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    You said jasonkiller 😂😂😂 not a chance. This is probably your account or his friend? LOL you seriously consider this the best Jason on Xbox? He’s just a pub lobby noob stomper. Not that hard to wipe lobby’s of dumb counselors within 10 minutes. A good team though? Wouldn’t happen. Best Jason’s I’ve seen are toxicviper, jliles3, and gameplayingguru
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    Welcome to the F13 Tower Guide. Included below is a link to the full PDF, with all maps broken down to give you the best chance of choosing the correct generator on first morph. Screenshots of all towers that can be observed in the cutscenes are also included for your conveniance. Given the amount of pages, I recommend using bookmarks in your mobile or desktop reader for ease of use. Additionally, a bonus video of the cutscenes can be viewed below for the purpose of seeing the tower locations in motion, to best familiarise yourself with them. While some are obviously hard to catch, using slower playback on the video will help. F13 Tower Guide PDF - Download F13 Cutscene Towers Video If you wish to make use of the guide right away, you can do so without reading anything more. Otherwise, I encourage you to read on below for a complete understanding of the topic. Radio Tower Guide - Wordpress
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    Strigoi: "Machetes and axes should break on the second hit" *Devs implement change* *Strigoi tries killing Jason, Jason simply holds block, Strigoi watches all his axes and machetes break without even removing the mask and realizes what a horrible idea this was* Strigoi:
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    It was Metal Gear Solid 666: The End of Jason As We Knew Him I give the film 1 out of 10. @Strigoi seems to want every weapon except the axe and machete to double stun.
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    No, nust no. Counselors are tresspassing on Jason's campgrounds and deserve to die Darren.
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    Im hoping Beyond the Stream returns on March Friday the 13th. I Suspect the reason behind the awkward silence from Gun Media is because A HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT ABOUT A HUGE HORROR FRANCHISE VIDEO GAME IS GOING TO BE ANNOUNCED. Ive made secret plans to upload my own podcast broadcast about my ideas on the forum. Ill be broadcasting from my bedroom.
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    This is a joke right? 😂
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    It's just how Gun operates. They come in with fire and fury, then they get bored of it and leave. I can understand about the constant questions about "new content" from the trolls, but just assign a person to mod chat and ban them, and put it to follower only mode with a time limit of you have to have followed for XXX minutes/hours/days to chat. People on Twitch/Mixer/YouTube/etc can deal with trolls and still make content all the time, but Gun moves on the moment people stop kissing their asses and start asking real questions about what they are doing.
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    It's on the list for investigation, but I don't have anything more to confirm at this time. I would have to look into this. I suspect it is not as simple as it may seem. Mainly due to different body types, etc. I also would suspect that it's outside of the scope, considering we have to allot our resources to some other, more vital issues in game still.
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    I think if nothing else all that content (or a good portion of the best of it) would've come out and most of the fanbase would still be in Gun's corner, and maybe by now they'd be hard at work on a new Friday game. Instead, with the lawsuit, we have a pretty decent game near the end of it's lifespan that's been jaded by unfulfilled promises, a bad case of "what could've been", and nothing else to look forward to.
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    When Dead by Daylight was released for Switch, it was placed on dedicated servers even though the servers weren't publicly released yet. The devs at Behaviour said it was because the Switch is not capable of operating a P2P for a game of this type. So, considering this game is at "the tail end of the game's life cycle," does this mean when Friday the 13th's Dedicated Servers finally get pulled, the Switch version will only be capable of offline bots and challenges?
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    I got this car after some dumbass ran a red light and totalled the one I was using. It's a 2006 Mazda Rx-8.
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    Master Splinter arrived in the mail today. I pulled the trigger and ordered him off GameStop's web page this past Monday night.
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    Well, what else is there “beyond” for this game now? Besides death.
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    I think sometimes people forget that the point of this game...literally... is for the counselors to die. Sometimes nobody escapes, sometimes everyone escapes, sometimes Jason dies. If on average, 1 counselor escapes each match then the game is balanced exactly as it should be (just like the movies).
