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    In a game that's 4+ years old, where do you stand?
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    Understandable. That does prove challenging, and funny sometimes. I do the same.
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    I try to do what I can, but I'm not going to use all my resources/energy on saving a lost cause if they're hellbent on getting themselves killed.
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    The forum closure will happen eventually. Enjoy logging in and posting while you can. No matter what the team does to circumvent the hacker lobbies, sadly I think they'll continue to be a thing. It royally sucks for the PC players, and I feel for them. They'll probably lock the forum once their newer project is close to completion.
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    If I'm Jason and all (or most) of the lobby are low-level, I msg a few of them and tell them to go ahead and escape, then dump all five traps at the shack entrance (sometimes I just stay there, but other times I like to go troll them a bit before letting them go.). A 150 Jason going after a lobby of complete n00bs like they were a high-level kill-squad is just too big of a dick move for me. HOWEVER... If I catch someone near the shack, I'll PM them and tell them to go away and escape with the others. If they don't, or they do but then come back, I tell them something to the effect of, "Most/All of you guys are low level, so I'm trying to be nice and let everyone go. Don't fuck with me/piss me off/press your luck/do something stupid." If it STILL happens again, I just kill them. 90% of the time they take the hint and bugger off after the first message.. If they go away but come back with Tommy (and all five traps are still undisturbed) I turn on Stalk, Morph somewhere behind them (but still within Shift distance) and wait. As soon as I hear the first trap go off, I Shift back to them and grab whoever stepped in the trap (this works best if it's Tommy). If they have a PK, they'll drop right on top of a second trap and die instantly. If they don't, whoever is NOT in the trap is almost guaranteed to either shoot or hit me to try and free the one who DID step in the trap. As a result, they will most likely drop right on top of another trap, killing them instantly. If I get salty messages, I just reply with a screenshot of their dead body.
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    Besides 80’s horror, Ghostbusters was my favorite movies when I was a kid. Always wanted one of those proton packs to run around with. Over the years, I ended up making one from plans off a web site. But now, with the upcoming release later this week of the new movie, Hasbro is giving every Ghostbusters fan their dream prop. Hasbro made a 1:1 scale of one of the packs in the movie. If interested, check it out on the HasLab page: https://hasbropulse.com/products/ghostbusters-plasma-series-spengler-s-proton-pack
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    I'm a proud Ghostbusters fan. I grew up watching the animated series in the 80's. @Dragonfire82877, thanks for the link, and the stroll down memory lane.
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    I don't bother with trying to prove one is teaming. If I suspect it, they go on the list and get avoided going forward. Problem solved.
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    It would seem teaming means different things to different groups of people.
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    Today, the final Switch patch for Friday the 13th: The Game has been deployed. This patch includes the following: FIXED: Multiple matchmaking issues related to peer to peer matchmaking. FIXED: Title crash when attempting to host a Private Match after leaving a public lobby. FIXED: Multiple audio issues related to VOIP, including Spectator joins, and mute behavior.
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    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. hope everyone is doing well. i turned 39 this year. nevermind im not going to say anything negative.
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    ☝️☝️Exactly this I mean, I could do it with Lachappa just as easily and still Stn pubs more often than not. It's not really about the stam, the speed, or the luck. It's whether or not the Jason knows what he's doing.
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    I call it "managing your stamina". If you cannot catch a counselor as Jason then it means they are better at playing as that particular counselor than you are at playing as that particular Jason. Nothing more. Nothing less. I've noticed a lot of people like to say players that troll or use "tech" only do so because they are crappy at the game. In some cases that may be true but more often than not it is just an attempt to dismiss the player who beat them in order to make themselves feel better. More often than not, the player trolling or using tech is actually pretty decent at the game but facing that fact means looking in the mirror to find answers why you lost. And really, who wants to accept blame for their own failures?
