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    Update 9/1/2017: We were able to deploy the patch for both PC and PS4, XB1 currently has no ETA yet. More when I have it. Hey everyone I know the last two days have been rough but we just locked down a set of fixes to address the most immediate concerns of the player base. The build is currently in QA's hands so I have no ETA on when its going to go out. If QA finds any major issues we are going to fix those and create a new build to test. We then have to get through cert. I don't have a timeline yet for this but we did finalize the list of fixes. Matchmaking Fixed an issue that would create a new lobby after only searching for 10 seconds. Increased the ping threshold back to 300ms on PS4 Parties Fixed an issue that would cause a crash if a party leader invited a player that was already in another lobby Jason Decreased the window break animation time Fixed an issue where Jason could not damage counselors moving through the window Fixed a number of environmental kills that were not triggering Fixed an issue that was causing the door to not get hit after the first or second swing Fixed an issue where the morph circles were not appearing on the morph map. Fixed an issue that was leaving the map up when Jason was hit while trying to morph Fixed an issue where Jason was not dropping a counselor in a choke if he was hit Fixed an issue where Jason was taking damage while stunned...he shouldn't Counselors Fixed an issue where the Pocket Knife would not trigger Fixed an issue with weapons that was not decreasing the weapons durability if they were hitting Jason but Jason was not taking damage Misc Fixed impact decals so they dont display the material type anymore. (Wood, Metal, and Rock) Fixed badges disappearing when swapping languages Fixed a loading screen hang on PC Maps Packanack Fixed a hidden door Fixed a tree from spawning in a cabin Higgins Haven Fixed an issue where Jason would become locked out from performing interaction when attempting to use a Window interaction Fixed an issue where the phone box to call the police was blocked by environmental objects
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    THE F13 AVATAR COLLECTION This is the start of my F13 Avatar Collection. Any user is welcome to use them and I will be adding to it over time. All these meet sizing requirements for the avatar profile slot, so no need to worry if size is to big. These are also accessible on my profile page if you are looking to change in the future. Don't see what you're looking for? I take suggestions just drop a comment and I'll see what I can do. INSTRUCTIONS There are two ways to apply these avatars. You can download and re-upload to avatar slot in profile. You can simply right click image and copy image link address and paste in avatar slot in profile. (no need to download) Clicking images will make them appear in gallery view. ANIMATIONS -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- MASKS -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- KILLERS -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- GAME CHARACTERS -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- MOVIE CHARACTERS -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PETS -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- MISC -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- XAMOEL COLLECTION
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    Hey all! So this next week is gonna be a doozy. We're focusing on bringing a major content update to you all and we're happy to announce that the new Jarvis Map, Jason Part IV and Mitch Floyd counselor will all be coming free! In addition to this new content we'll be adding rain effects to the game for all maps! Jason Part 4 and Jarvis Map We are happy to announce that the biggest part of this update is the inclusion of the FREE new Jason and map coming to Friday the 13th: The Game. Check out one of the most famous locations on Camp Crystal Lake with the Jarvis House. We've even included a few easter eggs to explore! Along with the new map is of course Jason Voorhees as he was seen in The Final Chapter. You'll be equipped with a Pig Splitter this time and three new weapon kills that are absolutely going to devastate any counselor unfortunate enough to cross him. You can check our little trailer here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=390mlGhyQc8 Mitch Floyd Joins the Roster Camp Crystal Lake’s roster of counselors is growing! We’re happy to announce the addition of the newest, chill dude that’s looking to spend a couple of hours alone each day at camp to really take in the scenery, get one with nature and enjoy all that grass on the lawn at camp. Here you can check out a bit of what makes Mitch tick, as he’s coming to camp on Friday the 13th, this October for FREE! Rain! We're happy to add a bit of weather to the game; each map in Friday the 13th: The Game will be getting rain and thunderstorms to add even more tension to the map. Rain will be random in public matches, while you can select it within private matches. Double XP Weekend To celebrate the holiday, we're going to run a full double XP weekend starting on Friday the 13th and ending that Sunday the 15th. We will have set START/STOP times posted in the forums! Emote Party Pack 1 Our first Premium Emote Pack is going to go live as well! You'll get access to 10 total emotes for all counselors! Show off your dance moves and other emotes to your fellow counselors or Jason if you're dumb enough to tempt fate! Will retail at $1.99USD (regions vary). Additional Information Lastly; we've got game-balance tweaks coming and we've taken a lot of feedback from the community regarding combat and luck. You will see things return to more normal gameplay thus seen from earlier builds. Additionally; we've worked some on the optimization of the game as well after resolving the memory leak issue. There should be an overall improved experience for just about everyone in the coming patch!
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    I've been working on a mock expansion for the game every now and again in my free time. As "features" are completed, they'll be added here as both suggestions and examples of concept. Please enjoy. Misc. Placeholders: More to come! *Similarity to any other previously offered suggestions is purely coincidental.
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    Quick Update: Jason Weapon Selection unlocks at level 113. Jason Strengths and Weaknesses are tied to Jason and not weapons.
