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    To everyone it applies to, have a happy and safe Memorial Day.
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    Unfortunately that is the devs call on exploits due to flaws in the game code or programming. I specifically asked about the Pinehurst stairs exploit and that was the answer Matt provided. That is why they weren't banning the roof exploiters when that was happening. So that encompasses almost every exploit in the game.Throwing knives at cars, rock exploits, etc.
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    I'm sharing this because it's related to the topic at hand: Last night me and the couple of friends I kill Jason with were playing for a few hours, I usually mute everybody, but if we're playing as a group I'll only mute Jason and anybody who's loud or obnoxious. Remember this, it's important. We get 3-4 rounds in and are having no luck whatsoever getting one of us to come back as Tommy. Even if me and the other "Demask and die" teammate are the first two dead, somebody else still gets it. Finally, I get picked as Tommy, but I didn't get the mask off before dying. Designated Sweater-Girl comes and finds me, we go to the shack, Jason shows up,we fight, mask breaks, and he disappears. We go look for him (by now it's just me, SG, and friend #2, everyone else is dead) and surprise surprise... he's hiding in the lake. He'll surface just enough to toss a TK, then go back to his new home in the Lake of Shame and Cowardice. The round ends and the entire lobby starts giving him tons of "pussy-ass Jason talks shit until his mask comes off then hides like a bitch" type abuse. Apparently, he was doing a whole lot of talking shit to everyone during the round ("You guys suck" "Nobody's going to survive" "You're all garbage" type shit), and the rest of the people in the lobby were not happy in the slightest about having to watch a formerly trash-talking Jason play Hide and Please-Don't-Hurt-Me for several minutes and had no problems expressing this unhappiness over the air. Then the Jason in question left the lobby. Big surprise...
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    lol, am I the only one that gets a bigger kick out of his responses than the topic itself ? Clearly nothing you tell this guy matters and he is not only complaining about slash , but also choke and knocking off heads . Whats your user name on the game , ill gladly slash you to death every game so you quit .
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    Slash em. Jason Voorhees is the king of slasher films. Put the "slash" in slasher. Those people are bitching because they didn't get to use their pocket knife.
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