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    What movie resembles the kind of Jason experience you're trying to achieve? Did I miss a F13 movie somehow? I remember Jason always being the one to fear.
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    If it were me I’d do 1 composure (black screen doesn’t bother me) 5 luck 10 repair 8 speed 9 stamina 1 stealth 1 strength (who needs good strength when anyone on the roster can de mask Jason) id make it so my counselor can run and can repair just as good as those smart MF’s. My counselor would be both a track star and smart!!
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    The Axe stun needs to be improved. The Axe stun needs to be guaranteed. The Axe should stun or knock down Jason with every hit. When you hit Jason with the Axe it stuns him the first time and then hitting him again with the same axe it doesent stun him and the axe breaks. Each Axe should stun Jason at least twice if using the same axe 2 times in a row. The Axe should only break after hitting Jason 4 times with the same Axe.
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    Mine wasn't a gripe about me waiting for dev diary 2. It was more of a statement that a lot of what you guys do is over promise and under deliver. I'm not mad. Just giving you guys some rightfully deserved crap about it. Dev Diaries Paranoia Uber and Grendal The bug fixes have been cool. Keep that up. Also, you guys should release Savini Jason to everyone. Just kidding!
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    This game is too broken for competitive play. I don't see the point of it really. Its not like there are sponsors or anything. Seems like a waste of time.
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    Amazing, as usual. I will tell any Jason players to learn this, thank you for spreading this knowledge. Your contribution to this game is without boundaries, much respect for you @Tommy86
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    4 Perk Slots? Medic, ThickSkinned, NoS, and Swift Attacker? Hell No!!!
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    I agree 100% with the mask it looks strange and the cracks look very unnatural....... I also agree the franchise / mythology is big enough to support may different versions. I don’t think the CW would have been the right place for it, for sure it needs to have a home on Amazon or Netflix or an edgier network like FX to capture the feel of F13.
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    Jason and his machete look dope but his mask is absolute trash; way too cracked. I think the mythos is large enough to support multiple seasons and would love to see it happen. I would even subscribe to whatever platform it came out on.
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    I prefer Runner Jason. Just having generally faster movement at all times just makes the experience more enjoyable, and is nice to have during combat. +Shift tho is really good, and is the only reason why Savini is still on par with Part 3.
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    The topic has been discussed a few times on here in the past. It was said that a believable Jason AI was not possible by this team. Many people here would like to have seen an AI Jason. I am one of those people. I still ponder from time to time how that could have even if the game went in a different direction.I @OCT 31 1978, I agree that a simple-minded AI Jason would have been better than none at all. @PackASnack_Lodge, we're still hoping for peer to peer for online matches once the servers shut down, along with offline profile access and the ability to hold more than 30 perks. @FridayThe31st, it would likely be new content. Even if it isn't, it would probably be beyond the scope of their ability so late in the development cycle of the game.
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    Non running, specifically part 9. To me they are scarier. I do like playing as all the Jason's though. Roy is my least favorite because his coveralls seem off to me.
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    I personally like walking Jasons better than running Jasons because of the shift. I prefer shift over speed. I like pulling off those stalk shift grabs and all of that, and it’s also easier to stop cars with the plus shift Jasons. I do occasionally use running Jasons when I want to try to change it up for a few matches, I’m really really good with part 5. I really like his plus knives and his stalk and shift.
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    I need LaChappa in them daisy dukes.
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    It's not just unfulfilled promises, it's like Gun doesn't even know how their own game works. They thought that it was possible to take Jason to his knees with a shotgun while he was in the sweater stun when anyone who has ever played the game knows it has never done so. They mentioned this with the rage update. It took months just to fix the enviro kill bug and a glitchy drawer in Pinehurst. We have bugs that have been here for longer that they just have quietly given up on or cannot understand how to fix.
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    That’s exactly why I think this will continue until one or both of them pass away. It’s very sad that they can’t come to terms, have Sean pull his head out of his ass and let Victor have a piece of the pie, and both get even more filthy rich after the next movie.