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    Full perk list in progress. Trying to get all the descriptions as they are in game but i don't have all the perks yet so I've had to scrounge for descriptions. Hype_Man from reddit deserves most credit on this for he had the majority of these perks compiled. His descriptions are not all game accurate and I am updating as the information becomes available. PERK DESCRIPTION + - Adrenaline Rush Increase Stamina Boost Received after breaking free from Jason's grab. Stamina Boost Increase Stamina Regen Decrease Aquanaut Swimming speed increased and less stamina consumed while swimming. Swim Speed Increase Sprint Speed Decreased Controlled Breathing Fear decreases faster while inside a hiding spot. Fear Decreases While Hiding Overall Stamina Decreased Easy Listening Being within proximity of a radio playing music boosts stamina recharge rate. Stamina Recharge Rate Increased Noise Generating Penalty Escape Artist Break free from Jason's grab easier. Grab Breaking Speed Increased Breaking Free Stamina Boost Decreased Evasion Increased dodge speed while in combat stance. Dodge Speed Increased More Damage Taken Firecracker Start with a firecracker and increase their stun radius. Stun Radius Increase Noise Generating Penalty Friendship Melee attack damage increased for each other counselor nearby. Attack Damage Increased Melee Stun Chance Decreased Grease Monkey Car Starting and restarting times decreased. Car Start Time Decreased Boat Starting Time Penalty Grinder Increase the amount of XP gained while equipped. Xp Increased Melee Damage Decreased Heavy Hitter Increase Melee Stun time on Jason with the Baseball Bat. Stun Time Increased Stamina Recharge Rate Decreased Heavy Mover Speeds up the amount of thime it takes to barricade doors. Faster Barricading Speed Noise Generating Penalty Heavy Sleeper While inside a sleeping bag, you have a chance to avoid Jason’s Sense ability each time he used it. Sense Avoidance Chance Increased Fear Rate Penalty Home Body Less chance of being detected by Jason's Sense ability while indoors. Sense Avoidance Chance Increased Overall Stamina Decreased Hypochondriac Start with Medical spray. Medical Spray healing increased. Medical Spray Healing Increased More Damage Taken Ice Cold You experience less Fear when seeing the dead body of a teammate Dead Body Fear Resistance Sprint Speed Decreased Lead Foot Increase the top speed of cars while you are in the driver's seat. Car Speed Increased Boat Speed Decreased Level Headed Chance to avoid detection completely during Jason's Sense ability. Sense Avoidance Chance Noise Generating Penalty Light Foot Generate less noise when sprinting. Noise Reduction Fear Rate Penalty Lone Wolf Reduces your fear while you are alone and separated from teammates. Fear Resistance Bonus Melee Attack Strength Decreased Low Profile Faster movement while crouched, and chance to avoid Jason's Sense ability. Sense Avoidance Chance Sprint Speed Decreased Man At Arms Increases weapon durability for all weapons, allowing you to attack more before they break. Weapon Durability Increased Melee Stun Chance Decreased Marathon Increases your total stamina, allowing you to sprint for longer durations. Overall Stamina Increased Stamina Regen Decreased Medic Get two uses from each medical spray. Also increases healing when using a medical spray. Medical Spray Healing Increased More Damage Taken Motorboating Increased boat speed when you are at the helm. Boat Speed Increased Car Speed Decreased My Dad's a Cop Cops arrive quicker if you are the one who calls them. Faster Police Arrival Speed Vehicle Speed Decreased Nerves of Steel Loss of mini-map with high Fear does not occur. Overall Fear is also reduced. Fear Resistance Bonus Sprint Speed Decreased Night owl Reduced fear penalties from darkness. Darkness Fear Resistance Bonus Noise Generating Penalty Potent Ranger Deal more damage when playing as Tommy Jarvis. Attack Damage Increased As Tommy Attack Damage Decreased As Other Counselors Preparedness Start with a large map. Also provides some resistance to fear effects. Fear Resistance Increased Overall Sprint Speed Decreased Psychic Start with a walkie talkie and increase the range of your voice. Voice Broadcasting Radius Noise Generating Penalty Pyro The Jason spotting effects of the Flare Gun last longer. Flare Gun Spotting Effect Increased Fear Resistance Penalty Quiet Swimmer Water noise reduced, and chances of being detected by Jason’s Sense ability while in water reduced. Sense Avoidance Chance Fear Resistance Penalty Restful Stamina recharge rate increased, allowing stamina to be recharged quicker while standing still or crouching. Stamina Recharge Rate Increased Overall Sprint Speed Decreased Scout Escape from Jason’s traps and counselor placed bear traps more easier. Trap Escape Bonus More Damage Taken Slugger Melee damage is increased and start the match with a baseball bat in hand. Attack Damage Increased Melee Stun Chance Decreased Sneaky Move faster while going through windows and getting in or out of hiding spots. Windows And Hiding Spot Speed Increased Damage Received Increased Spatial Awareness Your chance of stumbling while running is reduced. Stumble Avoidance Increased Noise Generating Penalty Speed Demon Increase vehicle speed when escaping alone. Increase Vehicle Speed Decrease Repair Speed Sucker Punch Increase chance of stunning Jason with melee attacks. Melee Stun Chance Increase Sprint Speed Decreased Swift Attacker Increase your Melee Attack speed with all weapons. Attack Speed Increased Attack Damage Decreased Teamwork Fear reduces quicker for every teammate who is nearby. Fear Reduction Bonus Per Teammate Attack Strength Decreased Thick Skinned Take less damage from all incoming attacks. Attack Damage Resistance Increased Stumble Chance Penalty Thrasher Increases melee attack damage while using an Axe. Axe Attack Damage Increased Melee Stun Chance Decreased Tinker Repair all items faster. This includes car, boat, phone box, and electrical box repairs. Repair Speed Increase Overall Stamina Decreased
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    A statement from Chuck, CEO of IllFonic;
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    Welcome to the F13 Tower Guide. Included below is a link to the full PDF, with all maps broken down to give you the best chance of choosing the correct generator on first morph. Screenshots of all towers that can be observed in the cutscenes are also included for your conveniance. Given the amount of pages, I recommend using bookmarks in your mobile or desktop reader for ease of use. Additionally, a bonus video of the cutscenes can be viewed below for the purpose of seeing the tower locations in motion, to best familiarise yourself with them. While some are obviously hard to catch, using slower playback on the video will help. F13 Tower Guide PDF - Download F13 Cutscene Towers Video If you wish to make use of the guide right away, you can do so without reading anything more. Otherwise, I encourage you to read on below for a complete understanding of the topic. Radio Tower Guide - Wordpress
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    Dedicated Server Update 9/26 – All Platforms Fixed a search cancelling issue where a player could become stuck while cancelling out of a Quick Play match search Fixed an issue where server uptime could cause a handshake failure when connecting to a game server (this caused the "infinite connection" issue) Today's HotFix update should start going live for all players at approximately 4pm Eastern. Please keep in mind that the update may take a while to roll out to all players on all platforms. This hotfix represents the final update from IllFonic for Friday the 13th: The Game.
