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    First off, I do not have anything new to report on the situation on PC just yet. Currently, the team has a patch submitted for certification that was worked on prior to the lobby problem getting this far out of hand. That patch has a lot in it that the community has been looking for and so we will not be holding that patch back just yet. We'll proceed as planned while ALSO looking into the situation on PC and what our options are there. What does that mean? Well, it all depends on what the team uncovers for PC. Until they dig into it fully, we won't know more and I'll have nothing more to share on the topic. I know that is frustrating, I get it. You think I'm not frustrated by the current situation as well? But we have to look into things and see what's what. F13 is in a very unique spot, having been shifted from one team to another and the collaborative effort required to make fundamental structural changes to the game is not to be understated. Another thing I want to address, the toxicity and attacks at myself and Gun in general. This will not be tolerated. Period, full stop. That includes sharing others' toxicity in some kind of half assed attempt to say the thing without being the one to say it. I have always tried to speak to the community on this game as adults, as equals, with civility. But I'm also going to be brutally honest with you all, as that's a stance I have always taken in this line of work. So here goes: Calling us names will do you literally zero good. Kicking and stomping around because it's taking the team time to get through these things will also do you no good. The simple truth is, this is not a massive team working on a triple A title around the clock. Hell, this is a game that has been suspended in stasis for YEARS. These things take time, and calling me lazy or unwilling is not changing that fact. While I can understand frustration and can empathize with the players dealing with this situation, Gun, and me as a representative of Gun, are not here for you to take your frustration out on, we're here to try and help. I'm not a tree stump for you to kick. I'm here to work with you all, and if that's not possible, nothing gets fixed. Be aggravated, be frustrated, of course. But recognize that our discourse is about getting things resolved, not taking out frustrations. And lastly, let's stop with the "credibility" nonsense. That's lowest priority to worry about right now. No one at Gun is looking at issues plaguing the game and thinking of credibility first and when you reference it in your comments it just reads as a threat and not a concern. All that being said, I will provide any updates to the issue as I have them. I appreciate your patience and fully see how this issue is impacting the PC player base. I've expressed that gravity to the team, and they are exploring every possible aspect of this in the hopes of resolving the situation. However, it is far too early to have anything more on it, as matchmaking is probably the most temperamental type of fundamental structural system in the game (as I mentioned previously in this comment). While the team investigates, my only remotely plausible suggestion to try and alleviate the strain on you all trying to play on PC would be to utilize the Private Matches by way of Looking For Group posts, in the meantime. I know, that is not ideal, but it is all I have at this time as a confirmed workaround.
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    The end will come eventually. I'd rather enjoy the game in the meantime.
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    When content halted in 2018, all the haters proudly declared the game was dead. Three years later, the game is still alive and kicking. When dedicated servers were shut down last November, this forum looked like an obituary page. 6 months later, the game is still breathing with a decent number of people still playing, despite the copious amounts of bullshit you have to deal with while playing. No, the game is not dead. It's terminally ill and on life support but it's not dead. This game is as hard to kill as it's beloved antagonist. If your definition of a 'Dead Game' is based entirely off whether or not it's still adding content, you need a new definition of what a Dead Game is. As long as people are still playing, the game is not dead. A lot of people seem really invested in prematurely dumping this game in the grave, they have been for years. Hell, I've seen a handful of people who only show up on this forum for the soul purpose of shitting on it. Those people can fuck right off. And no, even if this game did happen to die within the next few months, you don't get brownie points for being right three years after the fact. You just look even more like a dumbass. Now, I'm not delusional. I'm pleasantly surprised by how healthy the player base still is on console, but it is going to dwindle over time, especially as more and more titles get released for the next gen consoles. The end is near, just nowhere as close to near as you might think... Or some people might want it to be.
