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    Patch Notes - Friday the 13th: The Game - January 2019 Patch HOTFIX: The kill process for Jason UI Bug This hotfix has been submitted and is rolling out to platforms as soon as possible. INTERACTION LOCK - The team has fixed various interaction lock issues, including: Stumbling while dropping an item Entering Combat Stance while swinging weapon CONNECTIVITY AND CRASHES - Multiple connectivity/crash fixes including: Network Error after joining lobby in Quick Play “Need Updated Client” error ENVIRONMENT AND COLLISION Falling Animation Loop - Fixed various areas where players enter a falling animation and cannot continue, including: Firewood Logs on Pinehurst Map Cardboard Box on Packanack Map Coffee Table in Jarvis House Counselor Catch - Fixed various spots that could snag the counselors and make them unable to move, including: Cemetery fence on the Crystal Lake map. Safe Spots - Fixed various safe spots where the counselors are unreachable once entered, including: The cemetery in Higgin’s Haven Parking the car inside the barn on Pinehurst Fixed an issue where an invisible collision would occur at the barn fence on Pinehurst, causing the car to shift vertically after restarting the car. Fixed an exploit where counselors could use the car as a barricade at Jason’s shack, affecting several maps. Fixed an issue where the counselors could control their directional axis while climbing through windows, allowing them to reach unplayable areas of the maps. Fixed an issue where counselors are able to reach the rooftop of the Pinehurst Halfway House by escaping Jason's grab with a pocket knife. USER INTERFACE Fixed an issue disabling the “More Emotes” button. Fixed the Morph Cursor not showing on Xbox One. BALANCING AND TUNING Jason - Buffing Mother’s Special, Special Boy. Weapon Swing - Jason can now swing his equipped weapon to hit multiple targets at once. This will help Jason defend himself against bullies. Stun - It is no longer possible to Stun Jason while he is in Rage Mode unless using a shotgun or Pamela’s sweater. Rage Indicator will show on the minimap when Jason enters Rage Mode. Counselors - They should have been watching him. Tommy Jarvis - Players who kill themselves cannot come back as Tommy Jarvis. ****Killing Jason is unchanged.****
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    You have roughly the first 8-10 minutes of the match to make repairs to the cars and boat. Get a call off to the cops and allow the timer to start counting down. Everyone complaining about Jason be invincible after rage are more than likely the players that only want to knock Jason on his ass and dance. You can still do that for the first half of the match. Everyone saying it has broken the game for counselors obviously hasn’t been playing the game as it was intended to be played. Escape options are still there. After they fix the bug preventing Jason to be brought to his knees during the sweater stun, the kill option is still there. I’ve played over 15 matches since the update. Players have escaped in all but 3 matches that I have played, and two of those matches, we were all dead before rage. And as a side note, Jason needs to be a little OP in the grand scheme of things (although I don’t think he is in his current state). You are trespassing at his camp and he blames you for his mother’s death. Jason is the main character of Friday the 13th, and he’s a killer.
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    Jason is supposed to be hard, he is supposed to be OP. Jason should absolutely win the majority of the matches, killing him should be very rare and difficult. Fighting Jason should Be a last resort, running from him is the point. How is this hard to understand. I’m sorry some people don’t like losing, but somebody always has to lose and the point of the genre and the spirit of the game is Jason wins most of the time. Escaping should be a challenge
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    Honestly, Counselors are getting burnt out by this non stunnable Jason since we can’t even regain stamina by stunning him anymore. RIP the counselor stun meta, it’s basically unbalanced now. Hopefully Black Tower games reverts this change or something, because the game isn’t even fun anymore for counselors.
