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    Sure, a jab. Cause that's the first time in the history of film where Jason has been hit with a weapon but unaffected. You should make sure to stretch before you reach that hard. Don't wanna pull a hammy.
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    Agree with the first sentence. Rest of this post is bull shit.
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    Since I couldn’t manage to afford to go to the Crystal Lake Tour this Friday the 13th, I had the opportunity to go to a Friday the 13th trolley tour in Blairstown NJ, which I really enjoyed. While in the trolley, between stops, the original movie was playing. I also was able to get some shots. After the trolley tour, I stopped at the museum where I was given a free copy of the book of the planning of the Friday the 13th movies (got it free because my attendance of the tour. Each 13 people per tour received a book and a small “goodie” bag). It was especially cool because while in the trolley with the movie playing, we paused the movie as Annie was walking past the cemetery just as we arrived in front of the cemetery and got out to check it out. It was also very weird because most people on the tour and walking around the town were from different states, and even different countries. In the trolley, besides the tour guides, the people I came with and I were the only people from New Jersey. 😂 Opening shots of the movie locations: Cemetery: Entrance to Camp No-Be-Bo-Sco (unfortunately I couldn’t get the sign because it was covered with the Crystal Lake Tours sign or something I believe since they were having tours today & yesterday, but in the background Jason’s woods are visible. We were also in the “this-is-the-part-where-anything-can happen-and-we-can’t-call-for-help-zone” — There was no reception whatsoever in that area which made things seem even cooler): Some things from the museum (which isn’t fully done yet, they’re adding many new things in the near future): Blairstown Diner, which I ate at afterwards, and also bought a sweatshirt from: *Keep in mind most of these pictures aren’t edited. I also might add more as I look over more of them.* EDIT: forgot to add that the creative director/actor for Jason Vincente DiSanti was unexpectedly on this tour as a special guest, so it was really nice to see him.
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    https://m.facebook.com/groups/145543725469927?view=permalink&id=2777045512319722 Adam marcus himself confirms the Indiegogo
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    I have to, at least partially concur with @OCT 31 1978 and @Dragonfire82877. Part 6 was honestly one of the best ones. For me, it's a toss up between 4 and 6. The remake deserves an honorable mention as well.
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    Captain Spaulding was another horror icon! Same here Agreed RIP
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    Go on offline challenges and get no survivors in the quickest time possible. Don’t worry about going unseen or xp only speed and no survivors. Post your results and we can make this a friendly competition between us all. This will give us something new to do in the game lol so far my fastest times are challenge 1- 16 seconds challenge 2- 1:24 challenge 3- 34 seconds challenge 4- 1:04 seconds challenge 5- 1:46 challenge 6- 1:41 challenge 7- 1:27 challenge 8- 37 seconds challenge 9- 2:32 still have to finish the rest. I will edit my post as I try to beat my own times and your guys’ as you post em up 😉 bring on the challenge
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    @NickersLarge, a lot of people (myself included) enjoy this game. It's just in a real bad spot right now, with the major bugs ruining the fun for some. My hope is that one day, the major stuff gets fixed, hopefully before support of this game is abandoned completely.
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    At this point they should just sell him to whomever wants him and make profits while they can. I see very low level Savini Jasons almost every night on PS4 (game sharing). People are still selling him for X-Box on eBay as far as I know. Several people on PC have him that aren't supposed to have him. I think the term "exclusive" expired a very long time ago.
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    If you're looking for experienced players to play with because of their experience with the game, why does it matter if they're gay or not? I understand the kids as they shouldn't even be playing the game anyway, but why is being gay a bother?
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    Must be out spending all that switch money
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    @HaHaTrumpWon @DontZzz34 That moment when Hunting Jason.......strangely turns into a Blairwitch Project game.
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    Yeah that is true. When retro jason came out he slashed me then i looked at my character and im just like, "wait that doesnt look right" i thought it was just me but i literally looked at my game clips from before retro jason was out and i was like "wait a second, why did they change the model it was so much more realistic"...
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    He wasn't glitched if he was able to break beds. Some Jasons just aren't very smart.