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    Doesnt matter whether it’s my first post or not. I attribute that to me sucking up all the bs I’ve been through with this game since launch and me sticking with you guys keeping faith and keeping quiet. I’ve been playing the game since release. I’m not here to kiss ass or be your friend. I borderline feel what’s going on should be illegal. People spending their money on your product and it’s been basically completely abandoned and issues like this where people literally can’t play the game as it was intended and you come here basically saying in past posts that it’s not of concern right now because of the stage at which the game is is a very piss poor response from a developer. I’m just stating facts. Not trying to be hot headed or anything but this issue of hacked lobbies where people literally can’t play the game the intended way anymore and hackers taking over the entire game is total bs. Take that how you will.
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    If the upcoming, final patch still has any noticeable CS delay then that will be really unfortunate. I’m not sure it’s even worth explaining why at this stage, but I might as well if there’s any chance it has some bearing. I post here once in a blue moon so I’ll just lay it all out on this topic. Let’s acknowledge the fact that the CS change was an attempt to remove sliding, based on a lack of info on how it actually works. A few of us all shed light on it in a thread post-patch so you could forward it to the devs, and the main point was to show how a delay on CS exit has zero relation to sliding at all. Some possible solutions to patching it out were explored too. But that aside, I’ll assume for a moment there’s a bunch of other exploits the delay was also meant to patch. In case it isn’t known, Illfonic already implemented a minor delay for CS years ago, to remove certain things that specifically relied on simultaneous entry/exit of CS. While their methods were imperfect, the result was far less intrusive and to date, those exploits have not returned. In other words, they nullified the CS + Sprint inputs which is exactly what the new delay also targets - trying to fix a problem that was already solved. Years ago. In regards to existing exploits, I can say with certainty that the new delay fixes nothing / has no relation to anything I am aware of (and I’m aware of the majority). It is however directly responsible for creating new ones such as (yet another) infinite stamina method that is so easily performed it puts sliding to shame. The irony is just incredible. But the biggest problem is the degradation of basic input functionality, and it can very much be felt by any player but especially competitive. While certain tactics preceded by block are still possible, it entirely depends on whether you accounted for the delay prior to an action out of CS or not. If not, then no instant punish allowed. At the end of the day, no amount of adapting is going to change the fact that an input working flawlessly for almost 4 years is now simply not responding for half a second. Many including myself would say that is entirely unacceptable. And the worst part is that it‘s for absolutely nothing. Given that dev support is coming to an end, I still don’t understand why this would seem like a good time to gamble on patching out some tired old exploit and hoping there’s no consequences. My opinion is the mechanics should’ve been left well enough alone instead of introducing new problems that will never be fixed. Many would say just revert to last patch, but I know that’s not the way it works. I don’t expect this post to make any difference, but I can say I made an effort at least.
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    I haven't experienced it yet, but looking on the Reddit page I see there's a new glitch where counselors load-in nude (so far this has only been happening on PS4 that I've seen). Have you experienced this? If you have and you were Tiffany, please post screenshots.
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    A long while back I started experimenting with using RPG Maker to make hypothetical F13-related maps (just for shits and/or giggles). Some of you seemed to like them, and that gave me the idea of making an actual fan-game. After thinking it over, I decided to do it, but wanted to see if there was any interest in it before getting too deep into it. Let me say upfront that no, it's NOT going to be an RPG (though it is made with RPG Maker software). After giving it some thought, I concluded that there was no way (at least for me) to make an actual F13 RPG that didn't sound stupid as shit. Instead, it would be narrative-based, similar to Until Dawn or Heavy Rain, but with less QTE's and more decision-making. This should give you a rough idea of what I'm talking about: Well, what do you guys think?
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    As soon as we have confirmed the date and timing, we'll share the date and details.
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    Greetings! For many pc player, the game is unplayable in recent days because of hacked lobbies. But it is possible to play without entering these lobbies. Because hacked lobbies don't exist in some regions. After the servers closed and started playing with p2p, the game began to pair us with people in the area we were closest to. But you can change it wherever you want on Steam. Don't worry, your ping in the game depends on the host, not the place you choose. You can see how it's done from the guide I left below. Guide: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2447960830 But changing regions is not a 100% solution. The selected region may not work the next day or it may be that no one is playing in the region you choose. If you try alone, there's a chance you'll wait for hours. We will determine and write the current working region in our discord. So it won't be like a private match. People will be able to be anonymous and it'll be like we're playing an online game. Just to protect the region information as much as possible, people need to go through verification. To be verified, simply send a link to your steam account and set it public for a short period of time until it is verified. (If you met with a hacker, you can also write information to our discord server.) Our Discord Server: https://discord.gg/gFpd5SjGYt I know it may not be easy for people who are too far apart, but we're trying to figure it out as best we can and find a way. Thanks for reading, I hope it helps...