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    Which is just absurd at this point since It has been said many times by Gun and even as of yesterday from the video with Larry Zerner breaking down the court stuff that the game will never get new content. I don't understand what it is going to take for those stubborn people to understand that the game is never going to get more content.
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    I agree. While sometimes stuff happens where the game crashes or the internet has problems which causes Jason to leave involuntarily (happens to me sometimes and I must say, it absolutely sucks), the Jason’s who don’t want to be Jason should put their preference on counselor. When I first started this game I was horrible at jason so I put my preference to counselor and there was no problem there. Before I even knew how to do that I never quit, I always played even if I didn’t like it. Another thing that I hate is when counselors quit. Last night there were two of us left, everybody else quit. One Jenny was AFK and got kicked. So it was only a Buggzy and me, which isn’t very fun if you think about it. Usually I’m annoyed when I get 3 or 4 people quitting when I’m Jason, but for almost the entire lobby to quit? That’s insane. But I agree, it wastes everybody’s time when somebody who doesn’t want to be jason at all doesn’t put their preference on that.
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    I think we would have gotten Uber, Grendel, clothing packs and kill packs for each Jason. Maybe a final virtual cabin. And right now, the game wouldn't be updated any further, aside from bug fixes, just like things currently sit. This is now almost a 3 year old game, the likelihood of new content passed last spring is far fetched and not probable.
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    @FridayThe31st It’s maybe more or less related to the „good days, bad days - theory: on some days the timing of everything works perfect, a shift grab kill here, a combat stance / slash moment there and the lobby is wiped out pretty quick. But then, there are those other matches, in which you get the feeling that everything is working against you and in the end you come home to mommy with a clean machete, which didn’t get as much blood as you wanted it to get.
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    Very cool!! Definitely going to pick one up as well! I am going to Target today I want to get another dream sequence Jason and make a Jason Goes to Hell custom, also planning to do a part 7 and Part 8 eventually.
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    Get to Lachappa! Oh wait, he's dead? Vanessa wonder woman to the rescue. Guess we are going run around the long table cabin for 20 minutes. Thick skin, medic, and marathon. 4 sprays and a pocket knife. Let's all pray he ain't slashing. 😂 SURVIVED. (Jason has left the lobby)
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    I'm kinda glad my wife talked me out of donating that much.
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    😂 nO nEw CoNtEnT nO bLaCk FiRe LaVa JaYsOuN
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    I'd imagine a lot of the money went to the rights holders. As far as money made from continued sales, it's not nearly as much as when the game first came out. It's too bad that the lawsuit cut off any future chances of content. There was so much more that could have been done. @The Milwauking Dead, it's too bad we'll never get an answer for that question.
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    It would be nice if it didn't happen. Perhaps one day, if luck is on our side, after the major bugs are fixed, and before support is abandoned entirely.
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    The car seems pointless to many people, but not everyone has given up on it. There are some Jason players who don't use the cheap tactic of disabling the car. I see it about 5% myself, but I know each player's experience may vary.
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    I applaud you for taking your loss gracefully. There are a lot of unsavory players out there. The insults and trash talk can make one want to mute every lobby for that reason alone.
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    @999enits, the best advice I can give to anyone is to not do game sharing. http://f13game.com/code-of-conduct/ http://f13game.com/f13game-tou/ 1. Dead By Daylight is not a dirty word or anything, so there's no need to censor its name. If you are enjoying that game, continue to do so. I play both Dead By Daylight and Friday the 13: The Game. I feel no shame in playing either one. 2. Name one company this is still developing new F13 merchandise, outside of stuff that was in development before the lawsuit stopped things. 3. Which mental illness has the symptom of defending the developers, or anyone else for that matter? I'd like to look it up. 4. If you put in 600 hours on the game, how can you say you were scammed? Wouldn't you have asked for a refund well before that point? Can any Switch players of the game weigh in on whether or not that version is currently "unplayable"?
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    Look at the date of the quoted post. That's one nice Christmas gift to the community.
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    It would seem people hate being rushed as much as people hate having to wait.
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    What's the abandoned camp?
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