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    @ovmise, this is not the place to ask about a ban removal. Contact f13game@fearthegun.com and plead your case there. Also, it's a good idea to not do things to get yourself banned in the first place.
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    It's a completely different era of gaming. You have entitled, spoiled, and very vulgar / ill-mannered children gaming these days. As far as where they may have picked up such colorful words, look to the "adults" they emulate. All parents aren't perfect, but I applaud those that still believe in actually parenting their children, rather letting technology babysit them. Thankfully, you have mute (when it works). You can also create a party chat with just yourself as an alternate option.
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    @ovmise Let me know if this is correct: - You used a macro to keep your counselor/jason moving so you wouldn't get kicked from the lobby for being AFK. - You used the macro just so you could get the 1000 matches played achievement without having to actually play the game. - While you were AFK and your macro was running, you got selected to be Jason and it became much more obvious to others in the lobby that you were cheating and weren't actually playing the game. - You got reported and banned. - 2 Years later you are still banned and you want the ban lifted because your Steam account has a "Red inscription" on it which lets everyone else know you got banned for cheating. So basically you cheated at a game you don't even play (ruining the matches for anyone stuck in the lobby with you), just so you could get a stupid achievement for a game you don't actually play. And now you are banned and stuck with a "red inscription" because you cheated at a game you don't even play? 🤣😅😂 That is absolutely fantastic and I hope they keep you banned. That's some funny sh*t.
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    @AngliNex, not all of those kids are bad. For every few hellions you encounter, there's a decent one in the mix. Some of them are a bit more mature than some of the adults playing.
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    Thanks for sharing @aurllcooljay.
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    Welcome to the forum. Cross play would have been nice, but the game's final patch is coming in a couple days.
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    I don't know if this bug existed before the latest patch or not (I don't recall it happening before) but: If Jason sets a trap at a car's driver side door and I eat the trap and have a key, the game will often break me out of the trap immediately and put me in the car. Then if I try to start the car, the ignition will continuously crank but never start because the game still thinks I'm stuck in the trap.
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    Good place to run Jason around.
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    I swear if they moved the dates I am going to be livid... Update: SON OF A B- its moved to February 2021!!!!
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    Happy turkey day for those who celebrate the holiday. Stay safe and eat well.
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    The new update just came out a few days ago but it’s extremely slow. The game buffers a lot, glitches, and you get thrown out of the lobby if the host leaves. Anyone having the same problem?
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    I already wrote on this forum about unblocking, but it was never removed. And now 1250+ days have passed, I want to ask again. Please remove the game block my Steam account - https://steamcommunity.com/id/ovmise/
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    i tend to make fun of these kids. saying stuff like: "you know kid, when i was your age my parents didnt buy me M rated games, because they loved me. your parents are letting you play this because they dont love you. when youre playing games by yourself it equals time they dont have to deal with you. which tells me you were an accident" 8 out 10 absolutely RAGE. or cry.
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    I see the "experts" are ranking Jason's again.. 🤦‍♀️ If your top three aren't Savini, part 3, and part 5, you clearly don't know what you're talking about.
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    What I wouldn’t give for a hint about Guns next project. I need something to think about, not much going on in the world of asymmetrical horror till next summer (Indie game, Charlie the Legend) and I’d love to contribute to whatever is coming. Halloween has lots of potential, so do Scream, TCM and Child’s Play. The other horror franchises could work but aren’t going to have the same pull as these ones, Friday was such a massive success because it had a built in audience. That’s audience is most attached to 80/90’s franchise horror. If Gun is building up a smaller IP, or one with a smaller fan base it could still be as successful as Friday but it will be harder. Whatever they’re working on, I can’t wait.... Do us proud Gun.
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    I'm surprised it took so long to see a post like this. Figured the casuals would be flooding the forum after the update wondering why most of the games they play are disconnecting halfway through now. But yeah, dedicated serves are gone, and the game's reverted back to P2P... Which means your game experience is going to be on the laggy side now unless you or the host just has great internet, and reliant on the host not being a dick or realizing that they are the host and they're screwing everybody else over when they leave. We've known this was coming, and have for a while. At least a little bit of lag is just going to be a fact of life now. As far as the host leaving goes, all you can do about that if you can't organize a private match is try to get host duties yourself if you have decent internet, or always check the level of whoever is the host. If they're level 5, back out immediately because that bitch is likely dying early and is even more likely to leave when they do, probably not even realizing they are the host or what they're doing to everyone else when they leave. Try to find a host whose a higher level... There's no guarantees, but they're less likely to die early and hopefully more likely to understand what's going on now and not leave. Don't hold your breath, but it is possible.
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    nope thats just the world on fire 🙂
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    I have faith a Jason X figure will see the light of day in the distant future. How long that takes remains to be seen.