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    “Unwilling” is the term that people use when they can’t get past the fact that the game is at the end of its life cycle of development. They no longer are going to put funds into a game that has a dwindling player base with no additional revenues to pull in.......it’s business....unfortunately. Matt has also said a few other things in this thread about the hacking see the bottom two quotes. Defective product is a very broad statement.......and isn’t entirely the case with the game even in the horrific place it is right now...... To use the term defective product there has to be something inherently wrong with the product as a whole.....not from tampering with it from an outside source. The issues you are facing are being brought on by other players not Gun or the regular features included in the game...... yes, unfortunately it is because the code of the game allows for this to happen that doesn’t mean the game is defective when all parties are playing correctly the game runs as intended. sounds like he is still sending info to the team about it to me . And is asking for more members to come forward with any additional information. I understand having to use a “work around” is irritating but it is better than getting frustrated about the hacking. And once again letting us know he is going to pass the info along...... still finding it hard to see the “Unwillingness “ of Gun. @TimDuke 01. I totally understand that this sucks and I do hope something comes about fixing it for you guys.
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    I really feel for the PC player base who is suffering with these continued issues with the game and lobby hacks it truly sucks. But that person’s comments are beyond Dick-ish.....I totally understand the frustration.... and sympathize but they have no idea about what the team is doing about the situation or how hard they are working on it......to assume Gun is “unwillingly” to fix it is beyond ridiculous.....if they wanted to be done with this game they would have been done with it long, long ago.......how many times do they have to explain themselves to the community....... Gun is still trying to fix what they can....most of us still don’t want the game development to end but unfortunately we are just about there. These people who post this regurgitated garbage just have no idea how a business or game development works. My other point is Matt isn’t the one working on the code for the game or the patches.... He is the individual that communicates the community’s issues with the game to the team who does work on it.....this person is judging the teams supposed laziness based on their own expectations...... which at this point I can say should be low. All we can do at this time is communicate to Matt or Jasonkillsbugs.com the issues we are experiencing. Matt has always communicated the information he has forwarded to the team. Lets hope for the best at this point..... With the Final, Final patch I hope they are able to finish development and leave the game in a positive place. @mattshotcha
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    It's past the tipping point now to where it's not playable on PC. I keep getting thrown into a loaded hacked match every time I try quickplay. This needs to be fixed otherwise they should no longer be allowed to sell the PC version.
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    I see it once in a while.
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    On PC, the end is definitely near if not already there. Around 500 players except for when they give away the game for pennies on Steam in which then the game will see a spike close to 1k on the weekend mostly. I would say make the game free to play on PC, but that will create even more havoc. 1. Veterans come and go 2. New players basically get fed to the sharks and I can't imagine many of them stick around long given the state of the game. Even with these modded lobbies basically allowing them to go from 1 to 150 in the span of two games if they want to stay in those lobbies. 3. Toxics (veteran and new) still rage quit/alt f4 when they don't get what they want 4. The shit modded lobbies or the hosts who seemingly all host wireless on an island in the middle of the ocean somewhere, making for high ping mud fests and already clunky game mechanics even worse 5. Hackers who use cheats...I honestly don't give a shit about cosmetics since they aren't game winning mechanics ...but the cheats for Counselor/Jason and the console trainers are just eh 6. Loop back to point 3 makes the situation worse as these types didn't care before, so they don't care now when normal games take forever to fill because the modded lobbies suck in most of the players, then the modded lobbies take forever to get the match actually started (as people constantly join and leave once they realize its those shit lobbies), only so people who might actually want to play a normal game, can then quickly leave and hit quick play in hopes of joining a normal lobby or hosting their own normal lobby Add it all up and PC is definitely near the end. People can talk about playing with friends or the private match feature but the playerbase is pretty low on PC and the problem with friends in this game is as always, a good chunk of them still play the teaming game or the preference game, which is basically teaming lite. Can't speak for console, but they enjoy the luxury of no modded lobbies so im sure that's a bonus.
