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    Honestly what happened to the playerbase? It’s literally the same couple hundred people in lobby after lobby every week. Every lobby when I’m checking levels and for teamers there’s someone or even multiple people I have blocked because they are a troll, teaming, etc. Playing now is basically me getting in lobbies with people I already had to block knowing they’re teaming, trolling, exploiting garbage. Some of you are on this very forum and know who you are. I’ve caught multiple ‘streamers’ and forum members doing shitty things like placing traps at windows and unlocked doors where there is one way in AKA Packanack kitchen, Packanack utility shack/office. Not to mention obvious teaming and tunneling of non-friend players and intentionally saving friends for last. I’ve seen such obvious teaming from forum members you should be ashamed and banned. Then there are the exploits. I’m not ‘allowed’ to name people but shame on you forum members and trash Redditors that intentionally exploit. Jasons who exploit window glitches with attacks knowing it might bug or create an interaction lock, throwing knives at counselors mid window knowing it might glitch them to climb outside and appear back on the inside, throwing knives at the car knowing it will glitch, sandbagging windows causing interaction lock or just blocking, exploiting/cheating to avoid getting killed by shifting mid stun or morphing away, turning to an object/wall. You trash exploiters know what you’re doing and I see you. This is an independent game and you taking advantage of that is worse than despicable. And then there are the counselors who troll with traps, hoard items, refuse to contribute to gameplay, glitch into the roofs, get into glitched spots and hold the game hostage. There are several forum members who engage in a combination of these behaviors and luxuriate in it. Multiple times I had to turn and counter-troll teamers just to survive. I’m getting in lobbies where it’s me and a party of five or six. That’s pathetic. Go play a private match. I’ve had dozens of lobbies where it was me and my friend versus a party of six doing everything they could to get us killed. This is nothing new. You used to be able to just quit and find a new lobby, now that’s all but impossible as I’ll get piped into the same lobby indefinitely it just get out in a similar lobby TEAMING with teamers and trolls on a mission. Is the playerbase that small and insufferable really? Apparently. The game has never been this disproportionately filled with trolls and exploiting garbage. Such a shame.
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    For all the Friday the 13th licence has done for the game it's brought it down just as much maybe even more. I can't speak for the entire player base but I will say that many of us want more content. We are not going to get it so it's time to dust off the original idea and put it into motion. I prefer Friday the 13th to Dead by Daylight for one simple reason. If Jason Voorhees catches you it's all over but the screaming unless you have a pocket knife. I have always appreciated this approach. Your not a killer in Dead by Daylight your a hooker. It's time to get creative and start putting "Summer Camp" into motion. As a player I want more! Ditch the licence and start working towards an original intellectual property. Keep the same style of gameplay. Include the multiple ways to win. Keep the if caught your dead killer gameplay. And stock it with original characters, maps and killers! If anyone can get this job done it's you guys at Gun Media. @wes @mattshotcha you have your fingers on the pulse of 1980's horror cinema. You can make the camp great again you simply have to reinvent it. Sincerely Six
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    What do you expect? 1. Unable to fix their game 2. Unable to fix their game...in a timely fashion 3. No New Content, so people already know its dead, even if it still has people playing...the general consensus is dead. 4. Everything has a half assed answer and its been that way since forever...everything is an answer for an answer that may never come. 'Low Priority, High Priority, We'll Look Into It' ETC ETC ETC Down the line 5. BETTER GAMES out there...why play a game that died literally one year after launch (arguably slightly before), with incompetent fixes, new constant bugs, old bugs never fixed, gameplay that remains stagnant and mostly predictable, etc? Jason Voorhees himself can't overcome these setbacks. 6. Most promises never came to fruition. Paranoia was cancelled because it was apparently 'not fun' but they clickbait hype it anyway, NES Jason never got reworked, they tease Uber/Grendel before Pinehurst/Roy was even on anyone's radar. Then they come BEFORE Uber/Grendel as if those were just clickbait items in a mode with no replay value (Virtual Cabin 2.0). Even post lawsuit with a reworked perk system that's still not happened yet. 7. They absolutely ignore the overwhelming noise/criticism and just hide behind those that praise them on social media. They haven't earned the communities trust and they've done nothing to try to earn it either because they don't care or they feel they won't be able to. They know whatever answer they give is going to be clouded by shady conspiracy/negative overtones. They may pop up once and awhile to talk about the game for a measly hour on twitch, but by and large they avoid most community interaction. Randy stopped steaming games with the community long ago with no explanation given. 8. Double XP still a gimmick, instead of something that should be made permanent. Why would new players stick around in a dead game to slowly level up with the type of players mentioned in your post? Do they want to sit around and wait 20 minutes for some asshole on a roof so they can get their XP? People got better things to do. 9. The Engine Upgrade update was supposed to be the big savior of the game and it was a turning point/deadline of sorts for many in the community and the consensus was it failed to deliver and then the lawsuit news shortly after basically crippled a lot of moral out there. 10. The vanilla game never really got much new added to it, combined with the existing stuff barely fixed and its a recipe for disaster. I can't speak for consoles, but for PC. I 100 percent see where you're coming from. I mean I hate to be this negative and im not trolling but this has been par for the course since launch honestly.
