistent communication rather than the slivers of information every few months? 4. Will the game receive any worthwhile updates in December? Some of these are hard hitting, but given the state of affairs, they are meant to be, without any real offenses intended.
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    Thanks brother, and I agree whole heartedly with your assessment of the art, it is sick !! @tyrant666, great ideas but they’re called Inuit not Eskimo, 😝. Which makes it Inuit AJ, which I don’t know but I think it just sounds hotter. Edit - Eskimo means raw fish eater, it doesn’t describe the people of Nunavut, they are collectively known as Inuit. It’s the same as calling a European a cracker, it’s a slur. I was trying not to be preachy but apparently someone is confused. I mean making a joke is probably better than reporting a member for racist slurs, right.
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    @mattshotcha Good morning and welcome to Camp Crystal Lake and all of its affiliates! Remember to be careful around camp... there seem to be a lot of sharp objects around here... and it seems to have some sort of death curse. I blame that guy in the hockey mask... he is really giving goalies a bad name... and he smells funny.
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    Looks good. The clothing pack that comes with it would probably be silly though. Instead of Crystal Lake outfits... - Santa LaChappa - Naughty Elf Tiffany - Grinch Chad - Ugly sweater Kenny - Ugly sweater Jenny - Snowgirl Deb - Ski Instructor Bugsy - Snow Mobile Adam - Hiker Vanessa - Eskimo AJ
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    An adult Dlc with partial or total nudity, as in the Conan game.
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    Yet another theorized battle. This time with a Jason that was supposed to be reworked versus the Jason that would've never been added regardless due to rights holders. For this, we theorize what their stats might've been and based on that, which one would've been played/enjoyed more? NES Jason - Based On The Game, he could run and be everywhere at once, so this Jason becomes the best mobile Jason of the game, but he comes with some big weaknesses. He's the only Jason in the game with fists for melee, hence the destruction weakness. Strengths: +Can Run +Morph +Water Speed Weaknesses: -Traps -Destruction (10 hits to break down barricaded doors/5 hits for merely locked ones/3 hits for unlocked) -Throwing Knife Strength (His Knives Do Half The Damage Per Hit) Remake Jason - Based On The Film, this Jason was much more of a tracker/hunter than any other film, he'll have a good long range game and so-so mobility, but his weaknesses will balance him out. His melee weapon will be a longer rusty machete. Strengths: +Can Run +Traps +Throwing Knives Weaknesses: -Morph -Weapon Strength (Melee does half the damage of normal weapon strength) -Water Speed So which one do you think you would've enjoyed/played more?
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    I have played games where i have a hard time getting more then 5 kills and other times where i don't even try and wipe out the entire room sometimes b4 rage it really mostly depends on the skill set of the players and their game plan when you play against them. I have played games where iv had the entire team from the beginning attacking me even knocking off mask early then call Tommy yet i can manage most the time to kill them b4 they can me one key I have had to learn the hard way was you have to be patient let them hit you use your block I have noticed weapons break faster when you block, swing back , and grab when you can and use your throwing knives keeping a level head helps you play better and they usually break their weapons hitting you grab when you can swing when you can't. Also leave the gang morph off use stalk and wait for them to split up you may think they won't but after a few mins they usually always do to a degree to either repair, get weapons, or look for sprays this is a great time to shift grab the lamb that left the herd boom easy kill. You will have your good games and you will have your bad when you have a bad game instead of getting frustrated and giving up take it as a learning experience and remember the more times you play against skilled players the more exp you will have in dealing with that situation at the end of the day it's a good thing as it will bring up your skills and better you. One thing I do hate is seeing people showboat and give a unskilled Jason player or new Jason player a hard time it's very immature just remember new player you will get better in time one major tip one that should always be used esp by new players is play offline def hard mode and practice, practice once your good in there go back to lobby and try your new skills after 2k hrs and almost a year with the game I enjoy and often go in offline mode and play the bots to get better at Jason great way to practice shift, throwing knives and stalk it don't hurt to take a lesson from Micheal Myers and stalk your prey b4 you go in for the kill. Lastly and most important it's a game go have fun see ya in the lobby.
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    Holy shit we have a pro player over here! I guess his opinion is supposed to mean something.
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    I never admitted such things. I feel as though I'm being trolled. I never ever changed the topic of your comments at all, I responded to every point made and those points were not changed to something else related, after answering a point I would shift to a related one to clear that up too, or if your point relates to multiple things I would respond to those multiple things, so maybe it just seems like you misunderstood. Either way I made sure to answer everything including your argued points. One argue point you had at first was horror inc doesn't allow them to work on the game and I said why not and didn't shift to anything related while explaining, that's one example of how I didn't do what you said along with models and opinions you had on me I directly answered them all.... I answered in paragraphs for each point you had too, making the related things mostly separate. i didn't say I won anything, but I think I'm a good debater if it's a topic I'm passionate about and I was. how does directly responding to your statement about a specific thing, answering that specific thing, somehow make that answer not about the subject and just related to something similar? How I have responded now is how I responded everytime, so am I somehow responding to something related right now and not the subject at hand that was argued by you? thanks a lot for the info on the new community lead, I tried searching the forums for blacktower info and any other info and didn't see this guys introduction pop up, so thanks for the link.