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    As some of you may have seen, the Gun Media team has revealed some of our streaming and content plans for 2019, in the form of a new streaming show "Gun Media presents: Beyond." The Beyond series will focus on all Gun Media's titles with news, updates, and interviews with the team here and we're kicking it off by revealing the latest patch for Friday the 13th: The Game. Tune in to the Gun Media Twitch or Mixer channels at 3PM ET Tuesday Jan. 29 to check out what we have coming to the game. Twitch.tv/GunMedia Mixer.com/GunMedia
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    Jason dies and gets the shit kicked out of him at the end of every movie. The counselors even let him get drowned in the first movie. Using the movies to try to defend a non-combat nature of the game is just plain laughable. Even at the end of part 5 with Roy, Reggie and Pam weapon up to kill the bastard. To me, people defending the overkill of the patch are just plain trash Jasons. They needed viable game play taken away so they could compete without having to learn how to defend themselves. They call hitting Jason from around corners "cheap" even though it literally happens in the movies. It's just a waste of time talking about it here. The official Reddit forum for F13 has more mature and balanced discussions going on, which is a shame that it can't be done here.
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    I'll just share my thoughts on this matter. Defeating Jason isn't the aim of the game; the aim is to survive however you can. If the opportunity is there to defeat Jason this round, then yes it's a valid way to achieve your victory condition. However, it is not meant to be the easiest of the 4 victory conditions to achieve. If you're part of one of these 'Jason hunter' groups, then perhaps go and watch the most recent stream where Gun staff spoke about what they think of these 'kill groups' as they're sometimes dubbed. The creators of this game explicitly said that they never intended for Jason to be bullied by counselors, so if you piss him off then you better have what you need to stop him quickly or you better run. Being completely immune to all stuns except the shotgun and pocket knife when enraged is completely fair. It means you have 10 minutes to get the sweater, get a good Tommy into play, get Jason's mask off and get the weapons needed to defeat Jason if you intend to, or it'll get much harder after. Defeating Jason is not supposed to be easy; it is supposed to be the hardest of the 4 victory conditions to achieve. You either escape by car/boat, with the police, defeat Jason or survive the night and surviving the night and defeating Jason are meant to be the 2 most unlikely scenarios. Remember when Gun once said that defeating Jason was supposed to be a "1 in 70 or so" occurrence? It was before the game came out; their vision when they made this game was that Jason is the one who's out to get you, not the other way around. Expecting them to cater to people's desires to make Jason an easy/easier kill is unfair and a fairly self-entitled viewpoint to hold. What do you think would happen if you got Jason mad? I don't recall any instances in the films where he's been full on furious, but if Savini Jason is capable of taking the Devil's Pitchfork from the Devil himself (non-canon I think but it implies his incredible strength and willpower) then what is a human counselor expected to do to him? Stun him with a baseball bat? Ridiculous. Angry Jason isn't going to be stopped by a makeshift weapon. This change to Jason is perfectly fair; just either play smarter if you want to kill him or try playing the game a different way. If you go out looking to kill him then you should expect to fail the majority of the time; defeating him should not be a majority occurrence in victory conditions.
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    @nicola.zanetti.it@gmail.co, you want to talk about canon? Show me in a film where a group of counselors gathered around Jason and kept knocking him down over and over again. I understand in the movies that a select few hurt Jason or temporarily killed him. Once they patch the bug preventing that to happen, the kill option will be there again. The intent of the game was not to bully Jason. Jason should be a feared killer that once in rage shouldn’t be able to be hurt unless the counselors are able to pull off the kill. I also respect your opinions, and I know not all counselors hit Jason with the intent on dancing in front of him. But most of the ones crying about this update are infact the ones that are now handicapped because they can’t glitch or beat down Jason in groups.
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    Ive been a backer for over 2 years now, and its sad to say that this new patch has completely ruined my experience. the game unlike people were expecting now has LOWERED fear, and when Jason gets rage all that comes is people suiciding or leaving, as the new feel is "useless" not "oh shit lets be afraid". So many terrible things have come from some of these recent decisions, making him invulnerable to stun is completely game breaking, and makes it completely unplayable. You guys really didn't think about how quick he gets rage, especially with teamers, ive seen him get rage within a minute. Its sad to say that this game I used to play for hours on end, now has me feeling useless and bored.
