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    Escape Artist and Scout perks do not reduce the amount of button presses required to escape from Jason's grab or a bear trap. Instead they make the gauge meter speed up 1-15% faster when you're not pressing any button. So basically they're even more useless than I thought they were. I tested default grip strength in private matches and these were the results; Tommy Jarvis: 12 Button presses to escape / 24 when Jason is enraged Jenny Myers: 16 Button presses to escape / 28 when Jason is enraged Mitch Floyd: 17 Button presses to escape / 28 when Jason is enraged Adam Palomino: 17 Button presses to escape / 34 when Jason is enraged AJ Mason: 22 Button presses to escape / 45 when Jason is enraged Kenny Riedell: 25 Button presses to escape / 50 when Jason is enraged Deborah Kim: 33 button presses to escape / 52 when Jason is enraged Vanessa Jones: 38 button presses to escape / 60 when Jason is enraged Tiffany Cox: 47 button presses to escape / 64 when Jason is enraged These were all tested against a neutral grip strength Jason. Also the Spatial Awareness Perk doesn't seem to work either. I tested it on Tiffany and she stumbled 9 times without the perk (I jogged in circles around Jason until her stamina depleted) and then with the perk on she stumbled 8 times. Perk in question was Epic with a bonus of 25% and no penalties.
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