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    Fucking troll. Leave the forum alone from your constant spam about the Jason kill
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    Now you're both acting like children. If you would have read what I was saying, you'd know we're looking into it and that there is most likely a change coming. For as much as you lot attack Mr. Strigoi, at least he picked up that changes were coming. He might have assumed too much about those changes, but at least he read the posts. I'm closing the thread, as we're way off topic. Forget the hints, just wait for the patch notes I guess. This is, apparently, what I get for trying to give a peek behind the curtain as to what is in the works at Gun.
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    Have at it ladies and gentleman. @Strigoi, this is not meant to speak for every person playing, but it will give you an idea of how players here feel about the issue.
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    I find that threats like those stop when you present evidence of who they are, and where they are.
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    At the risk of kicking off a whole other tangent, the team has been investigating claims about it being too easy to kill Jason... The ... implies a hint has been shared. This is one of the longest running topics of the forums currently, and while I certainly would like to err on the side of caution, as does the team, we read, reply, evaluate, and pool feedback and investigate accordingly. And that's all the info you'll get out of me at this time. @Strigoi It's possible to stun Jason without ANY perks at all.
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    People who claim killing Jason is extremely difficult/near-impossible are obviously stupid.
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    In before this one gets locked. @Strigoi, holding the keys hostage won't force players to kill Jason. They still have the boat, the cops, and surviving the night. Don't try to dictate how a lobby plays. Play your part well, and others may aid you if you are a team player. Patience and good communication go a long way. @YouAndYourFriendsAreDead, I could see that happening. I hope not. @HaHaTrumpWon, I like that name. It would be the name of a player in a YouTube video called "Don't Be This Player". We just need a good narrator. @Dragonfire82877, I could probably name the 15-20 members that still frequent the forums daily. The big question is, who will be the last member standing? Place your bets people. @OCT 31 1978, you asked a lot of the questions I was thinking of.
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    I made the adjustment to the poll question. An intriguing idea. Welcome back by the way.
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    It's not semantics. The two things are very different. Apples vs oranges is not just semantics. If you find any conversation with me so pointless you can feel free to not reply. No one tagged you in and requested you come to the thread, misread everything I've said, then storm off in a huff because I asked you to actually read my replies. You opted into that. I think if you actually read what I've posted you'll see that nothing has been pointless and I'm doing what I can to fix the situation, in partnership with the team. It's far too early to go into details on the specifics, but we're investigating our options on the topic. And escape is still, and will always be, the INTENDED, BY DESIGN, primary win condition for counselors. You can use a spoon as a back scratcher, that doesn't make it a back scratcher. The reading between the lines of that is that we'll investigate ways to change the game that play into the original DESIGN. Again, not semantics. That's all I can say on it right now.
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    If you post video for the sake of attaching to a support ticket, please make sure the video is Unlisted on YouTube. I know we request video for a lot of reporting, bug/glitch, all reporting. But the best way to do so is with an Unlisted video link, so you don't have to worry about anyone else seeing/taking issue. That's because under the stairs is not an exploit defined by the team as a ban worthy offense. The team has a decision process involved to determine something ban worthy. A bug is not ban worthy, unfortunately. So we don't ban for that. The team is investigating a fix for it, and we will have more news on that when they complete their investigation. You know we can see the backend of the game, and all the details of what you have and haven't done, right? Cause we can. Cracked Jason X? We can see that. Boosted your account? We can see that. I'll also go a step further and say that your involvement with the hackers responsible for a variety of different hacks, trainers, mods, etc. is enough to make it a ban. You're even listed as the author of several mods, and listed as the first member of the "Summercamp Team" but even that is inconsequential seeing as we have the backend proof to verify a variety of ban worthy offenses. If you want to discuss this further, it should be done in private, not by arguing with forum members here. I cleaned up the screenshots. FOR EVERYONE IN THIS THREAD: If your account has been compromised (we can verify on our end) submit a ticket to JasonKillsBugs.com and the team will help once the fix goes out. That fix is in progress, and the team will update you all with a time frame when we have it.
