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    It's nothing special but fuck it, it's just for fun, it's not going to hurt my feelings if it sucks. Apologies if this is the wrong place for it.
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    Anybody know when the next patch is supposed to drop? I know Gun works hard on this game but this last patch has been a total abomination, I straight up stopped playing the game for like a month. Just played for the first time since like May and of course, Jason grabs me, kills me, game glitches, I break free. Then I repair the phone box, call the cops and escape except the game glitches again so instead of the "you survived" graphic the screen is just stuck on the police and my connection times out and I get no XP. I'm trying to get 100% completetion on this game (badges, achievements, maxed out XP) so it's really annoying when the game glitches and I don't get credit for it. Hopefully the next patch fixes these bugs and gets here soon.
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    @mattshotcha From my experience of playing as Jason I have changed up my play style after some of the patches. His grab ability feels like you lubed up your sweaty palms and are trying to grab a chicken like Rocky Balboa while Mick (mother) talks to you. "If you can catch this thing you can catch greased lighting''...or a lobby full of Vanessas. It starts to make Jason look like a fool when you have high ping and lag in a match. Every character can slow jog him around and laugh while he grabs nothing but air multiple times. Loop him around an object, long table, close doors in his face, loop in and out of windows etc. Not being able to grab a counselor through a window and watch them slowly crawl to safety is funny. Jason can grab people through a window in the movies. Ain't got time for that in a video game. During grab kill animations counselors can hit you multiple times to try to knock your mask off and you can't move until you finish the animation. They have a high chance to stun you right after you regain control and get a few more hits in too. This is why I prefer kill animations that are very fast over using slow animations that leave you open to get attacked for way too long. Not much time after pulling a driver out of a stopped car before another player tries to start it. Save a slow kill for the last survivor. Knives are good to collect. Often miss while in a lobby with lag issues. Save them for when a counselor goes through a window and hit them on the other side. Great for destroying cars with the knife bug. 😂 From playing against offline bots that all spawn with 2 or 3 pocket knives I always slash everyone to death now. As grabbing feels goofy missing multiple times in high ping lobbies. Also grinding out 1,000 matches as Jason will have you going for the most effective ways to end a match quickly. I use Savini Jason, with the hedge trimmers. Combat stance attack doors for faster animations with the 1 handed attack. Faster to destroy cabin walls instead of using a 2 handed weapon. Very long shift. The other Jason I'll use is Part 4. Tested out the other Jasons but I don't like how long it takes to destroy doors or slash counselors to death with Thick Skin and Medic. My favorite counselor is Cobra Kai Chad. After testing every counselor 1vs1 against Jason for a few hours. Thick Skin, Marathon, Restful. Can easily keep Jason busy in a 1vs1 situation. How can you lose with a face like this?
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    Agree 100% people get mad because they can no longer tea bag and troll jason that's all this is. Skilled counselors can still survive the night i witness it all the time i main counselor most the time and i love the new buff to rage feels good.
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    If you're so skilled then you shouldn't mind the challenge of a Jason that can't be stunned. If you can't still run the clock out on an unskilled Jason then you were never good to begin with. Sorry...
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    I kinda agree with the guy on point 3 but on points 4, 6 and 9 I agree 100%.
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    This probably isn’t directed at me but I’m going to respond anyway. This post isn’t a good argument because it’s actually about something other than what it seems... This is what this post was really about. The rest is just to reinforce it. The message isn’t the problem, the messenger being dishonest is. That said there were good ideas, like Tommy starting with a kit and well, actually that’s it. The mask thing could work but doesn’t feel right, of course it preventing Jason from knowing you’re in the shack feels off too, imo. It’s a mechanic so if they went with it adding a percentage sense immunity, it would be fine but not good. Good would be having the mask let’s Jason see you with sense regardless of distance and escaping with it would let you collect it like a tape. Possibly if you collected it and bring it out successfully, you could then spend it to get a Jason buff in the next match or increase your likelihood of being Jason. Between Tyrant and Dontz the problems with it have all been pointed out, I’m not saying you’re advice (dig) was wrong because it wasn’t, it is a sign of intelligence to look past the messenger and really see the message, which I did. I really hope you don’t see this as me trying to start something or talk down to you, I’m not. I respect what you said, I’m just a smart ass who over thinks this stuff and because I spent time rooting out his second accounts from the forum I got used to reading what he really wanted. PS. @tyrant666, I was writing this when you posted, not criticizing your choice to bring this old post up but the reason I think it’s dishonest is above. Thought you might find it funny, 😉.
