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    I'd really love to see this game come out with a patch that actually pays more attention to balancing the 'quality of life' that this game has lost. For example, *Jason being beatin by a group of counselors. It's still silly to see, silly to watch. Counselors should fear him, not want to beat him down. Make him stronger and more dangerous. This is one of the biggest updates that's been asked for... for well over 1 year and a half now, by a lot of people. *Counselors screaming when they are in a hiding spot, just out in the open, ruining any chance of ACTUALLY hiding. Everyone knows it. You hide, Jason shows up, and the counselors screams, letting Jason know EXACTLY where the counselor player is. (How this has been in the game well past the beta is beyond me) There are so many common sense fixes and changes that could have been made with this game that still have not come. The part that boggles the mind is how this stuff has been in the game for so long, when it's just such an apparent bluebook problem with the game. Any other developers would have had this kind of stuff stitched out well at the start of the game's release. This game is practically still in beta.
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    You know, I've also been playing since this game released. I'm not great at video games. But I've become pretty good at this one. I kill everyone most of the time. I like to kill counselors alot. Pretty good at killing them and avoiding their attacks The times I don't kill em all It's because they get lucky stuns from those fucking "freebies" , shitty battle mechanics and a crappy grab animation. It is the most bullshit aspect of a game that is almost entirely comprised of bullshit aspects. I know why it's in there. It's because grieving counselor mains kept crying abput "forcegrabs" and OP Jason. I nevee liked the idea. And if it happened once a game, ok fine. It happens 10-15 times per game. Does Jason have have somekind of spasms that freeze him in place after being hit with a fucking stick? How in the whole fuck is this any way fair? Counselors have no equivalent. Jason just freezes 20 times a game after being hit by whoever with whatever I realize all this has been said before. It's just been irritating me for a while so I thought I'd whine on the internet. Wahh! Ahh. Better. Lastly, I would just like to extend a hearty "go fuck yourself" to any players who exploit these absolute fuckeries. If I've been killing counselors for 20 minutes, and then you "win" because my character froze after raging through a door or being stunlocked, please understand this in no way constitutes a victory on your part. Ok that's all. Let's see who's the next loser who comes here crying about absolutely nothing.
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    GENERAL Fixed an issue where Jason’s throwing knives sometimes ignored car collision Fixed an issue that prevented Pamela’s laugh from playing at the end of a round Fixed an issue that could result in a Counselor not being killed if they have the Thick-Skinned Perk equipped Fixed an issue that prevented the loading screen images from cycling Fixed an issue that could allow Counselors to continue holding items while being grabbed by Jason XBOX Fixed an issue that could result in the morph cursor not appearing on Xbox One. MAPS Fixed an issue that could cause display errors with blood and wood particles on Pinehurst Fixed an issue that could cause graphical artifacts in Packanack Lodge Fixed an issue that could prevent players from picking up the shotgun if it spawns on top of a barrel in Higgins Haven Fixed an issue that could cause Counselor players to become stuck in a falling animation from barrels in Pinehurst Fixed an exploit that could allow Counselors to hide from Jason behind the graveyard fence in Higgins Haven Fixed the fence collision on Higgins Haven that could cause irregular car behavior Fixed an issue that allowed Counselors to walk on a bed in Pfeiffer Flat Cabin on Crystal Lake Small Fixed an issue that would prevent players from picking up a pocket knife if it spawned on a barrel in Higgins Haven Fixed an issue that could occur when using boat while holding bear trap Fixed a floating campfire in Pinehurst Fixed a floating wooden box in Pinehurst Fixed a collision issue with army bag in Higgins Haven Fixed a collision issue with a bed in Crystal Lake Small Fixed a collision issue with a pile of rocks in Higgins Haven Small Fixed some floating boxes and crates in Pinehurst Fixed a floating vase in Pinehurst Fixed collisions with a rock pile in Crystal Lake Fixed a floating campfire in Packanack Small Fixed collision with a bucket in Packanack Small Fixed a floating trash can in Packanack Small
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    How the hell are counselors so overpowered that people actually go "Jason Hunting"? I mean are you fucking kidding me? What kind of concept is this on a game where Jason Voorhees is the antagonist who has to run from a group, not have a circle jerk where 5 Vanessa's can beat the ever living shit out of you, wear the sweater and kill you rather easily with Tommy? Fucking ridiculous. It's also pretty fucking ridiculous how you can stun Jason with a bat Every. Single. Time. Also combat stance is beyond useless. You can't do anything in that mode, and you are still easily vulnerable in the back where you have 4/5 counselors gaining up on you. It's so fucking stupid. Too bad F13 the creators don't give a fuck because they aren't changing shit. I'm taking the game too seriously but really is disgraceful to Jason Voorhees. Call this game "Friday the 13th: Counselors Unite". They can beat the shit out of any Jason. Unreal. And let me be the first to say the only people who will disagree me are people who enjoy using counselors way more than they use Jason, so they'll say the "Git gud" bullcrap.
