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    I think less about winning or losing, and more about having fun. If the match gets people laughing or cheering in the spirit of fun, then that's my win. You get style points for giving Jason the bird. RE Resistance leaves me feeling more like a Dungeon Master. Does anyone here play D&D these days?
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    A lot of people felt that way. On the bright side, some players truly play the way a Tom and Jerry cartoon chase plays out. I managed to stand still as Jason, and have a counselor run right to me after running around furniture a few times.
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    Let's just all agree to disagree and move on. He may not appeal to everybody, and that's fine. If you like his works, have a figurative drink on me. If you don't, you can have a drink as well. Kane Hodder is better at his craft than I would be at the same craft. I'll give the gentleman his due respect. @OCT 31 1978 and @SonofOdin6039 I would also enjoy seeing Kane in other roles, just to see what else he is capable of. @Jason Todd Voorhees, that is an impressive avatar.
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    I don’t think any developer or publisher will reveal what they’re working on because a forum member somewhere demands it. Most have plans ahead of time of when they reveal something. The presentation is a part of the art, and most want to do it when the time is right. You don’t just want to throw stuff out there before it’s ready. You want to present it in a way that’ll generate excitement for fans.
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    Quick Play lobbies will never agree on any set of rules. Play in such a way that you can live with what you did afterwards.
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    In truth, all similar games in this genre could be looked at the same way. The teamers would be the equivalent of mind-controlled entities of sorts.
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    I'm going to break the rules and bump this thread. Don't tell @Kodiak or @JPops Updated as of today. Check the original post.
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    Every since I was a kid watching Friday the 13th I always wanted to play that role of Jason. In early 2019, I asked Kane Hodder for his blessing/approval and he said Yes, this was something amazing for me to ask for someone I look up to for years on end. In mid 2019, I was making my own ideas for a fan film a lot of stuff was deleted for obvious reasons of it either being too unoriginal to people or just people doing it. As of 2020 I threw a lot of my original ideas. Vengeance with their introduction of Elias Voorhees, which I also had an idea of bringing in his "father" but this was there's and well I didn't want to look like a "Well you copied" them and stuff. Never Hike Alone in the Snow is also another which was always a discussion with Jason being able to kill in the Snow so that idea was also something I had but Stomp Films is producing such a thing. Friday the 13th: Rose Blood is doing a continuation of Part VII So I am asking for any other ideas for me to try to do, it could be a continuation like with Vengeance/Rose Blood or with NHA with something new and nothing to do with the overall sequels. Before anyone ask I am hoping to do a Part VII sequel (a Personal Goal lol) and then that sequel being it's own entirely new Jason design. This thread is basically to see what the fans want to see and what not to see or what to do with Jason and what not to do with Jason, My main thing is....I dont want to do what Halloween 4-Resurrection did for Michael which made him to Humanized and to Obvious with the plot. Any Ideas/Help? (These Tags is to help get the discussion started: @OCT 31 1978 @Fair Play @Dragonfire82877 @Slasher_Clone @Redcat345 @Big Daddy J)
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    Firstly thanks for the advice/heads up I know film making isn't as easy as what others make it out to be! I gotta look for ALOT from audio help,cameramen/women, to just finding special effects people who an work for a long time for different body parts and other such things so yeah gotta go with a profitable salary and insurance and etc for people, I can def do Jason but I can't see myself not doing the stunts myself LOL. Secondly that is def something I will be considering with a sheriff who knows the "Legends" Thats very very interesting! I think I could add such a concept as a "Prelude" during Jason's death but also during a part 6 proluding! Def something I got planned up for!
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    This is a very ambitious project @Jason Todd Voorhees. If anyone can do this, it's you. One thing I would have liked to see is a Tommy Jarvis / Tina Shepard teamup.
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    Heres a cool tweet and video from wes keltner on twitch i believe. Wish it was on you tube. It aired today in the afternoon. I Cant wait to watch it and understand more about IP Intellectual properties of video game license.
