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    Or... you could just try and have... fun? I don’t know what to say other than try to find a middle ground with your friends. Private matches should be fun, and not worth getting worked up into rage quitting.
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    Played in a couple private matches last night with @Redrum138 and @RustInPeace. We played with no med sprays and no maps to be found unless you used the perks to start with them. Mini map was turned off unless you were using nerves of steel and power was cut to start the match. The only real buff the counselors got was double health to compensate for the lack of med sprays. It was more fun than I've had playing F13 in a long time. It was tense, exactly how the game should be. I managed to survive the night in one match by hiding in the kitchen pantry of Packanack when I was the only one left. I'm not one to usually use hiding spots, but when the deck is stacked against you, you do what you gotta to survive. It was great.😎
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    This is the attitude that is ruining the game. This advocates becoming the very thing your post is complaining about.
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    Total exploits. The only people who will say they aren't are the people who use and abuse those types of things constantly. If these were to be patched out, these players would most likely quit playing because their playstyle is ruined and they can't handle a game where you are EXPECTED to die more often than not as a counselor or need even more of an advantage as Jason than the average player. If they can't cheat or make a joke out of the game or Jason player, their "fun" and "skill" is tanked. It's not meant to be fun, only to create a disadvantage for the Jason player and troll for views on their channels/videos. If people weren't so eager to cheat, these kind of players wouldn't exist or stick around (and if these exploits didn't exist in the first place, it'd never be a problem). These people are exactly why I never played any other tournaments or league games after my first since they all do this shit (not JUST slides or double-tapping doors, but anything else exploitable), even in a competitive matchup.
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    Jason's grab is still a mess. But overall, a good update. ( I don't play private matches so I can't comment on that. This a style of game that is supposed to be played with strangers via QP IMO Because this bring a real challenge of survivng/escaping. Playing with a bunch of buddies you always play with and communicating through mics makes it a cakewalk to escape or kill Jason. Who is still overmatched against a death squad really. ) Bring back the force grab dang it!!!
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    Car is being investigated next but I don’t have any update just yet. We also have to get the Switch version up to date first. The car never was claimed to be a part of this patch, with the exception of some counselor interactions that the team tackled. I also think you might be alone in wondering what this latest patch does. I’d hardly call 1.36 “working in circles” but I would like to hear more on that. I know patches in the past have been rocky, but are we talking historically or lately, because this comment doesn’t seem to apply to 1.36 in any way.
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    The Alien A.I. in Alien: Isolation took five years to complete. The Mr. X A.I was less complicated and took three and a half. Now let's look at Friday the 13th's A.I. bots. They were thrown to together in less then six months and it shows. Their pathing is all jacked up resulting in them getting stuck in the environment. They barely make any logical decisions while being chased by Jason. The bots often hide right in front of Jason or jump through a window right in front of him. The recent patch to the Jarvis house bots was required because a bug interfered with their ability to realize the match had begun. The bots are not very good. Gun Media and Illfonic didn't have the time to give us solid A.I. and it shows. A Jason A.I. at this stage would be new content and that in itself is impossible at this stage. But for a Jason A.I. to really be good enough to to simply run around the map properly would take at least a year to a year and a half. Shifting into a grab. Stopping the car. Morphing to an objective that a councilor has fudged. All of this would take years to code. Black Tower the current developers have been doing a passable job patching the game. However adding Jason A.I. into the game at this late stage would be very problematic for them. In hindsight if A.I. Jason could have been a thing it would have had to have been implemented during the game's initial development. At this stage in the game you wouldn't receive that truly intimidating presence you get out of the Mr. X A.I. Instead you could expect the gruesome and intimidating Jason Voorhees to be endlessly walking against the walls of his own cabin. Dreaming of the days he was a feared presence.
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    Welcome to the forum @Unicorn. There are still people playing on all platforms.
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    I still encounter that once in a while.
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    It's good to hear that all PC players aren't cheaters. Keep up the good work.
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    Welcome to the forum.
