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    It has been found that switch versions somehow have a couple unreleased emotes, including shadow box and the Egyptian that we have asked about many times on Gun Media’s Twitch streams. 1.What the fuck 2. If it’s been in switch, why can’t we have them on other platforms? 3.Considering you’ve already put them in, Please release them to the FULL public, not just one version. Because we have asked many times about these emotes on Twitch streams, and I feel like it’s always glanced over or they try to answer really quickly without giving us a full final answer.
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    Those emotes are not intentionally in the Switch build and will need to be removed in compliance with the current status of content in Friday the 13th: The Game. As they were not offered prior to the rights disputes, they cannot be offered now. Literally cannot add them in. I'm not sure how else I need to say it, we legally, literally can't. LITERALLY, cannot. LIT-ER-ALLY CAN-NOT. Gang, I don't think the concept of a legal dispute is being conveyed properly here. It is our mistake that they made their way into the build, but our hands are tied on this, 100%.
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    This is 100% false and you know this. This type of misinformation is incendiary and inflammatory.
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    Gun media and Black Tower, I've brought in a motivational speaker...
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    The game we all wanted but nobody got. All the good content none of the bugs!
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    I honestly would love a fix for kill animations.....
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    You took the swing as he morphed, a little latency made it look like a miss, but the weapon broke like a hit. Seeing something happen once and demanding "Melee issues need a fix now." is unreasonable, honestly. Latency can be tricky looking. But please don't rush to rile everyone up with the doom and gloom like it's been happening with every weapon, every hit. And more importantly, before demanding a fix, can I ask if you even sent this video in to the support team? We have a resource to get these things looked at immediately and JasonKillsBugs.com is still the best way to report a bug, or any other strange occurrence in game. No, that was a Kickstarter back exclusive and must remain that way. No, not with this patch. In order to keep the patch rapid, we had to focus on the top issues that emerged after the interaction fix. Car is on the list to investigate, but we anticipate that being a major undertaking. Deep rooted, similar to the roof and interaction issues, but even deeper in the code. ^ Right here. EU servers are not down or dead. The game takes time to ramp back up post patch and this rapid patch left us with multiple build versions making the transition over to new build and the ensuing server shift. This took longer than it has historically, but we anticipated that. I see folks connecting again and we're continuing to monitor. Hey, thanks a lot for stopping in and saying so. I'll get this forwarded over to support and we'll see if we can repro it here. So you're saying we're only pretending to work on the game in order to sell copies? How does that make sense? Spend money on a team just to fake work? Ludicrous. Believe me, I understand that things have been pretty frustrating, I can be frustrated too. But this isn't it.
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    Edited the original to reflect the patch is starting the roll out. Expect deployments across all three platforms by end of day.
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    EDIT: The patch is rolling out now on platforms. PC will see it almost instantly, PS4 should eb their typical roll out. Xbox is completed on our end, just in the process with Microsoft. That process can take some time, so expect the patch on the Xbox One within the next few hours. Patch 1.35 is the recently discussed rapid patch to solve a few issues that cropped up with the recent fix to our Interaction System. The Interaction System fix was a deep fix inside the system that works with all counselor interactions in game, and was kicked off to fix the issue with counselors being able to slingshot themselves into unreachable areas of the maps, like Packanack Roof. In our efforts to repair the Interaction System, two key bugs cropped up and slipped by our testing. One was an issue in the code that changed the timings and values for Jason's Abilities. The other was an issue relating to Counselor Animations. The animation issue allowed counselors to cancel animations with various key/button presses. These two issues were flagged as highest priority and the team has prepared a fix. That fix is complete, as far as internal testing is concerned, but the build to ship to users needs one last final verification test to be ready for users to download. We originally targeted Friday, August 9th as the go live date for this patch, but this final testing phase is taking us into the weekend. The team is working away at testing this build, literally as we speak, and despite missing the window to have the patch live by the weekend, we are now targeting early next week. Apologies for the delay, as Friday was our initial goal. But the team is not going to deploy this patch until we have a confident level of testing completed. The work is completed, now we need to run through our verification process and make sure everything is ready for deployment. This stage can take time, and this is why we have pushed out from our target today and into early next week. The Patch Notes for the upcoming patch are below, but please keep in mind that this is a rapid patch with a very specific target. FIXED - Various issues with cooldown speed and timings for Jason's Abilities (Shift, Sense, etc). Cooldown for Abilities was drastically shortened. Unlock timings for Abilities were off, and Abilities would unlock too closely together. FIXED - Counselor Animation Interrupt Counselors were able to interrupt animations with key/button presses such as Combat Stance, and similar. This resulted in unintended behavior with counselors jumping from windows etc. IMPORTANT NOTE: While the team is now targeting early next week, keep an eye on this thread for updates. While the following issues ARE NOT included in this update, there are some high priority issues the team will be investigating next. Environmental Kills, Car Physics, Jarvis House Offline Bots, and Random Counselor will be investigated following the delivery of this patch. These were not included in this patch, as the team will need to dedicate more time to investigation and diagnostics before we can get a plan for those together. This patch needed to be sent out quickly, and in order to do that, the focus stayed on recent issues introduced with the Interaction System work.
