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    Seriously I see it happen several times a day, especially in lobbies full of rank 150's. Jason feels weak in the game against an organized group of pro players. Super stamina Vanessa will grab the sweater. Someone will willingly die or suicide to come back as Tommy. Then you have your Adams, Bugzys etc demasking him easily with machetes and baseball bats. Probably all running the slugger perk. I don't know which scenario is worse. Seeing Jason go down so easily, or seeing him stay away and hide from the group chasing him to kill him after they've unmasked him. The antithesis of Jason from the movies.
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    Very intriguing @PowellCampsNAKED.
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    Using a mic is an option. There are players who play fine without one. While it is tougher on players who don't use mics, emotes and other forms of communication exist. As far as complaints about bugs and cheaters, you can send them with evidence to jasonkillsbugs.com
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    I know the patch has left a number of people bitter. I also know there are players still surviving as various counselors. I think sharing some success stories may give hope to those who are struggling a bit with surviving.
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    I just posted a poll to help you get the data you are looking for. I like the idea of four strengths for each Jason. How would you feel about giving the walking Jasons one specific strength, and running Jasons a different specific strength?
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    I've encountered players whose play styles that would counter that point, but I can see your stance on the last counselor's chance of survival. That's sound advice.
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    I will agree that some people left and had very harsh feelings when it came to their stance on Gun and Illfonic. I won't say most, as I have no evidence to support such a statement. Back when Jason was on the wrong end of the nerf stick, a lot of people, you and I included, stuck it out, toughened up, and evolved in the game. People are likely doing that as I type this post. I know things are harder for counselors at the moment. Now the question to you is, could counselors take their licks and toughen up under the current situation?
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    No problem buddy. I'm here to keep life in the forum.
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    Thanks to everyone that has voted so far. To those who are having issues with survival, it is still being done. @Redrum138, it's good to hear that you are enjoying yourself with your crew. @HuDawg, it sounds like you are enjoying the patch quite a bit. Based on your posts on the subject, it sounds like good pairing. @Dragonfire82877, you, I and many others already know this. There are still some that don't. There's no need to apologize for the length of your post. You are one of a chosen few whose views I consistently enjoy reading.
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