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    You I’ll talk to about it, we have a number of mysterious guests, or one very fast guest going through old topics at a very fast rate. You can see them in Online Users. At least one of them is a member, but wether or not that means Black Tower is anyone’s guess. It could be Veteran members but it seems like someone is trying to get up to speed not revisiting past convos. Anyway, there really isn’t much more I can say. It could be a good sign, a bad sign or not a sign of anything. I like mystery’s though so, it has my attention right this minute. I hope it is someone from Black Tower or Gun., I would be much happier in the long run. It certainly makes me wonder what they’re collecting and why? edit - if you didn’t see my last post, the new guy is in charge of getting stuff to Black Tower. Yes to both points. Jason needs some polishing not a new chassis. He doesn’t need infinite knives but picking them up again would be good. His block is to slow and can only be used in combat stance, this sucks but doesn’t stop it from being a good way to come through doors. Only very minor things need to be changed for him to be better balanced both against hunting parties and QP.
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    There are very basic ways they could make Jason better than what he is now. They just basically bait and switched the beta/F13 film fan crowd and in turn catered to the Dead By Daylight crowd in terms of the side with the numbers should have the better time. Add to that, the whole 1 in 75 chances of Jason being killed during playtesting they gloated about sounds so fucking laughable now when he's killed far beyond that. It just goes back to everyone is used to the way the game is played and any 'drastic' change and what's left of the community would be in an uproar, combined with the absolute lack of communication on really anything consistently (no offense to the new community guy) and there you have it. This topic more or less hit the nail on the head in terms of what went right and wrong. http://forum.f13game.com/topic/20315-what-were-the-top-5-biggest-successesfailures-of-the-game-now-that-content-is-dead/
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    1. This is an item I'd have to look into for you. I don't have the specifics here, but generally in my experience in game dev, there is always a reason for the scene playing out. I'll see if I can get a more concrete answer for you on this. 2. Again, something I'll have to look into. 3. Absolutely. I can't fabricate information when there is nothing to say, but I am here to interact with you all as a core part of my function at Gun. Short version, I'm the voice of the community to the team and the voice of the team to the community. I'm still ramping up, but you can always feel free to reach out to me via PM anytime. 4. As far as timing for fixes, please stay tuned. For now, let's focus on getting as much reported as possible and as soon as I can pin down a timeframe, I will. That info will be shared here, there, and everywhere when it's time. I guarantee it. I realize there is some non-answers in there. I wanted to get a reply over to you as soon as I could though. I'll add these items to my list and follow up as soon as I can. Thanks for your patience while I get up to speed around here.
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    Even if they did continue updating the game I doubt this would be on their list of things to add. Nudity wouldn't bother me in a F13 game, but I feel like a lot of the people who suggest nudity and or sex really just want something to jack off to..
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    I think water kills would become my new favourite thing if you could pull the Counselors through the frozen over sections of the Lake. It would bring a whole new level of fear when crossing, sure you can sprint but what if you can’t see the red glow through the ice.
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    If anyone remembers the way firecrackers and flareguns worked in beta. They were basically distraction/beacon items and NOT items that could stun Jason. The flaregun itself actually went into the item inventory instead of directly into the counselors hands in beta. The fireworks were used to distract Jason like the radio with sound slips. The flaregun was used to spot Jason on the map. Its funny looking back because SENSE basically nullified the way firecrackers worked in Beta. My only assumption is either the lack of playtesting or just general ineptitude allowed them to overlook that Jason could spam sense, thus negating the effect firecrackers would have as a distraction weapon. Flash forward post launch and the firecrackers were made into a weapon that could stun Jason and give counselors more chances to escape a chase or death, etc. Then you have the flaregun. Originally designed to spot Jason on the map in beta. It DID NOT stun Jason like it does now. Its funny though because as well all know. Jason appears on the minimap anyway if he's close, so it negated the point of its use in beta. Add in the heated arguments in beta/post launch about the melee weapons (before people knew the good stun weapons) not being enough to combat Jason. Both weapons changed from their original uses in beta and the devs made them stun weapons instead. If Sense couldn't be spammed, the firecrackers in their original use in beta could've worked. The flaregun would've been USEFUL in its original form IF Jason were actually NOT shown AT ALL on the minimap as it should've been. The flaregun could've worked as a way to show the counselors where Jason was on the map as it would've been the ONLY WAY to know where Jason is besides his music. True it could still double as a stun weapon, but if Jason couldn't be seen on the map, its original Beta use would've come in handy. In Beta, you could also keep the flaregun in your inventory as opposed to directly in your hand. If that feature remained post launch, the counselors would've been allowed in theory to carry two weapons at a time. The melee/shotgun and a flaregun in their inventory. Anyway, just sort of an all over the place rant about the items in Beta/Post Launch and how they differed.
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    In the words of Captain America.... I understand that reference! Also... welcome to the forums! @Slasher_Clone… I know why you think his name sounds familiar... The Dead Milkmen are a great band! I think this was their biggest hit... but they have a bunch of other good tunes too. But you probably just saw each other in quick play.
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    I'll route this to the proper people. Thank you for the info.
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    You know what? I did say that in a vacuum, assuming that Jason beatdown groups wasn't a thing. I'll amend my statement. It'd be nice if Jason had tools to combat counselors (things like counselors in grabs were susceptible to friendly fire/a swing that hits all counselors in radius for multiple damage, and other possibilities like medic only working for one can of spray etc. Basically things to detour fighting Jason as number one option.) With that, thinking of current quickplay as a whole, I retract my sentiment and agree with you 100%. See above. I'm gonna do you one better. As a guy who has been level 150 for a long time (my buddy jokes I'd be level 300 if there wasn't a cap) and 880,000+ CP, maybe kills could award that extra XP, and maybe Gun can also rework the perk system to not eventually be unviable. I don't play for anything beyond getting my 1,000 rounds as Jason and the sheer fun of playing at this point. Slight edit, because I added a word twice.
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    Guess what its still not working. Why is it it still not working. Its no longer a trump land holiday. In fact it’s almost a week later. Lets hear the justifications now
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