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    Part 8 took 14 blocks from buggzy till mask came off in my test I did. While counselors can block 33 swings from a non weapon strength Jason till they die. Counselors can take more damage than Jason. Who was the genius behind this idea? Seriously
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    It appears to have worked. In general, the bugs that you have read about are across all platforms... @DontZzz34 put together a thread called "An Overview of all the Games Issues" under suggestions and feedback if you are interested. He has all of the bugs we know about so far in the first post... but there may be a few he has missed. Overall it is pretty thorough. Switch players are having a bit of an issue with how the controller works, but I do not play switch and only know what I read about that one. There are also fixes in every patch for bugs that non of the player base talked about here... mostly pretty minor stuff... but the players don't necessarily catch every bug in the game. I bought the game in 2017... and I can say it has improved a lot since then, but that is my opinion... Others will give you a different opinion... but if they are still playing, just how bad can they possibly think it is? Its official.... @MortenMagnePal is no longer the only person complaining about this... he is just the person who has been complaining the longest about this now... And more than just Gottaevil is complaining about this on PS4 servers since the patch... I hope that gets sorted out soon, and I hope it will work for you too when it is sorted out Mr. Morten.
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    @Nathan5226 40 minute games...RIP patience waiting to play Jason. 😂
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    Bulk up with another Friday the 13th: The Game Double Event! From now until the 20th, get double XP, CP, and Tapes!
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    @mattshotcha Was most likey a latency issue. Can not replicate it. No need to worry about it. Thanks for taking the time to reply. Many bugs have been dealt with since launch and the trend has been more introduced in each patch. This is the first patch I have not found any new bugs . Thank you for fixing the 2 issues and getting it out quickly. Apologize if I pissed you off on any of my posts 😄. Was not trying to cause any issues. Sometimes the community is only venting about dealing with bugs or the lawsuit situation. I do report issues to Jasonkillsbugs.com if I see it's an issue that can be replicated. Will just shoot over anything I find in the future to them. Looking forward to the next patch and seeing more bugs fixed.
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    It is! We're keeping an eye on a few things here and there, but we'll have a fuller picture of where the Switch build is after a full weekend with players in. Because it did not exist prior to the situation affecting the game and content halt. It's not the only post, as I have been trying to keep up in the patch notes thread with a focus there, really. But this needed to be addressed. As for bugs, the team is working on a fresh look at our existing list, and we'll be reviewing and prioritizing accordingly. Currently, the team is taking a more specified, focused approach to our patching plans so as to be sure to tackle things with the focus and attention they require. At this point, a lot of what is being seen in the game is deep in the code and super tricky to start poking around in. We are going to err on the side of caution with our patching plans and not bite off more than can be chewed.
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    The EU servers are dead. Im Spanish and the game puts me in CA (Canadian?) servers?? lol The ping is terrible, and the search time inadmissible Please fix NOW (PS4) Where is @mattshotcha ?