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    Fear is so lowered that a bunch of weak human beings kill themselves because they are too afraid to fight back. Sounds about right. Everybody is constantly "Jason players need to be good" So do counselors. Counselors too stupid to realize that picking a fight with Jason won't end well is a problem with the player, not the game. A lone wolf with some brains and a dash of luck, or even better, a group of coordinated counselors will find escape very doable. At any rate, I guess we'll see if you're really gone or just pulling some emo drama. Bye, may your next game be better suited to your expectations.
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    So...counselors can no longer bully Jason once he's in Rage? Good.
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    Anybody have any examples of karma/irony/revenge (Jason or counselor) to share? Doesn't have to be video, it can simply be stories if anyone has any.
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    I actually like it cause it adds more of a challenge. Also, Jason feels more menacing and like an ACTUAL threat because before the update, he was just easy to gang up on and even kill. The idea of him not being stunnable during Rage makes it more fun and the like, since you have to find new ways to get away and survive the night. Of course, there is a bug where Jason is invincible in Rage when it comes to Tommy and the sweater girl trying to kill him but that should be fixed soon. Honestly, I don't see what the problem is. As someone who binges this game to hell and loves Friday the 13th with a passion, it is quite refreshing to see that Jason is now a force to be reckoned with. I've gotten away from Jason when he's in Rage and I was the last surviving player. I had Tommy Jarvis, but Tommy is overpowered if you know how to use him and that's pretty much one of the reasons I got to the cops when Jason was chasing me. Nonetheless, I've escaped from Jason and have survived since the new update. There is plenty of time to fix the car, boat or phone and also a myriad of ways to divert Jason's attention when it comes to distracting him so the other counselors can work on stuff. Other than being a counselor, being Jason since this update came out has been absolutely fun. I've come across a few oblivious trolls that tried to slow me down or annoy me. I remember getting Rage in one match and this Vanessa tried hitting me after I got it. She had 2 pocket knives but I caught her, lol. It's hilarious to see trolls haul ass when they realize they can't stun you anymore. Of course, if you try to troll Jason nowadays, you're just going to get his Rage up even faster which isn't a wise decision to say the least. I think he should only be hit when it's absolutely necessary. People can now enjoy themselves without the hassle of trolls getting in the way all the time, since Jason is no longer a punching bag for counselors. I think if I'm going to mess with Jason, I'm not going to hit him a bunch of times and only do it for a little bit if the Jason doesn't know what he's doing. What do you guys think? Do you love or hate the new update? Or are you just indifferent towards it?
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    Please leave the game as it is, no need to cater to people who think Jason is OP, HE IS SUPPOSED TO BE OP, set, traps behind doors(hardly anyone does this),save your knives, and shot guns, the game is fun again , Jason has been a joke for over a year, he is finally feared again, don’t nerf him again please.
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    The thing is with this new rage change, you get all the time in the game up until that point to escape and you still get time to escape afterwards as well. What it means is that if you've failed to escape by the time Jason gets rage or you're the final person alive, your chances are much slimmer. Think about it. You're left at Crystal Lake with no assistance and no way out and you're up against a horror movie killer who's literally immortal. You can only run for so long, and you only get so many chances to stun him and save yourself whilst running for your life. The final chase can go on for a certain amount of time, but it shouldn't be a guaranteed counselor kiting victory. If it's just you against Jason and he's enraged, how long realistically do you expect to live for? What do you expect to do against an immortal, supernatural killer? Knives, traps, a shotgun or a demasking will still buy you some time, but you're not expected to dodge Jason endlessly. There comes a point where he'll run you down because he doesn't tire and your character does. It's human vs inhuman. Some people seem to be keen on the idea of that final chase, but I'd ask users to see it from Gun's standpoint. As someone previously mentioned, this is an asymmetrical horror game - it isn't even; it's 7v1 or 1v7 (however you choose to look at it). When they were creating this game, do you think they envisioned this game with a 'keep jumping through windows until you run out of stamina or Jason gets bored' victory condition? I don't think so; I think that if you're the last person alive, you're kind of supposed to die. It should be a miracle at that point that keeps you alive, there was ample opportunity to get out before that point. It will be all the more satisfying and memorable when you actually manage to escape against seemingly impossible odds. I think Gun created the game with those "oh shit I better fucking run or I'm screwed" moments in mind, and rage has brought that tension and fear back with a Jason who is extremely difficult (but not 100% impossible) to stop. It just means cheap, overused tactics are less likely to work, an example being when you hide behind a door for him to rage through so you can bat stun him. For players like me, that wouldn't work anyway because I combat stance block around blind corners indoors and used to chop doors down when I knew someone was behind them instead of raging through them. Now you need a trap, a gun or a knife which are 3 things that would realistically slow him down. Not impossible, just harder.