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    Your ban was for intentional bypass of anti-cheat measures.
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    Does it really matter at this point? It's not like there's anything else to read around here anymore.
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    Okay, so I know we just got Offline Bots and we're all anticipating Paranoia, but here's a proposal for a third idea for a game mode: The Stalker If you think about the F13 franchise, almost never did Jason or his mother (or Roy, for that matter) just charge into a large group of people and kill one. Why? Because that would make all the rest scatter -- which is exactly what happens in the game. No, they used secrecy and stealth to pick their victims off one . . . by one . . . by one. Honestly, no one was really scared in those movies until either: The seconds before they were killed. They survived until the final battle. So I propose a game mode where the entire objective (as Jason) is stealth kills. The game mode itself has two mini-modes: Tranquil and Alert. In Tranquil mode: There is no warning "Jason Music". There is no first cinematic death. All is calm at the camp. It begins with someone realizing the car(s)/boat are not working and they need to be repaired. Counselors begin spreading out to find objective parts. The phone ALREADY WORKS, but you have no reason to use it. (However, Jason CAN sabotage the phone -- if he can do so without attracting attention) Doors cannot be locked in this mode. Tommy Jarvis cannot be summoned in this mode. Running is disabled in this mode. Jason can HIDE, just as counselors can, and he is in permanent Stalk mode in Tranquil mode. Jason can also PICK UP, DROP, and HIDE/STASH/HANG bodies that others may or may not later discover. In Tranquil mode, Counselors are singularly focused on getting all the transport modes fixed and, once the items are fixed, counselors can get in them and "leave", rather than "escape". ALL THE WHILE, Jason is watching. He stays in the shadows and waits for the perfect time to strike. When one counselor is alone, he secretly picks them off, then disposes of the bodies by stashing them in hiding places or in the lake. One . . . by one . . . by one. All while in Tranquil mode. HOWEVER, the game immediately shifts to Alert mode if any of the following happen: A counselor sees Jason approaching and screams within range of others A counselor is attacked and escapes death, and is allowed to warn the others A dead/stashed body is discovered, and the discoverer is allowed to warn the others A counselor witnesses Jason killing another counselor, and is allowed to warn the others In Alert mode: The police can be immediately called (if Jason has not sabotaged the phone box) Running is re-enabled "Jason's music" is re-enabled Doors can be locked Tommy Jarvis CAN be summoned in this mode Jason's Stalk immediately drops off and must recharge as normal Jason will receive more XP for every kill he performs in Tranquil mode than he will in Alert mode. Counselors receive more XP for every repair performed/assisted in Tranquil mode than they will in Alert mode. Obviously, this promotes stealth and keeping the round in "tranquil mode" for as long as possible. Escape is possible in either mode, but more points are awarded for expediency. I just feel like this game mode would be more true to the films' style, plus create a great deal of "jump scares". This needs to be more developed as a whole, but what are your initial thoughts? - Skunk
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    The Offline Bots and Single Player Challenges are NOT using the “AI Behavior Toolkit” in any way All of our bot AI was built from the ground up and has been in development for quite a long time. The engineers responsible for building the AI have worked incredibly hard, working nights and weekends, to get these bots out for players to enjoy and we are extremely proud of our team’s work. In the very early development stages of the Single Player Challenges, one of our designers decided to use the "AI Behavior Toolkit" as a reference when creating the early design plans for the game mode. This happened long before a full engineering team had been designated to the project and we have never had any plans on using the toolkit to develop our bots. Like any plugin or piece of middleware, it was a tool intended to assist us in getting to production development faster by enabling us to determine features, systems, and scope. The files that can be found through "data mining" are a couple of minor functions that were used in the Virtual Cabin 2.0 and are completely unrelated to the Offline Bots and Single Player Challenges. We’re not exactly sure what you mean and why you think that the bots have little “room for improvement”. In fact, there are already a ton of optimizations and improvements ready for the bots in next patch. Obviously the AI is still a work in progress (as AI will always be), but we wanted to let players experience the Offline Bots game mode as soon as possible and we’re pretty happy with the release. Using the toolkit to produce the AI would not have reduced the development time by any significant amount. AI is a huge undertaking on its own and having bots also properly interact with all the very specific features of F13 is no small task. In this instance, having to adapt the toolkit to achieve the same results would have taken just as long, and would likely have resulted in a system that didn't integrate as gracefully with the various actions and behaviors we want from our Counselors. Using assets from the marketplace is definitely not an uncommon practice and is generally used to assist in development, rather than being a core feature itself. Nothing in game development is as simple as “flipping a switch”. We didn’t use the toolkit for the Offline Bots, but there is also no reason for anyone to disregard the amount of work required for developers who are using that system.
