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    You cant listen to any of this crap , people take video games way to serious this stuff is meaningless entertainment . You slash they complain , shift grab they complain , knocking a guys head off is not a real kill , if you're ranked 150 and kill a lobby you're wrong for doing it as a lvl 141 told me , I had one counselor alive and a car ready to go so i stalked and waited by the car and caught him i was a loser for doing that .....It's endless !
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    if you were using traps youre obvisously just a fat basement man 😂 put all seven traps around yourself & tell 'em: SIX FEET
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    You won fair and square @SonofOdin6039. Next time the player should watch where they step.
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    You were just playing smart. Whoever was messaging you is the real loser
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    It's the eye holes. They made them too big and they're weirdly shaped. Gives it a totally different feel.
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    Aside from looking like a salty-ass rage-quitting pussy?
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    I'd rather the time be spent fixing the problem, rather than banning.
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    WTF? You trapped objectives? Dude, those traps are for catching rabbits. So yes... you are toxic. And you should be ashamed.
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    Whoa, easy. I see you tagged me in, thanks. This is fixed in the next patch, and will not continue to happen beyond that. For anyone affected, please continue to report the issue to JasonKillsBugs.com as we're keeping track and will work to restore anything lost once the patch is live. The JasonKillsBugs.com ticket is what we'll use to create a list of accounts to fix up after the patch goes out. The patch with this fix is in process and we hope to have a timing for you very soon. But this issue is confirmed fixed with the patch. Some of the delay on this fix is due to the fact that we need to roll it out for all platforms simultaneously. Usually with a patch this important, we'll deploy it as each platform is ready. In this case, we cannot. So we have to prep all platforms including Switch at once. I know this situation sucks. But we're almost clear of it, and we appreciate the patience and reporting.
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    Considering that you're just gonna quit every round you play, why not just quit the game entirely since you don't enjoy it instead. I mean I see no downside in people like you never playing the game again.
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    A sore loser doesn't like the truth. All these silly 'insults' come from weak-minded goofs who can't accept the fact they were beaten by a better player. Sad thing is they make themselves feel better by calling the winner 'trash', but are too blinded by rage to see the utter ignorance of it. If the winner is trash, the loser must be sewer-dwelling fly shit.
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    Most of us know the bots are a bit lackluster in challenge. Has anyone had a round where the bots actually did things that made you think they were trying to survive? I played a round a day or two ago, and had Deborah just finish fixing the phone box as I morphed to it from the shack.
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    Their masks leave a lot to be desired though. However Part 2? He's got the proper precautions going on there.
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    @SirMang youll be fine if you use part 6 or part 8 tho, they wear gloves.
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    While they can't fix the boat or kill Jason at the moment, I'd like to see both as options before the game is completely abandoned by the developers.
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    Obviously not happening, but still. To give reason to play the game beyond level 150 with a very low playerbase. Examples Level 160 - Permanent Double Tape Drops for that player Level 170 - Permanent Double XP for that player Level 180 - Permanent Double Chance To Roll An Epic Or Legendary Perk Level 190 - Counselor Clothing Swap - Swap Clothes between counselors, Debra in Tiff's clothes, AJ in Jenny's, Chad in LaChappas, etc Level 200 - Jason Ability Swap/Hidden Abilities - Allow players to swap out existing preset Jason Strength/Weaknesses for another Jason's and the counselors don't know what loadout the Jason player has each match at level 200 as a result. Examples - Part 7 has Part 2's loadout or Part 4 has Part 3's, etc. I was gonna say just allow straight customization, but without actual meaningful tuning to make things more problematic or useful, people would just pick the already known meta powers each and every time. Every level 200 would run something like + Can Run + Knives/Traps/Weapon Strength/Destruction + Traps/Knives/Weapon Strength/Destruction - Stun Resistance - Grip Strength - Stalk/Sense And it would just be stupid, so just allowing presets even though people would just pick the dominant ones, I think would be neat trades. You could add in little things in between if you wanted, but the major ones at interval of 10 level advances would stand out the most.