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    Hopefully there is something for PC and ps4 to attract new players on Halloween
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    1. Prevent tommy call. Go for the power box you think you need to cut immediately. Don’t even pick up knives in shack. Get them later. Learn the power box location on all maps and get familiar where it will most likely spawn. It takes luck and knowledge. Won’t happen every single game but most games I can prevent the call. Without tommy, they can’t get the kill 2. If there’s a suspected kill squad, after trapping power box if you successfully get it break all doors in tommy radio house. Start collecting knives to. Then go trap the phone. And trap cars if you wish. But usually kill squads don’t repair cars and will just try and gangbang Jason together. 3. If they pop trap at the power box. Don’t got for the power box. I learned my lesson the hard way. A counselor stood right in front of the power box and I couldn’t break the box. I had to slash them to death then break it. By that time it was too late and tommy was called. I learned..... go for the caller instead. So stalk-morph to the tommy house and shift in on the caller. They don’t expect you to go for the caller. They expect you to go for the box. Always do the unexpected. This is also why it’s important you break doors at tommy house. 4. If they manage to call tommy. Always keep an eye on your moms sweater.... I like to morph to the shack and use stalk and just stand inside there and wait for the kill group to arrive. Typically the sweater girl goes in first. Surprise attack her. If you manage to take all their knives earlier game she shouldn’t have a Pk so in this case grab. Otherwise slash. 5. If it comes down to it and you got sweater girl and tommy (with an axe) together and even other counselors helping them collect as many knives as you can. I can’t stress enough throwing knives are one of Jason’s most useful tools when handling fights against groups. Never ever go full head on and slash them. Your mask will fall off in this case. So when you fight quick toss throwing knives at them and be sure to aim mainly for sweater girl and tommy. Deteriorate their health with knives, then shift slash them. If they all charge at you hold block and let weapons break. Broken weapons means less counselors with weapons and it will make the fight a bit easier. Using the spear is also a very good weapon to use in fights. You can punish missed swings easier with it. But be careful doing this and try not to get hit. 6. Don’t get hit with a machete or axe from a high strength counselor especially..... also avoid shotguns at all costs. This is a big challenge because Jason’s mask hp is very low and all it can take is 1 hit out of block to de mask Jason, then he’s most likely dead. 7. Pick part 3 jason all day if you see a kill squad in lobby. This is the best Jason to go against a kill squad hands down. Hope this helps you. As jason I’ve probably died at least 10 or so times. Each and every time I got an axe in my head I learned something new from it and managed to get better at learning how to defend myself from getting killed. I hope you do the same and good luck.
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    They’re still updating the game (bugs/glitches) so I wouldn’t say they’re done with it. Patches are still being released and dedicated servers still exist to. But they really need higher quality patches tbh..... their patches have been poor.... A lot of these bugs this game has, a lot of companies would’ve had these issues addressed by now. I mean we’ve had these environmental kills glitching now for how many months? And they brought that into the game themselves to top it off
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    I agree completely that authenticity is necessary when it comes to the iconic character and core design the developers are after with this game.... My Question actually falls in line with making the game more authentic to Jason and specifically each different version of him......counselors hear different chase theme music based on which Jason is stalking after them......wouldn’t it be more authentic for those specific Jason’s to hear the same chase theme that was made for them specifically instead of the basic Jason chase theme that all the Jason’s hear now? Ps thank you for taking the time to answer these questions.
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    Some of the videos were privated or claimed by GunMedia lol.
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    all these issues are on the ps4 as well and more. There are mixed Jason. Glitches environmental kills, glitches repairing cars boats and phone boxes. And more. There are more ppl playing on ps4 don’t neglect.
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    Instead they should have just fixed block/swing delay get into block faster meatshielding longer invincibility frames from damage/stuns after animations/etc more mask hp in rage mode less stun chance instead I’ve said it 10000 times but this is what should’ve been done instead of the rage buff. But of course the devs aren’t going to listen to their playerbase... this would’ve solved the problem. Any decent to good Jason would sure and shit not be a piñata and groups who want to beat on him all game would pay the price.
