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    Beginning the first of July and continuing over the last ten days, there have been hacking attempts on Friday the 13th: The Game affecting matchmaking, gameplay, and player progression. We are in the process of conducting our own internal investigation and have engaged a third party international computer forensics company. We are working with our development partners toward preventing further disruptions. These attempts and the harm to our player base constitute a crime. So, in addition to our other efforts above, we will also be fully cooperating with any resulting law enforcement investigations. We have not detected any loss of or unauthorized access to any personal or financial player information. Due to the criminal nature of this intrusion and the ongoing investigation as to its origins, we are currently unable to share additional information.
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    EDIT: Patch is rolling out on all platforms now. Please be sure to download the patch and fully restart the game before matchmaking. On Tuesday, the 16th of June, we'll be rolling out a patch for all platforms simultaneously. This patch will be deployed in the evening in the US, 10PM Eastern US Time. As with every patch day, as servers repopulate with players on the latest version, some matchmaking delays can occur. Make sure you have updated to the latest version once the patch is live, and completely restart the game. Support and Community teams will be standing by to monitor any potential issues. **Patch 1.37 (PC, Xbox, PS4) Patch 1.04 (Switch) - 6.16.2020 - 10PM Eastern US Time** Overall Car Improvements Jason or Counselors Attempting to Interact with the vehicle (Interaction Lock). Counselors entering and exiting the vehicle (Interaction Lock). Jason throwing knives at cars no longer causes catastrophic rocket cars. Jason morphing to the car no longer causes catastrophic rocket cars. Catastrophic Rocket Cars are non-canonical and should be regarded as such. Random Counselor Players Should No Longer Spawn as Random Counselor (Unless Selected) Players Should No Longer Spawn as Random Jason (Unless Selected) Residual Issue: Some icons may not appear correctly in limited circumstances. This is a UI bug only, and does not affect the selection. Team is investigating. Various 'Stuck Spots' and Hidden Spots Fixed This includes but is not limited to Pinehurst Stairs. Offline Challenge - Snuggle By the Fire Tiffany Pathing Issues Resolved Various Interaction Locks Fixed Includes, but is not limited to: Use of firecrackers Entering/Exiting vehicle Shooting Flare Gun Multiple presses while using windows/doors Various Exploits Fixed This includes but is not limited to a recent vulnerability causing perk/CP resets. Damage, Mask, and Balance The team has monitored feedback present in the community regarding the mask removal as part of the kill process. We wanted to adjust this in a way that would eliminate one or two hits being capable of removing the mask, while still preserving the effectiveness of perks and builds that took players significant time to develop. We’ve shifted the damage values needed to remove the mask to make this process a bit more difficult, even for counselors with high stats and perks, but kept it in a range that will not alienate newer players. Removing the mask will still vary depending on counselor, perks, weapon used, and attack type. The team also would like to provide some insight into what the team is currently investigating. While the following items are under investigation, our next patch is not limited to only these items. These are high profile, community requested items, and the team is already in the investigation stage of identifying the cause and potential correction. **Under Investigation for Next Patch Cycle** Combat Stance - Various uses that manipulate stamina, "sliding" etc. Health Spray Break Free Issue Ability Unlock/Recharge Rate Toggle in Private Match
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    Great idea @Strigoi !!! I will do you one better instead of a cut scene at the beginning of every match, were Jason Kills Rob...... It should start with Jason following Rob raising his weapon to kill him but before he can.....Tommy jumps out ( Surprise Morher Fucker!!!) and slaughters Jason instead......this way you wouldn’t have to worry about whether the kill is too hard or not..... You would have a full 20......non- stressful, non- threatening minutes to dance to your hearts content and escape camp at your leisure Any way you want.......This is the difficulty mode you have been craving for all this time.... The difficulty you deserve.
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    Let me get this straight... The servers are down because some cocksucker got butt-hurt about getting banned (presumably because he was hacking/cheating/being a douchebag) and decided to act like a spoiled brat about it instead of growing the fuck up and refraining from taking it out on everyone else? Somebody REALLY needs to get a life. If you're upset about getting banned, that's your problem, not ours. All you've done by fucking with the servers is demonstrate what a little bitch you are. It might take a while, but eventually the problem's going to be fixed and normal play will resume. Server problems are temporary, being a butt-hurt little fuck-boi is forever.
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    The ending of the match as it is now is fine. If it isn't broke, don't fix it. @Laotian Lam, I wouldn't want longer matches either. @glowing ooze, I checked Jason's wallet once. I found $13, a photo of Pam, and a ticket stub for Halloween. @OCT 31 1978, there was evidence of a credit card having been there, but someone already took it. Given the scratch marks on the wallet, I suspect Freddy.
