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    100% agree.I can see a definite decrease coming just due to it going to P2P in of itself.On Steam you only had 500-600 players at peak hours and I can see that going down to maybe half that once P2P kicks in.Then you are going to punish people for rage quitting or leaving because they weren't chosen to be Jason? Not a way to keep a player base.As I said after their punishment they will comeback and take it out on other players like hoarding objective parts, trapping you in no escape spots aiming a gun at you so you can't go anywhere, going and getting the sweater real early so you can't kill Jason. Do you want to deal with that?There are already people doing these things now and it would just get worse.
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    As Jason, my favorite maps are Crystal Lake small because how condensed it is and Higgins Haven large because the shack is usually on the island making it very risky to attempt a Jason kill.
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    Recent attacks on our servers causing instability have been under investigation by the team. Working with our development partners, we have a patch candidate that is working through the process of going live on all platforms. However, due to the urgency of this patch we will be rolling it out as it is ready on a platform by platform basis as opposed to holding the patch until every platform is ready. We aim to have the patch out on PC and PS4 by the weekend. We will update this thread when those builds go out. Xbox and Switch will be trailing, but we plan to deliver those as soon as possible. While this sounds like players on specific platforms will see improvements before players on the trailing platforms, due to how our backend is structured, the patch landing on other platforms means we should see an overall improvement in matchmaking for every platform, building as we reach parity. The staged approach is going to make incremental improvements as it rolls out on different platforms and ultimately, once the last platform is updated, alleviate the issue for the community. I'll be back to update this thread as the patch rolls out. Thank you for your patience, gang.
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    No, as I said in the post, but maybe I didn't highlight it enough, all users will see improved matchmaking and stability after the PC/PS4 patch. Due to how our backend is structured, this patch will actually help reduce the issues for all users. The same is true of the Xbox/Switch patch. So this is why it's important to note that we'll see incremental improvement with each platform getting the patch, on all platforms. Once ALL platforms have been patched, we'll see the issue resolved fully. It's a plan that takes some time in the roll out, but we felt it urgent enough to just drop the patches as they wrap up and are complete. The timing difference is due to a hurdle we did not anticipate that was uncovered late. Which the team will take care of and then get the Xbox/Switch patches set and out.
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