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    I have a feeling it’s more like 15 people that still frequent the forums. Strigoi probably has 5 accounts of his own.
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    Are you effing kidding me? Dude, that is about as scumbag as it gets. Please tell me you dont play on Xbox.
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    They'll decide what they feel is a priority. As long as the major issues are potentially fixed, I don't care about the order of things. Multitasking is possible, but taking it slow and doing it correctly makes more sense. Just doing my part to help with the process. I'd do more if I was able to. I'm glad someone appreciates the effort. Most of my polls are comprised of long standing members, for which I am thankful. I only wish some of our former members were here to contribute to the process as well. Skewing could happen from either perspective. Let's not encourage that kind of thinking, and hope people voice their honest opinion, and leave it at that.
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    This is more like it. Thanks for the poll @Fair Play I'll be keeping an eye on it.
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    It would be nice if people stopped using hacks and just played the game as intended like most honest players.
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    @Dunken, I am on the same page as you. @OCT 31 1978 and @HaHaTrumpWon, I also enjoy the Jason role as well. Win or lose, it is fun to take down careless and cocky counselors.
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    I love being Jason. If I get killed, so what? It's just a game. You're threads keep getting locked because you keep acting like a ************. You make vague, unfounded accusations about the game and it's developers because you live in a sad little fantasy world of your own making where anybody who had anything whatsoever to do with making this game has an imaginary hate-boner against counselors and pulls every dirty trick in the book to ensure that Jason always wins. You flood the forum with whiny bullshit posts alleging everything from less machetes, to less windows, to imaginary buffs for Jason, to edged weapons being sabotaged to break quickly. You provide absolutely nothing even remotely resembling "evidence" and when people ask you to, all they get is more of your bullshit.
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    Who is this post directed too? If it is to me you might want to re-read that closed topic thread and this time take your time reading and comprehend it As Matt didn’t call me anything. I didn’t get to share my thoughts on Matt’s posts before it was closed either. That last thread did get out of hand..... there are bigger problems in this world going on right now and getting bent out of shape about what Gun Media is going to do about the game is not one of them. The fact that they are still working on the game right now during all this craziness is great news to me and the fact that they have continued to gather information and are working on a solution to what many members feel is a problem is also good news as well. I am very excited About what the team is working on and can’t wait to hear more.
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    One last thing and then I'm done. More semantics. The design is fucked. I don't know how more plainly to say it to you. And your failure to acknowledge that that design is fucked is frustrating because you come across at best as tone deaf or at worst you simply don't care by keeping going back to "blah blah blah words words word by design escape is the priority blah blah blah" So since you don't care, neither do I. Do nothing to fix it. We can watch people laugh and gank all over impotent Jason and get more asinine threads from the OP complaining about nothing with no substance. *puts fingers in ears* lalalalalalalala
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    In the early days of the game, I caught someone off guard with Stalk, and they literally scrapped their pants. I have to respectfully disagree. Harassing messages could still be a thing. If a player messed up the Jason kill, or a player ran you over, you would still get potential messages you don't want. No matter what changes you make to this game, harassing messages will be a part of the experience. It was the biggest selling point for me.
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    I feel ya, man. In Quick Matches Ill usually start with my Mic off. If there are people with Mics that seem like they are fun then I will turn it on. Afterall, this game is most enjoyable when you have a fun lobby that talks. Best people to play with are those who actually get scared (usually noobs). I laugh my ass off hearing their heavy breathing and panic attacks when Jason shows up. Its why I keep playing. I literally feel like im a camp counsellor leading scared children to safety.
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    I'm just curious, are you that starved for attention that you find fulfillment in shitposting on an F13 board with, like 20 people left that still frequent it? Or do you have a gimmick like this for a bunch of different message boards, and it's kind of a collective thing?
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    Hangs onto car keys. Gets betrayed anyway. Bad Luck Strigoi.