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    I'd go see it if that ever happened.
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    Thanks for the continual update.
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    Getting back on topic, I'm happy to see that ending up on the rocks isn't a thing anymore. @TimDuke 01, anyone on the rocks yet?
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    Miles Morales Spider-Man, Hitman 3, Cyberpunk 2077, Assassin's Creed Valhalla, and 5 or 6 other games.
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    Savini is a backer exclusive. If they did the offline content at launch, either: A. We may not have had an online portion at all. B. The database login might have implemented from day one, with the intention of adding online play later. It would be interesting to see where that path would have led us. I read the patch notes but didn't see any promise that all remaining bugs would be fixed. In an ideal world, everything would have been fixed. I'm disappointed with how things turned out, but I 've come to terms with it.
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    We'll see what the future holds. An offline save profile would be ideal.
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    I know how you feel. It's the way I feel when a long overdue game comes out for me.
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    On the bright side, it'll be that much more gratifying once you get your hands on them.
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    That's a very clever workaround @aurllcooljay. A lot of games seem to make of a similar circumstance. Hopefully an offline profile save will become a thing, so people don't have to resort to this.
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    So you're asking for a Jason nerf? Counselors can communicate and share information, though some have no desire to do so. FYI, it is possible to be educated without going to school.
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    Players on both sides who have played enough times on a given map have a fair chance of finding the cabin pretty quickly. With the final patch coming real soon, it's not likely to happen.
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    The game will be playable still. I understand that peer to peer instead of dedicated is not the best scenario for stable matches, but it's also not the doom and gloom end of the game. There's fixes in here that the community has been waiting for, and they'll be online and playing on Friday the 13th with those fixes in. While I have confidence in this patch, I understand where you're coming from. It's not as if the team is cut loose the minute the patch goes live. We'll have opportunity to fix anything we see as an emergency following the patch deployment. I'm sorry to say, but offline bots pathing was not as high a priority as some of these other big ticket items that we wanted to get resolved. I know that's not what you want to hear, but if you think about it, it is understandable. Part of that decision is the fact that while it isn't the best pathing for the bots, it is still able to be completed.
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    This statement right here justifies why the count will remain the same. @Gumble_Monkey, welcome to the forum. It is still possible to get that trophy this late in the game. Just put in the work like everyone else. You can do it.
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    Welcome to the forum.
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    You're welcome @kwaHkwaR. I can see why people might think that. The good news is that the developers are looking into issues with the car. Hopefully it'll get fixed in a little while.
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    Welcome to the forum @kwaHkwaR. This has happened to several people in the game. The developers are aware of it, and hopefully will find a way to fix it. You can submit future video footage to jasonkillsbugs.com
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    Fixes will come as they are meant to. Being pushy won't make them come any faster. The developers have a long list of things to possibly fix. How many and which ones will depend on the manpower, the time left in the development cycle, and whether or not the lawsuit is blocking certain fixes. As long as fixes make the game a bit more functional, then it may be worth the wait.
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    That would be nice. Some users maybe, but thankfully not all.
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    The old days of gaming were something else. Things were simpler back then. On the bright side, many of us here have put some ideas out there we'd like to see at the end stage. Which of those may happen is anyone's guess. Offline profile access and continual use of peer to peer connectivity for online matches are the top two things.
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    Even when you use the Offline Bots to level up, the records of your level, perks and other progress are tied to Gun's servers online. That is why this game requires a constant connectivity to the internet. If you play this game without connectivity to the internet, you will be at level 1, with only access to Offline Bots and Single Player Challenges, and only have access to Part 3 and Part 5 Jason. There has been discussion in past topics about having access to our profile data without internet dependence. That is one of the main things players are looking for at the end of the road.
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    @Fair Play will answer for himself as he always does, although anyone that understands the point he is making may chime in as always. @Dragonfire82877 was just making points about the discussions that have taken place about this topic in the past. It has been brought up more than once, and by multiple people. A great many of us are concerned about what this game will be like after the final update, both offline and online. Given the lawsuit tying the hands of the development team, we can only get so much in the way of changes. The state of the Offline content can only improve so much in the time that is left, however long that may be. The lawsuit also prevents certain changes. Working within the boundaries, we could still see some changes, though what those will be are uncertain at this time. As far as a timetable on future changes, our resident Community Lead could enlighten you on that. Major bugs are being addressed currently, and the team is aware of the requests that the community has asked for on all of the social media channels. We can make our opinions and concerns heard, but that's all we can do. What happens after that is entirely up to them. I hope for the best outcome for this game, but I'm always prepared for the worst.
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    It is unfortunate this is happening right now. Know that you are not alone. Things may seem dark right now, but we'll pull through.
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