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    It is bullshit. Fully. It takes as long to lock a door as it takes to search a drawer. Meaning- two extra drawers would not result in wasting enough time to search 2 extra cabins. Yes it's silly this guy made another thread on this subject. But let's correct this false information easily. False reasons mentioned above. 1-Jason is not senseless or shiftless for 5 mins. I have not clocked all Jasons, but Jason 3 for example gets sense around a min and a half into game and gets shift in about 2 and a half mins. Nothing crazy here, just showing the OP is wrong. 2-Op Says it saves time. Wrong. It takes as long to open a drawer as it takes to lock a door. Locked doors also waste Jasons time. Meaning- allowing Jason easy access to all cabins is actually giving him mins of extra killing time. 3-Jason can not break all cabin doors in a game without dedicating his entire match to doing so. No, locking doors has never once allowed Jason to remove all stam gaining areas from the map early or late. That's just silly and a nonissue. 4-leaving all doors open just so you don't have to maybe jump through a broken window or two along the way, is ridiculous. 5- No. leaving open doors is not s breeze for other councilors to find. It results in death for others very often (see below) 6- window body blocking? What? That is not even a thing lol. How is this a pro? Or even relivant? 7-yes if Jason is chasing you and you slowly climb into a window you may get hit by knife or weapon. But who the hell slowly climbs through a window when being chased? You jump through. And if cabin has been locked and prepped, jumping through is 9 times faster than closing and locking a door in time to stop a pursuing Jason. 8- OP says shift grab will not get Jason in house while your rushing to close and lock door before a shifting Jason gets in. That's false. All of us Jasons have done it. It's one of the best feelings in the world. It's easy to shift into a house ahead of the door being locked. In short- the OP has made a long list of false positives showing he's unaware of simple game mechanics. He's also stated in another thread he's aware it gets people killed when he don't lock doors but don't give a damn if others live. Great player eh? Lets look at real cons to leaving doors unlocked and why almost all players hate these types. 1- 100% of all games where some noob don't lock doors results in others dying screaming "what fucking idiot left the doors open!?" It's usually someone who's helping Jason or someone who don't understand the game. 2-it takes Jason 6-10 seconds to break a door. That time adds up and slows jason down. Refusing to lock doors adds to Jasons free time to kill you. 3- not locking doors removes all stam gaining areas unless you lock a door. In effect giving Jason full reign to go where he pleases. It also gives you no time to search for a weapon or item in a rushed situation. 4- cheaters helping Jason do two things instantly. Open doors for Jason and drop items in woods. There's a reason they do this. Both help Jason incredibly. Doing it on purpose or not, not locking doors makes Jasons job easier. All Jasons love these people who don't lock doors. It 100% of the time makes his job easier and saves him time. Long story short- the OP is wrong. And this is his second thread on the subject. Waste of time for us all. My reason to reply in length here is simple. If a new player sees this thread and assumes OP knows what he's doing- it will get people killed. Never leave doors unlocked. There is no reason to. Locked cabins are temp safe zones and save lives 100% of all played games. There is never a game where prepped cabins do not help and save lives. This is not a debate or something to argue. If you don't lock cabins you are killing your team and lessening the chance of your escape and survival. Period.
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    I did a search and couldn't find another thread about this, so here I'll list everything that's recently come to my mind about new counselor weapons and items. Let me know what you think. Weapons Bow and Arrow: Guitar: Long: Same as baseball bat. Hammer, Claw: Range: Short: Same as frying pan. Hammer, Sledge: Range: Long, same as axe. Hatchet: Range: Short, same as wrench. Mattock: Range, Long, same as axe. Meat Cleaver: Range: Short, same as wrench. Oar: Range: Long, same length as the axe. Rock: Ranged, carried like vehicle parts, medium-short range, aim and throw like the shotgun and flare gun. Travels in an arc. Throwback to old F13 game! Never breaks, can be picked up again and again, but low damage and stun. Basically, it's better than nothing. Shovel, Long: Range: Extra Long, slightly longer than the axe. Shovel, Spade: Range: Medium, same as metal pipe. Sickle: Range: Short, same as wrench. New Items: Books Counselors can find these books throughout the map. There is only one of each of these books per map. They have buffs to any counselor holding them. It is possible to hold all three at once, but you will want to distribute them among your team for maximum effectiveness as they do take up an item slot. Home Intruder Defense: Effect: When in inventory, while indoors you have reduced noise, fear, and faster barricading speed. Can also climb through windows and get in and out of hiding spaces silently(creates no sound effect and no noise pings). Repair Manual: Effect: When in inventory, reduce repair skill check count by 1 every time you attempt a repair. Wilderness Survival Guide: Effect: When in inventory, while outdoors you have reduced noise, fear, and Jason's traps glow within a short range of you.