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    @mattshotcha was having some issues getting into qp lobby last night on PC. Im in new york region. After searching/cancelling search at 2mins a bunch of times i finally got in, but then i would see people pop into the lobby with me, then fall right out. This happened a bunch of times until a few actually stuck. We played a game and then it kicked back out to search for new lobby after, in which i searched for about a half hr and never could get back in. This was around 9:30pm est. It would say searching for dedicated servers, then checking session for room, then it would show search cool down. Rinse repeat. Almost like it was finding a server but the server would reject the connection.
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    It's a good thing when a minus defense/low hp Jason gets stunned though. They can damn near sneeze their masks off anyway. So before you complain just remember what's going to happen if they fix this. You know, since there's nothing wrong with mask hp anyway...
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    @tyrant666 my money's on Slash n cast wanting a good working relationship with Gun in exchange for exclusive interviews, which prop up YT view counts.
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    You can report players at www.jasonkillsbugs.com. please include as much information and evidence as you can.
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    While I'm no fan of the rage update. Like @DontZzz34 I'd have rather seen them address the actual weaknesses. At this point I don't see that happening. I personally find it annoying as a counselor. But they had to stop the pinata parties somehow.
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    Part 8 for escapees and survivors part 3 for kill squads.
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    I see you disagree that’s cute, I believe this is what @mattshotcha was talking about when he said lots of people do voice their opinions here as to comments as useless as this.
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    Savini was a backer exclusive offered before the games release to fund the development of the game. The developers have said He will not be offered to the public for purchase again.
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    True but I only like to promote wise tactics. Average potato from QP shouldn't touch the sweater unless he's going for the kill and the mask is ALREADY off. There's no reason to screw over the rest of the lobby because out of Stam Deborah with no spray or pk gets a little chilly and decides to grab the sweater 3 minutes into the match.
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    And yet you complain venomously over Jason being too overwhelming and killing players all the time.....or too easily.
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    Listen dude. I'm not trying to offend you. I'm sure you're a perfectly nice guy. And trust me, I've played with plenty of shit lobbies who do NOTHING to help the team. You presented a case wherein the other guys had everything set up other than the one thing they needed to accomplish their goal, which you had. You asked if we agreed with your decision to go your own way instead of helping them out with their goal (which again, they couldn't accomplish without you). I personally think it's a dick move. It doesn't mean I'm insulting you, it doesn't mean I think you're never a team player. It's my opinion. I don't see why we can't agree to disagree on this.
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    Thanks for the find @OCT 31 1978. I wouldn't mind watching that documentary myself.
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    I'm going to be Jason From Friday the 13th part 6 for Halloween and so far I got everything but the dart from in the pouch, I don't need the knife part I'm looking to make just the stick and the little string that came off them since that is all that is seen and for the life of me i can figure out how to make them them. I also need help figuring out how to make the fence post that Jason had at the beginning(I was think about not making it as he got rid of it fast what do you think)
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    Crowd funding, is what you’re looking for man, with a W.
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    @OCT 31 1978, that card made my day. Thanks for that. To all the fathers out there, enjoy the day and everything that comes with it. To those who are fortunate to still have their father among the living, let them know you care. To those who are not as fortunate to have your father still with you, know that they live on through you. Have a safe and pleasant holiday everyone. 😎
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    You're right about the trickiness of this topic. It's a bitter pill for many to swallow, but swallow it they must.
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    I'm glad to hear it all got sorted out.
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    Let us know how the results of that Twitter poll turn out.
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    Once things cool down for a bit, it'll open back up to new users. For now, keep comments civil and on point, and things will be fine.
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    @Wellhiya Many of us are right with you on that one. It'll be a little more time with the heavy complaining, then it'll slack up. It happens with every patch.
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    We both know who would likely would have said that, but kudos for filling those shoes. We are in agreement that things can really turn around for the better.
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    This is a valid way to look at things as they stand.
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    Not all players are as toxic as you've experienced so far. Some people seem to struggle with the fact that companies don't necessarily work during holidays.
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    It's a given that most of the bugs affect counselors. You're gonna have more time spent as a counselor than as Jason. As far as Savini Jason, he's no more powerful than any of the other Jasons. He's just being played by players who have spent a lot of time playing as him and getting really good at what they do.
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    I prefer leaving them behind. That's less bad karma.
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    11th, 12th and 13th. How is it Jason can kill people with his bare hands, but not close a door?
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