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    So much for that.
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    In their defense, the hacked lobbies didn't start until around last patch. They probably didn't even know it was possible. I'm sure they've looked into it and came to the conclusion that it's not a cost effective fix at this point. If you read between the lines you'll see that they're not investing anymore time and money into it after the patch. I mean, sounds like they're shutting down the forums AT next patch. That leaves no room for future complaints even about the upcoming patch. We get what we get with the next one. Honestly though, you kind of knew the higher risk of hacking being a PC gamer. It's certainly not unheard of on that particular platform. That's why I do all my gaming on console. And it's not like the hackers have always gone unpunished. You've had 3 years of relatively unhacked play on a game that's been dead since they announced no new content. It sucks that they can't fix everything. But overall, if it wasn't worth your investment, you probably wouldn't still be here. It's definitely a shame that hackers are going to end up killing it for PC though. I'm honestly ok with any way it ends now. I can safely say that I've had a blast with it while it lasted. More so than most big budget games I've ever played. I personally wouldn't rule out at least checking out their next project. Hopefully they'll take what they've learned from this one and make improvements.
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    @mattshotcha I'm sorry, but the subject of "tagging you" is definitely six of one, half a dozen of the other. Firstly, do you honestly believe that tagging YOU so that WE can get an update as to what is happening with YOUR (Gun Media's) game is what it should take for a Lead Community Dev to update the community on THEIR official forum? If that Reddit user didn't make that post about your account, you wouldn't have responded leading to info about the supposed hotfix being escalated into a full patch. What about the common decency of showing some initiative and providing the player base with that information of your own accord in an official capacity? I saw your Reddit comment before it was posted here by chance (i'm not a frequent Reddit user) and the first thing I thought was, "shouldn't that info be posted on the official forum?" Instead your last comment relating to the follow up patch was 30th November (from my observation) and without that Reddit post we were still very much in the dark, so to speak. I'm sure you are fully aware how much the guys on here adore the game and have been waiting with bated breath to hear something about the proposed fix to the last pitiful patch attempt (lets call a spade a spade), and not only did it fail as far as exploits go but also added new glitches. In a nutshell, the last patch dropped damn near FOUR months ago and we were last told about a hotfix around that time and nothing more. Do you see where I'm coming from? Do you see where tyrant666 is coming from if you look past the preceived "misrepresentation"? Secondly, irrespective of being tagged, I've seen that you still navigate these neck of the woods because you locked a topic just the other day for regurgitating old conspiracies, and you weren't even tagged in the latest conversation that caused you to do so. On the 26th January TimDuke 01 created a topic solely to ask if there is anything being done about the hacking on PC. He named you but didn't tag you so got no response from you. So which is it - tag you or take shots at you/GM to get a response (rhetorical sarcasm for the purpose of emphasis btw). Why is it that you couldn't take that same energy when locking the topic mentioned above to address the community's concerns about the indefinitely pending patch and the hackfest posts that were made as far back as December (within the last patch notes)? If it was because Black Tower were fighting a losing battle, then just say. We'd always appreciate the upfront honesty. You say that you've responded to tags, but does quoting you not work just as well? Personally I get notifications from posts I'm quoted in, and I ask this because on the 12th January in 'Patch Notes - 11.10.2020' your 30th November statement about the team working on an update patch was quoted with a question asking if there is "any news on this patch?" To which there was no response from you, Matt. So what are we supposed to think when there is no proactive update, intervening updates or a response to direct quotes from you pertaining to the massive elephant in the room? It really shouldn't take negative comments, whether they be on here, Reddit or any other forms of social media, to get information on F13 that you know we desire. And I am fully aware that it doesn't always take negative jabs to get a response from you. But you have to acknowledge that your silence on the status of the game since just after the last patch dropped has spoken volumes. Please direct me to any topics/posts where you have fully addressed these matters, in case I may have missed it, and I will concede accordingly. So with all that being said, are you able to expand on your Reddit post/response to Redcat345 in regards to details of what the next patch release will entail, including projected release date? Surely there must be a lot more going on under the bonnet for it to become a full patch, even if it's not to fix the shitshow (because that's what it is) on PC, right? And please don't read this as me being heated or full of hate towards you personally or Gun. I'm just being real and direct, because that is how I like people to deal with me. P.S. I really hope you guys remove/fix Jason's combat stance delay that was introduced last patch. I see what the team tried to do, but it was not the answer. Trying to initiate a quick block, block>grab, and especially a block>slash is next to impossible, especially with the more common 200+ ping players like myself experience now.