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    Two boat spawns would probably be tricky, but a potential timer toggle could be interesting. As always, I'm not sure we'll get more toggles other than the one for Ability Unlock, but I'll note this one for the team. Thank you for the support! The bots that we fixed were the totally static ones on Jarvis. The bot pathing issues (like open/close on same door) are still to be investigated.
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    Sounds like someone hasn’t played since launch but just forgot the cabin layout?
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    In my opinion this game started to go south when the introduction of the dance emotes, as a backer I was sold a horror game not a dance party, I know that some people will feel different (mostly the trolls of the game) but I think it would be nice if dancing burned up stamina, it something that certainly can be added without it being new content, and would calm it down.
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    It doesn't matter which category it falls under as long as it's a kill you participated in in some way (even if all you did was give Sweater-Girl a med spray or hit Jason with a tree branch, it still counts). This is probably the fastest kill I've ever had a part in. I realize there are some players that have gotten the kill much faster than this, but it's the fastest I've ever been in.
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    With Sony allowing crossplay to all platform could we see xbox players playing with ps4 players? @mattshotcha https://twitter.com/IGN/status/1179388327306375168
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    Yeah, I can already hear them crying and begging for some „pocket knife“ perks like starting with one PK or the epic one each PK can be used twice
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    People who play quick play, do you have any videos of you or friends getting revenge and taking down teamers? Share in the comments? Even though I don't do this to anyone else, I had to share this. this match was from last night, finding out two vanessas were teaming in a previous round, so I messaged the jason from this match and he had friends do the same to them. They left after the match ended. Tommy player finds out that Jason and his friends are teaming with me, suicides at 11:04 to avoid death.
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    Even if they were never added, people would still teabag you by spamming crouch. Also that isn't true that EVERYBODY who uses them are trolls.
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    True. i would be Happy with just a movie and some new action figures. I Own some expensive Sideshow toys Jason figures that i got off ebay.
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    We lost a basketball legend today. My prayers go out to his family and friends. https://www.nytimes.com/2020/01/26/sports/basketball/kobe-bryant-dead.html
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    I played a match tonight and we immediately escaped in the car, leaving 18 mins to spectate. I was thinking that would be an ideal time to roll perks, customize clothing, emotes, and Jasons. But, since I'm level 150 anyway, I just leave and join another match. Could it be possible to change this?
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    I think that there are worse things jason players do besides that. Like that whole abduction thing. I get to do that if another player is sliding or something, but doing that stuff when nobody else is exploiting makes it unfair. And sorry, I thought you were saying it isn’t an exploit.
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    Exactly! Everyone plays the same game in their own way. If you wanna be in on it you learn to adapt to it, or play with someone else. Or just play a different game altogether. The addition of private settings has brought a new level of gameplay, much fun. It's like it was at the start for me. I have my opinions on the techniques, or exploits. But it's not gonna stop me from playing.
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    Eh...the age old debate about the difference between what is considered cheating and what is considered skill. Seen time and again throughout many games. Its like the Jason kill scenario debate. Like half the crowd believing Jason should be buffed in some way against the kill mechanic, whilst the other half just calls them scrubs because they don't block in mobs and that's why they die. Around here, you definitely see more of a lean towards the Jason side of things. On places like Reddit, I feel like its more counselor heavy. At least they made the right choice by allowing more customization to private matches and perhaps more to come in that area. Quick match will just be the same bag of trick or treat its been for a long time.
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    Another Freddy.. And an updated shot of the case. Running out of room. Currently searching for Pinhead, but haven't found him yet.
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    Has anyone had any issues with thick skin working properly since the new patch? I've noticed it intermittently not working for me. Sometimes if I get a random counselor and other times if I get who actually picked. For example, most recently, I got the random counselor glitch and got Jenny (video below). For this particular match, my perks were medic, thick skin, and slugger. Usually, it takes 3 pocket knives to injure a counselor with thick skin (2 pocket knives if you don't have thick skin). In this match, my Jenny was injured after two pocket knives and I had taken no other damage beforehand (i.e. broken window, traps, slashes, etc.). I've seen it happen a couple other times before as well where I get injured earlier than I should be (i.e. one slash from a part 3 when I had taken no damage beforehand). Wondered if anyone else had experienced any issues with thick skin recently? I know nerves of steel doesn't work properly with a random counselor, but never encountered an issue with thick skin.
