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    Or they could just leave it the way it is and everyone that's concerned about not being able to stun Jason in rage could simply stop beating the shit out of Jason early in the match...
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    Freedom of speech is a wonderful thing. Like all wonderful things, it can be abused. Speaking on behalf of everyone is a contradiction to the freedom of speech. You are trying to impose your opinion as being the only one out there. I am part of the "everyone" you are trying to speak on behalf of, and I can honestly say, you do not speak for me. I personally know of at least a dozen or so people on his very forum that share a similar stance on that. If you feel a certain way, that is your right. If you speak for a chosen few people that share your opinion 100%, that's fine too. However, there will never be a justification for you speaking for every single member of this game's community. Most of us here have learned to agree to disagree on things, and do so in a respectful manner. As far as "your money", it's the same as every penny the rest of us backers donated to the game. The same holds true for every person that bought a copy of this game. Once the money leaves our hands, it's not our money anymore is it? I cannot and will not attempt to rationalize where the money went, or insinuate that it was a cash grab. Maybe it was, maybe it wasn't. As I'm not part of that development team, I'll stay in my lane on that one. Some of us here are not happy with the state of the game. We all post here to encourage change with our suggestions and feedback. If you took the time to read through some of the older topics here, you would see that. You're not the first person to come here and blow off steam, and you most likely will not be the last. If you want to have a decent conversation about the game and offer suggestions to make things better, that will go a longer way than just dumping all over the game. We're not at the end yet, so things may get better, or they may not. We'll all have to wait and see.
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    Thunder , it might be time to quit playing the game. Basically , you kill yourself because Jason was/is good and or you got stuck with shitty players ! And you would rather kill yourself than give Jason a cheap kill , who the F really cares , its a video game , wtf do you care if Jason ends up with 9,000 kills or 80 over his playing time . You guys act like video games look good on job resumes .
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    You know I find myself being him a lot. Especially when I’m the last person to get in the lobby. Anyone else notice the last person that comes in at the waiting screen normally is Jason? Or is that just me?
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    The member doesn't seem to log in as often as many others here. Some people like to respond to every message directed towards them, no matter how long it's been.
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    A lot of players lobby hop for that reason alone.
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    Awesome choice of Star Wars reference. I approve. While the Rage buff doesn't sit well with everybody, it's nice to see someone making the most of it from both sides.
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    Still wasn't speaking for him, nor anyone else on this forum. You can only speak for yourself. As far as I can see, you are the only one crying like a baby because you didn't get what you expected from the money you put in. This isn't Burger King, you don't get to "have it your way." If you are so unhappy with the game, leave it be and don't play anymore. No need to come here to whine and complain because you are unhappy.
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    I've had this happen a few times to me as well. Someone in another thread mentioned that they use a "buffer" between the knife and firecrackers and it prevents the knife form disappearing. I've tried it a few times and it has worked for me, so maybe it will help you out. Whenever you have a knife and firecrackers, grab a health spray or another inventory item. Drop them all and pick them up where the med spay or whatever item you select will be in the middle slot of your inventory.
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    Achievements give players a sense of accomplishment. Some players focus on them more than others, but it gives them all something to strive for. The forum will only die when everyone stops coming here and voicing their opinions. I don't think we're quite there yet. It might be more on life support like the game in a sense.
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    @mattshotcha There should be a day every month, whether this happens, but only 1 day in that month and it changes every time. So one month we'd have it on the 15th, but then the next we'd have it on the 13th.
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    I played 10 rounds of assorted maps and difficulties. Jarvis is still the only map where the bots are completely non-functional. On the other maps, the bots still seem to hide (under beds and in cabinets at least), fight back, and grab parts. They use fireworks as well. One match the bots did get the car started, though they crashed into a fence shortly after. I let them call Tommy a couple of times, so they still do that.
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    FYI, the bots never were able to use the boat in offline matches. On the Jarvis map, the bots do absolutely nothing. That's the only map that is like that if I recall correctly. I've seen bots hide under beds and in tents or outhouses, though it's not very often. They'll fix things if given the chance, but it can be hit or miss.