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    I understand your disappointment, but personally I like it.
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    Do you understand why those kills are used so often? Because Choke is the most space efficient so it's your most guaranteed option, and Decap is not only space efficient but is also the fastest. If I am trying to defend an objective, whether to stop it being repaired or stop the car starting, I sure as hell am not using anything but those kills. As I am at objectives majority of the time, they are the kills I need to use. As I also catch counselors in small spaces, I am not waiting around for different options to show up while you spam out of my grab, I will use Choke or Decap and be done with it. So they are not cheap, they are the best options. Leave the elaborate kills until late-game when counselors are no longer a threat and only when it's a low risk of them escaping (open space). If there's a quick environmental next to me I will use that too.
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    I'd love to see where a dev posted that was an 'advanced technique.' This is a bug, one that is being looked at at this time. BTW; please try to ensure legibility and English is properly written when posting. This is an English-based board, and it's appreciated.
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    When you're the Dev who got nominated to talk to the community.
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    Not true. You can't just look at Steam players and ignore everyone who plays on consoles.
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    I can already see the countless complaints from the bots about the salty Jasons that quit during the kill animation.
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    Look, I appreciate that you guys made wallpapers. It's just.. really? You made wallpapers showcasing Chads junk and Tiffanys ass? Are you trying to appease the pervs? Sometimes I wonder what the hell is going through your guy's heads. Not to mention the website now f13game.com And by the way, I feel like having scenic shots of Jason or even the campgrounds would have been better.
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    It's fair game. Anyone pro player knows that the first few minutes into any match before Jason acquires shift are the most important. The first few minutes will sway how the much carries through. If everyone ends up working together or dragging their feet. Theres no safer time to install anything then the beginning of the game. Running away from Jason when he doesn't have shift is easy. Just make sure your not caught in a single door cabin or run out of stamina. Jasons only objective is to kill everyone. Not 1 or 5. Everyone. Regardless if he kills all 8 within the first 3 minutes or right down to the very last few seconds. That is his objective. Yes it sucks to die very early & to die first. Specially before you get a chance to search anything but that's the game. If people can't handle losing then they shouldn't play something that is competitive. In my opinion it's not bad sportmanship. Its bad sportmanship to kick a player because they killed someone early. Someone always has to die first. Shouldn't matter if it's 30 seconds in or 5 minutes. It's fair game & strategical. The faster you kill players the better your odds are. Letting that 1 person go free can be the difference between 5 people escaping with the police or the car driving off. Jason isn't here to try & appease the counselors or give them a fair chance. He's suppose to be a massive unstoppable force. If Jason isn't pissing people off he isn't doing his job right. On the flip side of things. Any Jason attempting to kill anyone within the first minute or two into the match is usually indication of a poorly skilled Jason. Not always but most of the time. That should help buy eveyone time to get things done.
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    Jason is supposed to be hard, he is supposed to be OP. Jason should absolutely win the majority of the matches, killing him should be very rare and difficult. Fighting Jason should Be a last resort, running from him is the point. How is this hard to understand. I’m sorry some people don’t like losing, but somebody always has to lose and the point of the genre and the spirit of the game is Jason wins most of the time. Escaping should be a challenge
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    Magical Fetus and Rev_Bartholomew were banned as they were alternate accounts owned by you, @Freddie Mercury. This is something that is against forum rules, but I was giving you a break over it, as you can see in the PM I have already sent.
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    You guys deserve more than a standard form press release, and the man himself is working on that.
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    We are back in the office today, so...hi. How's it going? How was your Christmas/Hanukkah/Festivus/Kwanza?
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    This is what I don't understand about these people. You play a fighting game, and 1 person wins. You play a sports game, and 1 person wins. You play a racing game, and 1 person wins. You play a FFA shooting game, and 1 person wins. You play a TDM shooting game, and while your team may win, it still has a leaderboard, and only one person gets MVP. Yet they play Friday the 13th, and piss and moan if only one person escapes on average. They need to change the game so everyone gets a participation prize, despite it being in conflict with the films, the game's genre, and the stated aims of the Kickstarter. A game that's all about survival and searching should now hold everyone's hands and constantly direct them towards their victory conditions. A game that's all about horror should now stop making the killer powerful and scary. "Waah! My undeserved second chance only starts with a shotgun!" "There, there - have a medspray and a pocket knife too." And the developers continue to pander to them so they have more people to sell pink cop costumes and breakdances to. It's ridiculous. It's a mockery. I genuinely feel more like I'm playing a Scooby Doo game that a Friday the 13th one these days, such is the lack of threat and atmosphere. I'm just waiting until they remove the option for Jason to kill anyone, and players just get downed, and can be revivied by other counselors. You know, for 'balance'. The only thing keeping me invested in the game now is the vague hope they revert the patch, or that the Paranoia mode is an acceptable substitute to the main mode. At least until the participation award crybabies fuck that up too, by demanding it match their own level of mediocrity.
