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    Agreed.....chasing Vanessa runners is worse than chasing a full lobby.
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    Jenny: Nerves of Steel 10%, Preparedness 10%, Thick Skinned 20%. Jenny and Tommy will never succumb to fear with this build, not even a wee bit which means their stamina regeneration rate will not get compromised and she also doesn't scream whenever Jason morphs nearby which is good. Oh and obviously this means they will never stumble and their screen will not get darker and won't lose mini map. Deborah and AJ: Lightfoot 15%, Level Headed 15%, Thick Skinned 20%. Basically get shit done yourself while not drawing too much attention. Deborah will generate minimal noise when sprinting while AJ will be a total ninja. If you're the last one alive then you're most likely SOL unless Jason is playing blindfolded and with an upside down controller 😂 seriously these 2 chicks have too low stamina and speed to survive the night against a competent Jason. Fun build though. Kenny: Medic 8%, Marathon 15%, Thick Skinned 20%. My main counselor and jack o' all trades. Can repair and give Jason the run around if need be. A perfect marathon bumps his stamina from 5/10 to 8/10. So you'll be running as much as Buggzy just a bit slower.
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