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    Maybe it's just me, but it's actually been quite a while since I've seen (on PS4) any actual glitches/exploits being used aside from sliding (which isn't really that big a problem), med-spray animation cancelling, and the occasional trap bypass. Still you guys on PC are totally fucked, and you have my sympathy.
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    There are a lot worse things going on right now than somebody using an Uber Mod on offline bots... 😑 Especially on PC. As long as your not affecting anybody else's game, I don't give a crap what people do offline or in private matches for that matter, as long as everybody involved agrees on the rules. Sorry, but I'm going to support anyone whose actively trying to keep this game alive, especially in the current environment with so many assholes out there trying to kill it.
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    That's 100% wrong,They do ban people with video evidence.Before the modded lobby situation got worse my submitted videos got at least 4 people banned, one of them keeps harassing me on my 1 you tube video I had to disable the comments.
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    Umm yes his name is on the video it doesn't matter if you provided his Steam URL or not it is still considered naming and shaming so YOU are guilty of breaking rules yourself so it's the pot calling the kettle black. He is causing NO harm to anyone, technically YES he is using a modded version of the game and IF he was using those mods to gain a unfair advantage in a actual ONLINE match then YES I agree he should get banned.He most likely will now that you raised a stink about it and sent a report to JKB. I myself don't think he should be for now.I have NEVER seen him use any type of actual cheating in any of his past videos in fact he gets upset if he comes across a hacker or someone using a map exploit and if someone rage quits so he doesn't approve of actual "cheating" himself. I suppose you are gonna comb You Tube now because there are content creators showing not only Jason X but the unfinished Grendel map too which you can't do unless you "modify" the game files.
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    He's playing with BOTs, therefore not affecting gameplay of others. Plus, he did nothing that ruins the game (quite the contrary actually). He's one of the only content creators that are still putting effort to keep this game alive. No reason to ban. Why do you think he should be banned?
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    maybe the next patch for pc includes a coupon for Friday The 13th: The Game on your choice of console.. this is crazy.. all the wacky shit this game has gone thru, to end up here in video game hell with tommy tornados. i do really feel bad for the good folks on PC. its such bullshit, this is such a great game.. friday the 13th, a title that has proven to be cursed in any format it graces..
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    I agree they almost have to do something now or lose all remaining credibility plus as you say it is still for sale on Steam.As you pointed out I believe there are guidelines they have to adhere to.Steam needs to remove it from their library IMO.
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    It would be one thing if these hacked lobbies were actually fun and unique. I don't view 2-4 Jasons against 20 infinite Tommy's as anything fun or unique or the trainers that randomly spawn shotguns constantly, boats on land, etc. Along with the extra lag and instability these lobbies offer on top of the normal nonsense seen in regular ones. All this situation ends up being is troll lobbies. I think im just gonna have to put the game down and hope they figure out a way to mitigate or eliminate this nonsense all together within the final patch or hopefully sooner. Obviously it was said before that the situation wasn't going to be addressed due to funding and the game being 4 years old, but the situation now is something that absolutely should be addressed. It simply bad PR no matter what year the game's life is in or funding. Just pretend the lawsuit wasn't a thing and this game still had planned content and DLC coming as we speak in 2021. It would be a PR nightmare and it would require a timely fix. Opening up the game and being forced to play something that wasn't the game's intended mode by people who aren't the devs is criminal basically and its simply not viable enough to ask people to leverage the private match feature when the PC playerbase is as diminished as it is these days. Just gotta hope I guess.
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    If you have information on the subject, send it in to JasonKillsBugs.com
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    wall2211 is 100% correct it is totally unplayable now online. You can't avoid a modded lobby now.You leave and you just get put back in with a character you didn't have selected it's usually Chad or Shelly. I can provide the Steam profile of the person who boasts that he created these "Servers" if you need it.Problem is he claims he is using a 30$ spoofing program to hide his true account. If he can be traced down he definitely needs a HWID ban.
