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    Trump you are a great guy and I agree with many things you write, but you seriously need to chill dude 🤗
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    Has anyone ever compared the damage resistance of a 19% Thick Skin and a 20% Thick Skin? Do you get an extra + Weapon Strength slash or an extra block or something?
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    I look past what they are doing.. If they are dancing, t bagging and talking smack. I ignore them and save them for last, especially male characters. I just assume they want me to either focus on them OR want me to kill them. So I give them none of it. I also mute my mic when in Jason.. I have a no talking rule. Don't care how much smack they talk.. Im like a brick wall.
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    Haha @Somethin Cool You indeed are one of the most hardcore but you are also very mature, polite and easy going, at least as far as I can tell, so let's say I didn't open this topic having you in mind... It w
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    Since nothing new can be added I thought of a few cool things they could tweak with the main menu. Have a News ticker with listed events (double xp weekends) and latest patch notes. ( I could have swore this was there before but now its gone) 2. Have the menu randomly scroll through the different Jason 3D models or have it be the Jason you have selected to play as. It would be cool to see the other Jason models on the main menu screen other then just Part 3. What do you think?
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    Like @HaHaTrumpWon said if you love to play it then it's always worth playing.
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    This would be something actual lawyers would have to look at and I don't think Gun wants to take the chance.
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    Well, Wes has been been teasing something on Twitter for the last few months. The last we heard about this is Wes getting a phone call from someone from LA. Wes also tweeted about him having a meeting with someone too. Maybe they are trying to get the license to a certain franchise? I really hope so!
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    If youre talking about the Blue big vacation house, then its a pocket knife thing.. Any other cabin im pretty sure is a new trap glitch going around that i dont think works on PC.
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    I really hope they are working and planning on something. I think it’s time for Gun and Black Tower to just abandon this game altogether and reroute all manpower to building a new game. It’s clear that even a small amount of debugging and fixing for F13 is just too much for them at this point. Tbh it really shouldn’t be this hard to say “hey, let’s remove the chair next to the house in Jarvis since people have been exploiting that spot for 2 years.....done!” Like come on. But I forgot they don’t “have any money”
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    No matter what the defeatist doom-and-gloomers may claim, YES.... It is still worth playing. Jason DOES tend to get killed a bit earlier than a few months ago, and counselors DO indeed tend to escape more (and sooner). There are still glitches and trolls, and there always will be, same as any other game. But there are still plenty of decent players in lobbies every night that are just looking for a good match without all the bullshit. It is definitely worth it.
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    Add another to the list, although it's a close cousin of the piñata parties -- people who attack you in groups, hit you every time you grab one of their buddies, and then cry foul when you start slashing them down. Well, what did you expect me to do, bro? You picked the rules.
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    If done, I'd suggest changing up the settings. Having a summer camp map would be cool. But though there would need to be more variety in the map settings. A cemetery map for example. Different killers, with different strengths. I think the market if there if Gun is interested.
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    Nothing a counselor does annoys me at this point, tbh. People who go up on roofs? I can get on Packanack and if it's another map it gives me time to go around and test if I can get up there or trying to figure out where I can get up there. People who drive around? I can do that as a counselor, I understand the disadvantage Jason has with the car so I'll just ignore them. Teabaggers? I just laugh at them. Most of them are shit players and I'll kill them within a minute or two. Pinata party with stun weapons? Go ahead, keep hitting me, get my rage up faster, thanks!
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    Call of Duty, Battlefield, Medal of Honor, Doom & Halo are virtually the same exact game. They're first person shooters with few ascetic differences. Summer Camp as a reskin of Friday the 13th wouldn't have legal repercussions. They already own the rights to their game. They can't do anymore Friday the 13th content so they just can't use tge trademarked characters being Tommy, Fox, Shelly, Pamela & Jason. They can copy & paste everything else and there'd be no legal problems from Sean or Miller.
