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    More than likely, it will just be Danielle Harris and Jamie Lee Curtis beating his ass over and over with a baseball bat, while dancing over him in lingerie. Maybe they won't make the mistake of allowing the babysitters to kill him since in the films, he mostly gets away/runs away minus an entry or two. Starting 5 babysitters 1. Laurie Strode 2. Bob 3. Tommy Doyle from Halloween 6 4. Busta Rhymes Character 5. Annie Unlock-able 5 6. Jamie Lloyd - at level 145 7. Rachel - at level 80 8. Sheriff Meeker - at level 10 9. Rob Zombie's Laurie - at level 15 10. Daniel - at level 3 Hero = Loomis Starting 3 Villains 1. 78 Myers 2. Halloween 5 Myers 3. Halloween H20 Myers Unlock-able Villains 4. Halloween 2 Myers - at level 20 5. Halloween 4 Myers - at level 40 6. Halloween 6 Myers - at level 10 7. Halloween 8 Myers - at level 80 8. Rob Zombie's Myers - at level 100 9. Rob Zombie's Hobo Myers - at level 120 10. Halloween 2018 Myers - at level 145 11. Silver Shamrock Robot - at level 150 The first clothing pack will be a Christmas clothing pack. The second clothing pack will be a prom clothing pack. They will make small versions of the 3 launch maps. The 3 launch maps 1. Haddonfield 1978 2. Haddonfield Memorial 3. Haddonfield 1988 The small versions of those maps come next. After that, the final two maps before the lawsuit will be... 4. Smith's Grove 5. Northern California Private School Campus From H20 The final 4 DLC babysitters will be... 1. Ben Tramer from 1978 2. Kara Strode from H6 3. John from H20 4. Sheriff Bracket from 1978 The final 2 DLC villains will be... 1. The Man In Black from H6 2. Conal Cochran from H3
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    Or... you could just try and have... fun? I don’t know what to say other than try to find a middle ground with your friends. Private matches should be fun, and not worth getting worked up into rage quitting.
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    Jason's grab is still a mess. But overall, a good update. ( I don't play private matches so I can't comment on that. This a style of game that is supposed to be played with strangers via QP IMO Because this bring a real challenge of survivng/escaping. Playing with a bunch of buddies you always play with and communicating through mics makes it a cakewalk to escape or kill Jason. Who is still overmatched against a death squad really. ) Bring back the force grab dang it!!!
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    Car is being investigated next but I don’t have any update just yet. We also have to get the Switch version up to date first. The car never was claimed to be a part of this patch, with the exception of some counselor interactions that the team tackled. I also think you might be alone in wondering what this latest patch does. I’d hardly call 1.36 “working in circles” but I would like to hear more on that. I know patches in the past have been rocky, but are we talking historically or lately, because this comment doesn’t seem to apply to 1.36 in any way.
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    The Alien A.I. in Alien: Isolation took five years to complete. The Mr. X A.I was less complicated and took three and a half. Now let's look at Friday the 13th's A.I. bots. They were thrown to together in less then six months and it shows. Their pathing is all jacked up resulting in them getting stuck in the environment. They barely make any logical decisions while being chased by Jason. The bots often hide right in front of Jason or jump through a window right in front of him. The recent patch to the Jarvis house bots was required because a bug interfered with their ability to realize the match had begun. The bots are not very good. Gun Media and Illfonic didn't have the time to give us solid A.I. and it shows. A Jason A.I. at this stage would be new content and that in itself is impossible at this stage. But for a Jason A.I. to really be good enough to to simply run around the map properly would take at least a year to a year and a half. Shifting into a grab. Stopping the car. Morphing to an objective that a councilor has fudged. All of this would take years to code. Black Tower the current developers have been doing a passable job patching the game. However adding Jason A.I. into the game at this late stage would be very problematic for them. In hindsight if A.I. Jason could have been a thing it would have had to have been implemented during the game's initial development. At this stage in the game you wouldn't receive that truly intimidating presence you get out of the Mr. X A.I. Instead you could expect the gruesome and intimidating Jason Voorhees to be endlessly walking against the walls of his own cabin. Dreaming of the days he was a feared presence.
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    Now if only there's a modifier for offline bots, that would be awesome
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    The lawsuit prevents new content, including new game modes. It's too bad, because it would have been nice to see other modes, such as Paranoia.
