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    Hello there, again. Some know me, but they are probably just moved on from this forum and game, as am I. I just felt like I should create at least one topic that makes sense (i was a shitposter as many of you know). Well, first of all, I don't have any idea how did I first see this game. But when I did, I just thought "I must play this". This game was the first game that made me meet Steam. This game first game that I spoke english in-game chat. This game was the first game I made friends. This was the first game that I cared, made suggestions and visit its forum. Although I did know most of my topics was based on pure bullshit, I enjoyed posting them, seeing people reply. I am not best person or player to play to talk with, but I do enjoyed sharing this ride with you guys. I wish this game didn't get axed so we could had much more fun but what can we do, right? I know even this whole text looks like a big diarrhea shit to you but I just wanted to say that I love you and thank you so much for having me here. I wish you the best!
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    If the counselor is moving stamina should be taken, as simple as that.
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    Theres also players like me who must dance at radios. Hell, If I see a bunch of people dancing in a cabin with the radio blasting, im in! Those are my people. lol
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    1. Adding them went counter to what they sold the backers and the fans before launch. 2. They probably added them because they were 'easy' content to add. Hindsight being what it is, if that time went to things like Grendel/Uber, a new gamemode, a new custom Jason,, etc actual legit content. Then I'd trade out the emotes in a heart beat. Counselors could crouch all they want. I wouldn't give a shit if the trade meant more legit content.
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    In my opinion this game started to go south when the introduction of the dance emotes, as a backer I was sold a horror game not a dance party, I know that some people will feel different (mostly the trolls of the game) but I think it would be nice if dancing burned up stamina, it something that certainly can be added without it being new content, and would calm it down.
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    Hello all, I’ve been gone for a while, just recently got back into the game. This is something I’ve been wishing for, for a while. Is there any chance that a future patch could include a way to view which kills you have completed and which you still need to complete in order to get the Ph.D in Murder achievement? I literally have everything else in the game completed. All achievements, all badges, all tapes, etc. But, without a progress check screen, I would have to go back and re-do literally every kill in the game, in order to figure which ones I’ve missed. The amount of time that would take is insane. Not to mention, it’s not easy to find a comprehensive list of all the kills needed and where they are located. I’ve seen several with differences between them. I’m a completist, and this is the only thing between me and 100% on the game. A way to check progress for this would be amazing, and I wouldn’t think it would be that hard to add. Thoughts?
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    I'm currently having various issues with the online community. I'm frustrated, I'm angry, I'm not sure what to say because I can't trust anyone right now. I always have problems dealing with people. I'm not even sure if I should even be posting this, because part of me thinks all I'll get is people who want to shit on me and no one will do anything about it. Online games are just always full of jerks and the second I try to enter any I get attacked and mocked and harrassed. I'm not looking for sympathy, I don't expect it anymore. Everyone just decides I'm scum and hates me. I'm trying to get better. I'm just trying to enjoy the game. I can't even enjoy being Jason anymore because I'm afraid of people like this. Is it so hard to just treat people with respect? Is it so fucking hard to be nice to people? Why do I always get paired with fucking assholes. I can't even find a group online, cause when I ask for help with achievements all I get is fucking guff from people who treat me like shit just for asking for help. I don't even know if this will help or I'll just get more grief. I'm just so sick and tired and frustrated with myself. I've made no real progress with anything. I thought I was getting better and now this shit has completely wrecked my confidence all over again. It's not fair. I can handle losing, I can't handle people being assholes to me just because they won. I just want to have fun. Why do people have to ruin it?
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    With Sony allowing crossplay to all platform could we see xbox players playing with ps4 players? @mattshotcha https://twitter.com/IGN/status/1179388327306375168
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    Yeah, I can already hear them crying and begging for some „pocket knife“ perks like starting with one PK or the epic one each PK can be used twice
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    @FridayThe31st thanks for posting this. When it did happen to me I really doubted myself if that really had happened. Would have been cool if there had been another counselor in that cabin and see his jumpscare
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    Here you go, glitch happens at 11:38.
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    Came back after a few patches and my god. The embarrassment. To see so many downlow teamers in every single lobby is shameful and pathetic. Call them out in a message and they’ll fervently deny it yet their buddies follow each other and all leave at the same time en masse. To see max level players in this game be such trash is both embarrassing and a disgrace tbh. This was never the case at launch of years ago. Yes, yes there will always be scum in online games, fact. This, however, is a shocking difference that is immediately noticeable. This game was NOT designed to be 5 friends in party chat coordinating in a public match to ruin the game for everyone else Here are some obvious things I encountered in 9 matches and five different lobbies before I re-called it quits: -Jason magically knowing you’re at the shack before you go in (with Debbie) -Jason showing up at the fuse when you put it in with no mistakes. Conveniently checking on the fuse the exact moment I was there, sure -Jason showing up at the boat before you even begin to repair, completely tipped off -Jason running past his buddies to tunnel me (I didn’t even have the sweater) -Being followed and sandbagged by the same counselors -Players walking around with repair items refusing to use them or drop -Sliding glitch with flaregun still a thing smh -Players unabashedly trapping windows and unlocked doors right in front of me -Players trying to scoot me into the traps -Players sidling me and trying to lay a trap on me as I call Tommy, fix a generator, or repair a part -Players tagging items as bait and trapping windows and doors of that cabin, if you step in they grab the item and Jason shows up -variations on these Basically a once-beloved indie game with potential turned into every troll’s wet dream come true. As a backer, when I first started playing, the playerbase was clearly dudes in their 30s and 40s. Now it’s another kid’s game and trolling streamers exploiting and cheating to get kills. How unfortunate, that’s all.