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    OP is either really the "poor buddy" who's pathetically begging here for a discount for himself, or he's a horrible friend who won't do his cash-strapped buddy a solid and treat him to a game. Either way he ain't good people.
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    Send me his address , ill go buy a hard copy for $20 and send it to him ! If you guys are jerking me off god will judge you .
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    The digital codes will be leaked on Ebay
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    We need a response from the team. It’s been 6 days since this problem kicked off and even the “game is down” type websites are full of players commenting on the issue. A bit galling that for 2 or 3 days it was being blamed on the patch build needing time to stabilise when it was pretty obvious early on given the number of people reporting server issues (especially EU), that something wasn’t right. It’s like they weren’t believing what the people were telling them. No other F13 patch that i’m aware of has caused server problems like this and with the huge number of players affected, the team needs to give us a status report - after all the other issues of late, it’s the least the players deserve.
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    Friday the 13th: The Game - Where Is The F13 Official EU Dedicated Servers For The United Kingdom? After Patch 1.35 @mattshotcha @GunMedia @wes PS4, EU, UNITED KINGDOM, SCOTLAND I am in Scotland, United Kingdom still no dedicated server after i installed patch 1.35 on Monday 12th of August 2019 It's now Sunday 18th of August 2019 6 Days on and the same thing over & over every day, what is going on with this? Have tried and tried no joy whatsoever. So i decided to do this almost 1 hour video to illustrate how bad things are in the United Kingdom. @GunMedia if you are listening or watching out there please for the love of god sort this mess out. After playing the game for over 2 years never have i encountered anything as bad as this after a patch or any patch you have brought out i have always been able to find a lobby so where is our dedicated servers for the game?
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    Still less toxic than random lobbies.
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    At least it isn't Mr. Morden… that guy was evil. Hope they get this issue fixed quickly... quite a few people are complaining about it now.
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    6 Days without servers..omg. Imposible to find any public server. Where is the suport????
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    I gotta watch Beetlejuice this weekend now. Thanks for the inspiration. 😎 You, me and a number of other people feel this way. I'm sure it's coming sooner or later. I feel for the people who haven't had a match in days. Hopefully the developers will extend the Double XP as compensation.
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    The night before last, I had to turn my Jason off after clearing the lobby three times in a row. Some of my friends start to complain that they cannot escape me... and they are pretty good players... Good players = the right players to get your practice with... and every game is just practice for the next game. It is hard to get better at any aspect if you are playing against unskilled players all the time... A lobby full of do nothings or noobs is not a problem for any Jason player that knows the basics when playing with any variant. In truth, I was just having a couple of very good games in a row. I also have bad games... sometimes a few in a row... but overall I do very well with Part IV. These same players do escape me from time to time... just not very often. And you are correct... he is most definitely NOT for everyone. But I hope they never change him. My own list might seem a little backwards for MANY players, but here we go... #1: Part IV... +Destruction saves a lot of time knocking down door before rage... and I use this time... combined with Can Run to collect knives... I am easily distracted by shiny things. I have talked about how I use him and what I like about him to death... so I will spare you that here. Anyone interested in my reasoning can find it easily in pretty much ANY thread about Part IV with the search option. Agree with my reasoning or disagree with it... My methods work well for me with what most players call the worst Jason variant these days. I am not considering him number one because he is easy to play... but because I like how he plays. @Polaris88 When Part VII got his rework, I mentioned that this will only make another Jason variant "the worst Jason" and people WILL demand a change to that one, which became Part IV... No... he does not need to change. Each variant has a playstyle based on strengths and weaknesses... he is absolutely fine as he is. They changed one... that was enough... and I was correct in saying that players would start calling another variant the worst and start demanding changes to him (some things are just easy to predict and require no psychic powers)... It needs to end with the change to Part VII, or this will be a never ending cycle.... In my opinion... Part VII required no change either. The only change required for either is in how you play them. #2: Part VII... A variant with two non strengths (in my opinion) and +Weapon Strength, one non weakness (Can't Run) and two weaknesses that I can easily work around in most matches. I do very well with him now, and did just as well with him