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    Every map has some designated med spray spots, I’ve memorized some of them so here they are: Crystal Lake Small: 1 or 2 in the bathrooms, 1 at a random campfire, 1 in the boat shop, 1 on the front balcony at the cabin above the workshop, 1 at the lifeguard post at the shoreline next to the car spawn. Packanack Small: 1 on a barrel at the barn at the west exit, 1 in the small green cabin next to the campfire at the main lodge, 1 on lifeguard post at the shore down the stairs from the main lodge, 1 on the small island north, 1 at a random campfire. Higgins Haven Small: 1 in the barn, 1 at a random campfire, 1 at the graveyard, 1 on the porch at the main ledge between two chairs, 1 on a stack of books at the top of the stairs inside the main lodge. Packanack: 1 on the balcony on the second floor of the main lodge, 1 can sometimes spawn in the downstairs bathroom behind the door, 1 can sometimes spawn at the same lifeguard post as Packanack small, 1 at the barn, 1 in the small green cabin next to the campfire at the main lodge, 1 at a random campfire. Higgins Haven: 1 on a stack of books on the second floor of the main lodge, 1 can sometimes spawn in the bathroom in the main lodge, 1 at the docks where the boat spawns south of Evergreen camp, 1 at a random campfire, 1 at the graveyard. Crystal Lake: 1 in the workshop, 1 on a barrel next to outhouses by the archery, 1 on the balcony at the cabin north of the workshop, 1 in the boat shop, 1 or 2 at the bathrooms, 1 at a random campfire. Jarvis House: 1 in each bathroom in the main lodges, 1 on a barrel next to the docks on the east island, 1 at a random campfire OR at one of the boat spawns. Pinehurst: 1 in the bathroom at the main lodge, 1 in the upstairs bedroom w/bunk beds, 1 at a picnic table at Stoneside next to the campfire, 1 at a picnic table at Camarillo, 1 at a random campfire. Always check all bathrooms and side rooms as well on every map, they can spawn there too. Edit: Medic is very good, but only if you can roll it with 0% damage taken increase. I wouldn’t suggest using it otherwise. 😊
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    if you dont like my posts then leave me alone. i have done nothing wrong.
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    I am seeing some really good ideas here. Excluding new content technicalities, I think a blend of some of these could improve things. Hopefully the final outcome will be something that the majority can be satisfied with.
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    Simply giving Jason more HP would be the most straightforward and easiest option for the devs to implement. But my preferred option, in addition to this, would be to allow Jason to be able to put his mask back on once it is knocked off. The devs can just use the same animation that Jason does when he's placing a trap, and once Jason's mask is back on 50% of his HP is restored. This process can be repeated, so it would add more importance to the mask and give players something else to consider as so many players are happy to go into Jason's shack willy-nilly. Also, just throwing this out there even though it can never be done. It would be nice if Tommy had the option to immobilise/end game Jason in the water like he did in Part VI, provided he is the last player alive. Once Jason and Tommy are in close proximity in the water Tommy can activate the "kill" and both players get identical QTE's where the first to mess up loses. This would help to stop salty Jason players hiding in the water but also give them a chance to avoid the "kill." The reason Jason has a chance at avoiding the "kill" is because Tommy players would simply wait in the water knowing that they can win the match automatically as the last man standing. So, if Jason wins - Tommy is drowned and the game ends with Jason going back to his shack. But if Tommy wins - a nice, sepia slow-mo cutscene of Tommy placing a rock-weighted chain around Jason's neck and him sinking to the bottom is shown. Furthermore, this "kill" option wouldn't be too OP as Jason would just need to make sure he doesn't end up leaving Tommy until last. Not to mention that the same stipulation that his mask has to be off still applies. But hey, not gonna happen.