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    People have their reasons to suicide. It's not anyone's place to judge them for that. I don't condone it myself, but people will do what they do, regardless of one's stance on the matter.
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    Welcome to the forums! I'm still pretty mediocre as Jason after all this time. Still, at least I can have the AI bots when I want a confidence booster and just go chopping away Good counsellor mix, Victoria's kinda fun to survive with. Have you tried the challenge mode yet? If you're interested in finding some players here, I usually suggest firstly the Gamertag thread as there are a ton of tags and ids from forum members in there. Pretty big by now but worth a look. And there's also the Good Sportsmanship Club/Crystal Lake Employment Agency in General forum, who have players across all formats and play the game in the right spirit. Hope that helps out. Oh, and also please look at the Rules & Regs forum for general guidelines about posting here and using this place. http://forum.f13game.com/topic/553-gamer-tags-for-f13/ http://forum.f13game.com/topic/9615-good-sportsmanship-club/
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    They made the change a little while back. It's one less thing to ruin the game for decent players.
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    Unfortunately not. Most of the ones I knew moved onto different games and it usually takes me 10 minutes plus to get into a lobby and it's Asian servers that are 200 ping. Been playing DBD and enjoying it with a few friends, but Friday will always have a special place in my mind. Just hope you guys who still play get some of the bugs and glitches fixed.
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    The fact that I can not be on the forums for months, yet still causes tears to flow clearly indicates my presence is very much alive. But I'm not the only one who has been treated this way judging by observing everyone who has a different opinion to the sheep on here. I just had a bigger impact.
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    @999enits, the best advice I can give to anyone is to not do game sharing. http://f13game.com/code-of-conduct/ http://f13game.com/f13game-tou/ 1. Dead By Daylight is not a dirty word or anything, so there's no need to censor its name. If you are enjoying that game, continue to do so. I play both Dead By Daylight and Friday the 13: The Game. I feel no shame in playing either one. 2. Name one company this is still developing new F13 merchandise, outside of stuff that was in development before the lawsuit stopped things. 3. Which mental illness has the symptom of defending the developers, or anyone else for that matter? I'd like to look it up. 4. If you put in 600 hours on the game, how can you say you were scammed? Wouldn't you have asked for a refund well before that point? Can any Switch players of the game weigh in on whether or not that version is currently "unplayable"?
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    Tell that to all the high-level Jason's getting killed in the first 5-6 minutes of the round.
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    I like the rage buff. I still usually fix things and escape as a councilor. It just made it a more fun time as Jason... was so sick of players smacking me and teabaging. This way, I don’t mind getting it; if you strike me down I shall become more powerful than you can possibly imagine lol
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    @Thunder, this game has done some great things for a lot of people. It's good to hear that you got through some dark times because of this game. Quick Play is always gonna be a mixed bag. New players have to learn like everyone else did. Sometimes it's not a smooth experience. Private matches are still an option for players who want to avoid a lot of the stuff newer players are known for. As far as complaints and requests for change, that's true on both sides (Jason and counselor alike). Although the Rage buff isn't likely to be reworked, it can be adjusted. Let's hope the developers are still open to that. Our beloved game isn't quite dead yet. We've got jumper cables hooked to a car battery that's keeping it going.
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    This is coming from a Jason main who bitched and complained about being treated like a punching bag because he wasn't skilled enough to counter a certain play style, but abuses anyone who has a different opinion to his I. E not agreeing with the rage buff. Isn't that a bit self entitled?
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    Thanks @Fair Play, I put a lot of thought into this post and I'm glad that y'all appreciate my efforts Honestly I was half expecting to be trolled by Jason mains who are relishing the rage update but I ended up witnessing a very mature discussion from people on both sides of the spectrum. Not to mention a few more reasonable toggles to the overpowered rage which I hadn't thought of. Now that this post is more visible to the wider public, here's hoping that it captures the attention of the devs and they atleast consider implementing some of the suggestions listed here.
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    Since the devs have said it's never being removed or reverted no point in complaining about it.I still say make it timer based and not damage based.Once the 10 minute mark hits he gets rage.That will take the teaming aspect out of it.The Jason beaters can beat the crap out of him until the 10 minute mark.They could even tweak the time but I figured halfway is fair.
