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    Ive been a backer for over 2 years now, and its sad to say that this new patch has completely ruined my experience. the game unlike people were expecting now has LOWERED fear, and when Jason gets rage all that comes is people suiciding or leaving, as the new feel is "useless" not "oh shit lets be afraid". So many terrible things have come from some of these recent decisions, making him invulnerable to stun is completely game breaking, and makes it completely unplayable. You guys really didn't think about how quick he gets rage, especially with teamers, ive seen him get rage within a minute. Its sad to say that this game I used to play for hours on end, now has me feeling useless and bored.
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    Fear is so lowered that a bunch of weak human beings kill themselves because they are too afraid to fight back. Sounds about right. Everybody is constantly "Jason players need to be good" So do counselors. Counselors too stupid to realize that picking a fight with Jason won't end well is a problem with the player, not the game. A lone wolf with some brains and a dash of luck, or even better, a group of coordinated counselors will find escape very doable. At any rate, I guess we'll see if you're really gone or just pulling some emo drama. Bye, may your next game be better suited to your expectations.
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    Video or it didn’t happen. I call total BS on that even being a possibility.
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    I can’t wait for the next buff, don’t even care wether it’s perks or Jason, so I can’t say my love of the game was negatively impacted by this patch. Still waiting for any real argument as to why it wasn’t the best thing for the game.
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    So you're saying that because of bad game mechanics, people that were complaining about it was not smart? And also, that the general population of the game should have adapted to the way trolls were playing the game? Yeah, that makes sense. Glad you were able to come on the forums and clear all this up for us.
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    *Waves goodbye* I guess you'll be leaving us then... You know, since the game's so broken and all. Edit: If this patch has wrecked the game so badly, maybe you can explain to me why counselor escapes have skyrocketed since it came out? For such a busted game there sure does seem to be a lot of surviving post-Rage Jason going on.
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    There should be two new hero characters: Sean S Cunningham and Victor Miller and they rip Jason in two.
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    To Sean Cunningham, PLEASE! SETTLE THIS! We do not want this freezing the Franchise! You will be losing money more than you are gaining! To GunMedia, PLEASE! FOR THE LOVE OF THE FANBASE ITSELF! Revoke this "No More DLC" claws! Please for the love of God some of us just want the promised content we desperately waited for!
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    You guys can have y'all doubts I don't care LOL I'm having faith and hope!
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    Best bet would be a setup where you can buy perks while you wait.
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    Lots of great ideas floating around, but keep in mind. The team will be looking to make any changes in a very small and controlled way. We want to avoid tipping the scales back in the other direction. And while firecrackers are limited and there is an inventory management aspect to it, it's still another option. We need to weigh the entirety of those options and not look at each individual. Also, firecrackers were originally intended as a distraction device and noise maker. Flare was intended as a spotting tool.
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    The latest patch made me love the game even more. Jason is not a bitch anymore and It is more challenging to escape and kill Jason and that's how it should of always been.
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    I can spin around and grab someone.. Jasons old grab was more of a quick swipe grab.. while the new grab is a slow lunge. Nothing is realistic about the new grab. Because anyone thats Jason size would be able to instantly grab anyone in his range. This is why in real life fights you don't want to step into grab range against some one bigger than you unless you can defend it, strike or grapple 1st. Jasons new grab has a sort of momentum penalty.. While counselors can sprint/change direction with zero momentum shift penalties. Even a counselors melee swings should recover slower than a grab. Either way, this game is not about beating the shit out of Jason.. Grabbing should be easy..
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    I am still up in the air whether they should have flare guns or fire crackers stun in rage mode.... But I never understood why firecrackers stun him anyway... and flares will generally bounce off of you harmlessly when you are shot with one... unless you are hit in the eye... or perhaps another "tender" spot. But I am voting no on that one anyway. So I am tending to lean towards... they should not even stun him before rage. The spotting effect alone from the flare gun does far more to help the team overall than any one stun will ever do. Loving the patch so far... and for the most part, I have played mostly counselors in my matches since the patch. When I have played Jason... I have barely got a chance to see this stun immunity. I am only really seeing it at all after I have escaped or died while I am spectating. I am finding the complaints about this patch both pathetic and laughable. Also... I have STILL only seen one person in any of my matches (and there have literally been a multitude of matches that I have played since the patch dropped) that had anything to say about the patch that even remotely resembled a complaint. At this point, giving even Tommy the ability to stun in rage makes it look nonsensical that he should be the only one able to do it... Hero or not. He can still kill Jason without any real issue at all. This is also not required to be put back into the game. If I could vote an even larger NO against either of these... I would. Anything that gives trolls back their power to continue the piñata parties should definitely be frowned upon... and even ridiculed. Counselors are still escaping in droves... which is giving a great many low kill counts to Jason... And the Jason kill is still WAY too easy to pull off... Just these two FACTS alone are enough to discredit anyone who does not like the patch.
