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    Strigoi: "Machetes and axes should break on the second hit" *Devs implement change* *Strigoi tries killing Jason, Jason simply holds block, Strigoi watches all his axes and machetes break without even removing the mask and realizes what a horrible idea this was* Strigoi:
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    It was Metal Gear Solid 666: The End of Jason As We Knew Him I give the film 1 out of 10. @Strigoi seems to want every weapon except the axe and machete to double stun.
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    No, nust no. Counselors are tresspassing on Jason's campgrounds and deserve to die Darren.
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    You just couldn’t help yourself huh? 😉 @Strigoi I am definitely not interested in any broadcast that’s coming from your bedroom.......not sure but this might be your creepiest post yet.
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    Well, what else is there “beyond” for this game now? Besides death.
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    I think sometimes people forget that the point of this game...literally... is for the counselors to die. Sometimes nobody escapes, sometimes everyone escapes, sometimes Jason dies. If on average, 1 counselor escapes each match then the game is balanced exactly as it should be (just like the movies).
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    We need weapons to last longer and become more effective against Jason. Weapons should be able to stun Jason at least twice before the weapon breaks. Stunning Jason 2 times in a row needs to return to the game. Jason is an over powered brute.
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    What movie resembles the kind of Jason experience you're trying to achieve? Did I miss a F13 movie somehow? I remember Jason always being the one to fear.
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    I don't think anyone is "forced" to read anything here. There are options in the settings that can be used to ignore content from users that you don't wish to be bothered with. You can post here like all the rest of us. Just remember to post with purpose.
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    1) there are no new games for them to talk about yet 2) the changes to F13 are so insignificant that it doesn't make sense to make a stream 3) they don't really play/like the game very much Sidenote - Guys, Strigoi made a post saying he has mental health issues so take it easy on him.
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    Mine wasn't a gripe about me waiting for dev diary 2. It was more of a statement that a lot of what you guys do is over promise and under deliver. I'm not mad. Just giving you guys some rightfully deserved crap about it. Dev Diaries Paranoia Uber and Grendal The bug fixes have been cool. Keep that up. Also, you guys should release Savini Jason to everyone. Just kidding!
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    @Strigoi, I'm gonna have to respectfully disagree on this one. Many players are using the axe just fine as it is.
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    Punishing players for leaving a match (especially for those lobby hopping to be Jason) would probably make some people stop playing altogether. It is unfortunate that people leave a match for any reason, but a punishment system at this late stage in the game is not very likely to happen. The developers are not quite done supporting this game, so we'll see what the future holds. An alternative is to play Quick Play, make some friends, and send invites to each other. @Wolledc, I would be concerned about changing the ready up dynamic. There may be some people who step away for a quick bathroom break or smoke. It may not be a lot of people, but they should be given a chance to do things like these as needed. If only players who were ready would just "ready up", then we wouldn't need any kind of penalty. The Salt Mines proved to be a less than ideal solution. If another attempt at a penalty system were to be implemented, I can only imagine the unintended consequences of that to be.
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    Welcome to the forum @Vason Jorhees. It's not that you lose XP for the players leaving early. You just have less points that are attainable for that match. Find your way to the gamertag thread here on the forum. You can find some decent players there, and hopefully have fewer matches of people leaving prematurely.
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    Im thinking of doing my own broadcasts from my bedroom. but my broadcasts do not represent gunmedia or any employess of Gun Medias company.
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    Im hoping Beyond the Stream returns on March Friday the 13th. I Suspect the reason behind the awkward silence from Gun Media is because A HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT ABOUT A HUGE HORROR FRANCHISE VIDEO GAME IS GOING TO BE ANNOUNCED. Ive made secret plans to upload my own podcast broadcast about my ideas on the forum. Ill be broadcasting from my bedroom.
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