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    This morning the team has deployed a workaround for the PC platform to help players avoid unofficial lobbies in matchmaking. Quick Play is replaced with Join Match and functions the same way it always has. A new option, Host Match, is now available to choose to be the host of a public game. This option is only available on PC.
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    Hey Tim, this isn't true. At all. What you can see via Steam is that there is a dev branch of the game. They have absolutely ZERO insight into what is on that dev branch currently. Stop posting rumors and theories as facts. This community, and more specifically these forums don't need that. No more threads about "you heard from a guy who thinks..." cause it's all just nonsense to whip up the community here, and I'm not going to allow it to continue given we're in the waning days of the forums anyhow. To all else in this thread, news on the PC situation EXTREMELY soon. In the meantime, don't believe this "hackers already know what is coming and are a step ahead" nonsense. The change we have been cooking is more of a workaround, and should be a viable workaround for the PC community into the future, as long as there are players looking for a standard match.
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    I haven't played in a while, but the last time I did, I was still pretty good. I told my friend I used to play with that the match making is working again, so he is going to start again too. Jason was always my favorite slasher killer growing up. Also, the game is really fun, and produced stimulating situations.
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    Thanks for updating on that, these hacker rooms are jamming the game queue. The game is very good and there are players willing to play it. But this kind of problem, it gets in the way a lot. (I apologize if something is typed wrong, I'm Brazilian, google translator win haha)
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    Thank you for all the hard work! I'll have to wait until later tonight to try it out. Finally, I can enjoy this game again!
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    Welcome to the forum. The issue with having seven pocket knives is that while it could be one per counselor, not everyone would want to share. That would lead to players wanting even more, until we end up with twenty or more. The three we have (Four if you count Tommy's knife) are enough to give some counselors a chance to survive, while also giving Jason a chance to win as well. The other issue is that Jason players would most likely stop grabbing counselors, and just resort to slashing them only. As for shotguns killing Jason in a single shot, that would be a bit too much. In the movies, Jason took several shots and kept pursuing those who shot at him. I'm not so sure this member is trolling. I'll give them the benefit of the doubt.
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    It sucks when that happens. On the plus side, not everyone does that.
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    I don't know the exact criteria used to ban troublemakers. If you feel that you have concrete evidence, you should report it. I just wouldn't get my hopes up. There are still a lot of decent players out there that don't cheat. Many people still see the same cheaters despite reporting them. There are some people being banned, even though it isn't very many. Check through some of the older threats where people admitted to being banned. Hopefully one day more of them will be banned.
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    Welcome to the forum @Velvet. People have been banned when the evidence is enough to make it happen. In the meantime, make friends with decent players, and try to avoid the troublemaker whenever possible. I wish you the best of luck.
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    I'm sure you saw in the other topic that I started inquiring about this that someone asked if it were possible a solution would be here by Halloween and Matt said MAYBE.Well that is only a week away so that's not happening. It doesn't matter as I said previously ,my sources tell me the modders or hackers are 1-2 steps ahead of Gun.They already have a way to circumvent this attempted fix and I have no reason to doubt that.My sources have been correct on many things before. Even IF it gets fixed don't expect it to last very long maybe a week at most till were are back at square 1 and they WON'T attempt another fix. I hope I'm wrong and I'll gladly eat some crow and apologize for spreading false info. I'm just telling you past history shows they have little to no ability to stop these hackers for long. PC format is dead my friend.My stepson has a PS4 so worse case scenario I can buy it for that but it has even been hacked now by at least 1 person. I have video evidence.
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