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    You make numerous assumptions and straw men arguments. For a game to work there must be some balance. Too many Jason only/jason loving players think a total wipe of the counselors should be the norm. That is bad game design, bad psychological reinforcement, and led to many of the problems we have been experiencing. Counselors survived every movie, Jason died in every movie and not because of some convoluted sweater plus stun plus tommy combo. Horror game? Sure, but for horror people think they need a chance, else it isn't horror. It is futile and frustrating. Tweaks were needed. You assume people who want balance also want glitch on packanak roof - false and misleading assumption You assume people who want balance do not care about long term health - I throw that back at you saying those who want Jason to win 8/8 or 7/8 every time are the ones who do not care as if you play counselor 90% of the time, and it is futile nearly every time, frustrations leads to Apathy then to not playing. We saw decreasing populations, and counselors leaving numerous times every match. Symptoms of the problem - and the problem was not the counselors being OP. Can they tweak things - sure. But there were serious issues needing addressing. "I feel like it turns the game from survival horror to arcade action. " The key word is survival. If there is no hope or reasonable chance for survival there is NO horror. When someone is hopeless they get resigned, and then apathetic to what is going to happen. Someone sees light at the end of the tunnel and they get caught/stopped they have an emotional response and/or feel fear of being stopped before escaping.
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    Hello, It would be great if there is an option to select counselors we want to play against instead of randomly selected counselors. EDIT I think it would add more fun to offline bot mode if we can customize gameplay settings like one I mentioned above and some other settings like Map timing, police response time, Tommy Jarvis response time, etc. EDIT 2: @FunMonster suggested some really required changes here: http://forum.f13game.com/topic/17195-options-for-offline-bots/
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    General Changes and Bugfixes [PS4/XB1] Note: These patch notes are for both the PS4 and XB1 The patch for the PS4 and XB1 are now both live! The PS4 patch will be the only platform receiving this update today. The XB1 patch is still undergoing the certification process and we hope to have this completed as soon as possible. We’ll let you all know when the XB1 patch is ready to go and update this page with the release! Console Dedicated Servers In this patch, we are releasing the long awaited dedicated servers for the PS4 and XB1! Head over to Quick Play and check it out! General Addressed several issues that were causing players to be interaction locked Jason Fixed an issue with Part 5 Jason’s Shift Duration being lower than intended Sense is no longer automatically cancelled when Jason enters the water Jason’s pickaxe kill “Canopener” now appears as “Neck Twisted” instead of “Decapitated on the scoreboard Fixed an issue where window environment kills may temporarily become inaccessible if Jason grabs a counselor that is in the process of vaulting through the window Counselors Counselors that have been pulled out of a vehicle will now display the correct struggle animation Small items (medical sprays, firecrackers, etc.) are no longer usable for the counselor that is performing the sweater stun Addressed an issue that would sometimes cause the player to become stuck if the player opened the map while vaulting through a window Vehicles Added additional countermeasures to prevent players from being able to stand on top of cars Made adjustments to the car escape volumes to prevent vehicles from falling off the map Starting a boat will once again alert Jason via sound effect Fixed an issue where the repair mini game prompt may temporarily not appear if the player is rapidly toggling the repair interact button repeatedly Fixed an issue that caused Jason to be able to walk through cars under certain conditions Fixed an issue where the reverse camera on the vehicles may sometimes not be working properly Maps General Addressed several counselor exploit locations The medical spray static spawns on the Crystal Lake Large map and the Packanack Large map will once again properly spawn medical sprays Note: The location of static spawners for medical sprays have been adjusted on each map (including Crystal Lake Large and Packanack Large) for this patch and the previous patch. Jarvis House Fixed an issue where a car battery may spawn in an unreachable location Pinehurst Fixed an issue where the boat may disappear upon exiting through any of the Pinehurst boat escape volumes Single Player Challenges Fixed an issue that caused players to become stuck when activating a stalker point while entering combat stance at the same time
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    Gun doing the useless engine "upgrade" in favor of finishing and releasing Uber and Grendel was the biggest mistake in the history of big mistakes. By their own admission, an engine upgrade would fall under the technical maintenance they would still be legally allowed to do, as opposed to creating new content that would have perpetuated an original storyline set in the Friday the 13th universe. By all accounts they knew about the upcoming deadline, so it was stupid to do the engine upgrade first. So Gun exchanged new content that was very much in demand in exchange for more bugs and glitches than ever before (I love Chad's black hair and lack of eyebrows now) and dedicated console servers (that will probably never materialize). Oh, and where all these bug fixes that the devs are supposed to have all of this wonderful free time to be working on now? Where are the updates? The Communication? Anything? I've been one of the biggest defenders here of Gun and Illfonic, but my patience is pretty much gone at this point.
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    Probably bad ping. Plus, if you're gonna play the trolling Jason game, you deserve it.
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    This is an amazing example of what the game has truly turned into.
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    Awwww. Another one of your favourite glitches has gone? Learn to play properly.