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    This. The good ol days where you could shift into a group and kick some ass as Jason...
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    I don't know why anyone would slash in a slasher game based on slasher movies....
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    You Jason players are straight PUSSIES! First the lack of knives and med sprays taken away from campers, then the cabins being absolute shit with windows NOW YOU GET A BUFF WITH HIS RAGE! Yeah i get the game is about Jason but give the campers a chance.
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    The game is about Jason. If you can't handle that, I hear Fornite will take you.
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    They have to be careful how they word their response to the current situation, lest something said is taken out of context. No matter what is said, a portion of the player base won't be happy. That's always the outcome of bad news. Some problems are not so easily diagnosed, or solved. It would be nice if life worked that way.
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    Players have continued to play this game even after waiting months at a time for a patch. Even if a patch takes longer than six months, there will still be people playing, even if it would be fewer players.I Also, this is an English speaking forum. If you wish to quote and/or respond, kindly keep both in English when you post.
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    Well then, as some of you already know....I have been making Custom Versions of Neca Jason figures that haven’t been able to be released because of the Lawsuit. My hope is one day soon this Thorn in the The Franchise’s side (And Ours) will be over and Neca will eventually be able to release these Guys officially....... But because I am impatient and can’t wait any longer I decided I would make my own versions...... I have already made J8, J9 and JX (pre-Uber).....and the feedback from you guys Has been amazing and extremely positive....... So with this last custom In My Kane Hodder collection I wanted to hit it out of the park...... I knew it would require more sculpting And have More details then any of the other figures I previously did with all the Bones and deteriorated Skin throughout the body....... I also wanted to To give J7 a re-movable mask because he is unmasked for the longest Period of time in this film and for me It is the most Iconic unmasked Look in the entire franchise. So Without further delay......I proudly present.... Jason Voorhees as he Appears in.... (to the best of my ability.) Friday the 13th part 7 : The New Blood. Enjoy the photos!!! Let me know what you guys think!! ” Need a little touch up work my Ass.” @Dragonfire82877, @Fair Play, @Carlso,@Big Daddy J@Jason Lover, @F134Ever86@Jason Todd Voorhees, @DontZzz34, @Dogmatic, @Slasher_Clone , @RetroJason89
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    I wouldn't say things are "ok" but if you can connect and play, by all means. There's no damage you'll do by trying. The team is still investigating our options at this time. EDIT: I feel like I shouldn't need to say this, but here we are. If you make a forum post trying to justify why you cheated in a game, you will be forum banned. It's an infraction commonly called "Advocating for cheating/hacking." also known as "Promoting cheating and hacking."
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    Consider having a read of this article. Reading is fundamental. https://www.thespruce.com/forum-etiquette-1216951 Incidentally, a male witch is a warlock.
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    Clearly it is YOU who is part of the problem. Whether or not you are affiliated with the hackers, leaving them alone to cheat, ruin everyone elses enjoyment of the game and spead their toxicity IS NOT THE ANSWER! Plus, anyone in their right mind who has seen them in action knows that there is no way their behaviour can and should be tolerated. These guys are cheats, bullies, racists, homophobic and absolutely pathetic human beings. And, as far as I'm concerned, people like that need to be confronted and dealt with head-on. Players like @Mayday doing whatever necessary to obtain evidence in order to get these people banned is best for the integrity of the game and the F13 community; she does not need to work for Gun. If they (/you) get banned permanently then it's a job well done. The fact that they (/you) have taken down the servers is not her or any reporters fault, by any means. IMO Gun Media has to shoulder some of the blame because their servers being hacked has been happening for a very long time now and they clearly need to increase server access security 10-fold. The game seems to have minimal authentication and/or encryption to log in as a user as it is. This is why it is so easy for hackers to access the servers, find a user by their username/Steam ID and delete their CP and perks. I mean, they have even come onto this forum to brag about what they do and how they do it every time a patch gets released. If that isn't asking for a lawsuit to be filed against them then I don't know what is. All I do know is that the sooner they (/you) are removed, the better the game will be for EVERYONE!
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    That question has already been asked and the answer was no. I only need the 1000 matches as Jason and a PHD in murder trophy to platinum the game. Only 254 more matches to go for the 1000. I kind of agree with their stance on not lowering the requirements though. It would be a huge slap in the face to the people that grinded to get them. Want the trophies? Earn them.