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    This patch is extremely misguided, and seems like service to low skilled Jason players. A smarter patch would have: • reimplemented body blocking • a rage mode effect that reduces the durability of weapons to one use, and or significantly reduces stun time. Instead, we have a patch that allows Jason to become invulnerable just a few minutes into a session. How naive of some to believe Jason players won’t abuse this. Interestingly, in the films, Jason becomes more vulnerable - not more unstoppable - towards the end.
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    We'll have a live date for the patch. Hint: It's sooner than you think.
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    Video or it didn’t happen. I call total BS on that even being a possibility.
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    As a level 150 backer, I approve of the current state of the game more than the guys trolling Jason the whole time. There is so much wrong and foolishness here that I'm not gonna bother to disprove. It's like when you're picking mushrooms off of a pizza. Too many and you just say fuck it, and toss the pizza in the trash where it belongs. It's a good tactic. I love being Jason, using sense and grabbing as I round that corner, catching up the beatstick before I get stunned. The game ends when the counselors or Jason is out of play, or after 20 minutes. Jason shouldn't be stunned and thwarted for 10 and then the game ends. He gets his shot. As far as cleanup, that is often what the endgame is. Can't get the phone fixed, the car(s) are off the map or out of play. It's a slim hope to outlast. As far as being awarded for being sloppy, it's not that at all. Rage is Jason getting a boost because the counselors are too sloppy to get out alive. Jason being invulnerable is because too many people thought it would be fun to stun Jason time and time again for the lol's. Hm. So since we're not getting our way we're just gonna bitch to bitch? Agreed. The thing is that a counselor can run to the side and thwart those grab attempts. Jason's revised grab makes it a bit easier to not be caught up again. Rage for a limited time, or a one use dealie, eh? So trolls won't just run until it runs out then proceed to troll? Right. Terrible idea. This goes for both sides of the mask. Lots of Jason's simply can't compete with high end counselors, if those counselors want to troll or "fight" Jason. I disagree. The theme of the game is to emulate the horror movies. Fighting back like you're Batman doesn't evoke that feel. Trolling Jason by going after him isn't respecting his ability. Thankfully this patch forces you to respect him or die. And here is the point where I decided you were a troll, part of the problem and I'm almost hoping that the invulnerability isn't reigned in because you've proven yourself to be a troll who deserves all the post rage shit he gets. I can get behind this. You know, I truly think there is a small population that did, based on some of the whining I've seen on the forums in the last few years. That thinking is misguided at any rate. This drives me nuts. Me: I'm gonna fix this. Let me know when Jason leaves you. Boom! Jason almost grabs me and I heard nothing from my teammate. Like really, you can't let me know when you can't hear him anymore? You can't have too much communication provided it's pertinent.
