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    I think less about winning or losing, and more about having fun. If the match gets people laughing or cheering in the spirit of fun, then that's my win. You get style points for giving Jason the bird. RE Resistance leaves me feeling more like a Dungeon Master. Does anyone here play D&D these days?
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    A lot of people felt that way. On the bright side, some players truly play the way a Tom and Jerry cartoon chase plays out. I managed to stand still as Jason, and have a counselor run right to me after running around furniture a few times.
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    Forcing people to be patient works about as well as forcing people to play the game as one feels it should be played. In my experience, maybe 10% of the time, I find a player who seems to take the whole timer. It's typically a verbally abusive "adult" of sorts. I give them the benefit of the doubt, until I have reason to feel otherwise. If I suspect it to be a dick of a player, I kill them first as Jason. Thankfully, there are players out there that get matches started, rather than holding people up to the point of frustration.
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    Meh, timer says I've got 2 minutes. I wanna make a sandwich? I've got two minutes. Can't wait? Then grow up, cause its 2 minutes. Wanna start clicking like a maniac hoping I'll ready up? Then I'm going to run every second off that clock.
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    Let's just all agree to disagree and move on. He may not appeal to everybody, and that's fine. If you like his works, have a figurative drink on me. If you don't, you can have a drink as well. Kane Hodder is better at his craft than I would be at the same craft. I'll give the gentleman his due respect. @OCT 31 1978 and @SonofOdin6039 I would also enjoy seeing Kane in other roles, just to see what else he is capable of. @Jason Todd Voorhees, that is an impressive avatar.
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    I don’t think any developer or publisher will reveal what they’re working on because a forum member somewhere demands it. Most have plans ahead of time of when they reveal something. The presentation is a part of the art, and most want to do it when the time is right. You don’t just want to throw stuff out there before it’s ready. You want to present it in a way that’ll generate excitement for fans.
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    In truth, all similar games in this genre could be looked at the same way. The teamers would be the equivalent of mind-controlled entities of sorts.
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    I'm going to break the rules and bump this thread. Don't tell @Kodiak or @JPops Updated as of today. Check the original post.
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    So if someone isn’t cheating they don’t know how to play the game properly? I honestly hope I never play against you or any one else in this thread that tries to justifying cheating as being ok. Just because you know how to cheat doesn’t mean you should. I’ve been aware of all the cheats in this thread for a longtime but have no interest in doing them & no interest in even learning how. People trying to justify it by saying its no different than people who use cs to break down a door is laughable.
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    @TimDuke 01, you got some justice. It's proof the system works. One less hacker for now is a good step in the right direction.
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    At the end of the day, players either will or won't use these tactics. It would be easier to just group yourself with like-minded players and play with your preferred play style. @Redcat345, any exploits that the team decides to patch out (hopefully without anything else breaking) would be nice. @Brian76, I agree that enjoying the game to the best of one's ability while we can should be done. We'll eventually get that dismal notice that the dedicated services will be shut down.
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    Then the other 2 out of 10 times, they likely play as intended. It should be the other way around. We all know it's a game, but some people are quite addicted to it. Having to wait kills them on the inside. I agree that more patience is needed, but impatient players aren't going to learn patience overnight. If they haven't learn to have patience by now, they probably never will.
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    Do the players troll or team in the game in addition to making anyone wait? A buddy messaged me about that. I suspect the two issues could be related. @TedWhiteJ4, I agree a little patience goes a long way. On the other hand, the six weeks of the game held hostage by hackers has given choice players withdrawal symptoms. They want their fix.
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    Every since I was a kid watching Friday the 13th I always wanted to play that role of Jason. In early 2019, I asked Kane Hodder for his blessing/approval and he said Yes, this was something amazing for me to ask for someone I look up to for years on end. In mid 2019, I was making my own ideas for a fan film a lot of stuff was deleted for obvious reasons of it either being too unoriginal to people or just people doing it. As of 2020 I threw a lot of my original ideas. Vengeance with their introduction of Elias Voorhees, which I also had an idea of bringing in his "father" but this was there's and well I didn't want to look like a "Well you copied" them and stuff. Never Hike Alone in the Snow is also another which was always a discussion with Jason being able to kill in the Snow so that idea was also something I had but Stomp Films is producing such a thing. Friday the 13th: Rose Blood is doing a continuation of Part VII So I am asking for any other ideas for me to try to do, it could be a continuation like with Vengeance/Rose Blood or with NHA with something new and nothing to do with the overall sequels. Before anyone ask I am hoping to do a Part VII sequel (a Personal Goal lol) and then that sequel being it's own entirely new Jason design. This thread is basically to see what the fans want to see and what not to see or what to do with Jason and what not to do with Jason, My main thing is....I dont want to do what Halloween 4-Resurrection did for Michael which made him to Humanized and to Obvious with the plot. Any Ideas/Help? (These Tags is to help get the discussion started: @OCT 31 1978 @Fair Play @Dragonfire82877 @Slasher_Clone @Redcat345 @Big Daddy J)
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    This is a very ambitious project @Jason Todd Voorhees. If anyone can do this, it's you. One thing I would have liked to see is a Tommy Jarvis / Tina Shepard teamup.
