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    I feel bad for the idiots still posting on the official forums, about a game they think is a rip off. Seems a bit pathetic really.
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    UPDATE: The team is testing a new fix for the "Bear Trap Method" counselors are using to slingshot themselves onto structures. Given the nagging resistance of this issue, the team is running additional testing on this fix, but hope to have it out to you within a week.
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    I think this is okay, since it shows how to combat glitchers. Jason gains no advantage by glitching onto a roof; this is actually helpful info for those who hate glitchers in my opinion.
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    While we wait for the roof glitch to be fixed, to those who continue to exploit, let this be your warning! (tbh, I have no clue how this happened) Furthermore, upon hanging you from the roof, I will then make you my love slave. You will be dead Spiderman, and I will be Mary Jane -- and that's just the beginning of the sick, awful things I will do to your body!
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    Agree 100% people get mad because they can no longer tea bag and troll jason that's all this is. Skilled counselors can still survive the night i witness it all the time i main counselor most the time and i love the new buff to rage feels good.
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    If you're so skilled then you shouldn't mind the challenge of a Jason that can't be stunned. If you can't still run the clock out on an unskilled Jason then you were never good to begin with. Sorry...
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    This stopped being silly a long time ago, now it’s just “look who’s being a dumbass this week.” If you think the game is dead move on. Your hurt feelings aren’t worth the time to humour any longer. No matter how bad Gun is at their job, those of you who spend the time and energy to be petty for months on end rather than just getting over it, you’re infinitely worse than the pubs you despise. If you don’t have anything constructive to add.... fuck off. I look forward to all the sad faces I’m bound to get, 😘.
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    this is for anyone seeing cheaters on the barn roof [Content removed by moderator. No videos demonstrating cheats it exploits]
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    Okay, I was sick of this nonsense conspiracy theory year ago and I am still sick of it now. The lawsuit happened and it has not ended yet. That is the major thing that needs to be acknowledged. No one has washed off their hands of anything. The main developer has moved on, for obvious reasons, because this is still business and they have to make money. I am 100% that people who are trying their best to keep this game running right now are a small team, very small, because they need to keep the costs low... the game barely produces new money right now, they cannot add anything new and someone has to pay for the servers. Now imagine yourself a game developer. You are a small team and you have been given this game, which was broken in various ways and which you have not coded nor programmed anything for. It must be a very frustrating task to keep this thing up and patch it. The point is... they are trying. I am sure they are just as frustrated with this thing as we are. Patience is a virtue.
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    No I don’t want them to ever shut down the servers, regardless of the bugs and glitches I still have a damn fun time playing this game along with others who have a lot of fun playing it. A lot of us would hate to see servers shut down. You’re being too negative saying that. however, the devs need to get their game fixed. I truly don’t think they put in the time into fixing the game like they should be. Especially with the fact that this game was backed by a kickstarter and the player base payed to have this game made and this is how the devs re pay everyone? By not fixing their game? It’s about damn time the devs actually make some progress with these glitches and bugs..... this latest patch it actually affects my game experience more with the environmental kills not working and it is really game breaking tbh....... they brought that bug into the game and then they go to say they’re more focused on fixing the roof glitch and the environmental kills will be fixed in the next patch??! But when the hell are we going to get another patch? 5 months? And who’s to say that patch won’t bring in any new bugs? And we aren’t getting any new content, so we at the very least deserve more frequent patches that will fix things. They always make excuses and say “we can only focus on so much at once” “we’re a small team” blah blah blah. But bugs and glitches have existed so long in this game and their care level for fixing it really shows.
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    I think all the developers pretty much washed their hands of the game at this point. They took the money and ran
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    Update from the Beyond stream: For anyone who missed the stream Mattshotcha said the hot fix that will hopefully end the Roof glitching is being retooled by the team and they hope to get it out to certification and us ASAP.... This hot fix will only focus on the actual interaction mechanics that allow players to gain access to all roof areas around the maps..... they believe that they will have this issue completely buttoned up with this upcoming Hot fix...after play testing the teams most recent build.... The following patch after the Hot fix will then address the environmental kills that have not been registering and allowing players to accumulate hundreds of kills per match... Matt also mentioned the knife throw car glitch and Victoria’s pants also being next on the teams cross hairs.... He also was asked about Jason’s mask hit points and him being easier to kill since the rage buff... and that the team was looking into these as well but they didn’t want to make any changes that were too drastic with Jason’s gameplay... I wanted to post something in this thread for anyone who hasn’t seen the Beyond Episode and wanted to know where we are with the most recent developments.