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    It's nice to have another older gamer in the mix. @AshTray900, I had some fun times with both Metroid Prime and the Silent Hill franchise.
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    Then go away. This game has enough problems without toxic douchebags adding to it.
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    Im always amazed by people when they make a new account just to post the dumbest shit possible. By all means, go play as Jason and never, ever.... eeeeeeeeeeever grab someone using shift. Then come back here and make a new topic how its not fun that everyone survives, because you don't like using shift to grab people because its not 'FUN".. lol..
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    @aurllcooljay, I think I get your point. The nature of people being competitive, and things that motivate them to validate their desire to be the best play equal parts in the equation. It seems to have been that way since the dawn of the online multiplayer game. First person shooters, asymmetrical horror, MMORPGs and other genres all share that in common. If people spent more time enjoying the game and playing as intended rather than obsessing over feeling superior or inferior to other players, then maybe no one would have a reason to label others.
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    He'll probably rage-quit during that too. When someone RQs when getting grabbed, it practically screams "bratty ass sore-loser". You're telling both Jason and the other counselors that you can't handle losing without looking like a whiny little bitch. It also cancels any possible help you could have given had you hung around and came back as Tommy. What a selfish bitch way to play.
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    The downside is that you reveal you are millennial , a pussy, and a crappy player, Jason is underpowered in this game, you must really suck
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    The downside is the constant shame you will always feel for rage quitting and bragging about it.
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    Welcome to the forum @mwmo. As @HuDawg pointed out, a vote to kick system could be abused by the wrong kind of player. People would start by using it the proper way in the beginning. Eventually, people would get kicked for silly reasons. Counselor A survived against Jason, who had Counselors B / C / D helping him. Counselor A gets kicked. Counselor A is a young lady. Counselors B / C / D start flirting with A, who does not like it. Counselor A gets kicked. There are many other scenarios, but I think you get the point.
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    Counselor teams are already OP and you want to nerf Jason? Dumbest shIt I’ve read since strigoi
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    I see more adults doing this as opposed to tweens. Some people are just plain sore losers.
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    They should really allow you to lock perks so they don't get accidentally sold. Seems like it should be very simple to implement.
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    The dumbest thing the counsellors do is when they call Tommy Jarvis on the radio and ask him to come to Crystal Lake when we be on the Pinehurst Map wtf is that all about, when he turns up at CL no one will be there and everyone will die 😥
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    You are correct that the new content train has long since left the station. Fixing issues seems to take a lot of time. Narrowing down the underlying cause cause and finding a solution that doesn't break something else seems like an extensive process. That's why it's 5-6 months between patches for this game.
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    What makes for a try hard is subjective. If one plays the game as intended and has a decent attitude, then one gets along fine with most people and has good matches. If players spend their time nitpicking other players for their faults based on personal criteria, then they won't have as much fun. The player base is far from perfect, but there are some decent players among the uncivilized ones. Every game in existence played with two or more people encourages some kind of social interaction. Winning or losing happens with any game that has two of more sides. Everyone wins at some point, and loses at other points. Some people don't like to lose, but it happens. @F134Ever86, I agree that one should make an effort in anything they do. Some people try their hardest, and still can't win. I applaud their effort nonetheless. I couldn't agree more with these two statements. @SteveChristy, nice description of a sore loser. You're just trying to shut down the Jason kill. It is self-preservation. @GeneiJin, I agree that self-improvement is its own reward.
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    I have it, but I dont use it. Here's a video for those seeing if it's worth it or not.
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    You're welcome @kwaHkwaR. I can see why people might think that. The good news is that the developers are looking into issues with the car. Hopefully it'll get fixed in a little while.
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    The best and worst Jason is a subjective concept. It would be more practical to say that each Jason fits the play style of certain players over others. Part 8 is my personal favorite, but I find use in each one. Some players can clear a lobby as any Jason. Others may not be as capable. You win some, you lose some. Pick the Jason that works best for you, and consistently gets the job done. Mother's watching after all.