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    Then quit playing, a game can’t die a peaceful death but you can choose, not to be involved if you want. Even after the servers go down I’ll still be playing it.
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    That was 100% genuine. We appreciate that people are passionate about the games we make, even when critical. I am being completely sincere, there's just not a lot more for me to say on the topic of "What's next for Gun?" at this time. I apologize if my shorter answer seemed rude, I did not intend to be.
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    Those people are worthless pieces of shit. You want to barricade yourselves into the barn? Why? So Jason can't get to you? Do you really suck that much balls at this game that the only chance you have to survive is by cheating? It's pathetic in every sense of the word.
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    I think everyone should read this part twice. I couldn’t have said it better man. If I could add one small thing without being rude it’s, they never bothered to get to know their community. We might all be armchair developers but the number of solid ideas I’ve read on these forums blows my mind, there’s easily material for more games or content. @BeautyNumber2, Rust’s group is really solid, you’ll like how they play but be prepared to lose some of them every round you’re Jason and watch out if Rust’s Jason.
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    If you're on PS4 @BeautyNumber2, add & join me. Sent you a PM with my ID and some names of other good players who don't fuck off like the general public who just watch Youtube videos on how to play like an asshole and glitch/exploit and proceed to pound their chests proclaiming how "great" they are.
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    Since nothing new can be added I thought of a few cool things they could tweak with the main menu. Have a News ticker with listed events (double xp weekends) and latest patch notes. ( I could have swore this was there before but now its gone) 2. Have the menu randomly scroll through the different Jason 3D models or have it be the Jason you have selected to play as. It would be cool to see the other Jason models on the main menu screen other then just Part 3. What do you think?
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    Teabagging doesn't bother me in the slightest. Neither does dancing. Glitching, teaming, and intentional trolls (like driving the car around with no intention of escaping) tick me off, but I'm at level 150...so I just quit and find a new lobby.
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    I’ll kill any Jason if given the chance. I don’t understand why people would avoid killing an unskilled Jason player. That gives them a reason to work on a better approach to the game & actually get better. taking the sweater just to avoid someone killing Jason is trolling, I don’t care how you put it. It’s no different then teaming with Jason. Now to answer the question in this topic, when I start a game my goal is to survive. If no one is picking up car parts, I’ll look for them myself. If I’m not having much luck then I’ll more then likely go for the kill. Unless someone calls the police. Now if nothing is accomplished & his Mask gets knocked off, RIP.
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    I believe they've already stated COUNTLESS times that no new content is coming EVER, even if Miller and Sean fell in love with each other and married.
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    Well looks like Tiffany is queen of the booty and surviving the night 🙂
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    I would’ve ran them over. If they’re in my way and aren’t moving they are roadkill 😂
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    The concept of "don't like it, too bad" is stupid.
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    If they cared about the player base and the fans they’d continue the content. If they get the green light to continue and decide not to then that’s kind of a slap in the face to the fans. Let’s hope they make it right for us
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    Trump you are a great guy and I agree with many things you write, but you seriously need to chill dude 🤗
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    No matter what the defeatist doom-and-gloomers may claim, YES.... It is still worth playing. Jason DOES tend to get killed a bit earlier than a few months ago, and counselors DO indeed tend to escape more (and sooner). There are still glitches and trolls, and there always will be, same as any other game. But there are still plenty of decent players in lobbies every night that are just looking for a good match without all the bullshit. It is definitely worth it.
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    Add another to the list, although it's a close cousin of the piñata parties -- people who attack you in groups, hit you every time you grab one of their buddies, and then cry foul when you start slashing them down. Well, what did you expect me to do, bro? You picked the rules.