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    Vanessa, Chad, Buggzy, Jenny (no fear build), and Tiffany can all do this with ease. Medic, thick skin, and nerves of steel are the preferred perks for running Jason solo. Medic, thick, and hypo if you're running in groups. Nobody that's any good runs stam regen perks unless you're running no fear Jenny build. And crouching doesn't help with stam regen at all. That's not true. If they're running solo and surviving Jason's consistently, then they're most likely highly skilled. Jason can slash too I mute the entire lobby when I play pubs 🤷‍♀️ Again, lobby muted so... The only reason I play anymore is to survive the night or die trying. Escape and kill are too easy. The thrill of the chase is literally the only thing left that brings me entertainment. Btw, emoting and teabagging are simply to get under the Jason players skin because it generally causes him to make poor choices and makes him more likely to mess up. This is a solid tactic for anyone that doesn't want to be shift grabbed. It's usually not necessary in pubs because most Jason's short shift, so all you really need to do is pause for a split second and then continue the jog. Always good for the "pro-troll Vanessa" because stupid Jason's help conserve stam by playing poorly. 😎
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    Pretty sure a forum closure is low on the priority list while they work on a new game. Fairly certain that hotfix to add the option to become a host was the very last.
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    Have a safe and fun Thanksgiving holiday. Save room for dessert, and work it off running from Jason.
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    There's two ways I like to play as a counselor when I'm going solo. I'm either trying to kill Jason, and if that's not feasible, I'm going to try and get the cops called and help get as many other counselors out as a I can. (Or the car as a last resort) That's not just for noobs either, that effort extends to anyone in the lobby whose still alive, and I don't give a crap if I die trying either. That's what's fun for me, as I've got nothing left in this game to achieve or prove to anyone. I do try to help new players wherever I can, to the extent their willing or capable of being helped. There's only so much you can do, especially when they don't communicate or once Jason's in rage mode. I have given up my seat in the car for newer players on occasion, but I usually provide the most help trying to help those last couple of newbies chug towards the police exit. I've been in a lot of matches where keeping the Noobs alive is more challenging than avoiding Jason.
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    Love me some Ghostbusters!! @Dragonfire82877 I think your Proton Pack looks F***ing phenomenal! You did an outstanding job! When I was a kid I lived in NY in the 80’s and Ghostbusters and Halloween were the biggest things in my life I watched the cartoon bought the toys had the costume you name it!! Afterlife looks like it’s going to be a heck of a ride can’t wait to see it!!
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    Here's the pack I made, mostly out of cardboard and other parts I found laying around the house and at work: Here's the one Hasbro is offering:
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    Back in 2003 I visited NYC for the first time and of all the tourist attractions I saw it was seeing Dana's apartment building that got me the nost excited. I even dragged my friends to the Lincoln Center just so I could do Peter's silly walk around the fountain. https://tenor.com/beoS5.gif
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    I mean that. Honestly I think you're looking in the wrong place. Check the threads in here over the last 4 years, let alone recent topics of discussion like: "Anybody that plays Vanessa is garbage and you can't change my mind..." Knowledge left this place a long time ago...
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    Rage quitting as Jason is inexcusable, period. That goes double for hiding in the lake. A strategic retreat, with the intention of making a comeback is fine. Grab some knives, and see if you an split up the kill squad. Since "Game Jason" is not "Movie Jason", I don't expect every Jason player to take a losing situation with dignity. The amount of salty messages sent to a Jason who doesn't let the counselors kill him shows how entitled players have become in this game. It tends to be players who believe every Jason they encounter should fall at their feet. I never stick around when a Jason lingers in the lake or gives up during a match. If they won't play like Jason, there are matches to be played with others who will.
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    If Jason was maskless, I could perfectly understand why he might be a bit hesitant to attack Tommy and SG. The Jason in the video isn't maskless, and probably still has a decent amount of HP left. He's choosing to allow numerous escapes rather than risk the possibility (not the probability, the POSSIBILITY) of getting killed. If you are so afraid of dying you'd rather let most of the lobby escape than take the slightest chance of getting killed, stick with Offline Bots.