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    So basically one of the main reasons of these complaints are "eventually when he gets to rage it's unlikely we'll regain stamina so we're pretty much screwed." GOOD. There's no reason to drag on a match any longer while wasting other players time in spectator mode. Especially if you're not playing the way it was intended. There are players that want to get into another round of a game, not watch a counselor do the same thing over and over for 15 minutes. By the way, I've seen others here using examples taken out of the films to support their arguments saying "well Jason always got stabbed, stunned, beat up and eventually killed in the final act." Here's the thing, the characters from the movies defending themselves were more innovative because they used anything at their disposal to try to get Jason off of them and most of the time they had a alternative plan to kill him. Overall, it made the final chase more interesting. What did the players make the characters do on the game mostly do before this patch? Group attack Jason, dance and marathon run until the timer runs out. WOW, very original. Seriously, these guys are so boring and bring nothing for the experience. Whether it's from the perspective of a Jason player, a spectator or a counselor who simply wants to on work objectives and escape with others. Can you imagine if Ginny, Chris, Trish or Tommy chain stun Jason and danced on top of him throughout the final moments of the film? I think the audience from the 80s would've walked out of the theater if that happened. If you're going to have a game that revolves and based on the final chase of a F13 film, we're definitely going to need particular changes that doesn't open a gateway for players to drag out a match while performing looney tune acts. Not sure why this a difficult concept to grasp for some users here.
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    EDIT: Just under 30 minutes until the gang goes live! Join Wes, Dan, and Matt tomorrow for an all new episode of BEYOND. We'll be talking the latest update to F13, with a full round of Community Q/A. Gun Media on Twitch Gun Media on Mixer
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    I agree. You’re pretty awesome.👍🏻 In their defense, they’re just growing tired of the bellyaching. Those of us who welcome the new change watched — from launch — Jason getting weaker and weaker through nerfs; not because Jason was too powerful, but because people playing as counselors didn’t try to get better. They didn’t try to LEARN the game, or expand their play styles. F13 is not Fortnite or Call of Duty; it’s a very DIFFERENT multiplayer game where tactics and team work are critical. You can’t run into a match guns-blazing; you have to play smart to survive. And, because these players had no desire to learn, they kept whining until Jason was made weak enough for them to survive. And still, that wasn’t enough. They kept complaining until Jason was nerfed to the point that he was virtually powerless against stacked groups. In other words, these players weren’t good at the game, so they complained their way to success. They wanted F13 to play like the more casual, mainstream games they’re accustomed to. Essentially, they wanted to press the “win” button, and succeed automatically. So as you can probably guess, the more faithful players here are ecstatic that they’re trying to re-balance the game.
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    As usual, every time there is a Jason buff people come out of the woodwork to cry and sob about how unfair it is, when in reality they're just upset that they can't troll and behave like asses anymore. The fact of the matter is that the game isn't set up around fighting Jason, it's set up around having counselors cooperate and work together to achieve goals in order to escape alive. Fighting Jason always was, and is, considered an absolute last resort. Seriously, the only people complaining about the Jason buff are trolls and people who flat-out suck playing the game. if the new update makes you want to not play the game anymore, then fine, please go. You're probably part of the toxic player base that were making the game unbearable to begin with and you won't be missed.
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    I don't think this proves anything, your message simply seems to suggest that you believe escaping to be the real way to play the game. I do respect and value your opinion and let me add something: to suggest that escaping should be the default option, IS NOT CONSISTENT with the film canon, one of the main ways to escape Jason is to defeat him or hurt him badly. Ginny hurts Jason badly and survives, Chris axes him and leaves him down for the count, Tommy and Trish finally kill him, Tommy and the others kill Roy at the end of the film. This is consistent in most of the films, the way to survive Jason is, mostly, to beat him. Right now this is NOT POSSIBLE when raging, be this a glitch or whatever but thanks to this patch this option has been ruined. There are basically 4 ways to win as a counselor: 1 escape by boat/car 2 escape with the police 3 survive the night (and you can achieve this by hiding and running, or by fighting Jason) 4 defeat Jason These options are present in the game, so I am afraid they are all "as it was intended to be played" What this patch does is to render impossible the fight part of option 3 and remove option 4 when Jason is raging. This patch is the equivalent of preventing you to use the phone box after Jason rages, it is simply unbalanced and it punishes players who play legally. (and not everybody who attacks Jason is a nasty person who likes to dance and mock Jason all the time) The only solution is to remove the patch while the devs give Jason a proper buff BUT this buff cannot be INVINCIBILiTY
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    Nope. It's the best idea the Devs have had since they thought about making the game to begin with. If you have to "rely" on stunning Jason to survive, well I guess you won't be surviving anymore will you? If people will play the game as intended (I.E. escape at the first opportunity and stop trying to troll/bully Jason) they'll see very little has changed. If they want to hang around and dance, well then they're gonna fuckin' die... and I love that.
