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    That reminds me, I need to join. Gang, fan forums like the one mentioned there can be a great way to keep the community vibe rolling. Also, if you're a Discord user, we have the Official Gun Discord.
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    I speak on the ones who are positive that you guys brought a dream project to life! thank you!
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    HEYYY! If that isn't an accurate depiction of my time here. 50% response to instigation and 50% response to tough questions. Feels like it's been a lot more than just 666 posts. Love all of you, even the ones that don't love me back.
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    I do have a fan driven community based website for everyone once the website is archived: Friday the 13th Forum (Fan Driven Community) <- Click here!
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    If one puts in the work on either side, their success rate can be higher than 50%. I agree that no one should expect a win, especially if they don't put forth the effort.
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    I fixed that for you. Last time I checked, Camp Crystal Lake was Jason's territory. The counselors are trespassing on that territory. No sensible member of this forum has asked for counselors to be made to feel helpless. I have seen players ask for more weapons and pocket knives for counselors. Newer players may be a little more fearful or caught off guard than more experienced players. As you learn your way through the game, it happens much less. The only time a counselor would be helpless is if they had nothing to protect themselves with. There is a reason why counselors run to a cabin or campsite and arm themselves when a match starts. You also have perks to grant you resources from the start as well. I find the entitlement to be about the same for long term and short term players. People don't like to lose, or to look like they suck when they have an audience. All players don't put in the work to adapt and improve. That's why they lose, and that's why they are extra salty at this point. The rate of survival for any given counselor all depends on a number of variables. Skill, luck, timing, communication and experience are just a few things that influence the outcome of a match. If the game was the perfect embodiment of a movie, only one or two counselors would survive every match. Intimate knowledge of the game's mechanics and animations give players who study them an edge over those who don't. There are counselors who have a 90%+ rate of escape/survival to this day. Just because a Jason player expects an easy kill, doesn't mean he gets it. The same goes double for counselor escapes, and triple for a defeat of a Jason.
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    First of all, thank you Gun for publishing this great game. It has been a rollercoaster of a ride and I'm still playing it to this day. 10K hours of actual playtime (not sitting idle in the menu) and what an experience it has been! I have seen it all from trolls, cheaters, teamers, controller exploiters, and more. Through it all this is still my favorite game. Good luck on the next game and hopefully it will be as good as this one. Still standing! Still strong! F13 Forever!! KILLER FRANCHISE™️
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    @mattshotcha I peek in here off and on the past two plus years and want to say thanks for being on top of shit as a community manager. Through all of the ups and downs of this game (and there were a lot of ups and a lot of downs) Friday The 13th The Game still is one of the best experiences I have had in video gaming. So cheers to Friday the 13th, to horror fans, and to you Matt, for putting up with all the toxic bullshit and still talking to the fans. It was a wild ride, I will still be playing no matter what!
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    Modding in this game can be seen as hurtful. Redirecting players to matches with multiple instances of Jason and Tommy is hurting the PC portion of the player base. Perhaps all PC players may not feel that way, but some do. If the lawsuit wasn't a thing and if Gun was ok with modding, it would have been nice seeing what the community could have come up with. Despite the official word being "no" to modding, people will still do it, regardless of the consequences.
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    I Love this Forum. Ive been banned lots of times but i thank mattshotcha for giving me another chance. I Want to apologize to Gunmedia Ben and other forum members for being so silly and causing problems in the past. In the next Gunmedia forums i will follow the rules and resist the urges to act silly and strange and goofy. Till next time your Friend Darrin.
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    It's been an honor.
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    [deleted content] Something interesting that popped up in my recommended. I’m not sure how Gun is going to feel about this, but until I hear otherwise I’m going to assume it’s not against the rules. Enjoy SlashnCast did their own walk through in case anyone prefers them, here’s their video.... [deleted content]
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    There are a lot worse things going on right now than somebody using an Uber Mod on offline bots... 😑 Especially on PC. As long as your not affecting anybody else's game, I don't give a crap what people do offline or in private matches for that matter, as long as everybody involved agrees on the rules. Sorry, but I'm going to support anyone whose actively trying to keep this game alive, especially in the current environment with so many assholes out there trying to kill it.
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    So I have just seen that after the last patch on May 4th, the forum will be archived no more than a week later! It is so sad that the game was affected by the lawsuit but I will forever love this game and cherish the times I had while playing. This is my goodbye to the forum before it is archived for good and I just want to say thank you to everybody I communicated with since I first joined, so until next time, goodbye everybody!
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    I'm counting on a fan game or two to surface sooner or later.