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    I’m into it. If they need a little more money, I’d even be willing to pitch in $20 for a smaller, less grandiose Kickstarter but that’s it, no more money out of principle. I’d love to see Gun transition to Slasher Summer Camp. They need to approach a larger studio and pitch the idea and use the success of F13 as proof there is interest and potential in the idea. “We made F13 on our own with a small team and Kickstarter money yet look at the interest and profitability of the game. With a major studio backing a similar project, imagine the revenue generated with AAA resources.” Pitch it, make it happen. The gaming community is an expansive, enmeshed, and very invested group. We know what’s going on everywhere with games, it’s what we love. It’s time to let F13 rest and focus on a similar bigger and better game. I’d be willing to say that 70-90% of F13 playerbase would jump on Slasher Camp immediately. You already have a playerbase, envision Slasher Camp as Part 2 and run with it Take what works from other games and implement it. Players loved what Activision did for COD WWII “base” where players could run around and engage with other players and content outside the parameters of lobbies. That would work perfectly for a Slasher game. Have players be able to sandbox around a small camp with a lodge and interact with other players, change their gear and clothes, do mini games, and have fun. Then they can can join lobbies at their leisure. F13 is very small and old skool in scope. You have to immediately go into a lobby like it’s the 90s and from there is your entire experience. Give the game depth. Combine elements of the virtual cabin with the online game. Have people running around trying to find Easter eggs and secrets in the sandbox pre-lobby camp. Have chests with rare gear counselors can earn. Approach the game for the long haul, people want to be able to create and customize their own character which has to be done. This is a no-brainer at this point. Take what was learned, what worked and didn’t and make something new.
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    This is a good idea but Jason is my 2nd favorite horror icon with Michael as my 1st. I’d be so sad to see Friday go. I’d rather see them settle the lawsuit and keep the game moving forward. But we all know how that’s been going. Now all we need is for a Halloween game to come out with Michael Myers, but with no lawsuit BS.
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    I'm kinda wishing that they would of just stuck with this Idea and never accepted the F13 license. Yes, I love F13 and that we got a F13 game but look what happened to the game because of it being a licensed IP. If this were to be a unlicensed game, we would still be getting updates and additional content added to the game without any legal bullshit to worry about.
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    Then quit playing, a game can’t die a peaceful death but you can choose, not to be involved if you want. Even after the servers go down I’ll still be playing it.
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    Those people are worthless pieces of shit. You want to barricade yourselves into the barn? Why? So Jason can't get to you? Do you really suck that much balls at this game that the only chance you have to survive is by cheating? It's pathetic in every sense of the word.
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    I'm not going to comment on anything balance related as that would suggest I'm entertaining the idea. I'm against the concept as a whole. The greatest failure of the Nintendo Friday the 13th game was it's inability to be faithful to the source material. Adding an unnecessary zombie mode takes away necessary resources from Gun and Illphonic's ability to present a faithful representation of Friday the 13th. If Gun or Illphonic were interested in making a zombie game based on Night of the Living Dead, I would suggest doing so as it's own individual title. Gun has a connection to Tom Savini who directed the first remake of Night and was involved in most of Romero's Dead films. That said, Illphonic recently released, or re-released, a zombie game that you can now find in the bargain bin of your local Wal-Mart. The zombie genre is over-saturated and there's nothing that I feel could be brought to the table that hasn't been done before, and better. If you want a character driven zombie experience, play Telltale's The Walking Dead. If you want to kill hordes of zombies, play one of the Left for Dead games. If you want a random zombie experience, play one of many games like Plants vs. Zombies, etc. If you want to play Friday the 13th: The Game- play Friday the 13th: The Game.
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    I have no interest in seeing zombies added, ever.
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    Zombies... Really...? There's enough zombie games already, I don't really care to have them added to F13. I'm not going to pretend I read the whole thing, and I'm sure your ideas are great. I just can't support adding zombies.
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    Top of the Jarvis house map in Hollow Grove, I've seen counselors get on top of that house, looked around for a trap but no trap I could see. Anyone else seen this before?
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