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    EDIT: The patch is rolling out now on platforms. PC will see it almost instantly, PS4 should eb their typical roll out. Xbox is completed on our end, just in the process with Microsoft. That process can take some time, so expect the patch on the Xbox One within the next few hours. Patch 1.35 is the recently discussed rapid patch to solve a few issues that cropped up with the recent fix to our Interaction System. The Interaction System fix was a deep fix inside the system that works with all counselor interactions in game, and was kicked off to fix the issue with counselors being able to slingshot themselves into unreachable areas of the maps, like Packanack Roof. In our efforts to repair the Interaction System, two key bugs cropped up and slipped by our testing. One was an issue in the code that changed the timings and values for Jason's Abilities. The other was an issue relating to Counselor Animations. The animation issue allowed counselors to cancel animations with various key/button presses. These two issues were flagged as highest priority and the team has prepared a fix. That fix is complete, as far as internal testing is concerned, but the build to ship to users needs one last final verification test to be ready for users to download. We originally targeted Friday, August 9th as the go live date for this patch, but this final testing phase is taking us into the weekend. The team is working away at testing this build, literally as we speak, and despite missing the window to have the patch live by the weekend, we are now targeting early next week. Apologies for the delay, as Friday was our initial goal. But the team is not going to deploy this patch until we have a confident level of testing completed. The work is completed, now we need to run through our verification process and make sure everything is ready for deployment. This stage can take time, and this is why we have pushed out from our target today and into early next week. The Patch Notes for the upcoming patch are below, but please keep in mind that this is a rapid patch with a very specific target. FIXED - Various issues with cooldown speed and timings for Jason's Abilities (Shift, Sense, etc). Cooldown for Abilities was drastically shortened. Unlock timings for Abilities were off, and Abilities would unlock too closely together. FIXED - Counselor Animation Interrupt Counselors were able to interrupt animations with key/button presses such as Combat Stance, and similar. This resulted in unintended behavior with counselors jumping from windows etc. IMPORTANT NOTE: While the team is now targeting early next week, keep an eye on this thread for updates. While the following issues ARE NOT included in this update, there are some high priority issues the team will be investigating next. Environmental Kills, Car Physics, Jarvis House Offline Bots, and Random Counselor will be investigated following the delivery of this patch. These were not included in this patch, as the team will need to dedicate more time to investigation and diagnostics before we can get a plan for those together. This patch needed to be sent out quickly, and in order to do that, the focus stayed on recent issues introduced with the Interaction System work.
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    The team is rolling out a patch on the PS4 and Xbox One platforms immediately, PC to follow within a few days. This update was specifically targeted to repair an issue with interactions that would allow the player to leave a site where an interaction was in place, then resume the interaction and slingshot to areas of the map that are non-playable spaces. This includes, but is not limited to the roof on Packanack Lodge. Resolved Various Issues Regarding 'Interaction Lock' for Counselor and Jason Interactions Which Would Result in Unintended Gameplay Issues. A more thorough pass on Interaction Systems has resolved many interaction related issues. These methods to manipulate interactions that have been fixed include but are not limited to the Packanack Lodge roof issue. Fixed Several 'Stuck Spot' Locations for Jason and Counselor Players. Fixed Several Areas Where Counselors Could Reach Without Jason Being Able to Grab/Attack Fixed Various Grab Kill Animations - Smoothed Out Animation Issues Various Art Corrections in Cabins Sound Effect Tweaks with Proper Audio Effects Applied on Various Map Items Fixed Many 'Floating Objects' on Various Maps Resolved Issues with Various Car Blocking Locations on Various Maps to Prevent Exploit All Counselors Now React to Dead Bodies Resolved Issues Involving Shift/Morph Powers on Maps Jason Can No Longer Get Stuck on Unintended Areas on Crystal Lake Map or Higgins Haven Small Map Fixed Victoria Pants Issue Fixed Jason Part 5 Asset Issue Fixed Various Sense Issues Involving Correct Color Display of Doors/Windows when Counselors are Either Inside or Outside a Structure QoL Resolutions Involving Controller Disconnect Resolved for Menu Interactions Animation Fixes for Jason Small Fixes for Animations Complete Animations Fixed Issue with Emote Menu No Longer On Screen if Used While Entering Car Camera Fixed for Car Grab Animation Various Single Player Challenge Kill Fixes Smoothed Out Various Single Player Challenge Animations
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    You see how when Jenny goes to lock the door, Jason is interacting with it on the other side? This is 100% what I described. The lag and latency aspect of it is only in reference to how large a window of time it is possible to recreate the behavior. This thread is for discussions on the patch notes, issues with the patch, and other player issues in game since the patch. From here out, arguing an opinion on how much the team cares or how lazy they are or any other off topic comments are going to receive warnings and be hidden. Let the people who are trying to provide info on an issue do that without a log jam of opinions and hostility. And if you're only in this thread to drag us, go on and do so in a new thread, and we'll address whether each one of those threads has a valid place in the forums and whether they are breaking any of the forum rules. But this rampant off topic back and forth is getting in the way of actual discussion.
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    I thought they said they tested this patch for months? This is kinda embarrassing.... lol
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    It has been found that switch versions somehow have a couple unreleased emotes, including shadow box and the Egyptian that we have asked about many times on Gun Media’s Twitch streams. 1.What the fuck 2. If it’s been in switch, why can’t we have them on other platforms? 3.Considering you’ve already put them in, Please release them to the FULL public, not just one version. Because we have asked many times about these emotes on Twitch streams, and I feel like it’s always glanced over or they try to answer really quickly without giving us a full final answer.