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    He will not enter rage until 12 or 13 minutes in already, if the counselors don't have a piñata party. In case you know absolutely nothing about our dear Mr. Voorhees... he is the one who is supposed to be a bit more than a 'tad' over powered. This should also be nice for Jason players who spend more than half the match locked in a stun animation... which is pretty far from being over powered. I wouldn't say it will be easier for Jason at all... nothing in this update will alter my playstyle as a counselor and I escape quite often... without having to take a swing at him at all. It just might make things harder for people that want to fight Jason and kill him... but that was the point... It might also turn the tables on the trolls, which was also the point. The goal was to make it harder to bully or kill Jason. And I agree, it is lovely, just lovely. In the stream today, they did say that knocking Jason to his knees in the sweater stun will work normally... but we will have to see after the patch comes out. The shotgun will still stun him in rage mode as well... so if it comes down to a weapon not knocking him to his knees in the sweater stun animation, the Jason hunters will have to keep a shotgun for this.
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    Jason being unstunnable in rage mode is a tad op being he spends half the game in said mode. Maybe change the rage timer to the 15 minute mark ?
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    This could potentially be game breaking especially for Jason's like savini, part 3 part 4 etc. This mechanic could be completely abused by Jason's who do nothing but slash as counselors no longer have a defense against them. If a counselor runs out of stamina while Jason has rage there's practically no longer a way to escape. Combine this with the awful swing hit detection and it just makes the game less enjoyable now, especially as counselors
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    @mattshotcha @ShiftySamurai @wes I want to say the stream was awesome guys. That type of community interaction is something a lot of people have inquired about a while. I hope it gets people interested in this game again. As for the patch, it should make gameplay more challenging again. Bring that fear of Jason back that we missed all too much. I hope you guys get to bottom of the car collission issue and players falling under the map, especially on Packanack small.
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    Looks good but what about the invisible wall under the stairs on Higgins Haven?
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    @mattshotcha Players deserve a response to this exploit situation, it's seriously out of hand. But hacking and cheating in general is a joke. Let me show you this.... (no name and shame, just a bit of video). You should be able to see the player is using shift non-stop. It's pretty clear. Hacker This was this morning. I obviously captured it and reported this JasonKillsBugs.com. However, what I saw was seriously irritating. Not just irritating but completely unacceptable. Before the match started another player announced that this particular individual is a hacker, so it's apparently a known thing, but not only that, looking at the player's Steam profile I found multiple claims of reporting, like this "got a video of him glitching out of reach of jason r e p o r t t e i m". This quote was from April of last year, fucking APRIL! Why are players like this NOT being banned when it is being reported? The rest of us are following the protocol, wasting our time taking the steps to report people like this and nothing is being done! This asshole has been doing this, from what I can see, for almost a year now? This is bullshit and the players deserve better! @mattshotcha Can we get an official statement? Either - "This is going to be taken seriously from now on and resolved swiftly" or "Blah blah blah excuse X, so sorry, we don't actually care."
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    I can’t wait for the next buff, don’t even care wether it’s perks or Jason, so I can’t say my love of the game was negatively impacted by this patch. Still waiting for any real argument as to why it wasn’t the best thing for the game.
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    *Waves goodbye* I guess you'll be leaving us then... You know, since the game's so broken and all. Edit: If this patch has wrecked the game so badly, maybe you can explain to me why counselor escapes have skyrocketed since it came out? For such a busted game there sure does seem to be a lot of surviving post-Rage Jason going on.