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    This is why I only play Offline Bots now-a-days. I can't even remember what it's like playing as a Counselor anymore.
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    Thanks! Was pretty funny how mad they got 😆
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    well I remember them Being talked about from the start of the campaign and I like them. I don’t dance but I love to flip off Jason. I have suggested that emotes anger jason and give him a 5 sec rage burst in strength and speed. I thought that would make people a little more hesitant to use them.
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    Even if they were never added, people would still teabag you by spamming crouch. Also that isn't true that EVERYBODY who uses them are trolls.
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    They should have never been added. Only teamers and tea bagging trolls use them.
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    Thanks @mattshotcha and the team. This is the best patch for a long time. The AU Servers are connecting again, finding a game is MUCH faster, and there are no new show-stoppers introduced. Obviously there are still issues like the knife/car which you are looking into, but a really really good release. Well done guys!
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    No fan of those dancing emotes either. Good idea to reduce the stamina while dancing or make it that who use dance emotes won’t be able to carry a weapon while doing so. Would cost them a second to lay it down and pick it up again. Counselors who like to dance in a cabin, have fun with it. But not this teabagging nonsense any more. At least less of it.
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    I’m not expecting much, but hopefully it will be a step in the right direction to finally end the BS so at least merchandising can resume. We still need parts 7,8,9 and X from NECA. We need another F13 movie.
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    While I don’t mind the dancing, I can see where you’re coming from. Especially now since counselors have gotten better, in almost every lobby, if the Jason is good or not you’ll see people stunning Jason then dancing on him. It’s annoying, and I usually just ignore it whenever it’s done to me. I usually use dance emotes when somebody is teaming and I want to make sure they know they’re shit, or when just in general I want to make a funny moment out of something. I was never against the dance emotes, but it definitely does take away the immersion of the horror factor. I like your suggestion about the stamina being taken up. Maybe when dancing they should make it that you’re more noisy (since if you were to be dancing in real life, you technically would make more noise than if you were just standing still), and Jason can see/detect you easier.
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    This is the attitude that is ruining the game. This advocates becoming the very thing your post is complaining about.
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    I came across these teamers and bullied the Jason as tiffany for awhile and when I lost my Pk over a stupid stumble I considered suicide but he killed me instead and I came back as tommy. With his dumbass helpers outside the main home they wait in the car for me while jason chases me inside pack home. Then one comes inside and sets up traps at doors and windows. Then at the end the dumbass Jason player accidentally grabs his friend and not me and I teabag her to death. After the match the Jason player cussed me out over the mic and was so angry. 😂
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    I've mained Savini since the game came out and there's two Jason's that share his best perks, which is Shift+ and Destruction... his weapon damage perk doesn't work properly so it's negated from his kit. Part 8 has Destruction. Part 6 has Shift+ / Weapon Range Whichever one you prefer, go with that one as the alternative to Savini. Part 8 and 6 are the best Jason's in the game for cool down speeds as well so take that for what it's worth. I get that everyone has different play styles and if setting traps is your thing then Part 2 is probably better for a lot of people but if we're getting down to the math and speed of things, Part 6 and part 8 are top tier with Savini being the best over all Jason in the game. To back up this proof, Savini Jason's downsides are negligible and he has 3 amazingly positive perks that pretty much break the game... If his weapon damage+ perk actually did extra damage, he'd be insane... but from what I've read it's bugged and he does normal damage which is probably a good thing considering he has the longest range in the game next to Part 6. EDIT: I forgot that we can change Jason's weapons now, so yeah, Part 8 is basically on par with Part 6 for range if you switch his Axe out for the spear... I prefer smashing down doors faster honestly, and the extra speed in water doesn't hurt either.
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    It would be nice for those who don't have him, but it's not gonna happen.
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    Seems so. I right now have 20/20 Pamela and 12/13 Tommy tapes. Since finding the last one, I found like two dozen more Pamela tapes which I do not need anymore, but no further Tommy. edit: now I have all of them.
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    I still encounter that once in a while.
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    If you could have Tommy to start in a match, who would be called on the radio? Bots can fix stuff, if left alone. Once in a while they'll double back if interrupted, and you aren't around. Their driving leaves much to be desired. Maybe 1-2% of the time, they can drive off into the night. That is if you aren't hot on their heels. I do agree that a boat escape would be nice for the bots to achieve, if it was permissible to be implemented. I've seen some impressive bot AI in a number of games. It would have been nice to see bots with better instincts. Bots that could adapt during a play session would have been nice too.
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    @Wolledc, your idea has potential, but may not deter the behavior you frown on. If someone wants to troll/dance/teabag Jason, they will do it regardless. If it was added to Private matches as an option, I think people would enjoy it. Scenario B would be the equivalent of having six seats with the vehicles for 7/8 people. First come, first serve. This is providing that players aren't focused on the Jason kill. 😎 @TedWhiteJ4, what do you mean by "you people"?
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    Welcome to the forum.
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    What this gentleman said. 😎 Some new players are still fascinated with Savini Jason from what I've noticed.
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    No, he’s an exclusive and it’s been said repeatedly that he will stay that way.
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    So what’s the deal as to why sometimes 30 swings on Jason with audible taps just swing though some Jason’s?
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