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    To those who celebrate the holiday, be safe and have a good time.
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    Proven Facts: Jason's Stun Resistance is not a working attribute in the game. All Jasons have the same stun chance and duration. A counselor does not have to be crouched for the Low Profile perk's sense avoidance chance to work. A cabin/lodge does not glow red when Jason uses his Sense ability pre-Rage mode if a counselor is in a hiding spot. Jason's -Defense attribute does not contain a 'Block chance' mechanic. All Jasons will block all counselor melee hits as long as the Block initiation was not affected by the player's ping value/lag (off host). There are only 3 pocket knives to be found by counselors in a mtach. Tommy Jarvis, if called, arrives with a forth. The Strength stat marginally increases the duration of a counselor's melee weapon stun on Jason. Fear takes longer to decrease, as well as increase, for high Composure counselors. 15% Lightfoot perk allows A.J. to sprint without giving off any noise pings. The same cannot be said for Tiffany despite her also having 10 Stealth. Luck slightly increases the size of the skill checks when repairing an objective. Jenny's Stealth is actually higher than 6. It is actually ~8.5. The cooking pot is more durable than the in-game infographic displays. It is as durable as the 2x4. (Several weapon stats on the in-game infographic are actually incorrect.) Using 10% Nerves of Steel and 10% Preparedness perks together on Jenny ensures her fear level will never increase; simply known as No Fear Jenny. Part 7 Jason can detect counselor noise pings from a greater distance than other Jasons. Jason can use Combat Stance to identify the specific bed that a counselor is hiding under. Brainless Fiction: +Shift Jasons travel at a faster speed than neutral-Shift Jasons. The Stealth stat impairs Jason's ability to sense a counselor when he uses his Sense ability. Turning on a radio will cause the entire building to glow red when Jason uses his Sense ability. A counselor's Luck stat influences the amount of damage they receive when climbing through a broken window. High Luck provides a counselor with better items when looting cabin/lodge draws. Sense avoidance perks do not work when Jason is in Rage mode. High Strength increases a counselor's chance to stun Jason with a melee weapon. Man At Arms perk increases durability for all melee weapons, allowing a counselor to attack more before their weapon breaks. (Counselors of specific Luck levels will not get an extra melee hit when using particular melee weapons.) The frying pan has a 100% stun chance. Jason can hear players conversing from anywhere on the map if their counselor has a walkie-talkie. An Epic/Legendary Sucker Punch perk will 100% guarantee a sweater-stunned, demasked Jason will fall to his knees when hit. Jason can be killed with his mask still on. A player muted in game chat can still hear you talking. Tommy must have Jason's mask in his inventory in order to perform the Jason kill. Part 2 Jason has a worse Sense range than other neutral-Sense Jasons. Jason's mask can be removed quicker if players aim their counselor's melee attacks upwards at his face/head. Escape Artist and Scout perks allows players to break free/escape easier from Jason's grab and Jason's traps/counselor bear traps respectively. (The same number of button presses are required with the perks as without the perks.) Unsubstantiated Claims: Pyro perk increases Jason spotting time with the flare gun.
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    No problem. Have a nice stay at camp while you are here.
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    I think we can all agree that making people rage quit is the ultimate win.
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    Using a glitch like that is cheating. There's no doubt about it. Let's hope so.
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    If you grew up watching Looney Tunes or Tom and Jerry, that's why you'd get a laugh or two from it.
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    If this was an option I would've voted for it! A rage quit is just as good, if not better than a kill. Wish the goobers thinking they're getting one over on you by rage quitting realized all they're doing is showing everyone what a bitch they are.
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    @TimDuke 01, you got some justice. It's proof the system works. One less hacker for now is a good step in the right direction.