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    I'm perfectly fine with that as long as they get rid of the stupid combat stance delay.
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    I've played against a variety of Jason players. Some are more skilled or experienced than others. The challenge of defeating Jason depends on their moves, and your own. It could also depend on what other players are doing in the match as well. If beating Jason is too hard for you, escaping or surviving the night are options.
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    From my experience, veteran jasons are the ones rage quitting more
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    I'm honestly shocked we're still digging thru all this despite the fact that literally zero new information has come up, but here we are. First off, Ronnie saying something about we "might" this or we "might" that is exactly what it is, vague and unclear. Hardly the smoking gun, end all be all proof of some master coverup. The simple truth is, as I've said before, the team was told to stop and stopped. We have zero to gain from stopping content earlier than forced to and everything to lose. I honestly do not understand how so many conversations can be had on this topic without any thought to that fact. Ask yourself simply: What would Gun gain by halting content on a game that was making money off content? Then if you really want to end this insanity of half baked theories ask yourself a second question: If they did intentionally halt content on the game, why did they then hang around keeping servers running for YEARS after the fact, spending money on servers without new DLC bringing money in? Before anyone types up another "Gun knew this or that and Gun doesn't care" post, answer those two questions for me, LOGICALLY. If Gun just wanted out, Gun would have got out right at the content stoppage. After all, there is ZERO obligation on Gun to run dedicated servers for a day past the content stoppage, never mind years after. Up next: Savini on eBay. Another topic we've covered numerous times. A partner had a theft of codes, those codes were sold on eBay. When informed, Gun passed the info to the partner for them to handle in house. I read a comment in this thread prior that it was "obviously linked to Gun" and that's a ridiculous statement. Gun was not behind those sales on eBay and the situation was handled by our partner to the best of everyone's ability. If we wanted to sell Savini Jason wouldn't it be far easier to just drop him on the marketplaces? But that is even besides the point. Ultimately, from what I can gather from reading a hundred of these conspiracy threads is that anyone who has an issue with the situation has that issue still despite hearing from us on it because there was no FBI raid of some seasonal employees apartment, complete with SWAT teams and a trip to Guantanamo. Just because the full hellfire of the US Military was not unleashed upon someone does not mean boom, Gun must be behind it. When faced with a lack of evidence to support your theory you cannot simply substitute a supporting theory in it's place and treat it as facts. This theory that we shipped Roy and Pinehurst to "reuse assets" is another one completely devoid of any understanding of how games are made or what was closer to completion and what wasn't. Again, substituting your theory in place of any real fact or inside knowledge on a subject is just telling stories. You speculate we skipped Jason X and Grendel based off what? What timing did you feel was presented that would have implied that X/Grendel should have been first? As for Kickstarter, as it definitely helped us get F13 made and we're thankful for that, every game studio would be using it if it were simply the best way to fund and make games. Truth is, funding and creating games without the crowdfunding route is better overall for the company and community. So we're not going to crowdfund a game if we can make the game by funding elsewhere. As you all know, we're working on another game. That game is not a Kickstarter project and no, Kickstarter and funding was not an integral part of deciding what game we make next. So it is inconsequential to what title we release next. I see this "Kickstarter to get a license" thing come up and it simply doesn't make sense. That's not how this works. Did everything go smoothly? Nope. Did this all go just how we planned? Nope. Are we literally the devil or some kind of crime family? Also nope. If after reading this reply or the 700 others I've typed up on these topics you still feel like Gun is some kind of big bad guy, that's your right to the opinion. I'm not here to change your mind or beg anyone to do anything they feel is outside of their best interest. You can carry those feelings over to the next title if that's truly how you feel. Again, that's your right. But if you're going to do nothing but dredge up the past, dredge up old articles, old threads, old podcasts and sling them around Gun channels to try and convince people who don't feel the same way that you do, you're going to have to do that on YOUR forum or YOUR channels. Not ours. The official position Gun is taking here is that we've addressed this as many times and as thoroughly as we can and we're not going to continue to address this further. Again, as said before, I'm not here to change your mind if that's how you feel. Speak your mind, by all means. But if all you want to do is tell old tales in the hopes that you can sway anyone who thinks differently, you'll have to do so somewhere else. Our official channels are not your soapbox for wild conspiracies and attempts to indoctrinate our community.