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    I mentioned this when we first tweeted out an opening for a Community Manager/Community Developer role, but my responsibilities here are growing. My current role is no longer specifically in Community Management, it's working with PR, and leading our marketing communications, community management, and customer service departments. Please understand that I know that community engagement hasn't been the best it could be, which is why we are taking steps to remedy the situation. We have a new Community Developer starting in a few short weeks - the first week of December - and they will be able to give the forums (and our other social outlets) the attention that they deserve. I've worked with this person before and I'm happy to be able to get their experience and work excellence into the team here at Gun. Our previous CS wasn't as good as it could be, so we reworked and expanded our in-house CS team in order to elevate our customer care abilities. CS currently has an average response time (during working hours) of less than an hour, which is an amazing feat given the two months they've been here. They are super on-the-ball and killing it. I am beyond proud of them. Unfortunately, and to the annoyance of my coworkers, I have not taken a vacation since I started here. Hopefully, that will change in 2019. To answer another question; no, this update was not planned to bring balance changes. This is the first update with Black Tower at the helm and, while we have planned for balance updates in the future, it seemed prudent to have their first update focus on some of the smaller QoL fixes. Letting them get their footing with leading the project before we start asking them to make larger/sweeping changes seems like a good idea.
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    Where is the fixes for. Interraction locked when hitting Jason with combat Stance Higgins Haven collision spot beneath the stairs Performance issues Searching games issues Jason's block being slower than used too Sliding exploit These are the major one but still you did a great job , i hope we will the get the new rolling and the balance patch soon.
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    Thank you for all of these fixes! I'm so happy that y'all listened to our reports so Friday the 13th can be at its best.
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    PATCH OF THE YEAR. I'm not joking, either...I was sincerely worried that would never be fixed. Now let's finally get some of the balance issues ironed out on the next patch.
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    We're looking at a release for this update of (around) 4pm Eastern tomorrow afternoon on all platforms.
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    Many people complain about this... I do not see a problem with it. They should, however... not be screaming when they cannot see him. I never have a problem with a counselor screaming in a hiding place... manage your fear a bit better, this will not happen so much. Try playing a counselor with higher composure if you like to use hiding spots... this helps too. Also... you can leave the hiding place with Jason in the building and still bravely run away, away... It is also better to try and find a cabin with more than two hiding spots... it greatly reduces his chances of knowing which spot you are in, even if your counselor is in panic mode and talking to themselves. As for them screaming and whispering... "please don't see me" at inopportune times... it is not only a classic horror trope (which fits perfectly for this game)… it is also realistic. When people panic, they actually do stupid shit like this in real life. The people that claim they would never do something like this in a similar situation... have never been in a similar situation, or have never seen (or known) others in a similar situation... and they are usually the first to bravely run away screaming. The fear system should actually be a bit harsher with certain things in my opinion. @i-cold I still have not gotten a prompt for an update on steam either... I am sure it will be along... "soonish."
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    Who is "we"? You may not think they were needed, but that's just your opinion, and you know what they say about opinions.
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    Can you just fix thoose problems? Let us skip the cutscenes in SP challenges. Let us turn on/off Pamela voice. Give us an opportunity turn on/off rain in offline bots. Fix the sound delay in offline bots intro cutscenes. Please that's all im asking.
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    You play on PC, get in a lobby with me I guarantee you will die as Jason within 3 games. There are ways to be an effective Jason, but for the most part, Jason doesn't always have tools against players targeting his weak points.
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    So I'm just going to throw this out there regarding the players complaining about being bullied as Jason. I'm just going to be straight forward about this if your being bullied are getting you butt handed to you then you just plan suck as Jason and you need to put your preference on counselor. I been playing this game since it came out I backed them during the process of making the game. So get your game up and stop complaining about being bullied as Jason I have never got killed nor been bullied they have tried but they all died thanks for everything
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    Still No fix for interaction lock after hitting Jason?!! Or guns sticking to counselors?? Why create Jasonkillsbugs.com if you dont use it to fix game breaking bugs?
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    @Ahab @Risinggrave someone say “Piñata Jason!!”
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    I wholeheartedly agree. Think about the amount of bitching if the devs would release a new patch with a new development team that turned out to be full of glitches. I´d rather wait for a fully tested patch that consurns bugs and balance, than a half-assed patch full of glitches that pisses everyone off even more. I do not think that I´m too naive in waiting for such. There is still money to be made in this game. Btw, I´m sincerely fedup with these "they lied to us", "they pulled the plug", "this was excuse to halt new content" -whiners, who are making up all sorts of conspiracy theories about why the devs didn't release Uber and such content earlier. Seriously? Have those people not been paying attention? Why do you think the devs focused on engine upgrade? Because the dedicated servers were their first priority. Why? Because the ds needed an engine upgrade. Why did they need the ds? Because the most critique was coming from quiting hosts. Well why was the new content held back? The for mentioned were first priority and because of earlier subpar patches. Why wouldn't they release subpar, untested patches? Because of the negative feedback from such patches. And no, I will not go to the lawsuit conversation, I´ve made my case on that issue already. The balance and bugfix patches are coming, it will just take a little more time; making sure that it has as little bugs as possible, proper testing, and ofcourse: smaller revenue means that you can afford a smaller body at work. Edit. I guess I´ve been lucky. Haven´t experienced any major bugs in a long time, even though I've been playing pretty frequently.
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    Lmfao! Perfect my friend, perfect!
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    Beer reduce fear. Increase stumbling and add a motion blur effect.
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    On PS4 not sure how they are getting up there?? 😡 welp time to figure out how to light a match and burn the lodge down lol
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    R.I.P. Mr. Lee. You entertained millions of people for decades. Excelsior!
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    Or it just wasn’t done yet, you’re assuming to much, things take time. After the amount of bitching each patch generates I’d take my time too.
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    It's like a cycle, every month we have a new post where someone wants Jason to be kind of invincible with very funny ideas that would kill the game in a couple of days.
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