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    It's nothing special but fuck it, it's just for fun, it's not going to hurt my feelings if it sucks. Apologies if this is the wrong place for it.
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    All those tags are open as tabs and I'm always combing through. But priority one is getting this roof nonsense sorted out once and for all. We would like to get back on our track of what we're fixing once we do. So cars/knife physics, a second look at balancing, and some other items we've been poking around at. But things are getting back to normal around here and I'll be popping back up more frequently. Thanks for hanging in there and tagging me in. Please do continue to. Even when I don't respond, I use those tags to create tabs to keep them in my active routine. Totally understandable.
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    Working on getting the VoD of yesterday's BEYOND stream up on YouTube, but we had an issue with our local recording. I'm going to pull the broadcast from Twitch to upload soon, but can give the basic update here as well. First off, we appreciate the patience. We're working to fix the issue that allows counselors to reach unplayable areas in game, but at a root level. So we've identified the issue allowing the bear trap method, and fixed that. Internal testing was done by our usual testing partner, as well as internally, and then a follow up by our testing partner again, for the sake of being thorough. But through the process of figuring out and fixing the bear trap method, we came across the underlying bit of the issue that could be present elsewhere in the game, just not yet uncovered by us or the community. So we have the predominant method figured out and fixed, but are taking that knowledge back with us to inspect other areas of the game in an effort to be done with this method entirely. Pushing out a fix for the bear trap method now, then investigating further and potentially needing to push a second fix will take longer than just holding onto the bear trap fix while we work through any other potential instances. On top of this, we've refined some of our internal processes to aid in the detection and recreation of issues, as well as to test more thoroughly not just via our testing partner but also more thoroughly internally as well. We've always tested our patches, but we wanted to improve and expand on the process. Now, with extra redundancy checks, we feel we're getting a much better view of the patch in it's pre-certification state. We've also added another CS agent to the team here at Gun. He will be helping with all things CS, including but not limited to JasonKillsBugs.com As for Database Login Errors, please continue to submit reports to JKB. This issue is not very widespread and all the details we can find would be incredibly beneficial.
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    It’s very common now. The car is flipping, teleporting, and disappearing every few matches. It’s the new rubberband glitch. Before this latest patch, the car occasionally was glitching when Jason threw knives at it and hit the sweet spot, now it’s crashing, flipping, teleporting into a cabin, or flying off the map completely for zero predictable reason. Driving on a clear road? Teleport into cabin. Jason throws knife and nothing happens? Ok. Barely grace a small rock? Flip. Jason throws knife again and the car flies off the map. There are no clear predictors of what will cause the car to glitch and that’s typical of these clueless amateur know-nothing fly by night ‘developers’ at Gun and Black Tower. This from a company that used millions of free dollars to fund a game they bragged about on social media for being one of the top downloaded games of 2017 yet cried that they didn’t have any money to pay a team.
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    Start a QP match as Jason and within 3 minutes, 50 people hanging out on the roof in Packanack? Gimme a break... 2 years and this glitchy nonsense is still going on. May as well just shut the damn servers down already
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    Communication with the community costs nothing. So there is zero excuse for that over the entire game's run. Can't hide behind a lawsuit or 'limited' budget for that one. The lack of information, miscommunication is probably one of the few consistent things the game has going for it. People can get antsy over the negativity, but the reality is nobody has any idea what's going on and that's no good. The last time they did 'anything' with the community was when Randy was still associated with the game back in early 2018 with the streams. Other than that, nada. The whole thing on Tuesday isn't even an every week thing (not even always F13) and at best, lasts one hour with VERY LITTLE actual information about anything other than 'high priority', 'low priority' stock answers. You wouldn't know about any sort of 'community' events or double XP until they might actually come out of thin air and when that happens...its a double XP event that should've been made permanent long ago to newer players incentive to want to stick around the playerbase. So even then in the two years the game has been out, its either been a stream with Randy or a double XP event. Not much creativity there.