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    Hey everyone, We wanted to give you all an update on the status of this upcoming patch. There are currently no planned patches to be released during November. We’re still working on some of the new content that will be included in this next update. We recently announced that we will be raising the current level cap up to 150, but that’s likely the least exciting part of this patch and we’re definitely looking forward to that. The only hint we can provide right now is this: check the planned content road map. There have also been many questions about balance changes for this upcoming patch and we want to make it clear that this will not be a balance focused patch. This does not mean that we won’t be making any adjustments to balance, but there certainly won’t be as many high impact changes like the previous patch. A majority of this upcoming patch will be focused on introducing new content and fixing bugs. We acknowledge that Jason currently requires some additional tuning and we will be releasing a few posts in these following weeks with information regarding some of the recent balance changes. There is currently no ETA for the new patch at this time, but the plan is to release the patch immediately after everything has been completed and approved on all the platforms.
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    24 days without a fix for what was broken in the last patch is fairly unacceptable.
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    sorry but i just had too lol
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    No. It isnt. It's pretty damn dumb imo. I've learned that time is the biggest thing that can make or break a round for Jason or counselor. Not having a simple and easy button for the scoreboard is just dumb. Every second counts.
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    He says some valid stuff but it sounds like he's just sucks at playing. I've eluded Jason many times it's not impossible. Like in any multi-player game it comes down to the intelligence of the other players. Some Jason's will be harder to elude than others because of skil and knowledge. This game has a ton of issues but Jason being to op is not one of them.
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    Here's everything you need to know if you want to play to win rather than play for fun. 1. Focus on Part 3 Jason until you get Part 2 Jason. Part 3 kills counselors in 3 axe swings. Part 2 can morph very often and has plenty of traps. 2. Immediately place traps around the phone box and cars. Grab a kill or two along the way if you happen to get lucky. 3. Destroy power boxes, it raises fear level. Especially if it's later in the match and you can't find someone. You could have sense active, someone in a cabin right next to you, and if they have high enough stealth and/or the right perks you won't see them. 4. Don't underestimate Stalk. Use it correctly. The most potent use is to be out of range of a counselor(where they can't hear your music), activate Stalk and then morph to their location. Heck, even a blind guess with Stalk active to destroy a power box let me find a pesky A.J. 5. Use C to enter combat mode if someone wants to fight you directly. Use RMB to block their attacks; Jason blocking attacks actually deals a small amount of damage back to the counselor. 6. Use Shift to get ahead of counselors and snatch them. Don't exit shift behind a counselor, exit in front of them. 7. Use the map to track vehicles. If you see one moving, give it a few seconds for the vehicle to be going in a straight path and teleport just in front of it. 8. If you try to teleport directly onto the exit point you will appear some distance away off to the side. Instead teleport some distance in front of the exit. 9. Don't let stealthy characters get away. Kill them if you find them and let the loud characters run away. You'll find them again. 10. Don't immediately use your powers when someone only JUST starts running away from you. Let them run for a bit to drain their stamina, then Shift-Grab. 11. Have fun.
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    Okay, I'll jump in. 1. We have not ruled out pre-load. We are planning on day-of and you will get to download as soon as things go live with the keys we send out. 2. We are a Kickstarter game. The rules you usually see with regular games do not apply because they have to supply us, and then we supply you. Essentially, we buy keys/tokens ourselves and then distribute that to all backers...that can and might take some time, but we do not anticipate much of an issue, as we did not run into anything major during the beta. You guys helped make this a reality and we can't thank you enough. Trust me, we care about all of you and you are all going to get the game, but fulfillment is a process for every company, ours included. We have a third party company set up to help with distribution and everyone who backed will get access soon as we're able. The size of the download is only 3.5GB, so you won't be waiting that long ;). 3. The prices on Steam were a mistake. We listed the price as $40USD, and that was not done with several markets. We amended that the moment we found out.
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    I love this idea, so I whipped up a map that shows how it could work:
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    So let me posit this. You're playing a game and your friend tells you 'dude, check this out,' and shows you an exploit in your favorite game. That exploit gives you the ability to screw with other players in a way that they can't win against you. You utilize it because right then and there, you're getting enjoyment out of it. Sure...it's cheap fun and you don't know the other players...so you aren't really too worried about how much you might be hurting them. The payoff is immensely funny to you while you don't really care how much it detracts from everyone else. You do it because it's funny and because the game let you. You only do it once because after doing it, you realize it's also not letting you do much and the game isn't really that fun after utilizing said glitch so you stop and go back to playing. Heck, you even see others doing it and get frustrated that you're being duped. The next day you wake up and you're banned from the game because said glitch became a major issue. You only did it once, but because someone caught you doing it and reported you...well, you got a ban because the devs said 'ban.' Do you deserve at permanent ban? That's what we're doing. We're removing permanant bans from people that simply utilized known exploits that have since been fixed. These users took advantage of a situation, yes....but they were punished by having no access for several months. The hackers are perma-banned. The racists are perma-banned. The teamers are perma-banned. But to perma-ban people for walking on a roof for kicks isn't really our style. Some people did it maliciously and will again (we'll ban them in no time, I promise.) Others will have gotten the message we don't screw around. You're asking me to give a death penalty for speeding. We've made note previously that we would review bans and provide amnesty where we believe it was appropriate. A vast majority of the exploiters were younger people that believed it was 'funny,' and have had more than a slap in the wrist for what they did. We've fixed those step-height exploits and we're always working still to ensure they are going to be resolved before they become major issues. A ton of time has been spent to stop that kind of behavior. Maybe, just maybe....allow some of these folks the chance to enjoy the game they paid $40 and made the mistake of jumping on a bandwagon they shouldn't have.