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    The Grendel I believe was to be the last map added to the game. Not sure but if not it definitely should be. I am pretty sure Wes said Pre-Uber was not going to make it into the game and Uber was going to be the last Jason added as well. Yes, he was going to become his own Jason at one point. Every weapon Jason wields in the game was supposed to get a kill pack.... so with the 6 Jason X kills I believe in the area of 22 -25 new kills were going to be implemented. Pajama pack was supposed to happen and I believe an OG Crystal lake Camp counselor shirt and shorts was as well. I believe Jason X machete and a sledgehammer are all that I am aware of.
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    Jason players should have very little if any fear, that is the whole point in being Jason. It needs to be extremely difficult to kill him not easier. The mask buff did very little to deter any kill squads. Anyone playing Jason shouldn't have to worry so much about a kill scenario. I still prepare for a potential kill attempt every match I'm Jason. I trap the shack,try and get the Tommy power first morph and if I guess wrong now I have to play defensively. A Jason player shouldn't have to go through all that preparation and forethought due to how easy currently it is to kill him. If anything the mask buff needs to be doubled. I wouldn't play the game at all if they did what you are suggesting. It's already bad enough the way it is.
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    I would like to thank everyone at Gun Media for getting this issue fixed as quickly as possible. @mattshotchaand company did everything they could to insure the survival of Friday The 13th: The Game. As a player I am grateful. Please continue to ban hackers. They have proven that their exploits are far from harmless. And i call upon the players to continue to report the abuse. I would love for the exploiters and blatant teamers to be added to the list. They are just as bad. Of course this may be too much to ask but one can dream about the end of this kind of abuse. As a player of this game and someone who loves to play it i have to say that I am sick of ghosting Jasons, coasting councilors, health spray canceling and a host of other annoying exploits. And if you are walking around blocking players into cabins. keeping them from jumping out windows and walking around with Jason like he is your best friend you deserve a ban for harassing other players. The hackers, teamers and exploiters who consistently screw around with the player base took your servers down. These players own your game due to your complete lack of issuing bans. Why don't you do anything about it? Why does the player base be forced to put up with it? I think it's time for this policy to change. If you are exploiting the game and blatantly teaming you deserve a ban. It's time Gun Media. The ball is in your court. What are you going to do with it.
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    Players who ONLY slash as Jason are the equivalent to Players who ONLY play as Vanessa. Their only concern is making the game as easy as possible. Is it fair? Absolutely. Is it lame? Absolutely.
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    That is the longest run on sentence I have ever seen. That's actually quite an accomplishment!🏆
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    Guys, trust me... you DO NOT want the dedicated servers disabled. It's far better to put up with time-out errors until the servers are fixed than it is to get booted round after round because some whiny-ass 12-year-old (whose mother really should have just opened her mouth instead of her legs) decided to quit and kick everybody out because he wasn't Jason/got killed early/had his sweater stolen/got slashed to death with 2 PK's/etc... Unless you have heard the high-pitched bitch-whining of an entitled little waste-of-sperm telling everyone that if he doesn't get to escape then nobody gets to play, you have absolutely no idea whatsoever how bad it used to be without dedicated servers.
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    Sounds like the hackers are trying to hold the servers hostage over being banned for cheating. This would be a golden opportunity for the devs to look like heroes by releasing the unfinished version of Uber Jason as a parting gift to the playerbase as well as the Pajama pack with no charge. This way here, the devs look like heroes while the hackers who have peddled the unreleased content since 2018, would in turn look like jackasses preventing people from playing with new official content. I know know...but still. Golden opportunity for a PR win here.
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    Servers are dead but memes will never die.
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    I don't have a dog in the fight, I'll just point out that I want to get on and play, and the guy who created an account to defend the hackers in broken English is definitely one of their buddies... lol, "sometimes the reporters make it tough, too...", easy fix, don't cheat, then they have nothing to report. But you're not suggesting that, can't imagine why.
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    I feel like you overestimate yourself.
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    Jason went back to the shack real quick and told her a funny joke. No big deal.
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    This is not a movie script, it's a game. The movies builds Jason as an menacing threat, and as a game this game should embody the "Spirit of Friday the 13th franchise". Jason does die or is defeated in those moves, but they are in a unlikely circumstance with a hero, which is replicated in game terms by having it not happens often. Instead, the game feels more like its in the "Spirit" of Frankenstein, with Villages taking arms and hunting down the monster with how often Jason gets offed, lol.
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    Your ideas are horrific. Please keep them to yourself.