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    Goddammit. At least make it optional. Lol
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    PS4 tips: If your search goes on longer than 2 minutes, cancel it and try again. You'll get in on the second or third try. If you have a poor internet connection like I do, go to your PS4 main menu - settings - network - test internet connection. Anytime I do this I get into a match on my next try. I play daily and there's always a ton of active players
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    My answer is yes. I would love to have him (and pay for him of course). But I am afraid that even if they would agree to, the buying option would be declared as new content, that‘s it.
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    I was about to say the same thing. That would be awesome, along with the ability to toggle rain on/off and customize counselor's clothes and perks. @mattshotcha, any chances of something like this happening in the future?
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    Design your own counselors. Design your own maps for others to play on (like Super Mario Maker) - I live on a farm and would love to be able to recreate it in game. 😭
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    I knew you were gonna go there lol.
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    Gun has nothing to do with the Predator game. Illfonic is the ones doing that game. Cool story though.
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    Happy New Year! I hope everyone has a great 2020. Here’s to a prosperous and healthy year for everyone!
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    I'd say 99% of us here are brothers and/or sisters of the machete. We do have the occasional troll that makes up the 1%. Here's hoping that we see some kind of future for this spectacular franchise we've all come to know and love.
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    For the last fucking time: If people are still posting about it, If people are still making YouTube videos of it, If people are still playing it, then it's NOT DEAD...
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    It doesn't matter which category it falls under as long as it's a kill you participated in in some way (even if all you did was give Sweater-Girl a med spray or hit Jason with a tree branch, it still counts). This is probably the fastest kill I've ever had a part in. I realize there are some players that have gotten the kill much faster than this, but it's the fastest I've ever been in.
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    Yeah, I can already hear them crying and begging for some „pocket knife“ perks like starting with one PK or the epic one each PK can be used twice
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    Even if they were never added, people would still teabag you by spamming crouch. Also that isn't true that EVERYBODY who uses them are trolls.
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    True. i would be Happy with just a movie and some new action figures. I Own some expensive Sideshow toys Jason figures that i got off ebay.
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    I played a match tonight and we immediately escaped in the car, leaving 18 mins to spectate. I was thinking that would be an ideal time to roll perks, customize clothing, emotes, and Jasons. But, since I'm level 150 anyway, I just leave and join another match. Could it be possible to change this?
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    Has anyone had any issues with thick skin working properly since the new patch? I've noticed it intermittently not working for me. Sometimes if I get a random counselor and other times if I get who actually picked. For example, most recently, I got the random counselor glitch and got Jenny (video below). For this particular match, my perks were medic, thick skin, and slugger. Usually, it takes 3 pocket knives to injure a counselor with thick skin (2 pocket knives if you don't have thick skin). In this match, my Jenny was injured after two pocket knives and I had taken no other damage beforehand (i.e. broken window, traps, slashes, etc.). I've seen it happen a couple other times before as well where I get injured earlier than I should be (i.e. one slash from a part 3 when I had taken no damage beforehand). Wondered if anyone else had experienced any issues with thick skin recently? I know nerves of steel doesn't work properly with a random counselor, but never encountered an issue with thick skin.
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    Not exactly, but yeah, pretty much Summer of Heat Mitch Murder The summer began Burnin' hot, inside of me Oh, and feelin' so free Out on the street (out on the street) Oh, you held onto me Was the summer of heat Summer of heat, yeah Hey, what! And the time began The best I've had Inside of me (Ah-ah, yeah) Oh, and feelin' so free Out on the beat (out on the beat) Oh, you stay there with me On the summer of heat (summer of heat) It was the very first love The very first love Waiting for the bad And get my weather sad The lights real low It was the first love It was the very first love The summer began Burnin' hot D-do you, do you wanna have fun? (Ah-ah, yeah) Oh, the lessons are free We're out on the street (out on the street) All you said was to me Was the summer of heat Summer of heat, yeah Hey! (Who's that?) And the time began Goes… Hey! (Who's that?) And the time began Goes so fast Like grains of sand in my head Oh, the best things are free Said was to me (said was to me) [?] Do you, feel, Remember it, The summer of- Waiting for the bad And get my weather sad The lights real low It was the first love It was the very first- The wind across my hair (it was the first love) The ruckus [?] in the air (it was the first love) The gang's inner web [?] (summer) It was the first love (it was the very first love) It was the very first love And the nonsense [?] And good fun [?] And grind [?] In the summer, through heat with you tonight Summer of heat with you 'Til the summer of- Summer of heat with you 'Til the summer of- Summer of heat with you
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    Are you not reading? its not an opinion its been stated NUMEROUSLY thats NEW CONTENT which is NOT allowed.