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    Just watch it'll give you a idea of what us PC users are dealing with.
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    The Rage buff did put a stop to the pinata parties, though that's about it. Playing keep away can give counselors the chance to get objectives done. Some players who are level 150, with tons of CP, the ideal perks rolled, and all trophies/badges completed potentially won't care about objectives as much. Fortunately, there are plenty of players who aren't maxed on everything, although there are a bunch of troublemakers and hackers as well.
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    The only pet peeve I have these days is that there are still players who are unwilling to adapt and improve, and insist on blaming others for their own mistakes in a match. If it is a player trying to get the "Chad is a dick" trophy I'd understand. If the same person does it match after match, I feel your pain. I agree about a Tommy that doesn't attempt to do anything productive in a match.
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    That would be really good to know 😀😀
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    I get the frustration but how much money do you think they're going to throw away on a game that's been dead for years? Sounds to me like their budget was just about used up at the last patch. And still, they're releasing one more patch in a final attempt to take care of some bugs and increase playability. They could have pulled the plug any time after the lawsuit and just walked away. Even if they did take care of the hacked lobbies, there's no guarantee that the hackers wouldn't find a workaround as soon as the patch dropped. And how many other bugs would potentially turn up? They could spend an eternity trying to fix every problem this game has and still there would be someone complaining about something. They're not going to get new players. Nobody in their right mind would buy a game that has been dead for years. If you were running a business, when would you cut your losses? Would you risk going bankrupt trying to patch every glitch, bug, and prevent every single hack on one single game that's been content locked for years with no end in sight to the lawsuit? Or would you fix what you can, move on, and try to learn something from your mistakes for next time?
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    Well not to sound out of line BUT 666 kind of has a point even if all of what he said is a bit over the top. This is the first time I've seen you respond to this issue on this forum and it has been a issue for quite sometime.Sorry I don't use Reddit or Twitter. It is a MAJOR problem on PC and what you suggest is good in theory but if you leave these "hacked" lobbies to try and find another normal lobby you more often than not get sucked right back in that same lobby, it's a vicious circle.The hackers have taken over the PC version they are nearly impossible to avoid now. According to you basically nothing can be or will be done about it.I've given up reporting hacker with evidence because they use "FAKE" Steam accounts so they aren't really getting banned it's just some random account that gets banned.They are using a Steam account generator to get around the bans.
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    I'm not sure where the end of this comment is coming from. I've responded to any tags on any of our official channels with updates to the status of the incoming patch. The situation with that sub is not a matter of neglect by me, so much as a matter of neglect by the sub team to run their Reddit. And no it didn't take "constant shots" for me to acknowledge anything, just tag me and ask. You're intentionally misrepresenting something to make me look like I've somehow slacked in my responsibility. "It shouldn't have to come to that to get an answer" is correct, and it doesn't have to. Just tag me and ask and I answer. Reddit "came to that" well before this patch. The "constant shots" have been the case there, with little to no moderation, for two years now and have nothing to do with the situation now. Anyone who has tagged me on one of our supported channels has gotten a response. This type of comment is solely posted to stir the pot. By the way @tyrant666 <---- That's how you tag. Type @ and start typing out mattshotcha. The forums will do the rest for you. The method has been adapted a bit and as time goes on, more widespread. But the team has put more work in on this issue with the upcoming patch. Thanks for the tag. The situation with the modded lobbies has been investigated and will not be fixed in the upcoming patch as it would require significant changes to some key areas of the game. Core structural changes like that are a bit of a Pandora's Box. Unfortunately, that is outside of the scope at this point. The current workaround is to exit those matches and search quick play again, as not every lobby is a modded lobby, or leverage the Private Match feature.