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    My previous thread titled the difficulty of the Jason kill was locked by MATTSHOTCHA. People became angry when they found out that the Jason kill is going to be REWORKED. Ive come to the conclusion that forum members HATE playing Jason because of the possibility of being killed by counselors. The Majority of forum members are not satisfied with mattshotcha dropping hints that the Jason kill will be reworked because forum members want the kill totally REMOVED FROM THE GAME. Some people want Jason to Be an Unrealistic Army Tank that Just mowes everyone down. But The Game Must Have Structure and Relate to The Movies stories where Jason does DIE. Truth be Told as long as there is a Jason Kill Jason will be Hunted by counselors. Structure and Balance means that there must be a way to gather with other counselors to kill Jason.
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    I Understand and im trying to stop posting things threads with no facts or that speak for others. I Also have stopped posting things about Gun Medias next project. I Understand that there is no more new content. I Understand that Gun Media is not ready to share its next projects etc. I Apologize if ive bothered anyone or have upset others.
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    For the last time, this is not a public discussion. To follow up with accounts that have been compromised, submit a ticket to JasonKillsBugs.com and to follow up on any imposed sanctions and bans, submit a ticket to JasonKillsBugs.com Arguing with other users here on the forums is not going to do you any good, except get your forum account banned as well. I'm locking the thread, and I strongly suggest that everyone involved stop with the back and forth.
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    I just find it ridiculous that I've never cheated in legit F13 and I got instant HWID banned on my FIRST ban. It's so bad to a point where I don't even want to open DBD anymore because I feel like EAC will insta ban me there as well as soon as I open it. I haven't played F13 online in at least a year so I couldn't be bothered but if my DBD account with thousands of hours of progress gets banned cause I once made OFFLINE mods for F13 I'm not gonna be happy.
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    Different game modes are not an option this late in the game's lifespan. The custom toggle options in Private matches are probably the best one can hope for at this point. I agree.
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    How would you know? According to you, it's too hard to kill Jason, so you wouldn't know what it feels like to kill him.
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    That might have been the case back 2 years ago, but I can assure you escape is not the primary method of survival anymore especially among any of us who have played for more than a few months. Also especially since you can knife or just morph the car completely out of existence.
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    That's extremely unlikely. Matches in Quick Play should all follow a set structure, that is in line with the design of the game. Private Matches are where players can go to toggle different aspects of the game for a more tailored experience. Also, it's not REQUIRED to kill Jason in order to play. Escape is still, and has always been, the primary method of survival.
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    I am a PC player, but I just want to say thanks.
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    I personally enjoyed the golden age of gaming. What you got back then, you made the most of, or you moved on to another game.
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    Thick Skin is an ideal perk when facing off against an average Jason or greater. With newer players coming to the party as Jason, I'll remove it and try other perks in place of it, to both challenge myself, and to give a rookie player a fair shot at a kill. I won't, however, just give a pity kill. If I suspect teaming may be happening, I'll keep Thick Skin on.
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    These are the only ones I have about F13, most of my collection are predators and terminators
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    Thanks, but what the Switch version really needs is the option to invite friends from your Switch friends list to matches.
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    @cutecharm Thanks so much for your very detailed reply - I appreciate it. When I begin a round as a counsellor I simply start searching the nearest cabin that is not already occupied by another counsellor. Given that there are a limited Medical Sprays on any map (and all the counsellors want them!) - should I be heading directly to one of the locations you have listed? What is your strategy? Do you end up finding at least one Medical Spray most rounds? Thanks also for your tip concerning 0% damage on the Medic Perk.
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    A complete rework is definitely off the table, nor is it really necessary as the steps involved to do the kill are not the issue it’s how easily the process is accomplished. so I agree a value change to Jason Mask /Hp and the ability to put your mask back on would be perfect. I also don’t see them adding in any type of QTE to the kill process that if failed will take the Sweater or access to the shack away completely.
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    So instead of discussing the actual issue you'd rather quibble over semantics? Awesome. I'm done here. This conversation is just as pointless today as it was months ago when @DontZzz34 tried to approach you with it.
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    This is the first I'm seeing it. I'll check in with support, but definitely report to JKB and send in a ticket.
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    Strange fun and wtf fun, those are good times... 😎
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    I'm a writer and professional voice actor.
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