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    Are you talking about Gun here? If so then that is 100% wrong. Gun has absolutely no involvement in that upcoming Predator game. It will be published by Sony and developed by Illfonic. No Gun involvement whatsoever.
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    It’s is quite confusing.... Victor Miller currently holds the rights to Friday the 13th the Original film and its characters from the first film only ....in the United States.... Horror INC holds the rights to the sequels in the United States.....and the entire franchise overseas........Millers current rights also give him controlling rights to derivative works based on characters from the original..... Though he doesn’t own the undead hockey masked killer he does own the name Jason Voorhees as he is a character created in the original film.... making moving the franchise forward very hard and creating new content based on the property impossible without both parties on the same page....since everything continuing the franchise can fall under a derivative of the original film. hope this helps.
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    Pappus is a jackass and anything he has to say..... means very little to me.
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    1. I don’t believe shift is Jason’s only true strength, I’ve killed several counselors inside a cabin just waiting for them to come inside to kill them. The problem is, is most Jason’s don’t think outside the box enough to know how to use stalk properly. They all use a direct approach every game. Also I have killed many counselors with throwing knives alone. also Stalk is very very powerful!!! 2. This is true. If there’s more then one counselor it is best to slash. 3. I think spawn for items is fine. 4. I agree with the perk system. I hate it. I wish they would’ve just made it so you can buy whatever perk you want at whatever level (epic, legendary, etc...) and just make the perk cost more cp. 5. I wish you could kill jason solo. I usually play by myself and if I fight Jason it’s almost always in a 1v1. It needs to be made difficult though. Right now the kill is too easy. 6. With how easy Jason’s mask should fall off, it shouldn’t block off sense. 7. ? 8. To sum Jason up he is really good in the right hands. He is really strong in terms of stalk, throwing knives, and shift for killing counselors. But Jason’s combat is absolute garbage. Jason’s combat stance is trash compared to counselors combat stance. Jason simply cannot swing and get back into block quick enough to counter groups beating on him. I also feel like his swinging range could be better. Sometimes it seems like a counselor can be jogging right in front of me and I’ll swing and it won’t even hit them, although they’re right in front of my face. I think the grab range and the grab overall is fine but the swinging range could be improved. 9. When counselors escape camp their items will spawn at campfires usually. You’ll have plenty of items to help you survive the night. 10. I disagree, cars require a key realistically to start them. It’s already easy to fix an entire car. Not requiring a key would make it way too easy to do car escapes. 11. Counselors combat stance dodging is very powerful. You can literally juke Jason out and hit him over and over like a ninja if you know how to use it. Also don’t ask why hold breath meter is down there. I went in a hiding spot for a couple min for a bathroom break and it stuck to my screen lol 12. The game is fun as hell. I also agree the game can be frustrating, mainly due to the bugs and glitches. But it’s not gonna stop me from playing a great game I have tons of fun playing. I’m gonna look forward to everyone’s responses
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    his name was jason, and today is his birthday... jason voorhees is now 73 years old, that crustly ol' coot! in celebraition, id like to share a great little story from last halloween. i was at home, like a freakin halloweenie.. i was handin out candy to all the brats that night, wearing a dashing part 3 hockey mask of course. towards the end of the night, three brats came a knockin, maybe 10 years old they were. when i opened the door, all three of them let out a squeeker hooray shout of: JASON!!! one of them spoke up and i quote: "jason my dude, youre my favorite video game" i said something like "yes, the game is selling quite well" in a grumbly jason voice. after they squeeked their way outta there, i reflected on how crazy that was to me. as a young man never did i think that decades later, the kids of today would know jason as a video game character. im suprised they didnt circle me up, beat the shit outta me and teabag me while the others danced... anybody else wanna join in on jason's birthday party thread today?? say whatever, i dont care! its a party!