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    On Xbox the player base seems to be just as large as it was before the dedicated server was shut down. The problem is more about the quality of gameplay than it is activity level of the player base. Since the server was shut down I find it is actually easier to get into a QP match (Private Matches haven't really changed as they were already P2P). And probably the best thing to happen since the server was shut down is that you no longer have your lobby shuffled after every match. So if you actually find a lobby of fun players you don't have to worry about being shuffled into a new lobby. All the players will stay in that lobby until they quit or are disconnected (which unfortunately happens A LOT). The most important thing in P2P QP is making sure you have a good host. If you have a good host and decent ping then the game is just as fun as it was before, imo.
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    As long as the game is playable, even in single player, it’s still alive. Shoot, I still play the NES Friday the 13th game, and it’s still alive and well on emulators. That being said, the only issues I am really having are from players who take the game too seriously. The other night I was playing with some jerk accusing me of teaming, and he was talking trash to players in the lobby even though he was a grown man and he was playing with kids. He committed suicide when I was Jason, so I made the game like High Rise invasion and tried to make everyone commit suicide
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    Their support for the game was bound to end eventually. I personally wish certain things about the game had turned out better, but it is what it is. We've had a lot of fun times despite the bugs, exploits, hacks and trolls. I only hope a future F13 game by whomever decides to make one doesn't suffer a similar fate. I don't see any more Jason players quitting than usual. There are a lot of decent members of the community. Enjoy the time here with those that remain, while you still can.
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    This post is a little premature since we still don't know when the final patch will drop, but Matt has made it clear that this forum will finally be archived once it hits. Judging from Gun's recent history, the announcement will likely be abrupt and without much warning, so I wanted to go ahead and wish a preemptive goodbye to the forum before that happens. I'm not sure why it took me three years, but I was a latecomer to this forum though I've thoroughly enjoyed my brief time here, and appreciated all the knowledge and stories shared with other players who love this game as much as I do... Even the ones I don't necessarily agree with all the time. 😉 While I've told myself this lie plenty of times before, I think I might've played my last match of Friday the 13th tonight. I've sunk thousands of hours into this game, and thoroughly enjoyed almost every minute of it. I've played on almost a nightly basis everyday for the past three years, and no other game I've ever owned even comes close... The past few weeks though, I couldn't help but feel like I'm desperately clinging on to bad relationship I know has been bad for a while, but I keep fighting and trying to stick it out, hoping if I try hard enough, things will go back to the way they used to be in the good ole days... Even though I know that's impossible. It's time to admit it's over and walk away while the memories of the good times I had with this game are still fresh. Maybe I'd feel different if the friends I made along the way still played, but they've all moved on a long time ago. I've seen one too many host quits, connection timeouts, and lobbies crash before the match even gets started. It's time to go, and I regret nothing. For anyone else who'd like to wish their own farewell to the forum before they close up shop on us for good, feel free to use this post. Figured I'd make one for the community for anyone who cares to use it... Or get any last final thoughts off your chest. For those of us handful of hardcores that are still here. Edit: My retirement lasted a grand total of 48 hours. A new record for me. Who am I kidding, they'll have to drag me away from this game kicking and screaming. 🤣
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    Sliding was again investigated heavily as well as other combat stance issues introduced like Jason moving at run speed in CS. As is the case with a lot of visual discrepancy types of bugs, like sliding, ping plays a role in it and may still be possible at exceptionally high levels of ping. But the team has spent extensive time testing at varied ping levels and have not been able to further reproduce sliding, not by any of the various methods submitted to JasonKillsBugs.com
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    Lets hope its Halloween. I Absolutely love this forum. I Love horror and sharing my ideas. I Apologize to Ben and the rest of the forum members for being so silly and causing problems in the past. I Cant wait to join the next forum with Gun medias next game. My name will be Darrin Strigoi in the next forum. Its been so much fun posting here and sharing ideas with you all. Thanks To Mattshotcha for giving me another chance. Untill next time your friend Darrin.
