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    Not a very enjoyable one. That would have been nice.
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    I came here to see if there was any progress too. I guess the silence is our answer.
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    Amen. Going to miss these stomping grounds and the neighborhood riff raff. Lots of great memories from this community.
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    If Horror Inc. makes any more “Jason Voorhees” movies or “Friday the 13th” movies using elements or characters and locations that are From the original Friday the 13th film…..or calls the Adult Hockey masked Killer in the film “Jason Voorhees” and uses the drowned in “Crystal Lake” “Camp Blood” story etc…….he will have to make a deal with Victor and pay him to use those character names or story elements in the film……. Sean could make more movies but not Call Jason, Jason or use any elements for the original Friday the 13th…..but good lord who would want to watch a movie like that…… Fingers crossed bro…..I just don’t see them ever working this out. They both are very stubborn individuals that want to get paid that’s for sure…..I wish Cunningham would have taken care of Miller Financially originally or made sure he received substantial Royalties from every film Sean made Millions from. But like I said before these two I think are beyond working with each other again………. getting the Rights for the original F13 was the biggest FU to Sean Victor could ever hope to accomplish….and he has succeeded. maybe when they have passed away the heirs to this split Franchise will come together and fix this mess.
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    We still have people comparing this game to Dead By Daylight.
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    You can have a game with multiple killers and zero celebrities. The more celebrities you have in the game, the bigger a budget you will need to compensate the celebrities. If they do it for free or close to free, that's a different story.
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    We still have people having some of the same arguments both in-game and on the forums.
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    I'll be with you in spirit as far as that movie is concerned. I'm considering seeing it, preferably if it is legitimately streaming somewhere. I may look into some of these. Thanks for posting the links. That sounds like my kind of trick or treat experience.
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    If it were to happen, it probably would be a very small one. We'll see.
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    Very good post @Slasher_Clone. The positive vibes are well-timed. A big thanks to the backers and the developers.
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    @tyrant666, I would say with or without the lawsuit, the game would probably be in a similar spot. New maps, clothing packs, kills packs, game modes, or other goodies would attract and/or keep players to a point. Bugs that came, went, and and in some cases came back, would have pushed some players away, with or without a lawsuit. Communication issues would have pushed players away with or without a lawsuit. Newer games on the market would have pulled people away, lawsuit or no lawsuit. While many of us enjoy this game a lot, it would run its intended course, with or without a lawsuit.
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    The most useless counselor in this game is the one that does nothing to help the others in any way. If Jason kills that counselor, then their death makes them useful as a distraction.
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    I've seen good and bad representations of each counselor. I set my counselor to random, and play the hand I'm dealt. The truly "useless" players are the ones that hide the entire match.
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    Any news? I have heard the modders have already found a way around the upcoming attempted fix.I think we are stuck with them forever.
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    I'm no coder but to do that probably would require some recoding of the main game code, I don't think it would be as simple as what you may think. They have repeatedly said they WON"T mess with the main source code again. If they were going in that far just to turn off Quick play they might as well fix it properly. The hackers would find a way into that as well eventually anyway as they have proven they are relentless and capable at destroying this game. I'm going on record as saying the current lobby situation on PC will NOT get fixed at least for very long if my sources are correct. If quick play goes away they may as well just take the game off Steam.I myself am not taking the time to try and find private lobbies,I'll just quit playing and go to the new "unauthorized" version when it finally releases as I'm keeping tabs on when that is.
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