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    Your ban was for intentional bypass of anti-cheat measures.
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    Seems pretty obvious, you have to rage through closed doors once it's unlocked and you can't block because of this so it needs to be tweaked, hope these new devs can get some needed fixes in an expeditious fashion.
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    @CuzImPata you have over 1000 hours played on Friday the 13th the game. Also your profile has had multiple bans on different games. Why would you cheat? You should know this game like the back of your hand. Good to know they are still banning blatant cheaters.
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    Haha then they follow you in a cabin and stand there watching you open all the draws ... “Durrrrrrrrr” lol
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    I saw a bunch of new stuff on a site somewhere (but can't find it anymore). However, I did save the Kill list and one other surprise pic that confirms something that many of us were guessing (presuming it's not fake). Maybe we'll get lucky and these will make it into the game, because it all looks pretty awesome! NOTE TO MODS: Since most of this has been discussed here already, I'm hoping it's ok, but if not, please remove this post (sincerely - a big fan of the game). List: Grab Kills: Arm Ripoff and Beat Chicken Wing Good Night Reverse Head Rip Road House Axe Kills: Chelsea Smile C**k Tease Decap Huck and Chuck Three Strikes Shears Kills: Bullseye Not Going Anywhere Seventh Kill The Eyes Have It Spear Kills: Javelin The Lay Claim Vlad Fire Axe Kills: Judo Chop Peek-a-Boo Sword Swallow Double-Bit Axe Kills: Call Me Smash Croquet Back Breaker Space Machete Kills: Give Me That I Kneed You I've Seen That Before Mouthful Say Goodbye Creep See No Evil Pitchfork Kills: Catch Head Toss High Stakes Sledgehammer Kills: Behind You Breaking Point Kickstand McFly Your Biggest Fan Pic:
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    True, I played Tiff enough to know exactly what you're saying. Composure definitely works, but fear must be amplified. It already darkens the screen and causes the loss of mini map, and lessens stamina regeneration. I'm thinking by amplifying that by 20% when in a 15' radius of Jason, and adding 5% every 15 seconds for a total of 50% will give Jason a chance at dispersing the crowd without nerfing counselors. Then increase his attack speed till he beats a counselor when they swing at the same time, same with block. Only swift attacker should beat him to the punch! And bump his fast walk/run speed so he gains on a jogging counselor, then playing Jason will feel truly powerful to skilled players. And the new players will have a fighting chance against skilled counselors, while not overpowering them. Noobs will FEAR Jason, skilled opponents will respect him!
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    If Jason doesn't want to be killed, and knows how to play. He will never be killed if he plays defensive. I've never been killed.. Probably never will. Because if Tommy and the Sweater girl are together, i turn into a ninja knife sniper. If they get too close, i shift and morph away while looking for knife throws. I also have to spend alot of time collecting throwing knives. This turns into a very long...... boring game. But i feel as if its my job to make it boring to punish Jason killers.
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    https://youtu.be/WtDNIuS39qU Hopefully this won't get me into trouble
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    I probably have killed more counselors as Jason 9 than any other. Once shift comes online, it's hard to not just fuck up the lobby.
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