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    Rolling perks would've been fine if there was a different type of currency that you get after "Selling/destroying" perks, and that said currency you use to craft the perk you want. For example: Currently you spend 500 CP to roll a perk, say you get an epic aquanaut but you don't want it so you destroy it and get 100 "perk scraps". Now you go to the perk collection and you can craft a common medic for 500 scraps or a Legendary one for 10.000 scraps. Of course the lower the rarity the lesser perk scraps you get after destroying it. Just an idea that would've made perk-a-lotto more bearable.
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    I have no idea if this will be possible due to the lawsuit although i see it as balance changes, We have seen the part 7 rework where he got buffed so here is my argument: Part 4 Jason was really aggressive in the Final Chapter but in-game he is so weak compared to the other Jason's, To encourage players to play him more i believe he needs to be buffed at least changing his -shift and maybe changing it to a +shift (getting rid of the +weapon strength) and giving him less health points to go on the fact that he was killed in the movie. I think it would be powerful for a running Jason to have +shift (maybe a bit too overpowered) and replacing the -water speed with -morph. @mattshotcha Would another Jason rework be possible?
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    I'm kinda wishing that they would of just stuck with this Idea and never accepted the F13 license. Yes, I love F13 and that we got a F13 game but look what happened to the game because of it being a licensed IP. If this were to be a unlicensed game, we would still be getting updates and additional content added to the game without any legal bullshit to worry about.
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    I mean....that is how you conserve stamina. I’m not gonna sprint with Deborah when I can jog and conserve what little stamina I already have. That’s not really something a Jason player should get irritated with when mainly everybody does this. It’s not a smart idea to always sprint wherever you go.
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    Great thread, and I'm completely on board with a rework. I've listed my thoughts on it in another thread, but since Matt has been tagged here I'll re-post my two cents; Ted White's #1 priority in playing the role was to make Jason faster, and he did this beautifully. I believe he should be the fastest Jason in the game. Buff his normal run, and bump it to where he closes the gap on joggers quicker. Honestly, this one change could negate the need to make his shift faster. His slow water speed is fine, as we didn't get any scenes in the film that suggested he was a shark like Part 8 who swam overnight to Manhattan in the Atlantic Ocean. His destruction should stay right where it is, as he plowed through a cabin door late in The Final Chapter with ease.
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    Well you May have to sacrifice a small child or goat but nothing too drastic.
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    Did I say I was an awesome player? Nope. Is it my fault the Jason player don’t want to spend time in offline mode to get better? nope. Name any other game the good players will let the trash/noob players run all over them ... I’ll wait. Can’t he do that in offline mode? That’s what I did, it worked well for me. Like I said if escaping is an option then I usually go that route. If I have no other options then it’s either try to kill him or make the lobby wait out the whole 20 mins. That is trolling. That is denying the entire lobby of a way to survive. You are holding the sweater JUST to avoid someone killing Jason (aka teaming with Jason) it’s no different then someone holding the phone fuse just to avoid getting the police called, or no different then holding the keys when the car is ready. Now, if the whole lobby is nothing but disrespectful assholes, then yes, they SHOULD be trolled.
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    Welcome @Shainto! As my friend @Cer1alkill3rmentioned, we have a fun couple of clubs on Xbox for you to join if you would like. My gamertag is the same as here is you want to hit me up and play ever. Hope to see you lakeside!
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    That’s good. I just had a lobby where me and my friend kept being the last survivors and these guys said we were playing together.... then all five of them left.... at the same time. YER PLAYING TOGETHER!!111 SO I’M TAKING MY GROUP OF FIVE GUYS AND LEAVING!!1
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    I’m not signing back on till it’s fixed. They got it half done and are doing a good job so far communication wise, I do hope Matt gives us an update before he’s done work for the night. It’s definitely a shitty thing too happen, I think they will make it right though. It actually makes me wonder, how much Cp do you think a levels worth? 10,000, or do you think that might be a bit too much/too little? Say they couldn’t fix it, or do and want to make it up to the community anyway. Think the inconvenience would be worth new P.J.’s? 😝
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    Welcome and since your on Xbox,if your looking for some people to play with they won’t attack you or call you as many names as possible because you kill them or they just suck at life then I suggest joining a group. On Xbox I play in two different groups and both are on these forums. Crystal lake employment agency and crystal lake maniacs. Both groups don’t allow cheating at all. Just let me know if your looking to join. @TheHansonGoons
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    I just escape. If people want to go for the kill I'll help if I'm Tommy. I haven't initiated the kill myself in a while.