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    - Checking Session for Room. - Connection Time Out. - Checking Session for Room - You were kicked. Host has left the game. - Checking Session for Room - You were kicked. Host suspended their game. - Did I mention Checking Session for Room?
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    You know i dont want to hurt your feelings but i keep noticing a strong attitude of superior knowledge from you. You seem to always know more than anyone else or at least you believe that you do. How do you know that Malek Akkad's film company Trancas Films wont approve opening the game to mods. The Truth is you dont know. I Can Explain, Wes Keltner said that it was so dog on hard to work with Horror inc and Sean Cunningham because every little game design had to be pre approved. Wes Keltner said he will never work with Sean Cunningham and Horror inc again. Wes Keltner NEVER said that every big horror franchise when it comes to video games must not be open to mods. If a Halloween game happens and i think it will i want Halloween costume clothing packs and cool dance emotes. https://trancasfilms.com/
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    I've killed Jason and been killed as Jason. It's all in the spirit of the game. People who rage quit as Jason may eventually stop and come to terms with it, one day.
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    Suiciding is a way to deny Jason the satisfaction of the kill. That's all it ever was. Nobody cares if he gets his points or not.
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    Pretty much. Even with Jason's offensive deficiencies, he can still work around and effectively kill counselors. The problem has been Jason is afforded very few mistakes or suffer easy demask especially with Tommy or Buggy involved. The slight changes to the mask does help a little, but it's not going to stop a squad that has little trouble killing Jason before the buff. I've made my plea here to the devs to consider delaying demask until after rage, but they were against it for some reason. I guess giving Jason unrestricted grace from being killed early was somehow too OP by the Dev's account. I suspect that they really did wanted the game to tilt in favor counselors since making a groups of players happy keeps them playing than giving more wins to Big J.
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    ....Because he isn't supposed to be killed so easy? A coordinated group of counselors can kill even a 150 Jason pretty easy. Its easier to kill Pussy Jason in this game than step on a bug. This has been the game's main problem for some time. Too easy to demask him and too easy to kill him if you have at least 3 counselors working in tandem (Thankfully its rare in QP) . Counselors should NEVER be out hunting Jason. Sure you can just "scam bag" and go hide in the water but who wants to do that? Understandable killing newbie Jasons. But even veteran Jasons are generally no match for a veteran lobby that are circling you and the others going for Objectives at the same time . I get it you don't want Jason too overpowered but they should make it far more difficult to get the mask off. Nerfing the grab I noticed increased the consistency he is now killed. That terrible grab (I call it the slow woman lunge) only leaves you open to get smacked around thus getting your mask off quicker. You have to be balls on with grab and you cant lunge too much at the air. Prior to the change some 4-5 patches back, I wasn't seeing him get killed nearly as much.
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    As the previous poster said, each match is different and it depends on what Jason and the other Counselors are up to. But assuming everyone in the match is at least playing as intended, I would rank them as follows from easiest to hardest. 1 - Escape by Cops 2 - Escape by Car 3a - Survive the night 3b - Escape by Boat. (assuming it isn't a "-swim speed" Jason) 3c - Kill Jason The cops are by far the easiest way to win. The car isn't too far behind. But I'd say Surviving the night, Killing Jason and escaping by the boat are all around the same difficulty. Again, it all depends on Jason's playstyle and how much the other counselors help you. Overall I would say killing Jason is the hardest because it 100% requires help from another counselor. The rest don't.
