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    Ok do you really expect them to put in more man-hours to make a goddamn black hole or ballistic missile hit Crystal Lake and annihilate the map or some shit? Keep dreaming.
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    Long story short, they're not changing the "rage buff". Troll Jason all you like til rage mode. After that, you might want to be somewhere else. Don't get me wrong, I don't exactly approve of it. Wasn't necessarily a bad idea, just poor execution. About the only thing the "buff" is really good for, one way or another, is guaranteeing that 99% of the matches played won't last the full 20 minutes. Which translates to the people that die or escape don't have to sit and watch a couple of asshats chain stunning Jason for 20 minutes because they think it makes them good. If you can still run the clock out on a halfway decent Jason post "buff" then I'd say you might have some skill...
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    You forgot to include bc they suck at actually playing the game right so they resort to teaming. I think this is how a lot of it starts in the first place also of course to troll others and make other people’s gaming experiences bad are probably the biggest reasons for it.
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    For what it's worth @FridayThe31st, they weren't trying hard enough. That's why they fell in the end.
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    Truthfully, you could say all of the above. No matter the reason for teaming, it sucks across the board.
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    No, what’s evil is, waiting ten minutes for a game t start just to find out that it’s a 5v2, 4v3,or whatever. And the fact that when I try and ask them politely, why are messing that up for everyone else? You don’t think it’s a little messed up that the rest of us are trying to play the game the right way and you’re helping Jason? And get a stupid response back. I just don’t see how that’s fun? part of me totally gets meeting someone that’s pretty cool and then having to kill them. But these mother fuckers are just straight up ignorant. I run them over every time I can. I’m not the kind of person that has control and can just leave the game
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    @NickersLarge I know, its so trash. When I know there's a teamer, i fix the car and run them over, and then after the match, call me evil, but i go on the mic and tell them that they're trash and should go play something else if they're gonna be doing that trashy shit.
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    Welcome to the forum. We're not sure, but I'd bet that these fixes are not as easy as one would think. Otherwise, they might have been fixed by now.
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    Entitlement and selfishness are two reasons why certain lobbies in Quick Play are as bad as they seem to be.
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    It's good to know the gaming world isn't completely full of self-centered individuals. Now if we could bring more of that into the real world.
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