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    It is realistic as it is right now. Maybe it'll get fixed for good in the next patch. Delaying Tommy will likely lengthen a match, rather than making Jason harder to kill. Some things have changed since you last played. In the right hands, Vanessa (or any counselor) can repair, though it's not always the wisest of easiest feat to pull off. Given the lawsuit, New content is not happening. If a Jason is only slashing, you change tactics. A Jason that suspects you have a knife might go with the safer option of slashing. Many "casual" players know how to avoid a shift grab. Do a bit of research, and you'll find it's easier than you might think. Single instances of each counselor from day one would have made this a totally different experience. Thankfully, there are groups of people who play lobbies with only singular occurrences of counselors. Jason will be stronger one day, hopefully. How strong that is remains to be seen. It's been a rocky road, but it's not quite over yet. All of the other objectives could be done. If a determined Jason hunting party wants the kill, they may fight it out with a camping Jason and still get Tommy called. Catching multiple Vanessas is not impossible, though you may want to pull your hair out in the process at times. Teaming is not something they ban for. It sucks, but you can find players who play the right way.
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    Patch is rolling out now! Please make sure to download the update and fully restart the game before matchmaking!
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    You already get XP based on how long you survive. Personally, I don't like the idea of encouraging people to run out the clock. The most common reason (other than Rage quitting) that people leave the lobby is because they don't want to sit around waiting for the match to end. It's already annoying as it is having to watch as people Juke Jason for 10mins while the Cops are on scene already.
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    While the roll for a mask coming off is still chance based, in testing we weren't seeing an incredible deviation from the hit counts. 1-3 hit variations at most. So before anyone gets too upset at this chance aspect, please keep that in mind. The hit counts play into that "feel" I mentioned. We didn't want it to feel as if you have to wail away and use every weapon on the map to get the mask off. Sharp weapons are still the best bet for removing his mask, which is due to, if I'm not mistaken, their damage value and achieving the threshold amount the fastest. While their probability is not as high as blunt weapons, the small deviation in hit counts means that their superior hits to threshold still leave them as the most viable option to remove the mask. And strong counselors, like Buggzy, with good perks and a sharp weapon will be the baseline for fastest removal of the mask still. Interesting anecdote, in testing we had one point where Deb ran out of weapons in the map and the mask still wasn't off. Needless to say that was the end of the test session and the team dialed the change back from there to get a comfortable spot. Deb can absolutely remove a mask, just not nearly as easily as a stronger counselor. Looking forward to you all getting the patch later tonight. Can't wait to hear thoughts. For anyone looking to tinker with the changes right away (tonight) in a test environment, remember that you can use private matches to check out the change, with a Rage toggle to see both before and after the Rage hits. Run a standard match with no toggles changed, then a follow up with Rage at start.
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    @mattshotcha thanks for the very detailed reply, I appreciate it. Based on what I understand, here is an updated list which may provide better starting for points for anyone interested. Even if not technically perfect, this would be the effective impact of the changes on gameplay (providing they are correct) - 1. Counselor Strength lowered across the board 2. Stuns do zero dmg / dmg stat not affixed to stuns 3. Jason must take x amount of dmg before you have the opportunity to demask 4. Demask chance is based on stun chance / whether you stun on follow-up hits 5. Post-stun / wake up hits cannot demask because of short stun-immunity time 6. Once Jason is in rage, stun chance still applies to mask removal after dmg threshold reached (since mask RNG is separate but uses same probability). If this is the case, it's quite clever. Referring to points 3 and 4, this would mean that no matter how much damage is dealt over the threshold, nothing will happen until a stun hit is achieved. It also addresses the issue of perfectly timed hits on wake up from stun - since he is immune to them for 2-3 seconds. While this can no longer be used to nullify defenses for an easy demask, it still won't prevent Jason taking damage before threshold is reached. For future updates I would strongly advise the devs to apply damage immunity on wake up, for the same duration that stun immunity lasts. One unknown factor is how mask RNG reacts to guaranteed stuns such as Shotgun, but this should be easily tested once the patch out.
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    If counselor "sliding" is set to be patched, then please, please, please add Jason's counselor "abduction" to the investigation list also. It's an extremely cheap way to get easy kills and renders pocket knives (arguably a counselor's most resourceful utility in the game) utterly pointless when abducted into the water. Half-decent Jason exploiters can abduct counselors when they're climbing through a window, sitting in a car or trapped in a corner with ease. Hopefully patching it will in turn fix Jason's "ghost walking" exploit. Overlooking that abduction needs to be fixed in the next patch cycle will mean that the exploit will most likely remain in-game for a further year minimum, if fixed at all. Admittedly I use counselor sliding, BUT ONLY TO COUNTER TEAMERS, EXPLOITERS AND GLITCHERS ALIKE. However, I would ecstatically welcome the removal of sliding, as there are those who abuse it and I only wish to play fair. That said, a concerted clean up effort must be made on both sides to keep the playing field level.