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    I think they've proven already that they cant fix bugs so might as well try something else
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    yeah man, blow it UP 😅
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    Im pretty sure the lawsuit covers f13 content not some random content. But im sure they'll say otherwise
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    Couldn't be any worse than what the updates are doin to the game so might as well give it a visual effect
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    Sorry, but have to disagree. I still see plenty of Counselors killing Jason, escaping and running out the clock. Granted, some matches are harder/easier due to randomness of map selection, counselor makeup and Jason. Just my 2 cents.
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    Long story short, they're not changing the "rage buff". Troll Jason all you like til rage mode. After that, you might want to be somewhere else. Don't get me wrong, I don't exactly approve of it. Wasn't necessarily a bad idea, just poor execution. About the only thing the "buff" is really good for, one way or another, is guaranteeing that 99% of the matches played won't last the full 20 minutes. Which translates to the people that die or escape don't have to sit and watch a couple of asshats chain stunning Jason for 20 minutes because they think it makes them good. If you can still run the clock out on a halfway decent Jason post "buff" then I'd say you might have some skill...
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    If you're timing is split-second perfect, you can Morph-dodge the sweater stun. Me and the other two Jason-kill friends found this one out the hard way. I broke his mask, friend #1 was Tommyy, friend #2 had sweater. Jason turned facing the wall, then turned toward us and morphed just as the sweater was used. A few seconds later he stalk-shifted right in the middle of us and commenced a beat down.
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    A community reminder: The Savini Jason player model was an exclusive offering for people who donated money when this game was not yet possible. Those donors helped make this game happen, and were rewarded with something unique. It has been stated multiple times that this content will not be made available again, and that all forum threads around it would be closed and locked. Feel free to discuss other things, we're going to "call it a day" on this one... ... again.
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    As a quick play player for two years now because of my lack of time to play i agree its a tough go and only getting worse . I'm only logging on for two or three games at a clip and its been bad.
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    Players hopping lobbies just to be Jason has been a thing since launch day, so it's unlikely to change. I do hope it gets better.
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    I’m with Dragon on this, and he can speak for the fans far more than you can @Speed_Force92.
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    There are people out there who would have paid $10 or more for a kill pack. A stronger Jason than counselor would be more like the movies.
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    It's too bad the damage from this debacle can't be undone. The only logical solution would have been to get a new backer exclusive Jason to be designed by Savini. It's too bad about the lawsuit. @Dragonfire82877, it's unfortunate how many people are making money off this game, outside of the proper people.
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    Tommy accidentally gets betrayed. Never seen that before. 😄 A good kill squad would know to repair objectives right away as a back up plan. If the cops had been called and everyone escaped it would have been as much of a defeat as getting killed. Luckily this group just wanted bragging rights for a Jason kill.
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    Thanks for the suggestions @SonofOdin6039. I'll consider any that you wish to share.
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    I know we can't shame people on here, so I won't bother naming names or trying to find the video. Last night me and two other friends were trying to kill a teaming p5 on Higgens Haven small. I'm Tommy, friend #1 has an axe, friend #2 has the shotgun and sweater. Jason's mask breaks, and as expected, he immediately disappears. We jog around a bit looking for him and he suddenly shows up right in front of the barn entrance. We get over there, and he Morphs near the car that spawned at the lodge. We start to run over but then the car starts up and tries to run us over, apparently forgetting there's a barrier that stops the car from coming too close to the barn. What followed was a 10+ minute stand-off between three 3 of us more-or-less trapped in the fenced in area at the barn and the teamers who kept trying to figure out a way to hit us. During this, Jason is literally hiding behind his little helpers in the car and eventually we ran out of time.
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    @Daneasaur, check out Matt's last post in this thread: http://forum.f13game.com/topic/27117-weekly-beyond-thread-932019/ He is responding to a question about this very topic.
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    It's nice to know I'm not alone in that.
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    Welcome to the forum. We're not sure, but I'd bet that these fixes are not as easy as one would think. Otherwise, they might have been fixed by now.
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    Entitlement and selfishness are two reasons why certain lobbies in Quick Play are as bad as they seem to be.
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    There is already a thread on this
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