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    It is an example of a ridiculous suggestion that goes against the devs, and the license holder's views of what Jason should be... and therefore... will NEVER happen. This should not need to be explained. I would say... "many"... not "most"... There were many ridiculous suggestions that fit with the example above as to why they will never happen. But there were also many good ideas in my opinion. No... you got that one WAY off.... If players do not "want to"... then they do not "have to"... No one is forcing anyone to play this game. This should also not need to be explained. A game with such a low player base having so many complaints? How exactly does that work? And why exactly should any stock be put into complaints that were made before the patch dropped (there were a lot)... or for that matter, why should we listen to anything that anyone who complained before the patch dropped said?... This would indicate a biased opinion... and why should anyone listen to a biased opinion? That would just be a stupid thing to do. There is more than thirty people that have zero problem with the changes... MANY more... not all of them are on these forums though. And not a single person that wanted Jason to be unstoppable who posted such a suggestion that I ever read, and I have read a lot of them... If someone suggested that... it would also fall under the ridiculous suggestions thingy above. And fortunately, he is NOT unstoppable as he can still die. I have still only run into one player in game that had anything that could remotely be called a complaint... After he was told of the changes, all he had to say was "that sucks" and left the lobby, which happened after the match finished.... and you do not want to know how many hours I have been in game since the patch. Also... as I keep pointing out to you... counselors are escaping in droves... and Jason players are still dying rather easily. Ignoring facts does not make one look in any way "intelligent"... If the current version of Jason is "unstoppable" to you... I can only imagine what the training wheels you desire would look like. This statement is only partially accurate... It is Gun Media's game... but that is not all that matters.... There are license holders that have to approve EVERYTHING that happens with this game... and neither of them included the piñata Jason in their visions. It is just something that "happened"... this patch has gone a long way to correct that. The video above proves how easy it was (and still is up until rage hits) to turn Jason into a complete, blithering clown... And if they wanted to kill him.... you can plainly see how early they could have killed him... if they wanted to. Tommy spawned in at just over 4 minutes and the mask was already off... Easy peezy… if they wanted to do it. A video of Jason killing 8 people in five minutes would only prove it is possible to do this as well... But I have never seen Jason kill eight people in five minutes (you also do not want to know how many matches I have actually played)... unless all of them wanted to die and allowed it to happen... A counselor that is even remotely competent at "running away" from Jason can take a bit longer than 37.5 seconds to catch. Just so you understand where I got that number.... 60 seconds x 5 (minutes) = 300 seconds (or 5 minutes)… divided that by 8 (for number of counselors) and... you get 37.5 seconds... which is the average time you can spend on each counselor to achieve 8 kills in 5 minutes. And yes... Then consider the time it takes for morph and shift to regenerate for each Jason variant... the time it takes to gather throwing knives to wound counselors that do not walk up to you and ask you politely to kill them... and the fact that ALL counselors are actually faster than Jason... You may even begin to understand how rarely this could happen "legitimately". And yes... I know how averages work... I am just proving a point. Learn your math kids.... It is the key to the universe. But please... if you have such a video... put your money where your mouth is and prove it is possible to kill all eight counselors in five minutes LEGITIMATELY... But that would still only prove it is possible... not common, like piñata parties... or an easy peezy Jason kill... Making your point irrelevant... again.
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    Not offended in the least my friend. I don't think I was trolling as much as I was just being a total asshole to people I didn't agree with. Over time though, it finally clicked that you get a great deal more accomplished if you try and contribute something useful to the conversation rather than say "That guy XYZ is an uber-fag. Fuck that loser" Edit: I didn't want to double-post so I just decided to edit my original reply. THIS is why the buff was so desperately needed. I'm aware the Jason in this video isn't exactly the most highly skilled, but that's all the more reason to have the buff: so newer Jason's can learn to improve without being a counselors bitch the whole round.