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    DBD is very fortunate in not having the issue that F13 the game is in.... With a License that is completely intertwined in a lawsuit.....limiting what can and cannot be done with it....... If this lawsuit didn’t affect Gun Media, I am sure by now there would have been so many new additions....weapon kills/ new counselors/ new Jason’s and Maps/ and game modes that would have been implemented........I know they wanted to add those throw back pictures of Pamela and Jason with more background info about them before Jason drowned to be found along with the tapes........there was definitely a plethora of things that could have been done if the game wasn’t trapped by the two Individuals fighting over how much money they should be getting........ well now that we know the lawsuit will be on going for the foreseeable future.....Fan films, figures and this game are the only thing to look forward to for the Franchise........And Jason’s legacy.... Hopefully people can finally see that Gun was right unfortunately about the lawsuit lasting entirely longer than they would be able to wait and continue creating content for...... I for one and happy both games exist, as far as I am concerned it’s a win for Us Horror fans ....
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    They could do a lot of things to make the game fresh. Some fun weekend events Such as: No perk weekend: Counslors can’t use parks & jasons strengths and weaknesses are removed. Cops only: no cars, just the phone box. Would provide a tough challenge for everyone. Random strengths & weaknesses for Jason. Lucky camper: a random counselor gets a bonus +2 to all stats across the board. ect. Some of the things are off the wall, but that’s exactly what we need. Something fresh. If it doesn’t work it’s no a big deal as it’s a random weekend only event.
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    If you are not a mod then STFU and get a life, or better yet a job.
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    Anybody know when the next patch is supposed to drop? I know Gun works hard on this game but this last patch has been a total abomination, I straight up stopped playing the game for like a month. Just played for the first time since like May and of course, Jason grabs me, kills me, game glitches, I break free. Then I repair the phone box, call the cops and escape except the game glitches again so instead of the "you survived" graphic the screen is just stuck on the police and my connection times out and I get no XP. I'm trying to get 100% completetion on this game (badges, achievements, maxed out XP) so it's really annoying when the game glitches and I don't get credit for it. Hopefully the next patch fixes these bugs and gets here soon.
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    @mattshotcha From my experience of playing as Jason I have changed up my play style after some of the patches. His grab ability feels like you lubed up your sweaty palms and are trying to grab a chicken like Rocky Balboa while Mick (mother) talks to you. "If you can catch this thing you can catch greased lighting''...or a lobby full of Vanessas. It starts to make Jason look like a fool when you have high ping and lag in a match. Every character can slow jog him around and laugh while he grabs nothing but air multiple times. Loop him around an object, long table, close doors in his face, loop in and out of windows etc. Not being able to grab a counselor through a window and watch them slowly crawl to safety is funny. Jason can grab people through a window in the movies. Ain't got time for that in a video game. During grab kill animations counselors can hit you multiple times to try to knock your mask off and you can't move until you finish the animation. They have a high chance to stun you right after you regain control and get a few more hits in too. This is why I prefer kill animations that are very fast over using slow animations that leave you open to get attacked for way too long. Not much time after pulling a driver out of a stopped car before another player tries to start it. Save a slow kill for the last survivor. Knives are good to collect. Often miss while in a lobby with lag issues. Save them for when a counselor goes through a window and hit them on the other side. Great for destroying cars with the knife bug. 😂 From playing against offline bots that all spawn with 2 or 3 pocket knives I always slash everyone to death now. As grabbing feels goofy missing multiple times in high ping lobbies. Also grinding out 1,000 matches as Jason will have you going for the most effective ways to end a match quickly. I use Savini Jason, with the hedge trimmers. Combat stance attack doors for faster animations with the 1 handed attack. Faster to destroy cabin walls instead of using a 2 handed weapon. Very long shift. The other Jason I'll use is Part 4. Tested out the other Jasons but I don't like how long it takes to destroy doors or slash counselors to death with Thick Skin and Medic. My favorite counselor is Cobra Kai Chad. After testing every counselor 1vs1 against Jason for a few hours. Thick Skin, Marathon, Restful. Can easily keep Jason busy in a 1vs1 situation. How can you lose with a face like this?