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    Meanwhile your player base pays the price in endless griefing and harrassment. All this while we wait for the fixes you put out every six months. Don't get me wrong. I appreciate Gun for hanging in there and supporting the game. And I know you understand how flustrating it is to get constantly cheated exploited. You did hire Illfonic to develop the game. But that being said many of the players are sick of the abuse and harrassment. This game outright sucks to play sometimes. Not because it's a bad game and has some bugs. But because you do absolute zero to combat cheating and exploiting. Because this is your attitude you have cultivated an environment where if you want to win at all you have to lower yourself and learn every exploit possible. And that to be very frank is bullshit. I shouldn't have to break your game to even have a chance at winning. At the end of the day the trolls own your game. They own it so much that when you tried to ban one of them they shut your game down! When is enough going to be enough? When will Gun Media bite the bullet and hire the people necessary to police the game? Because until you do the trolls are just going to continue to screw with your player base and crash your server. I do appreciate Gun for hanging in there and continuing to make the game all it can and was supposed to be. I have always defended Gun Media and Black Tower deserves a ton of credit for patching this game up into playable state. The fixes and additions to Private Match have been great. This is the last Friday the 13th content we will see until the end of a lawsuit that could easily last ten more years or more. I can't speak for everyone but I do feel that many of us just want to play the game without the constant abuse or requiring knowledge of how to break the game to survive. That attitude needs to change.
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    Give us your two cents on the issue.
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    @Laotian Lam,I agree with taking the time to fix things right. The player base can't bear a rush job that makes things worse. @F13 Seppuku Squad, hosts quitting is a risky option, but would allow people who don't quit to play again. As far as having friends, one could always make new friends. There are some decent players in Quick Play. @aurllcooljay, that was a very interesting topic you made. I wasn't aware of so many of those things you found. @tyrant666, those were some dark times. @Liquid Swordsman, I have ideas for about 36 similar games. The server issues have given me some time to develop them a bit.
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    No one said you couldn't post here. This is an English speaking forum. Use a translator if you wish, but kindly post any quotes and responses in English. Also don't respond with an entitled attitude. Even if you don't like the rules, you should respect them. @Dragonfire82877, I'm surprised that such a thing wasn't done. Hopefully nothing worse happens regarding this game. @Laotian Lam, you beat me to it.
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    I enjoy the performance of Part 8 myself. All of a sudden I'm having carnival game flashbacks. I tried my luck a lot back then. Welcome to the forum. I was thinking Bourne myself.
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    If you have seen the video footage of the hackers in a match then there is no possible way that you will, in your wildest dreams, say to just leave them alone. If you are not part of their "team" then you would be vulnerable to being run over as a counselor (they start the car without finding/fixing ANY parts) or stunned into oblivion as Jason (they can move at 200x speed, have unlimited stamina, invincibility, crazy increased stun time on Jason, can fly and walk on water) every match. Why would any logical person ever suggest that leaving them to do as they please is better than reporting them so that they can get banned? Why should you, if you are legit, or any other legitimate player have to search for a new game every time you come across those scum? Would it not be better if they were just not there at all? What I've said is not lies. It's my opinion and I am entitled to it. You are a "newbie" to this forum and the only thing you've posted is in defence of the hackers because you think reporters are the toxic ones, lmfao! Suspect much? It happens every time hackers get called out. Anyway, not wasting any more time discussing this with you. Just stop messing up my gaming sessions and put the servers back to normal, ok buddy 😉
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    Welcome to the forum @Plinkster68. While I respect the petition process, nothing is likely to change.
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    Welcome to the forum @Kragi. There is still fun to be had by many in this game. There are some bugs, but they don't necessarily have to ruin your enjoyment. Some players cheat, but most players don't.
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    Why though? Is there an unwritten code somewhere that says once you have hit 150 you are supposed to be toxic? I have been level 150 on two separate accounts for almost two years now and I have never been toxic.
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    The new grab could be tweaked. The big issue is being locked into the forward lunge. If we could turn while grabbing, that would be better.
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    3 total posts and 2 of them are low effort and argumentative. "I look forward to your constructive contributions to the community here on the forums."
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