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    Heres a cool tweet and video from wes keltner on twitch i believe. Wish it was on you tube. It aired today in the afternoon. I Cant wait to watch it and understand more about IP Intellectual properties of video game license.
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    To those who celebrate the holiday, be safe and have a good time.
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    Proven Facts: Jason's Stun Resistance is not a working attribute in the game. All Jasons have the same stun chance and duration. A counselor does not have to be crouched for the Low Profile perk's sense avoidance chance to work. A cabin/lodge does not glow red when Jason uses his Sense ability pre-Rage mode if a counselor is in a hiding spot. Jason's -Defense attribute does not contain a 'Block chance' mechanic. All Jasons will block all counselor melee hits as long as the Block initiation was not affected by the player's ping value/lag (off host). There are only 3 pocket knives to be found by counselors in a mtach. Tommy Jarvis, if called, arrives with a forth. The Strength stat marginally increases the duration of a counselor's melee weapon stun on Jason. Fear takes longer to decrease, as well as increase, for high Composure counselors. 15% Lightfoot perk allows A.J. to sprint without giving off any noise pings. The same cannot be said for Tiffany despite her also having 10 Stealth. Luck slightly increases the size of the skill checks when repairing an objective. Jenny's Stealth is actually higher than 6. It is actually ~8.5. The cooking pot is more durable than the in-game infographic displays. It is as durable as the 2x4. (Several weapon stats on the in-game infographic are actually incorrect.) Using 10% Nerves of Steel and 10% Preparedness perks together on Jenny ensures her fear level will never increase; simply known as No Fear Jenny. Part 7 Jason can detect counselor noise pings from a greater distance than other Jasons. Jason can use Combat Stance to identify the specific bed that a counselor is hiding under. Brainless Fiction: +Shift Jasons travel at a faster speed than neutral-Shift Jasons. The Stealth stat impairs Jason's ability to sense a counselor when he uses his Sense ability. Turning on a radio will cause the entire building to glow red when Jason uses his Sense ability. A counselor's Luck stat influences the amount of damage they receive when climbing through a broken window. High Luck provides a counselor with better items when looting cabin/lodge draws. Sense avoidance perks do not work when Jason is in Rage mode. High Strength increases a counselor's chance to stun Jason with a melee weapon. Man At Arms perk allows all counselors to attack more with a melee weapon before it breaks. (A 15% MAA perk provides only one more hit for counselors with 8 or higher Luck.) The frying pan has a 100% stun chance. Jason can hear players conversing from anywhere on the map if their counselor has a walkie-talkie. An Epic/Legendary Sucker Punch perk will 100% guarantee a sweater-stunned, demasked Jason will fall to his knees when hit. Pyro perk increases Jason spotting time with the flare gun. Jason can be killed with his mask still on. A player muted in game chat can still hear you talking. Tommy must have Jason's mask in his inventory in order to perform the Jason kill. Part 2 Jason has a worse Sense range than other neutral-Sense Jasons. Unsubstantiated Claims: -
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    No problem. Have a nice stay at camp while you are here.
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    I think we can all agree that making people rage quit is the ultimate win.
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    Using a glitch like that is cheating. There's no doubt about it. Let's hope so.
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    Quick Play lobbies will never agree on any set of rules. Play in such a way that you can live with what you did afterwards.
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    If you grew up watching Looney Tunes or Tom and Jerry, that's why you'd get a laugh or two from it.
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    If this was an option I would've voted for it! A rage quit is just as good, if not better than a kill. Wish the goobers thinking they're getting one over on you by rage quitting realized all they're doing is showing everyone what a bitch they are.
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    Pros Great attention to film details on the environment and character models. Fun gameplay. Cons Bug filled mess. Poorly optimized Poorly developed Poorly managed Poorly designed Toxic fan base. No in game report system. No rule enforcement. Publisher has no respect for anyone who plays clean. Publisher supports cheating. Hackers currently control the game. Publisher is helpless to stop hackers from controlling the game. Lawsuit halting new content. Did I get my money's worth? Yes I did. Will I ever buy anything published by GunMedia ever again? No, they let cheaters cheat and hackers hack. "As long as we got players" was their mantra even if they ran off new players. Now hackers run the game. Will I ever buy anything developed by Illfonic? No, anyone who has played this knows why. Thanks for reading.
