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    Like I get it. Some people are excited that they might make another game like F13 again...but better. However it could just as easily be Danielle Harris or Jamie Lee Curtis stunning Michael Myers over and over with a baseball bat in Halloween/Lingerie costumes while dancing all over him in Halloween: The Game. Or... Heather Langenkamp or Patricia Arquette stunning Freddy over and over with a baseball bat in Halloween/Lingerie costumes while dancing all over him in A Nightmare On Elmstreet: The Game. In which case, the game is just another mess that some still love and some don't. I know its easy to shift the blame at Illfonic/Black Tower for the rawness of the game due to their coding, but the above things come directly from the publishers. To be fair. Slash N Cast have called them out in the past sometimes, but they've also pumped them up too. I just feel like this game needs to be in a much better state than its in before any sort of hype train begins for a new F13 type game. Unless they hire a company that just codes so damn well that it makes up for the silly shit they add in the game along the way. For those who wonder what I'm talking about.
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    On that note, what happened to the beyond stream posts? Been a couple weeks no? He probably said “wtf was I thinking getting into a q and a with these fanatics?”
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    Yes! This is one of the things I keep asking for in the Beyond streams I want to hear the Jason specific chase music When I am using Jason.
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    Had a pocketknife disappear from my inventory yesterday. Had Keys, knife and firecrackers. Found another firecrackers in a draw so dropped the one in my inventory & grabbed the one in the draw. Jason enters cabin, used firecrackers in inventory & grabbed ones on the floor. Used second firecrackers straight away & knife disappears from inventory as I use them leaving only keys in my inventory.
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    If they get rid of the rage update they need to improve Jason’s combat. Fix combat stance block/swing delay, have him be able to get into block quicker, and give more mask hp and I’d be all for removing the new rage update entirely. This is what they should’ve done from the beginning instead of adding in a lazy bandaid
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    It’s only like that if the Jason is complete garbage
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    That is, I think, the main reason they support Gun as much as they do. This game has plenty of flaws. But nobody can deny it was a game made by fans. Guys that really loved the source material. They definitely made missteps. But they're passion is undeniable.
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    Im Just Happy that there is a Game Company Like GUNMEDIA That will fight and pursue a Horror franchise game like Halloween or Texas Chainsaw Massacre. If Wes Keltner gets the Deal done for Halloween I Will Cry and get down and kiss his shoes. I think It was Wes Keltner that said something simmilar to this, ' No one belives in video games. they think Gamers are just a bunch of Weird people who live in their mothers basement'. If the Next game is Halloween it makes sense to add costume packs for Halloween. Id Like To See 1970s costume packs Kiss costumes,Universal Monsters costumes,1970s Marvel Costumes. Dance Emotes from 1970s movies like Saturday night Fever. Face Paint and Masks costumes.
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