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    🤔 If I remember correctly: Ginny kicked the car door into him, broke his nuts with her knee, slashed his arm with a chainsaw, broke a chair over his back, mind fucked him with moms sweater, and planted a machete about eight inches deep in his shoulder. Chris stabbed him in the leg with a knife, hit him over the head with a log, dropped herself on him in the barn, hung him, then planted the axe in his head. Trish beat the shit out of him with a claw hammer breaking his mask, then planted the claw side in his shoulder. Then she smashed a tv over his head, split his hand with a machete, and knocked the broken mask off his face with the machete, setting him up for the kill. I think they all put up a pretty good fight.
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    Welcome to the forum @Courtenayjade.
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    Yeah, we report everything, even the slightest unpublished emote now. Good job 😁
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    Good Job Bro, Good comment!!! He need to understand the true and feel the pain. You and me are everywhere, EZ Ban!!
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    It has been three years going on four. That is more than enough to time to have conceptualize a project. No news of new hires. Just vague tweets by Wes Copeland. At this point it's sink or swim. I don't see much swimming. Nor do I see anyone throwing them a life vest. Gun and Black Tower barely have the know how to keep Friday from being hacked. It doesn't look like they have the creative talent to put together something on their own. And even if they did the lax attitude they have had when it comes to exploiting and cheating would doom anything they put out anyway. To this day you can find ghosting Jason's, teleporting councilors and safe zones to harrass Jason players. They never got tough. They never did anything about it and the word is out about Gun. They don't have the know how or the spine to run a project like this and it shows. If I am wrong I will be the first to apologize and eat my words for breakfast. But so far it doesn't look promising at all. You can tell people you have something coming all day. But at some point you have to deliver. Go ask the developers of Star Citizen or the promoters of Fyre Festival what happens when you try to bullshit your way around real business.
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    Good question. Perhaps they are conceptualizing their next project, or trying to find the right company to do business with.
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    There could be a lot of fun had, if only the option was available.
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    So let me get this straight. You don’t want to spend the money to get to see what you want to see. So in turn, you expect someone that’s spendIng the money to share it to let you see it for free? Don’t hold your breathe on that one dude.
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    Thanks for the product breakdown @Dogmatic.
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    @Dragonfire82877, I agree with the GTA comparison. After a few rounds of F13, it's fun to play a bit of that, and "accidentally" run down a few people riding through town. @Slasher_Clone, I picture Mitch cruising with one car, and Fox with the other. @Jason Lover, AI has come a long way from the NES days of old. I know an AI Jason of a phenomenal scale is possible, but perhaps in a new game made from scratch. I hope to see it happen, as others do as well.
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    I mean, most of the playerbase plateaued 2 years ago anyway, so I'm not exactly surprised that they're spreading outdated techniques. Although I'm almost certain the mask on kill would still work today if you hit Jason with an axe, on the big toe of his left foot under the moonlight next to the shack. But only if you're hitting him from behind, while he's blocking. 😂😂😂
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    I'll ready up when I'm good and ready. If you don't have a mic/aren't in game chat to ask politely what's up and are just going to click like a maniac you can wait the full period or screw off to another lobby.
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    i dont know about all of you, but instead of all the jason X spaceship map content, i wouldve rather had more regular movie maps like camp forrest green, maybe even underground tunnel system remake crystal lake, abandon camp blood map, or voorhees house.. i wouldve loved it if more characters from the movie were in the game. like all characters were from the movies. not chris higgens as jenny myers, but just chris higgens, like they did with shelly & fox. crazy ralph needed to be somewhere in the game as well.. maybe you just see him on his bike randomly once per match & he just kinda rides away into the woods.. as the game is today, i think we ended up with enough great content considering the lawsuit & all.. except for two things... more maps, & more jason kills... i wouldve been 100% ok with more maps & more kills.. oh... & one more thing.. level cap 150... needed a reward REAL bad. often times when im checking levels in the lobby, if i notice someone is right around the corner from reaching 150, i message & congrats them.. most the time in their reply they ask "do i unlock anything?" which i sadly respond "no".. it really bums them out hahaha.. sorry..
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    I'd be concerned that this would make the PC platform much worse off than it already is.