before he was changed. I am not considering him number two because he is easy to play... but because I like how he plays. I do not play the other Jason variants hardly at all for... reasons. Any variant with +Throwing Knives.... I am always called a spawn killer for limping the first player I see with knives and killing them. Even if a player runs away as soon as they see me, they are an easy target just because I have the throwing knives... and do not miss often at all... even at extreme ranges. Any variant with +Shift... will usually leave you relying too much on it. It is a deadly strength and makes catching counselors and cars a bit too easy in my opinion... for me at least, not for everyone... I play counselor far more often than Jason and face these variants often... I can make it difficult on these variants as A.J. but not in every match. +Shift combined with stalk is deadly against ANY counselor player... You cannot avoid it if you have no idea its coming. Part II... objective control is way too easy for me with him... as -Shift is not a weakness for me... His +traps also makes it too easy to get used to relying on traps for objective control... I rarely use more than three traps even when I do play him (or any other variant for that matter), I do not want to rely on something I will not have on my preferred Jason variant. Part III... I have no problem with him at all. He is good against Battle Chads and kill squads too... He is the first Jason that many of us played, and was a good choice to be unlocked for level 1. He is a good all around Jason variant... But I just do not play him much at all anymore. And the walkers... Let's just say that a great many players prove that "Can't Run" is NOT a weakness... The only thing I do not like about the walkers is that it takes too long to gather a sufficient number of throwing knives... and I like throwing knives... Part VII has destruction so a bit of time can be saved smashing down doors, but it still takes too much time to walk around the cabins to collect your knives. Part II, V and IX all have an issue keeping their masks against kill squads.... and you never know if you are up against a kill squad that is not vocal about it... Well... all Jason variants have issues keeping their masks against players determined to take it... Those three just have a harder time not losing it. Ranking and tier lists always revolve around the easiest to play for the person making the list... I like to be different. My #1 is not easy to do well with... but keeps skills sharp through practice... as does my #2... To me, the rest of them rank #3, but in no particular order. All of them have something that you should not rely on as it will make playing variants without these strengths more difficult. Playing Part IV as a main has made me heavily reliant on +Weapon Strength for dealing with Battle Chads. Part VII used to have +Grip Strength which was replaced with +Weapon Strength... and -Shift which was replaced by -Stun Resistance... So now using two variants with +Weapon Strength has made me even more reliant on that one... but I am far less reliant on ANY other strength... This balances it out for me and makes many of the other variants too easy to play in most situations that we all face as Jason, just not the same situations for each of them... And you never know what you are facing until you dive in head first with what you have. All of our opinions are a bit skewed by the strengths or lack of weakness for certain things that we get a bit too used to. Other players that do things a bit differently than me (or you) will always have a differing opinion on which variant is the best Jason... But if you want the other variants to be easier to play... Then get used to playing with Part IV for runners and Part VII for walkers. When you click on a spot on the map to morph to, it will take you to the nearest "morph pin" in comparison to where on the map you clicked... It does not put you exactly where you click on the map unless you click right on top of a morph pin. They do not show us where these pins are... but you will have them figured out quickly enough. The buzzing sound is a spot you cannot morph to... such as clicking on a cabin or too close to the map border... or on a rocky hill that you cannot walk on. If Morph was precise... and took you exactly where you clicked on the map, it would be way too over powered. Once you know where the pins are, it is of little consequence anyway. Offline bots is great for figuring out where the pins are at no cost to your online kill count. Missing a car due to a bad morph will usually help you remember that is a bad morph pin and to click a little further this way or that on the map to morph to a better pin. We all miss a car now and again, just use it as a learning experience. @GeneiJin It was very interesting to see your list... but with your playstyle, combined with your knowledge of the mechanics of the game... and your skill level... EVERY Jason is pretty much just as deadly in your hands as the next. In the thread... "the most difficult Jason to survive against"... I named you, not a Jason variant... and this is exactly why I named you the most difficult Jason to survive against... It is the player, not the Jason variant they are using... the same goes for counselors... Most players think Jenny is useless... and you show them otherwise. The -Traps weakness will only screw with your strategy to prevent the Tommy call... which I don't think you need to rely on so much in the first place. You can't get 8 of 8 if Tommy doesn't show up... and you sure as shit don't need to trap a car with your hit and miss ratio.