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    Excellent, glad you could join us even if the circumstances aren’t the best. I’m sure it will get resolved, it sounds like it’s half way there already.
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    We believe this is tied to the server issue that popped up last night. We have made some adjustments on the backend and are keeping an eye on it today. Let us know if the issue persists.
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    Hey everyone! Yes, we've had some issues over the last night, but the team has updated with some adjustments on the backend. Please let us know if the issue persists throughout the day. EDIT: And as far as the Double Event, we're not turning it off as scheduled today. As for when we'll turn it off, just give us some time to see how the issues shake out and we'll have a better idea of the extension when the bigger issue is resolved fully.
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    I feel like its Higgins. Some of the other maps lack ambient noise and background sound. Like they forgot to add it in or something. Higgins feels like the only one complete in this area. I don't know if its just me, but I also notice what seems like a slight bell sound in the background on Higgins. While its weird, I think it adds to the map and I don't believe its featured on any of the others.
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    I am playing on Xbox One right now and it seems that multiple players are experiencing this issue. I thought I was the only player with the issue. An explanation and quick mend is in order here.
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    Yeah, watch out for his Jason! I play with him pretty often and have a very low survival rate. We're friends, we play other games too. Red dead, Diablo 3, etc. Be that as it may, Rust is a solid player and friend! No mercy when he's Jason, no "I'll save him for later". Nope, mostly if he is aware of my character then he's hunting. As it should be, and as a teammate he plays smart and is always pushing objectives. That's how we all play, and none of us use "Tech". No glitching, exploiting or ignorant bashing of opponents. Always good games.
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    I'm number 6 on the leaderboard, and to this day I'm still surprised so many people like my content or value my opinion in this community. I look at the like count and I think about all the people that contributed to it. I'm flattered to know that my word carries weight amongst fellow horror fans. Sometimes I feel like in the age of the internet one person's voice can be lost in the crowd, so I'm glad we recognize those of us who provide worthwhile content. I probably won't be on the board forever, but I'm glad to have been there for so long, and for any more time I remain there. My name wouldn't be there without the community to lift it up, so for that I thank you all.
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    I’m not trying to be a cunt, but did you guys not watch Beyond? THERE WILL NEVER BE NEW CONTENT ADDED TO THIS GAME. That’s from the Wes, the horse’s mouth. Lawsuit or not, THERE WILL NEVER, EVER BE NEW CONTENT ADDED TO THIS GAME. Between Gun and Black Tower there are maybe a dozen guys working on this game right now, that’s it. Again, UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCE WILL THERE EVER BE NEW CONTENT OF ANY KIND ADDED TO THE GAME REGARDLESS OF ANY OUTCOME OF THE HORROR INC V. MILLER LAWSUIT
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    Add me as well if you don't mind : bryanp3692 Many of my old friends have left the game .
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    people will bash him or say "Bye" but he is 100% correct , just logged off played 4 games 3 with the same 4 people, lobby never filled but we had fun , go into lobby for 4th game and here comes 3 150 players in a party chat , i let out the warning cry to my normal randoms and sure as shit they get the car going , only pick each other up and try to run each other over . LOVE this game its the only game i play as my son plays the rest but its done .
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    When the game is practically over after Jason gets Rage, killing him is the only thing to do. Especially when people are now rushing to get the boat/car and leaving everyone behind. Or hog med sprays and don't tank traps so people can fix the phone. I'm considering running with Hypochondriac AND Medic just so I have a damn med spray. So many times I'll see a Counselor running around doing nothing, then when they finally die/leave, they had 2-3 sprays on them.
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    Lol, I’m high and I understood your question just fine.
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    Nice decision to leave the event running until further notice. This is a step in the right direction, and a great way to appease the player base in the meantime.
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    Speak for yourself^^ i don't want anyone to know my deaths, 150lvl players , like tommy , don't die!
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    There’s a lot of people missing their levels and tapes especially. All will be good. I hope
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    DBD sucks and that’s facts. But with Friday I really hope they get this damn lawsuit settled and push out new content for the game. Jason X, new maps, bringing in Pamela as a playable killer, new counselors. This would bring in a lot more players to the game as well. With all this, they can really improve the game beyond how great it already is. This is my absolute most favorite game to play right now and I do not want to see it just die off.
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    So is this an admission that the game has been half-assed all this time?
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