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    I agree, there are times when people either die or escape early on in a match, leaving you nothing to do but sit there and watch. And if Tommy’s already on the scene, or if he’s never been called, then it gets boring as hell. Im also level 150, and whenever I die early I usually leave when I see that somebody else has came back as Tommy. Occasionally I’ll stay every so often when I have nothing else to do or if I like the group of people, but usually I’ll leave. Before I reached level 150 I used to stay and spectate in order to get my XP, and sometimes it would get really boring. I doubt they will ever change it, but we can hope. Another thing I think they should do is while in a lobby, we should be able to change our spawn preference instead of having to back out to the main menu and then find a lobby all over again. Sometimes when I’m in a lobby, I feel like being a counselor, and since my preference is always on Jason, I’d have to leave the lobby to change it, then join a completely new lobby. Another time I was waiting to be Jason the entire time, and it was when I went to the main menu when I realized I had my preference on counselor from the night before. That’s another thing I think they should change because when you join certain lobbies sometimes it varies if you want to be Jason or not.
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    Seems so. I right now have 20/20 Pamela and 12/13 Tommy tapes. Since finding the last one, I found like two dozen more Pamela tapes which I do not need anymore, but no further Tommy. edit: now I have all of them.
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    @masterkeef42o Strength, Stealth, and Stamina all 10/10.
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    @Strigoi you already know there will be no new content added. Thread closed.
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    Not exactly, but yeah, pretty much Summer of Heat Mitch Murder The summer began Burnin' hot, inside of me Oh, and feelin' so free Out on the street (out on the street) Oh, you held onto me Was the summer of heat Summer of heat, yeah Hey, what! And the time began The best I've had Inside of me (Ah-ah, yeah) Oh, and feelin' so free Out on the beat (out on the beat) Oh, you stay there with me On the summer of heat (summer of heat) It was the very first love The very first love Waiting for the bad And get my weather sad The lights real low It was the first love It was the very first love The summer began Burnin' hot D-do you, do you wanna have fun? (Ah-ah, yeah) Oh, the lessons are free We're out on the street (out on the street) All you said was to me Was the summer of heat Summer of heat, yeah Hey! (Who's that?) And the time began Goes… Hey! (Who's that?) And the time began Goes so fast Like grains of sand in my head Oh, the best things are free Said was to me (said was to me) [?] Do you, feel, Remember it, The summer of- Waiting for the bad And get my weather sad The lights real low It was the first love It was the very first- The wind across my hair (it was the first love) The ruckus [?] in the air (it was the first love) The gang's inner web [?] (summer) It was the first love (it was the very first love) It was the very first love And the nonsense [?] And good fun [?] And grind [?] In the summer, through heat with you tonight Summer of heat with you 'Til the summer of- Summer of heat with you 'Til the summer of- Summer of heat with you
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    @Strigoi, we don't "need" these weapons to be added, although they would have offered more variety. If a new game comes down the road, then perhaps those weapons could pop up. @Wolledc, your scenario would likely be what happens if those items did exist in the game. @F134Ever86, thanks to you, I guess I'm watching Batman and Robin this weekend.
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    Offline bots are just an sandbox training/testing ground for me, so whoever escapes, escapes. Usually I'll just restart the game on the last counselor to save time.
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    Are you not reading? its not an opinion its been stated NUMEROUSLY thats NEW CONTENT which is NOT allowed.
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    Player level wouldn't cross over. They are entirely separate. That isn't a blocker, necessarily. EAC should still be cleaning up the PC side, as well as Gun and our bans and sanctions. What Dragonfire said. It would be nice, but at this point, it's simply unrealistic. We have other things we need to focus on and something this huge would not be the best way to use our remaining resources and time.