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    It depends on your play style really. For me I'd say they go in the following order: 1) Part 3. I go back and forth between 3 and 8. I love 3 because he has no meaningful weaknesses and weapon strength is great to have. 2) Part 8. Again no meaningful weaknesses. Destruction is very useful. While situational I also enjoy his water speed. 3) Part 7. Weapon strength again pays dividends here. The plus sense is actually pretty useful. While 3 traps is unfortunate, it doesn't hinder him much. 4) Part 5. His neutral stats make him a solid choice. If you are proficient with throwing knives he's an absolute beast. His stuns feel like they last forever though. Also he's easier to demask than others. 5) Part 6. Plus shift is always nice. Another Jason where being proficient with knives makes him an absolute terror. 6) Part 9. The combination of plus shift and stun resistance can make for a terrifying Jason. His mask is extremely weak though. Also being down two traps compared to others can hurt him. 7) Part 2. I used to main Part 2. His map control is a thing of beauty. 7 traps and plus morph makes him a repair characters nightmare. Unfortunately his minus shift makes catching fast counselors challenging. He also is fairly easy to demask. 😎 Part 4. He has the two best strengths in the game combined with the two worst weaknesses. While you can definitely do well with him. @Ahab is a proud part 4 main. He's definitely not for everyone.
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    If people refuse to listen to what Matt is telling them, this thread will be locked. Shit happens from time to time and this situation will be promptly rectified as Matt has stated. Playing 20 questions about why X, Y and Z can't happen isn't going to get you anywhere. The official standpoint is content cannot resume and that's the end of it. Matt and the team have had to say this so many times that it's surprising me that people still refuse to accept it.
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    No problem brother. That's why I'm here.
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    Your hurt feelings are irrelevant. Just so you know.
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    Technically, that was Norman Bates who started the slasher genre... based on Ed Gein... just as Leatherface was (who also had his first movie before Michael) and Buffalo Bill from Silence of the Lambs. Psycho inspired the later movies in a great many ways... and if not for Norman, we may never have seen Jason or Michael on film... I think there was even more blood shown in Psycho than there was in the original Halloween movie... And it had Jamie Leigh Curtis' mother (Janet Leigh) as the first victim. But I agree... Jason and Michael definitely defined the genre and are my favorite slashers... with Jason taking the number one position in my opinion. We will see Michael in two more movies soon... and hopefully it carries the interest over long enough for the lawsuit to settle and a movie to move forward. Whoever wins the lawsuit, a new F13 movie could revive interest in this game down the road and keep it alive longer. No future eh?... and how do you know this? No future would mean it would be dead TOMMORROW. Being you seem to think you are a psychic.... Can we get some winning lottery numbers over here?... and being you are a psychic and know everything that has not happened yet, I should not have to tell you which lottery I am asking for numbers with. People have been saying this game is dead since before I bought it. They were wrong then, they are still wrong now. Get a grip on reality and stop spreading crap... it is not very hygienic. And apparently you did not know they would have the same bugs as the three previous platforms?... Why wouldn't it?... Did you think they had fixed all the bugs for just for switch?... Have you ever even looked at the bug history of ANY other game that is on multiple platforms? Apparently, not very psychic at all. Funniest post I have read all day... thanks for that at least. Right with you on that... Have not seen ANY new bugs since this patch dropped. @mattshotcha I have not said it yet as the Ghost's words have reminded me... So thank you... to everyone involved in getting this patch out... and for putting up with all of us for as long as you have... Fans of this franchise are a bit touchy, but most of us mean well... And some of us at least appreciate the hard work.
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    It’s all good brother, I was just joining in on the fun. I definitely understand your position on this or any other new content. PS. Seems the Switch launch is going well other than that little hiccup.