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    Pocket knife, but not so I can use it as a get out of jail free card from Jason. I main Deb so I like to have a pocket knife so I can silently spring Jason's traps, fix shit and disappear like a ninja.
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    If I thought a cake like that would boost morale and get fixes back in track, I'd have one shipped to the powers that be. Of course, I'd get two more. One would be for my family, and the other would be for my adopted forum family.
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    Happy Anniversary F13!! I made a cake to celebrate!! Who wants a “SLICE!!”
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    Is the game dead? The answer may surprise you (probably not though). It's not. Thread closed
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    I'm still trying to decide how people who are complaining about the people who are complaining meet the criteria of "constructive." I mean, it follows that if people complaining about their displeasure with a product they have purchased is not considered "constructive" then how can someone complaining about those people expressing said displeasure be considered constructive? As you've apparently appointed yourself High Moral Guardian of what people are allowed to express, perhaps you can explain this to me. On the one hand, you say that people who complain should just quit the forum, quit the game, and/or just keep it to themselves. But couldn't the same be true of the people who are complaining about the people who are complaining about the game. To use your own parlance, could they not just "fuck off" themselves? Who asked for their input? Can they not just ignore these threads? Yet, for some reason, they feel compelled to complain about people who are complaining. How is that "constructive"? How is that adding anything of merit to a discussion? Yes, I know, this whole thing is becoming meta at this point. I'm sure people are going to complain that I'm complaining about the people who are complaining about people who voice complaints. It's like complaints within complaints within complaints at this point. A veritable Inception of complaints.
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    That's pretty lame. Just stick with me, @Vaderspupil, @Redrum138, @lasse_hei, @pioneer67fkd, and the others we tend to play with. If I'm online looking to play F13, either send an invite my way or I'll shoot you one. The only "rule" we have (sometimes its not necessarily followed) is if a kill glitches and a counselor kicks out (listed as dead), don't be an asshat and run away. Take your death like a champ.
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    The game has been Rotten TRASH for over a year between endless bugs and glitches and JOKE sluggish game mechanics. I only play once in a blue moon but when I did it appears its mostly noobs with rotten QP lobbies of horrible players just shouting into mics and not going for any objectives the entire time . . . Most of the veteran players are long gone and the game mechanics feel even worse now than they did 2 years ago. Jason's grab is the worst control in gaming history. . . 6 months from now they know there won't be anyone left. So why "fix" anything? All they care about are their own wallets. Not a working product. In the end it doesn't matter. I would blackball them from the gaming industries or at the very least boycott all their future products so they will never make a PENNY off their games again. Of course, I don't know what mindless sucker would buy another game from them. But I'm sure there will be. You still have people blindly defending them even after they have TRASHED this game into oblivion to the point its hardly functional Hell, you can find less bugs on Atari 2600 Games.
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    @HaHaTrumpWonI feel like quite the hero when I get those messages.....lol
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    The thing that's make it a huge low blow for me is, according to Matt, even after the lawsuit is done, Gun Media has no desire to continue to this franchise whether it's a sequel or in any way shape or form. That just gives you a general idea on what so so interest they've always had for the game and pretty much explains the past random double xp events and streams that went unnoticed. You're right that folks will get antsy over the negativity, but if your company is going to operate as a team with low morale then your community is going to follow behind. Simple.
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    So now that the lawsuit won’t get settled for another 2-3 years it looks like a movie, new content for the game, and a sequel to the game is out of the window. Currently, all us Friday the 13th fans have right now of the franchise is fan made films and this game. What I ask of GUN media is to please give us more frequent patches that have a lot of focus on fixing the game. It’s very critical the game gets fixed rather sooner then later because players are starting to get frustrated with the issues and are leaving the game. I don’t want to see servers get shut down and I want to see the game stay alive. I’m a die hard fan of the franchise and the game so now that we can’t get a new movie or game we at least need to make sure the game stays alive!! GUN media please fix the game as close to 100% bug free as possible to make the current players happy/bring players back to keep the game alive.