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    I am sorry, but I’m not going into the legal minefield of the lawsuit and what that all entails. I’ve already talked in depth on why mods in F13 are not allowed. That’s been the case for this games entire existence. That didn’t change just because the game content had to stop. All that being said, we didn’t target and shutdown anything. We used the same ban process we’ve been using for my entire time at Gun. That process is in place to ensure that bans are handled cleanly. I understand how it might look, but we did nothing to change our process or otherwise target anyone. I hope that at least somewhat answered your question. No need to throw any shade at the mods. They close threads in accordance with the rules set by Gun. If you’re angry about a thread being closed, be angry at me not them. Also, I said I DO want to be tagged if you have questions. I don’t know if that’s a typo or if maybe you misunderstood me. I never I said I didn’t want to be tagged. Tag me in every thread you have questions about, that’s good with me.
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    I wouldn’t have a problem with flares or firecrackers stunning Jason during rage.......but just to point out they are not useless during the second half of the game just limited in how you can use them......firecrackers can still be used to distract Jason with the sound pings and the flare gun can be use to mark Jason on the map for others to see. @mattshotcha thanks for the patch notes!! it’s been a Hell of a ride!!! Thank you and the team and everyone at Gun for me!!! I love this Game and forum!! I hope for nothing but the best to Gun Media and it’s Future endeavors.... This FAN project has been a dream come true for me! For everyone else even if this is the last patch...... This won’t be the end....it will never end..... “There's a legend round here. A killer buried, but not dead. A curse on Crystal Lake. A DEATH.....curse.... Jason Voorhees's curse. They say he died as a boy, but he keeps coming back. Few have seen him and lived. Some have even tried to stop him. No one can. People forget he's down there... waiting.“
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    I said it was possible. I never said under what conditions or that it was a large number of players.
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    No. The team is going to move onto future projects and revisiting a game that long out, from a development standpoint, wouldn't make the best sense. As for ANOTHER F13 game, I think that would be more plausible than restarting on this one, but again, unlikely for Gun. I assure you the reports are being read and investigated. That is unfortunately all I can say on it. Wow. That's a wall of text and you still aren't seeing my point of view on this. I get it, I get where you're coming from. No one in this thread needs YOU to tell them how they should feel or what they've been through in the course of this game's life. That's not your responsibility. And you're not saying anything remotely new here. Then you end it with "So again, I reiterate... I hope the patch doesn't break a bunch of new things LIKE EVERY PREVIOUS PATCH AND UPDATE and leave us with a broken game that will definitely kill it...." and that is all you had to say in one comment and move on. You've now hammered the same thing how many times in this thread for what? Honestly, you don't need to reiterate anything. I read your comment and I understand your sentiment. Now let everyone else talk. I'm not devoting any further time to your replies and we'll just consider the forums archived for YOU as of today. And for what it's worth, stop referring to your fellow community members as "the uninformed masses" as that's not only insulting to every other user here, it makes you sound like a bit of an egomaniac.
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    A game needs to be released before we worry about deluxe editions or DLC for the game.
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    Patch Notes: 5.4.2021 UPDATE: Patch is now live on all platforms. All Platforms: The following fixes and changes will be deployed on the PC, Xbox, PlayStation, and Switch platforms. The patch is set to roll out onto platforms on Tuesday, May 4th, 2021 at roughly 10AM Eastern US Time. Combat Stance The team set out to test and tune various aspects of how Combat Stance, and rapid input related to Combat Stance, affected game play across a variety of different connection strengths. While latency will always play a part in comparing the differences a connected player will see to what the host or other players may see, we are confident we’ve tested these changes across a wide range of connection qualities. Further tuned and tested Combat Stance behavior and the unintended “Sliding” action counselor players could create. Fixed an issue introduced in our last patch allowing Jason to move at running speed while in Combat Stance. Counselor Giant Weapons: The team has fixed an issue allowing players to manipulate the size of weapons in game. Trap Bypass: Fixed an issue that allowed players to bypass traps by initiating an interaction. Safe Spots: Fixed various areas of the map where counselors could avoid being killed by Jason. Interaction Locks: Fixed various Interaction Locks that would occur when a counselor would interact with the environment and become stuck. Switch Only: The following fixes and changes have already been deployed on the PC, Xbox, and PlayStation platforms. With this patch, we’ll be bringing these changes in addition to those mentioned previously in these notes, to the Switch platform in order to align it with our other existing platforms. Combat Stance Commonly referred to as Sliding or Teleporting, the team has fixed an issue allowing players to manipulate combat stance changes. Players may still see, when in spectator mode, counselors attempting to perform the exploit, however this is a visual artifact. Pocket Knife Issues Instant break free by using health spray or firecrackers when grabbed, resulting in not only an instant break free but also retention of the player’s pocket knife, has been fixed. Loss of pocket knives in circumstances when firecrackers are used has also been fixed. Jason - Gameplay Ability Unlock/Recharge Rate toggle in private matches has been fixed to include both parameters. Lobby icon irregularities resulting in an inaccurate lobby icon have been fixed. Abduction, when Jason is able to Morph while holding a counselor, has been fixed. Mask HP loopholes where use of a flare gun or firecrackers could get the mask to come off too quickly have been fixed. Jason Kill Sequence - Kneel: The issue where the kneeling animation