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    If you suspect they were a hacker, then you should submit evidence to the team like the rest of us. Also, insulting other members here that disagree with you will not make anything else you say be taken seriously. Take a chill pill.
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    They need to patch out exploits. If you use any glitch to gain an advantage, you're a cheater no matter what side you play on.
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    It's never going to stop so I wouldn't get so worked up about it.
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    Welcome to the forum and the game. It's good to hear that the game has been enjoyable so far.
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    🤔 If I remember correctly: Ginny kicked the car door into him, broke his nuts with her knee, slashed his arm with a chainsaw, broke a chair over his back, mind fucked him with moms sweater, and planted a machete about eight inches deep in his shoulder. Chris stabbed him in the leg with a knife, hit him over the head with a log, dropped herself on him in the barn, hung him, then planted the axe in his head. Trish beat the shit out of him with a claw hammer breaking his mask, then planted the claw side in his shoulder. Then she smashed a tv over his head, split his hand with a machete, and knocked the broken mask off his face with the machete, setting him up for the kill. I think they all put up a pretty good fight.
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    So what you think that gives you the right to call him stupid a nut and an Asshole?? Wrong. The guy suffered for a long time from that accident.....he was young and made some rookie mistakes it happens......he had performed that same stunt Already and you know when people are young with confidence they think they can do anything.......it’s not stupidity. Yeah adversity is something everyone has to face.....but you Come across with zero tact and respect for Kane or others with the way you post. I couldn’t answer that for you I wasn’t there for the stunt.......If I am not mistaken I believe the problem was the wrong glue was used and the interviewer didn’t realize that anything had gone wrong until it was too late..... You don’t have to buy anything you either believe him or not he isn’t trying to prove it happen to you..... To he honest why would he lie about something like that.....I was bullied Terribly around the same Age as Kane. I was short and heavy when I was younger and as I got older that changed.....It’s a common story in life. Either way his story whether you believe it or not shouldn’t affect the way you post...... You have No respect/empathy/ and trash talk someone you don’t even know. You lack Human Decency, look in the mirror pal and find out what your real problem is.
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    A few of the things on that list I actually agree with to some degree and a few of them I have never even heard anyone complain about. Counselors Need to Bar the Door of Every Cabin You Enter - Maybe not every door but please do your best to lock as many as you can (with the exception of 1-hit doors) as you go around the map. There is a good chance that locked door will help save a counselor later in the match. Jason is Never Supposed to Slash Kill. NEVER! - This is what I voted for. I don't even mind slashers (other than the fact it's kinda lame). Easier to find a bunch of health sprays than PKs. Jason Using the Choke Kill is Cheap - I agree with this somewhat. Using choke kill or head punch has it's place, but using only that kill is just lame. I had a 150 Jason kill the entire lobby using one handed choke and it was embarrassing to watch. Jason Trapping Cabin Windows Very Early in the Match - Go ahead and waste your traps. Fine by me. Counselors Shouldn't Set Traps Behind Unlocked Doors or Out in the Open - This I 100% agree with. If you are setting up traps where counselors could easily step on them you better be communicating that to the rest of the group. Jason is Obligated to Stand and Fight a Kill Squad - I don't think he has to stand there and fight but he damn well better keep trying to kill everyone. If you lose your mask it's your own damn fault. Man up and find a way to kill the rest of the counselors. Use stalk, shift, morph whatever you have to do to kill them. Running and hiding in a lake is by FAR the most embarrassing thing you can do as Jason. If you are the type of person who runs and hides because you don't want to die as Jason you need to grow a thicker skin and stop taking the game so seriously. Counselors Shouldn't Escape in a Two-Seat Vehicle by Themselves - Whether you stop to pick anyone up depends on game circumstances, whether you are in the 4 seater or 2 seater. It's Cheating for Jason to Shift Passed a Set Trap (Yes Seriously) - This is definitely the dumbest in the list lol. I didn't vote for it because I have never heard someone complain about that. Jason Should Never Spawn Kill - I partially agree with this one. Considering how much time it can take to find a lobby and wait for everyone to ready up, I do think it is douchey to kill someone in the first couple minutes of the game. But that's just a personal opinion on this matter. I don't play as Jason a lot so sometimes I am guilty of this as well because I just get excited to kill someone the moment I see them. lol Jason Shouldn't Use Combat Stance to Break Down a Door - Meh. I don't really care how they break the door down but if they are taking advantage of glitches/tech then ya, I'd have a bit of a problem with it. Female Counselors Should Never Get the Sweater Before Tommy is on the Map - I agree with this one, somewhat. If the lobby is a well organized, communicative group then it may make sense. If some random person goes and grabs the sweater before Tommy is even called then they are just an idiot and will probably die while wearing it.