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    This is, without a doubt, the greatest glitch I ever encountered in this game. It was truly something special. Glorious even.
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    With any luck according to our community leader in about a week we may not be seeing this happening anymore...... #Hotfix is coming @Slasher_Clonelol you beat me to it....you posted a response as I was typing.
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    I agree with @Slasher_Clone and @OCT 31 1978 I think this thread is better off being deleted due to the ignorance of saying the servers should be shut down. That’s taking things too far. However, I wouldn’t mind some discussion on why the devs don’t put the time into this game that they should.
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    @mattshotcha @Kodiak @JPops @NthnButAGoodTime @Ralph Wiggum777 @DamonD7 @GunMedia_Ben After the new patch on Xbox One X. 😂 I am sure the team is doing their best to hotfix what they can.
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    You’re more than welcome too.
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    Ask & you shall receive. Saw this one off in the distance heading for this cabin. Lucky for ol’ Jason the back door was open ...
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    It's from a Jason-kill a few days ago. I don't know why it did that (maybe Jesus returned and decided to stop at Higgens Haven instead of the Mt. of Olives).
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    New Jasons , counselors , maps , items , features , skins , play offline as counselor and more maps.
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    Hey gang, expect some news early next week. Tuesday most likely. I wanted to get you a status update before the weekend, but it's not firm enough right now to do so. We're working on sorting out what happened with this patch, but also some of our processes here so that we can minimize this happening again. As I said, news/status update early next week, fingers crossed with an ETA, but at the least, a status check in.
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    And the game is still alive and going.
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    Found players teaming up with Jason 5 matches in a row tonight. Ran them all over with the 4 seater with Cobrai Kai Chad. I could hear them in game chat trying to body block me for Jason. Good thing I collected the keys first. No mercy.
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    @mattshotcha Any chance we see this patch early next week? And also thanks for dropping in more often and keeping us informed on the status of the fixes means alot to us.
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    Tree trimming saw that he used in Part VII to kill Dr Crews! This of course would need balancing or it could be a special weapon, found somewhere on the map, with a one time use
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    Careful... don't want to say something mean and hurt somebodys pwecious wittle feewings... Ah, fuck 'em, they'll get over it. No, the game is NOT dead, and I really get sick of seeing stupid shit like "The game is dead", "They may as well shut down the servers", "R.I.P. F13:TG" and my personal favorite, "The games too broken/boring to play". If that's how you feel, you need to pack your shit and leave the forum. You are doing absolutely nothing to help the situation.
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    I am all about Preaching that Positivity! I can totally understand why people are upset most love the game and just want to play it as before without the glitches and without the fixes breaking anything else in the process.... I definitely have my fingers crossed for them to get the Roof glitching and the other issues fixed.... the developers and us could really use a big Win Right now.
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    Maybe if Gun have suspensions people wouldn't DC too often. The problem with this game is they give players free will to glitch and team and they're not banning or suspending players who do that crap so they're just rewarding the community with bad behavior. If players had consequences the game would be in a better state in then it is now. They talk about patching roof glitches will fix problems, but the glitchers will just find new places to glitch. It's not a permanent solution to their problem, same with teaming. They talk about how they've been trying to find solutions to the teaming? The answer is right in front of them with suspensions or bans with reported proof. The community isn't at fault anymore for how toxic it is, the fault is Gun for doing absolutely nothing to these players and it's time Gun steps up and takes responsibility and take action. If players knew Gun were serious with suspensions or bans do you think we would see glitchers or teamers as often as we do? If Gun actually stepped up it would cause a lot of the toxicity to stop because I know lots would be afraid they would lose their account if it got banned. There's no excuse or defending Gun with how they let the toxicity take over. It's an insult to the community who look to play this game the way it's meant to be played and it's especially an insult to those who helped back this game by funding them. It's a shame, it really is.
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