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    There are a lot of variables you have to consider, like maps, perks, counselor, and Jason types and play style. To keep it simple though, it's usually harder to escape. A good Jason is going to be putting constant pressure on you when he knows what objective you're trying to push, especially if your group neglected to include a repair counselor. When playing with my group, we've had a number of matches were we decided to try and kill a max-level Jason simply because we felt like it was our best option to win the match... And this game should've never gotten to the point where a counselor team ever goes into a match feeling that killing Jason is their easiest option. One of my favorite matches was watching an entire of lobby of LV20 noobs, and yes by the they were playing you could tell they were actually inexperienced, basically back their way into accidentally killing a max-level P2 Jason. Jason wasn't even necessarily playing that badly, this was just one of those case where that noob over-aggressiveness actually paid off. You could almost see the confusion on Tommy's face when Jason dropped to this knees, and the moment of clarity when he finally noticed the kill button had popped up. The kids with the mics started freaking out like they'd won the Super Bowl. I didn't lift a damn finger during the entire match, just watched and laughed my ass off as this group of noobs dumbassed their way to a Jason Kill. This was pre-mask buff of course, which just illustrates how easy it was to kill Jason back then. Still, the most dangerous thing Jason can encounter in this game is not one individual player or counselor, but a well coordinated group of counselors that know what they're doing regardless of what their objective is. Still, the question really varies on a match to match basis. Even among good Jason's, there are miles of difference in some of their skill levels, and some Jason's guard against the kill better than others. Some good Jason's will have trouble catching the car if the driver is really skilled, and there's not much Jason can do if a 150 Deb finds a PK and the fuse in the same house she spawns in. It's hard to make a blanket statement on which is harder, because it just depends. I will say that any top level Jason should be able to handle a two-person squad most of the time. Three or more, and then match flow becomes much more of a factor.
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    @mattshotcha are you guys going to do anything about these because its making the game unplayable due to games not being able to start due to these modded lobbies and people joining/resetting the start timers.
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    I can definitely see a halloween game happening i would love it
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    after reveiwing these threads and the podcast in question, and now that im done crying, id like to share a few thoughts i had.. this is not meant to be a denial fest, or a defend gun media party, nor is it meant to accuse any wrong doing, just some thoughts.. first i'll start out with a few quotes.. i found the statements begining at 1:02:19 where ronnie hobbs says: "the hardest part was the fact that we knew things might change, (because of lawsuit)and we had to rush out DLC, while also trying to fix the game" i find these next quotes very interesting: "you dont just get paid day one when your game sells" "we couldnt even hire new people, we were out of money by the time we shipped the game" "so you cant even ramp up support" "our guys were killing themselves" (trying to finish DLC in time) so here is my theory: they were out of money, & according to ronnie, it would be about 90 days after the games release before they saw any profit from the game. they had a ton of bug problems as we all know, plus now a looming deadline to finish the DLC, no money for a 90 day period to hire more people and ramp up production, and an already exhasted dev team as it was. so, was the scam they allegedly pulled off for personal gain? or was it to keep the game alive? it seems like this 90 day period of time waiting for profits was a huge problem. what if they cooked up this scam as a way to come up with the rest of the money they needed? may 26 2017 was the games release date. july 19 2017, the ebay scammer account was created. so the account was created during this 90 day period hobbs spoke about during the podcast. is this the reason they betrayed the community's trust? because they were screwed money wise & didnt have the time to waste before profits came in considering this new deadline? of course, this does not justify their actions in any case, but you cant always do the right thing, given a desperate situation.. again, this is just a theory, & i am not trying to defend gun media here.. these are just some thoughts i had after listening to ronnie. overall, one way or another, i am disappointed in any dirty deeds.. what do YOU think??
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    Fair. I don't do it, but sometimes you gotta do whatever it takes to survive the night...
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    I don't know what is more annoying: Loopers in the game or Loopers who create multiple threads on this forum looking for validation for their looping in the game.
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    I consider the other people in a match. If a match can end quicker, I'd rather go that route.
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    Best advice one could give.
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    That's gotta be the only acceptable instance of teaming.
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    I hope they can remove some of the lines from Tommy, specifically the spawn ones where he says something to the effect of 'I need to get out of here' since I've noticed newer players take that as a sign to ditch everyone else.
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    I tried it out. I definitely feel for all of you PC players.
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    I've been reading about the PC version and its grievances. I talked a buddy in my neighborhood into swapping versions this weekend. I'm gonna play PC while he plays PS4. I want to experience the insanity for myself.