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    For me I’ll ready up when I’m ready. I get into a lobby and check out who’s in it.(character choices) then I also check player levels. From there I decide what build I’m going to use. If I enter a lobby and some asshat is spamming the button. I will let the clock run out. Also if the lobby is not full I will not ready up. I hate getting the random glitch.
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    This is why I like playing in leagues/tournaments. It's clear cut who wins or loses. In pubs there are is no winning or losing. As long as you're having fun you're winning.
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    A 1958 Camp Crystal Lake Counselor uniform clothing pack would've been a really nice unlockable. You know the yellow shirt with the black shorts as seen at the beginning of the original movie.
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    Welcome to the forum. You can probably ask customer support about that. f13game@fearthegun.com
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    Welcome to the forum and the game. It's good to hear that the game has been enjoyable so far.
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    I can't speak for their efficiency, but you could ask our Community Lead about that. According to the Terms of Use, teamers and trolls are not banned. Hackers are banned, though it doesn't seem to be that many from the complaints here. It sucks, but not everyone is suffering to the same degree. Take a look at a poll regarding troublesome players: http://forum.f13game.com/topic/28738-toxic-player-frequency/ In my own experiences, I don't see many teamers/trolls/hackers, but I know they are out there. I feel bad for the PC players, as they seem to be suffering the most. Would you mind sending a PM with links to your YouTube video evidence?
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    If people are using hacks, you report them. They have said in the past that some hackers are blocked, though it seems many of them are slipping through the cracks. If the evidence is clearly showing that a hack is being used, I hope that justice is served in the form of a ban. Not all PC players are using hacks. Find those that play by the rules, and try joining them in a match. Also, if you are seeing the same cheating players pop up in a lobby, find another lobby. The other option is to learn to outplay the cheaters. I'd be inclined to agree that a call pulled off in an unreasonably short window of time is probably a hack. There are those who are that good in the game that a call would take a minimal amount of time. There are also those that suck at this game, and have to use lame ass hacks to win. If you have open and shut proof of cheating, then you should submit it. Hackers can and should be banned. Teamers on the other hand, are not. We're told that sufficient evidence needs to be given to allow for a ban to take place. Bans have been confirmed to happen, based on choice locked topics of the past. I know the process of hackers getting banned seems to be a long and seldom fruitful one, but it's all we've got.
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    What's considered "crap" is subjective. I know as many people that enjoyed/still enjoy those games as those who despise them. Many feel that the games of yesterday are less appealing than the games of today. I have a few friends that still enjoy playing Quake II, despite so many newer games on the market. The same logic holds true in many areas of technology. Ask a person if they would rather indulge in an Apple MacBook or an Apple II GS. If old school is near and dear to their heart, at least one will say the Apple II GS. As for games and their success, I agree that not every game is a big hit. Design flaws, lack of sufficient quality control, a poor marketing campaign, or even bad timing can sink a game. Even if a game bombs, it still may inspire future games to be made. At the end of the day, just about every game in existence has something that could use improvement. That can be the catalyst for the next chapter in game development. That is welcome news. @tyrant666, ZAMN is a personal favorite of mine.
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    @Strigoi, a few things about your post: 1. The game sold millions of copies, not billions. 2. Don't speak for the entire fanbase. Some fans may speculate about the future plans of the company, while other fans may wait patiently wait for news, or not be concerned about such things. 3. While this game did very well at launch, there were many horror games before this one that proved there was a market for horror. I will say that this game started a new chapter. Many people have shown interest in seeing games based on other slasher films. One day, someone will make it happen. That is my prediction, and I hope the next slasher game continues to raise the bar in standards. 4. What exactly does Gun "owe the fans"?
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    Most Jenny players I've come across seem to be good drivers in Quick Play.
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    That's how I learned in this game. Play a random character, and learn to adapt on the fly.
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    @silencedeffect, that made my day. I'm a diehard Scooby-Doo fan. That happened to be from my favorite episode of all time.
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