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    Very clever @HaHaTrumpWon. Which RPG Maker are you using in designing your fan game?
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    I think using jasonkillsbugs was the method meant for reporting cheaters. @I'm Not a Goalie, I know the thread you referencing.
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    I suspect the hackers will find a workaround. I hope not. @mattshotcha, I know this is not a concern right now, but will the team eventually develop an offline profile contingency down the road, when it becomes necessary?
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    For a lot of people, it could be, in the case of Quick Play. If enough decent players got together in Private matches, things might not be so bad. Dedicated servers will come to an end at some point, and people who wish to still play will have to cope with P2P. The game doesn't seem to have much road left before the end. Bots may get better, but not likely by very much. It would be nice to see the bots improve. As for online bots to fill the empty slots, I think that's very unlikely this late in the game.
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    That makes two of us. The game is in a bad place right now, and this incident is only shortening the already short lifespan we've got left. I think we're hoping for Quick Play to still be a thing. I am prepared, however, if it isn't. Time will tell once the patch comes out.
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    It's likely the problem many players are having at the moment.
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    @BYKyte, just make a note of the offender, and avoid playing with them.
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    Honestly theres no point in reporting since they dont ban anyone also the game is somehow considered dead so i dont care if hes using jason x in an online match or other unreleased contents online.
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    Going to go there today!!! Thanks for the heads up! I picked up Biff and Doc 2 weeks ago. and “Darth Vader” Marty and Part 2 were the First ones I picked up in the series.
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    Ok thanks for the info Abadon. 👍
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    Ironically, I've had counselors do that exact thing when I was Jason. A couple of dick-waffles were blatantly teaming and made no attempt to be subtle about it. I was Jason next round and had one of the non-teamers drive that asshole right up to me and stop the car. To add insult to injury, some of the others ran over and started furiously tea-bagging her as I was killing her.
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    I tried it out. I definitely feel for all of you PC players.
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    Friendly fire will not completely stop teamers from ruining your game. A teamer will team, if that is what they want to do. The thing about friendly fire in Quick Play, is the "eye for an eye" mentality. You weapon kill them for something. In the next round, they get you back for killing them in the previous round. Pretty soon, every round is spent with someone getting revenge instead of playing the game. While you may not be that kind of player, other players might be. Another thing to consider, is that not every player is looking forward to having to endure Friendly Fire. Imagine someone having a rough day, and they want to unwind with a few rounds of this game. Now imagine them playing round after round in Quick Play, where every lobby they land in, the host wants friendly fire on. That person is in a similar situation like yourself. They could complain, or they could consider their options. They could lobby hop, or they could play Private Matches. Private Matches could be looked at as "locking yourself away". It can also be considered giving yourself matches tailored with the settings you want to enjoy in that time frame. You can meet cool people in Quick Play, and invite them to Private Matches, and still have a good time, with friendly fire. Quick Play has always been and always will be unpredictable with each lobby. Friendly fire won't change that.
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    Welcome to the forum. Some people aren't properly informed. Keep them in the loop, no matter how many times you have to do it. Don't forget if people are obsessing over it way too much as well. Someone's gotta keep the game alive in spirit. Damn right. I'd put my money on dead bodies holding items. It's better than nothing at this point.
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    At this point, I'd rather just get a brand new game made from scratch, sometime after the lawsuit is resolved. I'd rather wait for that.
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    You're welcome. Enjoy your stay here on the forum.
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    @TimDuke 01, about the only thing you can do is make friends with decent players you come across and get together for matches away from the cheaters. Good players are still out there. @Mayday, the only way we'll know if someone has been banned is if they post about it here or somewhere else online. @DontZzz34, I ignore cheaters most of the time. When they realize you aren't the least bit provoked by their childish antics, they move on. When I run into a match with teamers, I switch to the lone wolf approach. I lay low and slip past them Metal Gear Solid style and get out of dodge. Nothing ticks off a group of teamers more than failing to take you out in a match. After they shed their salty tears, I change lobbies.
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