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    Killing Jason doesn't feel worthwhile, given how common and easy it is. Unless it's a cocky player, I rarely bother anymore. If you have a healthy pool of 20-50 decent players, that's all you really need. Amen to that. They're probably working on that new mystery project. I wonder if Black Tower is still doing any afterwork on the bugs caused by the final patch.
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    Rage-quitting is for butt-hurt little pussies.... period. If they got you, they got you. At least pretend to have balls long enough to get back to the lobby.
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    Maybe. Keep in mind that people will be left behind to potentially keep the dispute going. Hopefully they are wiser in their youth, and get this settled, in the event that one or both are unable to continue.
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    That's not happening. I'm sure you can't sell a game for which you don't own the IP rights to. We'll just be waiting for the F13 lawsuit to come to an end many years down the road. After that happens, someone will just create and release a new game. With technology continuing to evolve, and creativity evolving as well, I imagine a newer game done right could have just as much success, if not more.
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    The general unstable nature of p2p lobbies and laggy hosts that make the game unplayable.
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    @Sprayable Spaghetti™ Sales Much like the whole Savini Jason eBay scam. They to this day deny it yet it was looked into heavily and tracked and everything was noted. Check out the two threads I posted on the first page. Clear as day there was a link between gun and the eBay sellar selling the Savini codes yet much like the clear cut knowing of the lawsuit stopping content way ahead of time they lie and deny deny deny. Coincidence.... I think not
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    Welcome to the forum @JoyceJBoomer. Would you mind not posting spam while you are here?
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    I know what you were getting at, and agree. The point that one can earn now are more than enough, and a part of the reason that players leveling now are likely grateful, as our current continual double XP is still going on.
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    I'm sure a lot of people have been using this time to get that extra XP over the last few months.
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    The ending of the match as it is now is fine. If it isn't broke, don't fix it. @Laotian Lam, I wouldn't want longer matches either. @glowing ooze, I checked Jason's wallet once. I found $13, a photo of Pam, and a ticket stub for Halloween. @OCT 31 1978, there was evidence of a credit card having been there, but someone already took it. Given the scratch marks on the wallet, I suspect Freddy.
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    I wonder how many players that brag about not being killed yet have done this cheap tactic? A person man enough to admit that has my respect.
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    cool i have no respect for devs who allow this shit to happen in the first place and no respect for jasons who get bullied by a single vanessa for 10 mins straight. get good or play a different game cause the devs dont care and wont fix anything for ya. no, theres a lot of reasons, including the devs not giving us any updates and bug fixes at all for 4 months straight only to end up with a lackluster patch like the incoming one 4 months and no dedicated servers, and people are happy about that and tell the devs theyre doing amazing. just a few more additions to keep us "working towards" for a lil bit while the devs continue lying into everyones faces and producing lackluster content all while sketchy shit like the recent savini sellers on ebay and a lot of lies having been told while half the community says "great work devs you are the best!" is why the game is dying. people playing a counselor with a great combo of strengths and weaknesses and then exploiting all the glitches and balance issues that havent been touched for months and will never be changed because the devs dont know how to deal with gamebreaking issues is why. the glitch where you drive the car and get out and stay at the car and get killed not having been fixed and likely not being fixed even in the patch they took 4 months to make is why people are no longer playing this game. the devs only care about giving level 150s rewards for playing the game and emotes for completing challenges rather than just adding fun gameplay content for everyone AND fixing gamebreaking bugs, balancing issues and most importantly the fact jason kinda really sucks right now. oh and just for your info, nobody gives a fuck about wether you respect em or not lol. if you think a rage thread telling those vanessa players you dont respect them is gonna change anything u dumb lol. infact if it was for me, your post would be just more of an inclination to find out what your steam name is and join your lobbies just so i can hold the entire game up as vanessa and have you write more "i dont respect yall" ragethreads. on the internet, other peoples tears are gold.
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    Exactly. What a boob. "Wahhh. Play the video game the way I like it. Wahhh." Crybaby.
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