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    Get ready for a LOT of pictures:
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    Pocket knife, but not so I can use it as a get out of jail free card from Jason. I main Deb so I like to have a pocket knife so I can silently spring Jason's traps, fix shit and disappear like a ninja.
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    Guess I'll know what to call my next video after the new patch. The home stretch. Ask and you shall receive! Soon. Party on a roof while Jason gets the sweater stun...on a lightpole. Top men fixing it now. 😂
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    I have not had any problems logging in this week. I don't want to jinx it by declaring it "fixed," but I do wish to say thanks to whoever is/was working the problem.
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    Definitely! Nothing will be worse than seeing someone on a roof, light pole or outhouse after this newest patch drops. I would rather it take longer but finally eliminate that issue from the game entirely.
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    I’m sick of waiting too, but better a real fix than more disappointment.
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    "'Soon. Take it for what it is.'' That was the short version of the stream. 😄
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    Me? Never and it's not because I don't like the switch or because I care about graphics but because the lack of cross-save. Having to level up and unlock everything again is a big no-no for me. Specially rolling perks AGAIN considering how shitty the system is and how hard it is to earn CP on lower levels.
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    Thanks for the opinions everyone. Good to see some people like the idea. I think it’d be really good for Jason to. Kill squads would have to learn to run away for once instead of constantly hunting Jason down the entire time. This would also give Jason a window of time to have a chance to kill them before the timer hits 5 minutes left. Jason players shouldn’t have to hide out just bc they lost their mask with SG and Tommy running Jason down ready to kill him. They should be forced to get hunted down by Jason for a bit first. The whole Jason getting hunted all game by kill squads is just ass backwards. Jason’s the real hunter in the game
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    👀 Oh alright as long we get the patch sooner haha
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    So slotted kills are now glitching like environmental kills. Smh. I did The Curb Stomp kill and it glitched into the “force choke” broken animation until the counselor broke free. WTF. This game really is deteriorating.
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    Anything to make the kill squads actually work for a kill I'm good with. They usually quit right away if they fail at the kill anyways. Make them play the whole game. I like it!
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    Next time you're stuck in a choke stance try to get in water. It'll go back to normal.
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    Now lets not say anything hasty...... Wait....thats illegal.....
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    Agree 100% weapon swapping is a Privilege that should be earned.
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    I once told a jason helper to change their gamer tag to Jasonslittleb. It’d fit their play style perfectly. thats seriously what they look like though, running around unlocking doors, body blocking, etc. they look like Jason’s little bitch
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    Very true! All I want now is a game with very little bugs and glitches in it. As long as the servers are still up then that is all that matters. And who knows! Maybe they are secretly working on a new horror game we don't know about while also supporting this game with bug fixes. Wes was teasing something on Twitter months ago so maybe they could be working on something now. That would be awesome!
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    Testing to find stuff is one thing. Testing to find stuff, and re-testing once it's "fixed" is an entirely different matter. Given the amount of time between patches lately, I'd like to believe there's more testing going on now than in the past. We'll never know, as that's not something they're gonna elaborate on with us.
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    Regardless of who Gun may have chosen to hire, cleaning up someone else's mistakes is rarely an easy job. I feel for anyone who ever has to endure that.
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    Happy Father’s Day all.