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    Rage-quitting is always the worse look. There's nothing more sad than somebody who thinks they've somehow won by thinking they're denying another player something by quitting like a little bitch. Hiding in the water for the remainder of the match is pretty much a version of rage-quitting. Your essentially taking yourself out of the game, so it's no differen't. Now, if Jason is playing hide-and-seek that's a differen't story, and actually isn't a bad strategy. I've said this many times before, but Jason is not obligated to let the counselors kill him. Make the counselors work for it, as a lot can happen in that timeframe. Counselors can get impatient and sloppy, especially if they're inexperienced, aren't used to working together, or aren't communicating on any level. You can run counselors out of stamina, or force sweater girl or Tommy to inadvertently isolate themselves making them vulnerable, especially if Jason's confident he's neutralized the PK situation. Really Good Jason's don't even need a lot of separation, just enough to get the drop on the target and get a quick kill off before the others can rally around them. There's also a chance you can get sweater girl to use the sweater at an inopportune time when Tommy or other squad members aren't in position. That audio glitch where you don't always hear the voice lines when the sweater gets used is still very much a thing. The rare times I do mess up a kill when I'm Tommy, it's usually from realizing too late that the sweater has been used due to a combo of the muted voice lines and sweater girl not ensuring I was in proper position before she hit Y. I can only stay up your ass for so long, especially if you're running around doing your own thing. Ironically, I can only recall one match with a runaway Jason where he made it the entire twenty minutes without eventually running him down. I've seen several other matches though where Jason survived because he got Tommy or Sweater Girl to mess up in one of the manners I've mentioned above. Hard to argue against a strategy that occasional works. We need to get over this mentality that just because I accomplished A, B, and C, I'm entitled to X, Y, and Z.
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    Honesty is the best policy. When asked how the game is, I tell potential new players the good and the bad. It's up to them to decide if they want it.
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    Every online game has toxic players. Especially games where players should work together and get along, but don't. I haven't seen as much toxicity in DBD, but I've heard the stories. I know the PC players of F13 are really frustrated with all the hacking and other nonsense. From my personal experience in each, I will say the results are about the same, though it is light in both cases for me.
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    I say my last goodbye here. The forum could get locked at any time, so before then, thanks for all the memories guys and gals. I'll have a presence on JTV's forum. Have a good life, F13 fans!
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    P2P will run certain players away. Others will stick around for a while. Some will play until it can't be played anymore. Other games will come along, and pull players away. Things aren't over just yet.
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    People won't always go with the same choices forever. Have patience and give them time. Keep in mind there are new players out there.
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    I think the better question is, which Jason is best, based on your play style? I enjoy Part 8 myself.
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    You could apply for a job at Gun and see if you could lend a hand. The rest of us will wait and see how long it takes for you to fix it.
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    You're welcome. Cool avatar by the way.
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    Welcome to the forum.
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    Very good post @Slasher_Clone. The positive vibes are well-timed. A big thanks to the backers and the developers.
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    The topic has been discussed a few times on here in the past. It was said that a believable Jason AI was not possible by this team. Many people here would like to have seen an AI Jason. I am one of those people. I still ponder from time to time how that could have even if the game went in a different direction.I @OCT 31 1978, I agree that a simple-minded AI Jason would have been better than none at all. @PackASnack_Lodge, we're still hoping for peer to peer for online matches once the servers shut down, along with offline profile access and the ability to hold more than 30 perks. @FridayThe31st, it would likely be new content. Even if it isn't, it would probably be beyond the scope of their ability so late in the development cycle of the game.
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    One can help it, if they want to. Stereotyping is a learned behavior.
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    For some players, they may be accused of teaming, when in fact, it may be a scenario of coincidence. I've seen Jason players ignore certain counselors for ones they feel are a bigger threat.
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    I remember those days, and don't miss them one bit.
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    Mind games are a part of any game with player vs. player dynamics. Get inside someone's head, and they can potentially screw up.
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    That would apply to a number of members who don't have much to contribute to our little slice of Camp Crystal Lake. Unfortunately, they have the right to log in as long as they behave, as much as I dislike saying it. If someone does starting too much like a fool, our moderators will escort them out of the forum. I agree. Sometimes a suicide is not intentional. Sometimes betrayals aren't intentional either.
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    The member doesn't seem to log in as often as many others here. Some people like to respond to every message directed towards them, no matter how long it's been.
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    Hopefully you get the answers you are looking for.
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    Some players do this to get a reaction from the Jason player. Most people tend to ignore it. If you see an entire lobby do this, just switch. Not everyone plays the suicide game.
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    They wanted people to work towards getting it. If you want it, you gotta put in the time.
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    Increased XP is usually announced ahead of time. With the incoming launch of the game on the Switch, we could potentially get some increased XP around that time. Given the issues we are facing in the game, perhaps they'll give the players a longer increased XP as compensation. It may not make things completely right, but it would be a gesture of good faith. @mattshotcha, could that be an option to appease the masses?
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    If and when this movie ever comes into being, I'll throwing a block party.
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