during the Jason Kill process could be repeated has been fixed. Counselor - Gameplay Hiding Under Bed: An issue where players could hide under beds and become stuck in a way where Jason could not kill them has been fixed. While it is still possible in some instances to cause the bug, the counselor will be able to be killed by Jason in that state. Lobby icon irregularities resulting in an inaccurate lobby icon have been fixed. Numerous safe spots around the maps have been fixed, including the Pinehurst Roof method by way of Tommy’s bed. Players will now see an error if they roll and sell perks too quickly, but the game will stay functional and no longer lock up. Players can then continue to roll and sell perks, being cautious of not overloading the roll system. An issue causing the Counselor clothing options to not save properly when altering color/items has been resolved. Feel free to go back to playing Pink Cop Kenny. Tommy Jarvis voice lines have been restored, and this is between him and Jason. General Various Interaction Locks have been fixed, particularly those that occurred when players would input either multiple button presses or rapid button presses in short succession, rapid pick up and put down of items, and multiple inputs appearing with on screen prompts. Fuse Box and Fuse spawn for the Cop call has been extended to ensure the fuse does not spawn inside the house with the fuse repair box. With this patch, matchmaking will shift away from Dedicated Servers and onto Peer to Peer Matchmaking for all matches on the Switch as well. The game will still be playable online publicly with the Quick Play option and privately with the Private Match option. For more on this change, as well as the status of the game going forward, please follow up with our statement here. One further note, these forums will remain as they are for a period no shorter than a week following this patch. At that point, they will be archived and left in a read only state for reference.
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    No. That frustration pushes some players to adapt, if it doesn't scare them off. It can be tough to identify a newcomer. If someone is faking, they'll be exposed soon enough, especially if they stick around for another match. It is a legit tactic. The problem is that it will run new players away from the game if all they encounter is merciless kill squads. The developers knew the ins and outs, but the player base gained more field experience from playing against many more people, and adapting over time. The players will never agree on what the rate of killing Jason should be.
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    Hope to see you all again. Can’t really believe how much I’m gonna miss this place and the community... and the sense of community. Best of luck in your future endeavours Matt, if you could pass on a message to Shifty and Wes. Let them know, you guys built something special in the horror community. You got here late but you’re part of that too. Sincerly Slasher
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    I'm not really one for internet goodbyes, but I've been on these forums for a long time and it'll be odd not being on them anymore. There's some good community members here and it'd be nice to see you guys again in Gun's Discord channel. I'll be there, continuing as a mod as I have been here. See you there, or maybe in Gun's next game! Goodbye folks.
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    Actually thats a true statement for me. Counselors where much weaker and the game was much more difficult when the game 1st released. And counselor mains complained for months about it till things where changed and flipped around. I would prefer to be weaker as a counselor. Because it is Jasons game. He is the draw. Either way, nowadays when playing ever since they ditched the servers, you have to pamper the host.
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    Many good times indeed. Hope to see you again in the future. ✌️
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    Goodbye, many interesting times were held on here.
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    I'm not so sure we'll be returning to the "official forum" structure for any future projects. As Lead Community Developer, that's part of the plans I'm working on behind the scenes now. I've been filling a few roles at Gun in my time here, and with the recent hiring notice some of you might have seen, I'll be getting some help with the community side and that should open up my schedule some to plan those types of things out a bit more. That's about all I can say at this time, but keep an eye out. There is still a minor delay there, to help with issues of multiple inputs. But it has been lessened as much as possible while still correcting the multiple input issues. I know that answer really kind of sucks. Unfortunately, I cannot quantify the feel of it. It's something that the community will have to feel out for themselves. That said, I'm confident it is a vast improvement over the way it felt prior to the first fix and I'm definitely confident that it is something that even if it requires some adjustment, you'll have dialed in in no time. SIDE NOTE: I totally missed my 666th post on the forums some time today.
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    I'm hoping my fan-driven website will fulfill that void since it's about/for the overall franchise and not just the Game.
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    This is a far lower priority issue than those addressed with the patch as the issue you're referring to is extremely situational. It's rare to need to utilize combat stance AND stalk at the same time, since the very idea of entering combat means you're no longer stalking. That said, it still presents a lower priority than the things we worked on in this update. That investigation is ongoing but was kept separate from this patch so as to not delay this patch any further. This is dependent on ping and a byproduct of connection. I'm reminding you to keep it civil and constructive. You've replied to multiple other people with snark and it's obvious you want to rile people up. The game, these forums, the entire community is at a point where there is simply zero tolerance for it. We're all a bit frustrated, a bit raw. And these conversations are going to be tough enough without extra added sass for the sake of it. We all get it, you are going to wait and see and you think the patch will be a mess and you think we'll take months for another patch. We get it. No need to parrot that sentiment repeatedly when there's people in here actually asking questions and actually looking for answers.