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    Good question. Perhaps they are conceptualizing their next project, or trying to find the right company to do business with.
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    There could be a lot of fun had, if only the option was available.
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    i dont know about all of you, but instead of all the jason X spaceship map content, i wouldve rather had more regular movie maps like camp forrest green, maybe even underground tunnel system remake crystal lake, abandon camp blood map, or voorhees house.. i wouldve loved it if more characters from the movie were in the game. like all characters were from the movies. not chris higgens as jenny myers, but just chris higgens, like they did with shelly & fox. crazy ralph needed to be somewhere in the game as well.. maybe you just see him on his bike randomly once per match & he just kinda rides away into the woods.. as the game is today, i think we ended up with enough great content considering the lawsuit & all.. except for two things... more maps, & more jason kills... i wouldve been 100% ok with more maps & more kills.. oh... & one more thing.. level cap 150... needed a reward REAL bad. often times when im checking levels in the lobby, if i notice someone is right around the corner from reaching 150, i message & congrats them.. most the time in their reply they ask "do i unlock anything?" which i sadly respond "no".. it really bums them out hahaha.. sorry..
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    I'd be concerned that this would make the PC platform much worse off than it already is.
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    This is why I like playing in leagues/tournaments. It's clear cut who wins or loses. In pubs there are is no winning or losing. As long as you're having fun you're winning.
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    A 1958 Camp Crystal Lake Counselor uniform clothing pack would've been a really nice unlockable. You know the yellow shirt with the black shorts as seen at the beginning of the original movie.
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    Me neither. I would also like it if it happened with counselors.
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    All this game has become is a harrassment simulator. Bugs and exploiting that never get fixed in a timely manner. Developers refusing to ban users of said bugs and exploits. Hackers ddos attacks and account tampering. Widespread cheating. Updates causing more exploits then they solve. Toxic player base that can't wrap their head around the fact the lawsuit prevents new content. I don't know guys. I think the game is finally dying dispite the fan efforts to keep it alive. It was fun while it lasted I guess. But now you can glich your way into five pocket knives to troll Jason on top of the sliding and other forms of general harassment on both sides of the game. Nearly zero response by the developers to curb the behavior. It just isn't fun anymore. There are better and more enjoyable ways to spend my little gaming time then fucking around with this broken ass hacked mess the developers refuse to police and barely try to fix.
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    This argument again seriously? Look, nobody likes the one guy who refuses to ready up when the rest of the lobby is ready to go. I know several people personally who will bleed the timer dry specifically to troll the rest of the lobby and annoy people. I only get several hours to actually play a night, so I'm particularly sensitive to time management, but I've learned to live with it. It's just something you have to deal with in this game, and the alternatives don't really save you all that much time. You know what I hate just as much as the guy who doesn't want to ready up though? I could care less about button spammers, but it's the asshole or holes with Mics yelling 'Ready Up Bitch' the second I drop into the lobby. Sorry, but I don't ready up immediately. I like to scout the lobby first to check for potential kill squads or trolls, and sometimes even change my character if the lobby needs some balancing. It takes all of thirty seconds and then I ready up. If I have a bunch of obnoxious twats cussing and yelling at me though, that's the one occasion I'm going to bleed that fucking clock dry. I don't start shit with anyone, but I will definitely give it right back.
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    Welcome to the forum. You can probably ask customer support about that. f13game@fearthegun.com
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    People have different sets of unspoken rules for this game. I agree Party Chat shouldn't be used with the game, but people will do as they please. It sucks, but it happens. People I regularly play with have a primary rule. Play as intended, or don't play at all. Jason doesn't play favorites, but will make the effort to kill everyone at some point in the match. Counselors don't help Jason, or screw each other over. If you lone wolf, that's on you, but don't screw others over.
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    The game may be dying, but it's not quite dead yet. People still play regularly, though the numbers are probably dwindling. There are some dedicated players that will play until it is no longer an option. Hackers and cheaters ruin the game for many people. Thankfully, there are still groups of players who come together, play some matches (without cheating or trolling), and have a good time. Some of those groups have younger players (reasonably mature for their age) among them. @Dragonfire82877, I had a match against four Vanessa players recently. I got them, though I had to work for it a bit.
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    You are dodging the question @Strigoi. What do you feel that Gun laws the player base?
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    Gun is sticking with Horror Games. While I cannot share more at this time, I can say we intend to continue making Horror Games by Horror Fans for Horror Fans.
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