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    @Friday_Queen In earlier posts you had mentioned that the "point of the game" was to kill Jason. Now you're saying the "point of the game" is to help yourself and other counselors survive and escape. You are correct in the second statement. Your objective as a counselor is to work with other counselors for the common goal of survival. The point you are failing to understand is that this is NOT a given. Everything that you are asking for is based on your choices and play style. You are literally asking to be catered to so that you can have a cakewalk of a game. If you are choosing to spend the game fighting Jason, you have to deal with the consequences when that fails. The game does not need to be changed to accommodate you and your boyfriend. You have literally asked for the game to be made easier so that you and he can always escape if you fail at fighting Jason for the kill. That is the absolute most self centered thing I have ever read. If you aren't willing to adapt or change your priorities in the game, you just have to deal with what happens.
  39. 4 points
    Exactly. Besides, first half of the game... nothing has changed, except the fact that mostly all objectives are being pushed more aggressively. Second half depends on the group youre playing against. Some Jasons are monsters regardless. The game had been catered to the counselors for so long that a little shift was definitely needed. I mean, many seem to complain on the fact that they are not getting free easy escapes or Jason gangrapes. Really? Jason should be op, though even with these little buffs he is still not.
  40. 4 points
    Nope. Sorry, no training wheels available.
  41. 4 points
    Would you prefer getting slashed to death instead? Because that's what you're asking for.
  42. 4 points
    Looks like we found one of them.
  43. 4 points
    Honestly man they should just go back to the way it was before, but I guess the devs just had to pander to the demographic of terrible Jason players who always cried about getting stunned and never got good. I occasionally got stunned as Jason, but I never went to the extreme lengths of crying about it and asking for a buff.
  44. 4 points
  45. 4 points
    Do you also sell your house when the toilet breaks? 😀
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    I would argue that invincibility to most stuns isn't silly at all; choosing to fight Jason is the silly thing to do. As someone who tries to escape and save other players in the process, I don't see any issue with this. If an opportunity presents itself to defeat Jason then I'll be part of it, but I play the game how it was meant to be played and that is to play to survive by any means necessary. Friday the 13th: The Game wasn't designed to emphasize combat with Jason, and this patch makes it a less than smart idea to do so. I'm afraid that if defeating Jason is your only goal then the issue lies with you, not this patch. If you only choose to chase one single victory condition and ignore all the others, then that should be at your own peril. If you want the XP then there are a total of 4 ways to survive the night; playing solely JUST to defeat Jason shouldn't be easy and if you die, then it's just a case of better luck next time. You can still do it, but you won't be doing it as often and that's more in spirit with what the game is about.
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    Hey, you guys who are complaining that Jason is "too OP:" Watch a Friday the 13th movie sometime. When you do, you'll see teenagers getting killed. Lots of them. What you don't see are fearless teens talking smack to Jason and beating him constantly while he is unable to defend himself. Those of us who love the franchise wanted a game where escaping Jason was difficult, and would require cunning, teamwork, and luck. It SHOULD be hard, it SHOULD be scary. And it was, at launch. It looks like the devs are finally putting things right. @mattshotcha, the stream was awesome and much appreciated. The only thing I didn't see addressed that has been discussed here was the perk rolling. Are there changes coming to it in a future patch still?
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    Dying in a non Jason trap counts as a suicide. You won’t die the first time you step in it. You’d have to reset it. Either way, it isn’t going to be as easy as calling Tommy and jumping in and out of windows until death anymore. You’re going to need help, and by the time you get that help two other counselors on the other side of the map could alrrady be dead. The changes aren’t meant to make becoming Tommy impossible, just more difficult. If it gets rid of the half that plays like assholes then it’ll be no great loss. They make for hateful playing experiences anyways.
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    Nothing stuns him. Pocket knives still force him to drop you and that animation runs while he pulls it out. But once raged basically nothing will stun him. He can still be killed, it doesn't effect that sequence. I think it's great. If players want to just beat on him it'll be at their own peril. His weapon swing will now hit multiple counselors as well. So if they group up everyone he hits is taking damage, not just the first one it connects with. And I just realized when you hit rage and are chasing those last couple counselors you'll be able to just rage through the doors and walls without constantly being stunned by them waiting there with a wrench.
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    The team will be live in roughly 40 minutes.
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