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    "Peer pressure"? Bullshit. Not one person suggested Jason should have total immunity to stuns when in Rage. The most common suggestions were increased stun resistance, more HP, and shortened stun duration. The Devs knew all this, yet in the end, their decision was that the right thing to do was give him stun immunity in Rage. We didn't "pressure" anyone, they (new Dev team) looked at the situation and came to the conclusion that the old Dev team went way off-course with the balance of power. You're not SUPPOSED to use combat as a means of survival, you're supposed to use the phone/vehicles/hide/kill-Jason or run out the clock. And you don't "need" to hit Jason, you WANT to hit Jason. Trying to claim that the problem is with the Jason player and not the mechanics is the same as a nazi telling an old Jewish lady that the problem isn't the murderous dictatorship she lives under, it's the fact she's not Aryan enough.
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    Omg the blatant exaggeration. Something you don’t like is not GAMEBREAKING. Smh. You can tell who isn’t educated because they overuse hyperbole to make a point and it only backfired because they’re virtually lying. The GAMEBREAKING stun immunity. If that’s how you feel, then bye, get outta here!!! How you feel doesn’t change the fact of the matter that the patch fixed a near 2-year issues with trolls going toe to toe with mediocre/ new Jason players and dragging matches out as well as shameful veterans on Jason hunting parties getting easy kills. Those days are over, it’s not GAMEBREAKING it’s just heartbreaking for you bye.
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    Uh. Why would you expect us to do that? Ok... Now we get to the crux. Though if they are so annoying and you don't use your mute button, it's on you. Being a dick to them isn't going to give them incentive to not annoy you. Also "Do your homework." "Go to bed." That's pretty annoying too. I'm sure they've heard it all before. I think most of us watched F13 at a much younger age than we should have. It's the same deal here. If they annoy you, find a new lobby, or mute. Problem solved. Also I don't think sitting in a game lobby with a kid equals being a babysitter. As I've said a few times, mute the people you don't want to deal with. But hey, if you need to come to the forum and tug on an adults sleeve to tattle, I guess that makes us babysitters. Go to sleep, Ethan, it's past your bedtime. Howabouts if you have an annoying, judgmental personality, you don't use any social tools to include online gaming or the internet. At least until you've matured enough as a human being to be respectful of others. Is that too much to ask? If you're saying children are bitches because they haven't hit puberty yet, I get to thinking you'll never be mature enough to interact with people.
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    I lol'd so hard off this. GOOOOOOD! And hopefully those 'kinds' of people stop playing.
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    I’d just like to point out that during the second Beyond stream, Wes said “any glitch in the kill is our top priority” or something very close to that. 1 in 70 is supposed to be the ratio for a Jason kill, not 7 out of 10. Between the glitch and the ease of mask removal, Jason is incredibly weak.
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    You should go watch episode 2 of Beyond, the Pubs have been pretty clear on the answers given in that episode.
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    Someone was following me around all game opening doors for Jason, closing windows on me so I couldn’t jump through them, undoing my bear traps. So I was the last one alive. 2 seat car was ready to go. Thank god I had the keys. So I tried my absolute best here. This f***er comes in my cabin walks into my bear trap and unlocks the door for Jason. I hurry up and reset the trap and his dumb*** jumps into my trap again and dies. So now it’s just Jason and I left. I run him around for a bit. Get a good swing in with a baseball bat and put him on his ass and hurry to the car and escaped. Those teaming f***ers got owned. My favorite escape I’ve had to date.
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    Are you people STILL whining about Jason being un-stunnable in Rage? Get over it, the Devs already said they're not going to reverse the patch. Jason's had quite enough nerfs since launch and counselors have had more then their fair share of buffs. If Jason has Rage and you run out of stamina/nobody's fixed anything/you're limping with no spray/etc... so what? Try again next game. Nobody is entitled to surviving the round.