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    No, in between family and a job i can't spend years playing something only to allow it to turn me into a dick ! Sounds like you should take up fishing or something .
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    Someone was probably messing with you on that one. Thankfully, not every player resorts to this.
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    I totally agree. We'll see though. Too bad you can't run down a Jason that does that intentionally.
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    People don't like to lose. It sucks to be them.
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    A new game will probably happen in the distant future. There are a lot of fans out there, and many of them are pretty creative. Yes. Agreed. There is nothing wrong with wanting to see a new F13 game. I just don't think we'll see one for a while.
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    Someone seems to be playing with my account lately,,again,,My perks just keep getting removed.I know that a lot of people face that and i was one of the first players that got attacked by that, just because i "annoy" cheaters that can't kill me.I think developers have not understood the size of the problem that we're currently facing.They have access to your game database and they can edit everyone's save file.It's been 2 months that this issue is on scene and yet i haven't seen any serious treatment.Please consider that we all paid for this game and i think a hack-free experience is in the price.I have also heard by other players that you guys have restored their CP and perks which you also did with me.I don't get why u doing that though,,What is the point of wasting your time to restore an account if the next day it's hacked again?! I've spent 6000 hours in this game playing and playing with lots of fun but now i can't even do that because they keep taking my perks away.Please developers,give an end to that issue and fix it,,i would be really happy to see positive feedback from your side as well! Friendly as always!
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    I wish the PC community the best of luck in a fix for this.
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    Then put the game down. How can you sleep at night knowing that you'll wake up as yourself?
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    @deborahwaifu, could you elaborate on how Jason's shift grabs are "unbalanced"? A counselor has a few tricks to avoid and counter being grabbed.
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    If Jason kills someone before his sense ability activates, he obviously didn't have to try that hard at all.
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    It DOES recharge stamina when standing still, that's how it works. But the more your fear increases, the slower the recharge rate is going to be. It's better to use Marathon in this instance. Your choice obviously. But Restful isn't going to make stamina recharge at the no-fear level when you're around Jason for a prolonged period of time.
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    I agree. The developers have said in the past that they wouldn't make drastic changes. If Jason gets any adjustments, it will be gradual in order to achieve some kind of balance on both sides. Hopefully it is appealing to to both the hardcore and the casual players.
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    @thrawn3054, someone had to do it. @SirMang, this topic can potentially be both subjective and objective. It's leaning more in the direction of subjective overall. subjective (adj.) based on or influenced by personal feelings, tastes, or opinions. objective (adj.) (of a person or their judgment) not influenced by personal feelings or opinions in considering and representing facts. The topic was called "Best/Preferred Jason". A preference tends to lean in the direction of a subjective decision. If the topic had been "Most Viable Jason", the conversation would have been more objective in nature. I don't doubt that Part IV is near the bottom for many players. It's not my place to judge the decisions of a person selecting or defending a given Jason. It's also not my place to judge a player's counselor choice, map choice, or perk choice. To each their own. Everyone is not a top tier player. Some of the player base is not as focused on the tiers of things in this game. If they wish to explore the knowledge of such things one day, the information is out there. I've played a great many matches, and I've occasionally seen things that have gone against the tide of what the average and above average player is used to seeing. There are Part IV Jason players that can clear a lobby at times, and there are Part III Jason players that are terrible. Exceptions to the rule happen at times.
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    Welcome to the forum @kwaHkwaR. This has happened to several people in the game. The developers are aware of it, and hopefully will find a way to fix it. You can submit future video footage to jasonkillsbugs.com
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    Fixes will come as they are meant to. Being pushy won't make them come any faster. The developers have a long list of things to possibly fix. How many and which ones will depend on the manpower, the time left in the development cycle, and whether or not the lawsuit is blocking certain fixes. As long as fixes make the game a bit more functional, then it may be worth the wait.
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