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    You guys can have y'all doubts I don't care LOL I'm having faith and hope!
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    Wes said in a stream that there won't ever be a F13:The Game Part 2 from their team. So if there were to be a sequel to this game, it would have to be from entirely different publishers and developers. I don't know a development team that would be willing to work on a second game but hopefully it will happen someday.
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    The best thing to do If the lawsuit settled would be a friday the 13th part 2. I mean games like cod and battlefield get new games every couple of years, so why not. There would have to be a big focus on different game modes to set it apart and make it different to this game. What we have now could be classic mode and maps. More sp Challenges (with a skip button) I'd also look at more customisable Jason's and counselors, different perk system - make it a lot more interesting on that front. So basically more content, modes and refined gameplay would make a part 2 worthwhile.
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    If he was playable, who would Jason kill at the start of each match? There's gotta be a generic body to get the counselors all panicky.
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    Why do people keep making this into a topic? No new content ever. They've been clear about it. As a side note, I'm in that camp that wants a sequel when the legal issues have been resolved.
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    I don't know how much clearer he can make it. They cant add content because of the lawsuit. This has been repeated many more times than it should have ever had to been.
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    Some people just don't know when no means no. How many times does this have to be hashed out?
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    You’d brush off being kicked in the balls??
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