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    I'm honestly shocked we're still digging thru all this despite the fact that literally zero new information has come up, but here we are. First off, Ronnie saying something about we "might" this or we "might" that is exactly what it is, vague and unclear. Hardly the smoking gun, end all be all proof of some master coverup. The simple truth is, as I've said before, the team was told to stop and stopped. We have zero to gain from stopping content earlier than forced to and everything to lose. I honestly do not understand how so many conversations can be had on this topic without any thought to that fact. Ask yourself simply: What would Gun gain by halting content on a game that was making money off content? Then if you really want to end this insanity of half baked theories ask yourself a second question: If they did intentionally halt content on the game, why did they then hang around keeping servers running for YEARS after the fact, spending money on servers without new DLC bringing money in? Before anyone types up another "Gun knew this or that and Gun doesn't care" post, answer those two questions for me, LOGICALLY. If Gun just wanted out, Gun would have got out right at the content stoppage. After all, there is ZERO obligation on Gun to run dedicated servers for a day past the content stoppage, never mind years after. Up next: Savini on eBay. Another topic we've covered numerous times. A partner had a theft of codes, those codes were sold on eBay. When informed, Gun passed the info to the partner for them to handle in house. I read a comment in this thread prior that it was "obviously linked to Gun" and that's a ridiculous statement. Gun was not behind those sales on eBay and the situation was handled by our partner to the best of everyone's ability. If we wanted to sell Savini Jason wouldn't it be far easier to just drop him on the marketplaces? But that is even besides the point. Ultimately, from what I can gather from reading a hundred of these conspiracy threads is that anyone who has an issue with the situation has that issue still despite hearing from us on it because there was no FBI raid of some seasonal employees apartment, complete with SWAT teams and a trip to Guantanamo. Just because the full hellfire of the US Military was not unleashed upon someone does not mean boom, Gun must be behind it. When faced with a lack of evidence to support your theory you cannot simply substitute a supporting theory in it's place and treat it as facts. This theory that we shipped Roy and Pinehurst to "reuse assets" is another one completely devoid of any understanding of how games are made or what was closer to completion and what wasn't. Again, substituting your theory in place of any real fact or inside knowledge on a subject is just telling stories. You speculate we skipped Jason X and Grendel based off what? What timing did you feel was presented that would have implied that X/Grendel should have been first? As for Kickstarter, as it definitely helped us get F13 made and we're thankful for that, every game studio would be using it if it were simply the best way to fund and make games. Truth is, funding and creating games without the crowdfunding route is better overall for the company and community. So we're not going to crowdfund a game if we can make the game by funding elsewhere. As you all know, we're working on another game. That game is not a Kickstarter project and no, Kickstarter and funding was not an integral part of deciding what game we make next. So it is inconsequential to what title we release next. I see this "Kickstarter to get a license" thing come up and it simply doesn't make sense. That's not how this works. Did everything go smoothly? Nope. Did this all go just how we planned? Nope. Are we literally the devil or some kind of crime family? Also nope. If after reading this reply or the 700 others I've typed up on these topics you still feel like Gun is some kind of big bad guy, that's your right to the opinion. I'm not here to change your mind or beg anyone to do anything they feel is outside of their best interest. You can carry those feelings over to the next title if that's truly how you feel. Again, that's your right. But if you're going to do nothing but dredge up the past, dredge up old articles, old threads, old podcasts and sling them around Gun channels to try and convince people who don't feel the same way that you do, you're going to have to do that on YOUR forum or YOUR channels. Not ours. The official position Gun is taking here is that we've addressed this as many times and as thoroughly as we can and we're not going to continue to address this further. Again, as said before, I'm not here to change your mind if that's how you feel. Speak your mind, by all means. But if all you want to do is tell old tales in the hopes that you can sway anyone who thinks differently, you'll have to do so somewhere else. Our official channels are not your soapbox for wild conspiracies and attempts to indoctrinate our community.
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    I don't know what is more annoying: Loopers in the game or Loopers who create multiple threads on this forum looking for validation for their looping in the game.
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