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    I'm on ps4 and usually play for a few hours a night without many problems finding matches
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    Hahaha exactly. Except in this, the teamer is your friend, and you dont know who to trust. At least in a private match you can kill the teamer.
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    Welcome to the forum! We've had a few Switch players posting their intros in this forum @Slasher_Clone has good suggestions there. For the Xbox there's the Gamertag thread and the Good Sportsmanship Club in General forum, but yeah, for the Switch there's nothing specific as a group yet. Please take a look at the Rules & Regs forum for guidelines about using this place, and I do hope you can find some fellow Switch players here.
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    Im hoping for a HUGE SURPRISE FOR THE FIRST FRIDAY THE 13TH OF THE YEAR 2020. Something at least. A BEYOND BROADCAST FROM GUNMEDIA SOMETHING PLEASE. For Goodness sake Friday March 13th 2020 will be the first Friday the 13th of the year. I May message Randy Greenback on facebook and Matt Shotcha on twitter we deserve SOMETHING ON THE FIRST FRIDAY THE 13TH OF THE YEAR.
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    Yes I do....if it aint a health spray I aint giving it up! firecrackers/pocket knives/keys are all mine! (I'm jokin alittle tho but pocket knives I'm never giving up like that.)
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    What videogame doesn't have a soundtrack?
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    I've spent countless hours on the bots studying this. Assuming the cut scene gives you no clue you can sometimes go by the car/boat locations but that is not 100% either Jarvis and Pinethurst are the toughest to determine.Luckily those don't get played very often. Even on Higgins large the cutscene does not show you sometimes but it is still usually near that area most of the time although it does spawn in Blairs Cove. I can usually get most spawns 75% first morph only because I've spent so much time studying. Usually educated guesses on ones not in cutscenes.
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    There are way to many med sprays in this game, I hope you are joking
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    Jason has been nerfed over and over again since launch. Killing him is the easiest win condition for counselors in the game. Jason doesn't need anymore disadvantages.
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    Yup.....another Puppet Master movie......while they are now beating Friday the 13th in film count! @Slasher_Clone @Fair Play
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    from what i understand it goes like this.. if tommy is called before anyone dies, it will be one of the first two that die or escape, favoring the dead, even more so if they have been betrayed. this is not a guarantee as sometimes the escaped player returns. if tommy is called late in the match after many have died, most likely it will be the last one who died, still not a guarantee as ive seen the first dead return to my suprise. if tommy comes back & is not cooperating, shuve his face down in your crotch and hit the gas. he'll do "whatever you say"
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    Yes, there will be more patches to complete bug fixes, @Zukov. Welcome to camp, could you do an introduction post if you’re planning on hanging around, it helps the Mods. Thanks
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    Welcome to the forum. Some people aren't properly informed. Keep them in the loop, no matter how many times you have to do it. Don't forget if people are obsessing over it way too much as well. Someone's gotta keep the game alive in spirit. Damn right. I'd put my money on dead bodies holding items. It's better than nothing at this point.
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    Welcome to Camp, glad you joined us. Don’t worry about being a bit late to the party, I was too.
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    Now we just need to make them dance and they'll be just like real players that do nothing all round.
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    Unfortunately, most Suggestions/Feedback topics are dead thanks to the lawsuit since no new content. All the counselor threads, map ideas, and others are technically useless. Except for quality of life stuff and big fixes. Sad to see this topic come to this thanks to the lawsuit.
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    Exactly right. JGTH was the first film to reverse the damaged eye for whatever reason, which made it chronologically wrong. Hence the devs asked the fans if they wanted to have the issue corrected for the model, and the fans said yes. Nothing more to say about it really, it didn't make sense to keep it 100% movie accurate, because that particular movie got it wrong. The damaged eye should've always been the other way around in JGTH. TL;DR the in-game model is the correct one, based on Jason's history.
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    @keanulasala is my PSN
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