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    I will miss the enthusiasm and popularity these forums had back in 2016/2017/early 2018. Good times.
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    People have made topics in the past, but they get shut down pretty quick.
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    As soon as we have confirmed the date and timing, we'll share the date and details.
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    As long as they don’t tell us he is on hold indefinitely I will continue to hope for the best and keep my fingers crossed that they come thru for us. They have built up quite a bit of hype for this release with the promotional pix so please Neca don’t let us down..... Always Appreciated Play!
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    The time when Camp Crystal Lake was known as Fort Crystal Lake with all those extra knives back then stands out. The braindead bots on the Jarvis House map bring back memories as well.
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    We've been told the login server isn't shutting down anytime soon. I am also hoping for an offline profile save before that happens.
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    You're welcome. My thoughts are they did an excellent job fixing sliding. It's finally gone. 👍😎👍 However the negative effect on CS seems to have been overkill. It definitely doesn't need to be there in it's current form. I'm not saying the walk out part wouldn't have to remain, but the delay could definitely go altogether or in the least be greatly reduced without any risk of bringing sliding back. Again, I am working on proving this.
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    If you have a good internet connection, be the host.
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    Well OP to answer the question of does a F13 mod really hurt Gun? The the simple answer is yes. Yes it does. It does in the way of in which it is being implemented. I elaborated my opinion a bit on Steam in a similar discussion in this thread mates.😎 https://steamcommunity.com/app/438740/discussions/0/3132792921903591129/?ctp=2#c3132793555957320047 I'll give the short version here. The reason it hurts Gun is because it impacts up on the community services being provided by Gun. Think of it like this. If your playing Diablo 2 and you decide you want to try and play one of the community modded versions online with people. Fine no problem. It's all good. Right? Now imagine this. How you think Blizzard would react if in order to play in those communities and for them to actually function they had to hijack off of Blizzards services being provided? Interfering with Blizzards core player base. Just how you think they would react to that man? I'll tell you how they would react. It'd turn in to a poop show. It'd be pee pee pants city here real soon mate. lol So the fact that Matt has essentially said so far the big dog hasn't gotten off the porch yet to bite should send the message out to people that right now they all are real lucky. My best advice for them is to quit while they are ahead and let the sleeping dog lay otherwise risk becoming dog poo and then they will need to be careful where the dog poos them. Lmao!!!!😎
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    You tagged the wrooong 2 mods. Kodiak and Jpops are not Gun media employees and they will just shut this thread down. You might have better luck with just tagging mattshotcha. mattshotcha has all ready informed us that he doesent want to be tagged and he has all ready talked to us to death on this forum about why there can be no more content and why the game can not be opened to mods.
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    Even tho I was a complete ass and idiot, I still had good times and learned a lot. Sad to see the future of this game and Last Year's to be cut this short, whole lot of potential but it will never be reached. Goodbye F13 forum and their veterans. Here's hoping to see you all in another Asymmetrical Horror Survival Multiplayer game that isn't DbD. Cheers
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    Just making sure I understand this right; a guy... who knows a guy.... is claiming a game that hasn't been announced is already in the packaging phase?
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    Ok, Now is with Friday the 13th Definitive edition TEAM!
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    Correct! We have the names of who maintains these servers. They prefer to call themselves modders 😁, but in reality they are hackers😡. The game developers have already dealt with them in the past year. They were involved in the sabotage last summer, when the game's servers were down. They are also involved in blocking player profiles (not a ban, but blocking) and creating a utility for removing perks from many players, as well as distributing it. Below I will present a screenshot from their new server (F13DE). It was made yesterday. The original screenshot I can only send to the game developers. I hid the names in the screenshot according to the rules of the forum. The person who wrote this is one of the hackers who is involved in everything that has happened and is happening. https://pastenow.ru/CAX1A And he is also a F13DE`s tester and moderator on their discord server. P.S. Am not sure that the developers will respond to the first message. And I think this topic will be closed. %) Cheers! ✌️
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    Wow......... Speechless..... straight up F13 geek-gasm When he walked into the holo deck room...
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    He bought the game. It's his game. He does whatever he wants with it. It would only be a reason to complain if he was affecting other people's gameplay. But to be honest, I would be more than happy to play against Jason X, so I don't think it would be a problem on that scenario either.
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    All good things come to an end, sadly. There will be players playing for a time, though the login server will be shut down eventually.
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    Reddit gets all those controversial topics. I hope people realize the legal repercussions of such things.
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