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    How about a generous increase in HP while you're at it?
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    Thanks for the tags, all. This is something I'd have to look into. It's a bit of a grey area between what we can and can't do, enough so that it may raise flags. But I'll look into it.
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    I say every swing... That's just me tho. Makes zero sense that any of these counselors can take any hit from Jason and still hold on to anything.. let along instantly swing back at Jason Or still connect with a swing after being hit by Jason. Im not in charge of this game. But believe me, if I was id flip this entire game upside down. Id buff counselors in terms of stealth and nerf them to the ground in terms of combat. Id buff Jason in all combat situations and nerf Jasons speed and ability to easily find counselors. But I guess it is what it is..
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    Bye, let the gate hit you on the way out of camp.
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    He's moved over to the Red Dead Redemption 2 forums. Same with @Bropollocreed79, @Cokeyskunk, @HuDawg. I'm a member too. Pick up the game and join us there in addition to here.😀 Rdr2.org/forums
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    Played two games last night before bed with the same 8 . Only myself and a low level player trying to escape and communicate via mic , other players high ranked with mic dancing doing nothing , first game i call the cops she puts the car together but nobody answer up for keys she dies a minute later car is started and they crash. Second game same results this time a player quit and low and behold he has the keys , i'm able to get them start the car let her in and go , on the main road the dancing 114 Fox and another do nothing yelling for a ride, so what do i do ? you got it ran them Fing over . Im done being the nice guy . Sorry if this offends the F13 gods .
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    Interesting interview but absolutley no new light shed on the subject.
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    I'll say this, i'm starting to like this new patch. I do feel it's easier in the role as Jason but, that might be because counselors aren't so willing to swing on Jason. I still feel combat should have a place at the end for the last person alive. I feel some players like surving the night, that's no different than players who try an kill Jason. Escaping should be encouraged but a variety of ways to win is never a bad thing. A Jason player shouldn't mind a little challenge at the end if a person is trying to survive.
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    You keep saying players were too lazy/or not good enough to adapt to the gameplay when that is untrue..... In the First year of the games release and Jason was constantly Nerfed to Make counselors gameplay easier, do you think the players who complained about OP Jason should have adapted instead of changing his gameplay ????? To bad that didn’t happen huh ? Jason gameplay was changed hence having to adapt. In the second year of the games release more nerfs where introduced the Grab shortened and radius changed not once but twice.... counselors gameplay fixes to address troll behavior also came with buffs that made the game even easier....no more meat shielding made combat more heavily in favor to counselors gameplay.....epic and legendary perks introduced making demasking and getting the kill done even easier.... all things to adapt to for Jason...at what point was all this balanced? .....maybe with the slight speed boost and two extra knives.....Nope not then either. Here is some truth for you.....all these buffs/ changes amounted to Jason looking like a fool no matter the options Jason has to combat it. Standing there holding block unable to release it because players are ganged up behind you waiting to stun you to the ground....is not a fun mechanic...playing bait and switch with counselors is also not a fun mechanic...the games combat is simplistic because it was meant to be a last resort option not a full on fighting game..... the truth is this was a gameplay mechanic that evolved into something that never should have been in the game as something to adapt to in the first place. Your opinion of the Truth is wrong Adaptation has been a mainstay of Friday the 13th the game from the beginning.... more so for Jason gameplay than counselor gameplay.....so sorry you’re wrong and the “truth” you keep preaching about is false and invalid.... mechanics that gradually made Jason easier to be made a fool of is not a gameplay mechanic that needs to be learned how to adapt to.... it just shouldn’t be there in the first place....which it wasn’t at launch and now We are almost back to that with the new buffs to Jason and Rage mode.
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    I'd try being nice to him. Never seen that before. Maybe he'd stop and hang out. Offer him some good food and cold beer. Trying to kill him is pretty fruitless it seems. Maybe unconditional kindness would neutralize his rage.
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    Nope, sorry. That's not how it works. You make one post in a row. Those are the rules. You put all the replies in one post, you wait until other people post, or you don't reply. Period. @Kodiak can we please get some moderation in here? This guy refuses to follow the easiest rule in the book.
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    @Thunder Did you seriously just post 7 times in a row? KNOCK. IT. OFF.
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    So sorry that not being able to troll Jason anymore has made you "loose" your love for the game. You really should just change your password on whatever online gaming service you use to random letters and numbers and sign out for good.