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    To be clear now, this subject is a little beyond just balance for me personally. Currently Jason's grab is a little too strong and something I don't like personally is that it doesn't feel scary whatsoever. When the game launched (I played the original beta) people didn't spam grab but now its begun to become a trend, simply grabbing. Whenever I play as a counsellor I use look over shoulder to see behind me and each time I do it I see a Jason spamming grab without being close enough to me and honestly, its anti climatic. Jason players have began spamming this animation and now when in a chase it tends to look extremely stupid and its really somewhat taken the magic out of the grab kills (mostly because now its used for instant kills and its just spammed even when Jason isn't close enough to try and confirm a kill). The grab has removed a lot of tension from the game as before players entered a grab frenzy you would find the occasional injured player running around the map for their life covered in blood, this is from my experience a rare occurrence and has taken lots of atmosphere from the game. Additionally I need to state shift grab needs to be removed entirely. there is no counter play to a Jason who knows what he's doing. A lot of counsellors haven't got enough stamina or speed to waste zigzagging to evade a shift grab and for the most part some Jason players are entirely perfect at landing shift grabs. I've managed to do them on occasion and my brother has become fairly capable at performing them with ease and one of my friends even more so. The grab needs to change, and so do Jason's special executions. I am proposing a few alternatives without literally weakening Jason. 1. Grab is on a either a 3, 5 or 7 second cooldown, this way it can't be spammed. Its important to know that in the game characters who have any stats above 1 put into strength are essentially expected to have a sudden moment where they can fight back even if its not an incredible moment, but some self defence is required. This would mean counsellors have an opening to try and get back at Jason before he can pull of another grab. Most importantly the grab is literally destroying mechanics, there from current experience is no point in blocking or even entering combat stance. If that is going to be the case then remove it, because for the most part combat stance doesn't assist. Additionally a buff to compensate for this difference could be making it so that during stalk mode Jason is allowed to spam grab. This would reduce the amount of ridiculous moments that occur. 2.Make Combat stance immune to grabs till injured. 3.Combo attacks, following my 1. a good idea would be that if Jason strings two or three (probably two) consecutive hits that depending on the counsellors HP he can instantly string it into a special kill, a combo hit could lead to a stun assuming block is not used wisely by the counsellor. This is meant to be an attachment to point one. 4. Entirely block grabs to non injured targets 5. Turn grabs into button mash VS, atm there isn't counter play other than luck or hoping the current Jason wants to be fancy, a lot of Jason players don't want to be fancy. That an his kills charge up very quickly, in fact the reason some of then don't initiate from my experience is due to Jason's current area, by moving some kills disabled themselves while others enabled for me during the same grab. To be clear this idea is the one I'm most against, a Jason player who is weak behind the screen would then be unable to force themselves to perform well, point being that this could potentially be a little too hard for a Jason player. I stopped playing Jason because I love trying to live out the final girl trope (my main problem that I spent one night being forced to play Jason because people wanted to see savini Jason so I needed a break). Jason is very strong at the moment, I tend to land two hits on a counsellor before a grab, however one match I got forced to play Jason just last night and I decided to do an insta grab + shift grab round its far too easy. Its very easy to pull off a grab round in general and I say that as Savini Jason who has less grab strength (if I remember correctly). Also I am aware he does more melee damage put I didn't not hurt anyone these rounds, I focused on only grabs. Knifes are not common enough to save counsellors and the game will become stale if his grab goes on. I've barely seen any one play as Chad and I asked a few and people seem to value stamina/speed to highly. That being said the issue is that some characters are being undermined purely due to the grab from what I've witnessed. The game hasn't been out for a long time and the game is incredibly more balanced than it was in the beta, its came a long way and its not far off from being perfect. I know many people are going to probably disagree with me stating that Jason is meant to kill everyone but when I die I don't have fun watching people drop all tactics purely off avoiding a grab. I don't like Jason comically spamming grab in the distance without getting anyone simply because he will eventually if he keeps up. Jason never did something like attacking the wind in the movies... I agree Jason should be once again, the killer but notably a problem is this isn't the movies. Its the game. Its balance and it has to be fun for both Jason and survivors. I get lots of fun spectating but when its a spam grab I know what goes through everyone's head and they start acting erratic because of grabs, in game chat I also hear many players screaming and swearing at Jason players because of grabs. You can be a total horror geek, particularly of Jason and its entirely fine but you can't justify a function that even begins to make Jason look like a joke. I have played Jason and the match is left partly to chance even for Jason, you never know what player is going to be filled with pocket knives and for those that aren't they don't have a chance to escape so long as the Jason player knows what they're doing. Please try to be reasonable, don't justify Jason as needing spam grab, think around it because mechanics need to be fun and look cool, not look ridiculous and anti-fun. The movies or being a fan is not justifications. People even if they love it will come to a point where they dislike it. I like the movies and Jason destroys everything but it can't be perfect in the game. Just an opinion, I hope people are willing to understand where I'm coming from. Because I certainly want the unique kills to be present but the persistent grabs and grabbing is not entirely healthy which I why I was trying to think of some alternatives. Finally sorry if there is any mistakes in language or sentence structure.
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