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    @mattshotcha many thanks to you and your team for providing this patch and for keep on going to provide further ones in the future. Really appreciate this. The environmental kills now work quite fine, also Pinehurst glitches are gone. But the offline bots could actually do a little bit more: on Packanack small some of them Just opened and closed several times the very same door? Unless you haven’t inserted new content (= offline bots using weed and therefore act crazy 😁), this could be looked after.
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    Yes, because of the Actor portraying Him.......But Jason himself is not that unique big Guy in make up and a Hockey mask who kills teenagers in creative and violent ways......his character can be summed up in a few sentences.... I agree with all your points on the actors Portrayal of Jason.....all brought something to the role that made it more than some guy just killing teens. you are definitely entitled to your opinions, I also heard for Jason in FvJ Frankenstein’s monster was looked at as inspiration basically because Frankenstein’s Monster is a sympathetic villain in the story which is what the director and New Line producers wanted they wanted a Jason that could show weakness and also be a victim.....Ken did show all these things....he fit the bill for what they were attempting to do with the movie......which is why they went with him over Kane..... I am sure Kane would have wanted Jason to be his very evil / unsympathetic self in the film and probably would have pushed back on some choices made in the film like he has in the past saying things like “ Jason wouldn’t do that....he would do this.” And even though Kane is probably right when it comes to his decisions with the character especially being the only actor to portray him 4 times, more than anyone Else his portrayal is iconic .......but it’s that reason Jason was recast. You May not like Kens Jason in FvJ but remember he is doing what the director and producers wanted him to on the screen.... I don’t have a huge problem with what he did in the movie but I understand some choices were made to make him the lesser of the Evil characters in the movie. Actually casting them in the part makes them Jason. Their actions / behaviors are what make each portrayal unique each of the performances making Jason more a living breathing character..... and while some are more goofy/ clumsy/ angry/ menacing/ sympathetic or Evil they are all Jason the big guy in a hockey mask who kills teenagers.
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    I agree. But Wes said they couldn’t even add new menus or anything. He said even text was considered new content when people were asking for biographies to be added. I really hope they bring these options to offline bots too though!
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    I'm on ps4 and usually play for a few hours a night without many problems finding matches
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    As a non-backer, I'm fine with not having him. Playing against Savini is like a treat- if everyone had him it wouldn't be as fun.
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    A backer with a bit of common sense in my opinion. I totally agree with Eye66, at this stage in the games life span. After that slip up that happened where he was available to everyone made him non exclusive anyway in my opinion. I know it's never going to happen but.....
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    I'm on xbox as SoberEye636, I took a pretty long break but been coming back the past week and was surprised by how many seemingly new players there are. I was feeling generous since I've had most of my Savini fun already, I really wouldn't mind if the new kids hat a shot at him myself
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    Well those private match settings are a step in the right direction and at least go above and beyond the expected. You could say that kinda thing counts as unofficial DLC. They would make quick match unplayable though. Whatever way the lobby leader leans (Counselor or Jason) would create troll matches most likely
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    My answer is yes. I would love to have him (and pay for him of course). But I am afraid that even if they would agree to, the buying option would be declared as new content, that‘s it.
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    See, this is what happens when 10-year-olds are allowed unsupervised online gaming. It kinda makes me miss the days of playing Quake II online. Back then, the majority of players would tell each other GG after every (or at least most) matches, even if you flat-out sucked and came in dead last. What's so hard about NOT being a total enema-nozzle to a complete stranger you just met 5 minutes ago? Yeah, you got killed with the sweater. So what? You can always try again next round, it's not the end of the world and it's certainly not worth being a salty brat over.
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    Chad x7 and everybody dies at the first minute.
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    Not really. this explination does not provide any facts or reasons of why the pitchfork and speargun can not be added. its only an unofficial opinion. maybe someone from Gun media can explain.
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    Sounds like to me you just waited for the first excuse to drop the game. :/
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