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    Yes, we patched a method, but a method remains. The team is already on it!
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    OK I will do one these days Hi Count, I am afraid I am not the best person to do this, I am barely decent Jason
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    As the title suggests, if few people are interested in what perks, how to play, tactics etc on how to play sweater girl I can do a guide with few videos to show this part. I have around 400 Jason kills (all kinds of Jasons, good, bad, Savini etc) and more than 50 kills since the new patch If you desire I shall prepare it
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    It's funny to spectate people who still try to stun Jason with melee weapons after rage. But at least they're making the match that much shorter.
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    When I began having problems with bullies, I went and watched videos of/talked to better Jason's to see how they were handling it. It helped, but ultimately I found that the issue wasn't game-play, it was game-mechanics. This video isn't mine, so I can't edit out everything but the relevant part. Instead, just watch from about 1:03 to about 2:45. See that? That shit was never intended to happen... EVER. It got that way because counselors wouldn't stop crying about how it's too hard to survive (kinda like they're doing now). In response, the first Dev team nerfed Jason to the point of absurdity. The new Dev team looked at the state of the game and decided making Jason un-stunnable in Rage (with a couple of exceptions) was an appropriate step in the right direction. And you know what? It fuckin' WORKED... No, it didn't solve every single little problem. No, it's not perfect and will need adjusting over time. No, it's not the most well-received patch this game has had. Be that as it may, it still went a long way towards eliminating pinata-parties like the ones in this video. Since the patch, I've only had maybe two instances where the counselors even attempted it with me, and both of those ended in disaster. Do you know why? Because they're finally forced to actually PLAY the game as it was intended. You can adapt and work together, or you can beat Jason silly, send him into a very early Rage, and then get the living shit killed out of you. Yeah, it IS harsh. The truth usually is.
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    For an allegedly poorly designed patch, a lot of people seem to be enjoying themselves. Tunneling does not have to mean trolling. Depending on who is being tunneled and why, it could be argued to be good or bad strategy. No one likes to be tunneled, except those posing a distraction to Jason so others can get stuff done. I couldn't have said it better myself. It's not who you choose, but what you make of them once you've chosen them. Level indicates you've played the game for a while, and not much else. Due to the fact that the player attached to that level may not reflect the value of the level, I don't put much emphasis on that in a match. I've seen low level players who play like experts, and max level players who play like rookies.
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    I may answer your messages once you can make an argument and conduct a proper debate. Precisely! thank you for your point, this patch was a weak and unsuccessful way of trying for a balance. SORRY FOR DOUBLE POSTING, I DON'T KNOW HOW TO FIX IT Note from mods: Please report it next time so we can fix it.
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    Sure a noob kill squad you will survive against most of the time. A highly skilled kill squad and you are dead 90% of the time. IT has been proven on here time and time a gain. New guy joins forum, says hes never been killed. Gets challanged by some good players and he dies. Maybe he puts up a good fight, but he dies. You will die. Jason is still weak against the kill. End of story.
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    If you weren’t so new here you might actually know what you’re talking about. Some of the people here complaining about this are likely better at being Jason than you are.
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    It sounds like a lot of people need more practice playing as Jason ... I’m very rarely killed playing as Jason (although it does happen) you can stop a lot of kill squads from ever getting started if you know what ur doing. Sounds like people should spend more time playing & less time complaining & you’d avoid this situation in most cases.
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    I agree. Earning a survival in a round is a different story. I'd rather earn it than have it handed to me. I just knew that someone was gonna ask that. 😎 o·pin·ion NOUN a view or judgment formed about something, not necessarily based on fact or knowledge. This is a pretty interesting way to look at it. While the films ended with a fight to the finish, one should not expect that every single match. People are still fighting Jason in Rage, but are a bit more cautious with those hits. Some even still manage to survive. I'm enjoying the weekly broadcasts. Thanks @mattshotcha for access to these on Youtube. This is a very practical perspective on balance.
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    You do realize it was mechanics that players were complaining about not something you could adapt too, right? You literally went exactly the wrong way with it, were you trying to miss the point? The block being fixed was probably the number one thing people wanted on the forum before the patch dropped. This is ridiculous, the whole thing. I’m starting to think you’re doing it on purpose, misinterpreting things just to annoy. And Stop double posting, I asked nice last time, you’re making more work for the mods. All of the above posts could have been a single post no need to break it up.
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