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    Here is how I see it.... there is fault on both sides especially when it comes to time tables and controlling expectations...... The developers definitely have a hard time keep up with the development/ fixes of the game........a lot can be said about where the game should be at this point....and it’s completely understandable..... So no impatient fans is definitely not the only problem. But on the other side of that is......when they actually did provide timelines or road maps they were brutally roasted by players of the game and our community.......so in this regard being damned if they do or damned if they don’t has created the dynamic we have today where telling us they are working on things without a definite time frame......is safer. We don’t know what issues Black Tower is having to deal with as they continue making fixes to the game.... their track record implies it is far more difficult than originally expected that’s for sure. So I see both sides I see how frustrating the situation is.... for both the fans and Developers. We all want to see the franchise and the game in a better place...... managing our own expectations is the only thing we can control when it comes to the continuing development of this game.
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    Much of what he says (in this particular post) is true. Just because the guy took things too far at some point doesn't mean everything he has to say is worthless. An intelligent person can discern between the messenger and the message.
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    Ya there are so many cool things they could have incorporated into the game but sadly will never happen. I even suggested a sandbox mode where you can have the counselors and Jason's do certain scenario's and have the in game items be used and be able to manipulate the camera so players can make cool fan made trailers and video's.
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    Nice! That sounds pretty cool I wish they could have had more Vitual cabin experiences for the Lazarus and maybe the Voorhees house/ town area or even allowed you the ability to visit locations from the original maps like Packanack or the Jarvis house and vacation house that incorporated more movie/ game facts...before revealing the next map/added characters.
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    For god's sake fix the f********ckin servers! DATABASE LOGIN FAILURE all the time! Parties don't work, nothing works for two weeks, what the hell are you waiting for????????????? What reports you are looking for????? Try it by yourself, this happens to all players!
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    Yeah, I wish that some of that stuff would come back, not just animations things like firecrackers used to look amazing too.
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    Starting point for the player. Also, I had to use covered wagons to stand in for the cars, which kinda makes me wish there was way to escape using them in F13. I guess instead of battery and gas you'd have to feed the horse and nail his shoes on.
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    Bunny Girl does not condone sexual assault............ .....unless it's funny.
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    Yeah, essentially giving the people a way to replace bad or crazy leaders. George has written himself into a bit of a corner when it comes to wrapping it up and a document that gives a recourse is all I can come up with to finish it off. I like your happy ending for Arya and Gendry much better than the shows.
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    Sorry buddy, getting to it today. Didn’t want to be half out of it while reading it and I was a wreck yesterday. Edit: Not bad, I like a number of things you did differently and some you kept the same. It’s at least as good as what was filmed, but not necessarily better. This isn’t a criticism, I really do like some of the things you did differently but feel it would be received about the same as the official version by the hardcore fans. Especially killing off Danny, I like the twist of the babies though keeping her covered for most of it would be a dead give away unfortunately. I’m not criticizing the choice to make Bran the Night King but do feel it’s a little cliche. I feel it’s the fan theory that was presented best and there’s nothing wrong with a little fan service either, so it’s fine. The criticism of kings (queens) is still lacking in this version, no offence to anyone who doesn’t think that’s the message of the show. George has done a good job of hiding it in plain sight and missing it is easy, the show runners did and they spent far more time with the story than us. I’m looking forward to reading the whole series and seeing how he resolves it, as boring as it is he’ll probably cop out and Magna Carta it.
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    Perks 'system' is the worst thing in the game, tedious, boring and it got to a point I just don't bother rolling them, it's more painful than a machete to the face. I think a skill tree and unlock system would've been better. Say what you want but a lot of gamers like working towards unlocks and rewards via xp, keeps playerbase active. Nobody likes random rolls based on luck, but what do I know I'm not a game developer.
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    Start a QP match as Jason and within 3 minutes, 50 people hanging out on the roof in Packanack? Gimme a break... 2 years and this glitchy nonsense is still going on. May as well just shut the damn servers down already
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