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    You say that, yet here we are, with more replies accusing us of just "not feelin' like" doing it. We're aware, and are going to do what we can to fix this up with our next patch. However, we don't want to burn a rapid patch just for this, so we're letting the Switch build live in the wild for a bit and we can then address any issues that crop up in the same patch as the emote removal.
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    can not literally be in the game, are in the game, shocked pikachu face
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    I was only able to play 3 matches on PS4 last night due to it being late but I want to congratulate the dev team on this patch. They actually FIXED the interaction bug. No more canceling out of animations, bear traps work and regular shift Jason's are fixed. I had some good gaming experiences with just those 3 matches and I didn't experience any new bugs. Kudos 👍
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    Where are the dedicated servers for EU (PS4), every time i get in a lobby it's taking between 4 and 5 minutes once in a lobby above were it says ready it should say Server: F13 Official EU, this does not appear. posted video on here 11 hours ago if someone can scroll up page and take a look. Nearly 42hrs of this and no proper game play whatsoever. Host leaves you get kicked not back to lobby but to main menu this should not be the case.
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    Started up the PS4, after waiting about two minutes, got into a lobby played a couple rounds and.......back to nothing. No matter how many times I cancel and retry, will not connect to servers. There’s definitely something up.
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    There’s a red diamond in the centre of sprung traps.
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    They have already said that's not going to be a possibility. Cant remember the exact reason, but it's somewhere in a previous post. Might try searching for the original post when they announced the game was coming to switch, several people were asking about Savini. That was probably my post. Even after lobby jumping multiple times, it wouldn't select me as Jason. Was able to play about 10 matches last night after the patch for the latest patch. Nine of them was in CA servers. I was finally selected as Jason in the last round I played in. I also played a round in a p2p lobby where it had made me host. Of course I was selected as Jason that way, but the connection was so horrible that most of the other players quit and it wasn't a fun experience for anyone who stuck around. I don't understand why if I was the actual host, I was experiencing so much lag. Back before dedicated servers, if you were host, you had the best connection out of everyone with no lag issues.
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    Most people do, which only ends up playing right into his strengths. I mean, I get it; when people see the low trap count and slower shift and can't play the way they do with some of the other Jasons they write him off as "sucking". When he was first released I wasn't happy at how he was built. Ted White's Jason was the fastest, most menacing one in the series, and I remember being especially displeased with the slow shift/water speed at first. But, because of my love for Final Chapter I stuck with it and mastered him. Now, there isn't any Jason I feel more comfortable in playing (including Savini).
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    This patch fixed things..... without breaking something else. As far as I know, that’s the case. I haven’t found anything new broken. The game feels normal and balanced again. I’m happy for things to be back to normal..... Keep up the clean patches @mattshotcha Cheers 🍻 P.s. i was happy to go to my bug list and delete things without adding new bugs on the list.
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    After getting into a lobby, finally, tested out some things. The R2 cancel is completely gone. Beds, cabinets, windows, drawers, windows, doors. Traps deploy properly. Holding R2 now puts the trap down and sets it again. Jason doesn't get his shift and sense at the same time, could tell from the audio cues. And by making the traps work properly again, it didn't bring back being able to keep the prompt from the trap when you run away to rubberband. So all in all, thus far, this was a good patch. Didn't notice anything broken, that wasn't already broken. Didn't see anything fixed, without being said it was fixed. Like sliding with a gun is still a thing, and counselors using CS to teleport is still a thing.
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    Servers are up and shifting after the patch as normal. This is just the process coming out of a patch deployment and despite seeming longer than normal, it's not an issue so much as an inconvenient delay. This will normalize in the hours to come. PC we did have a hiccup with the build and we're taking care of that now.
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    I dont even know how to do the dodge and I've been playing 2 years. I just know how to do combat stance and block😂
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    Super low priority comparatively. Thanks for your patience! If you're talking about the crash due to Jason breaking a wall and hitting an extra button press, yes. If not, please clarify. We have heard reports here and there, but not a lot of details to go on so far. If you have any more details or possibly some footage, it will help us dial in what might be causing it. Yes sir! The patch that did not make it to PC, plus the fix for those two issues. Thanks, bud.
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