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    Those emotes are not intentionally in the Switch build and will need to be removed in compliance with the current status of content in Friday the 13th: The Game. As they were not offered prior to the rights disputes, they cannot be offered now. Literally cannot add them in. I'm not sure how else I need to say it, we legally, literally can't. LITERALLY, cannot. LIT-ER-ALLY CAN-NOT. Gang, I don't think the concept of a legal dispute is being conveyed properly here. It is our mistake that they made their way into the build, but our hands are tied on this, 100%.
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    A fix is in final testing for the Jason abilities plus Counselor Animation Cancel (window issue). Target is Friday at the latest on all 3 platforms. This includes bringing the updated patch to PC that was delayed by these issues.
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    Hey, sorry for the late reply. The team is looking at the situation with servers and we'll have more info on this soon. Post patch is always rocky, but this has continued past the post patch phase and will probably require some rebalancing of servers to get you folks back to connecting quickly. One question, when dumped to P2P matches, do they fill correctly and are playable or no? Hey we've got this reported for investigation, thanks for the video! Without much details it's hard to say. We have seen a fair amount of "issue spoofing" as of late, as people share old screens as new. So it's tough to say without more info whether this is a valid issue or not. Anyone here seeing it in game? Some hacks to files don't register immediately with EAC. But then we follow up and EAC gets tweaked and they go away. We've seen this recently with PAK file editors getting banned in bulk and we'll see it again. Again, EAC sometimes requires a tweak, sometimes it just takes a few logins to snag them. Next BEYOND stream is today, going over these topics and more. Next patch isn't dated yet, but I think he was asking about next stream. *Skinny little green haired freak/Gun's Little Bitch with a Ban Hammer. Fixed that for you.
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    This is 100% false and you know this. This type of misinformation is incendiary and inflammatory.
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    For what it's worth I thought I'd just leave this here on the off chance that the big boys at the top see this or it gets back to them somehow... The biggest challenge is not screwing this up. Too many times we’ve seen gaming and movie franchises jump the shark or take a beloved character and throw them through the mud. We’re working on a game that demands a lot of horror and tension, but we’re giving players the control to create those scenarios. That’s a lot of balancing, that’s a lot of testing and that’s a lot of immersion and depth. The biggest challenge is that we do it right and that we deliver a title that lives up to the expectations of all fans. Know that we’ll always, always keep you in the loop. We will get this game done right. It is our passion project, and there is no way we will screw around with the most legendary horror icon in the history of film. With your help we will make the game ALL OF US have been waiting for… - Randy Greenback (Executive Director) This statement shows the initial intention but it's clear to see that it's yet to be delivered. Over 2 years of glitches is dragging Jason Voorhees and the F13 franchise through the mud. Not intermittent glitches, but game-breaking and frequent new glitches fall well below the expectations of all fans. Us fans would like to be kept in the loop in regards to future plans to circumvent these issues and realistic timescales, not just when the next patch release will be out and its accompanying notes. Jason being unable to kill a counselor due to glitches is screwing with his iconic stature and making him somewhat of a laughing stock. We, the fans, try to help not only by backing the project but by submitting glitches, cheaters, concerns, thoughts etc. but the longer the problems persist the longer ALL OF US still wait for "that" game.
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    @OCT 31 1978 I have a few questions for you. From reading previous comments it became evident that the current issue with Jason obtaining Shift quicker than normal and the faster rate of cooldown did not derive from the changes made to the game's interaction code, but because of intentional changes made to the values that govern the Shift activation and cooldown rates. Intentional changes that were made by the devs for testing purposes but accidentally left in the live patch and pushed out to the public. So my question is, the game was broken by the negligence of the devs/testers, so at what point do you/the team/PR hold your/their hands up and actually issue an apology to not only the backers or the people who paid money for this game/dlc, but to anyone who continues to play this game despite its continued flaws? The likes of which should not be taking place at this stage of the games life cycle. The likes of which should not be tolorated when there are already more serious glitches that have persisted within the gameplay for OVER TWO YEARS, and we have been made to persevere with it all. This is what @ChaosLordWesker is refering to when he says that, that would not be acceptable in many places of work. Yet instead you and @Kodiak appear to want to chastise him into silence and accuse him of being toxic. I'm not saying that workers at Gun Media/IllFonic/Black Tower need to be made to walk the streets and shamed in public in order for everyone to be satisfied, but just some sort of indication that every single procedure is being taken to ensure a better game for us all and those who are not up to the standard are being held accountable. Secondly, after Jason's Shift ability issue was identifed, why was a patch not immediately released within 24 hrs to revert the values back to normal? I'm not saying to roll back the patch entirely but just to correct the values - Patch 1.341 if you will. Surely, minimalising the damage that the last patch has created is better than just leaving it in its current state, no? Is there even a hotfix planned? How about an update please? And thirdly, whilst we all understand that having a new team work on code that they did not write can be a strenuous task for any developer, why was this broken patch released when new issues had arisen? I understand that fixing the roof glitch was a big priority (and I am thankful), but surely not at the expense of introducing new bugs to the game. My point being that surely someone should have spotted that the patch was not ready for release and held it back until there was no knock-on effect with the interaction of other objects i.e. the no damage window and locking open doors glitches. And it is not an exceptable answer to say that the new interaction glicthes were not indentified before the patch release as that will only serve to highlight that very minimal testing was done and fail to preserve the integrity and validity of this or any patch, as seen thus far with the enviro kills glitch introduced last patch. These are not intermitent issues either. They can all be found with ease. So at what point do Gun Media say, "we cannot release another patch until it resolves exactly what we intend it to and without causing more problems than we already have," even if it takes months for Black Tower to destroy and rebuild the code and get it right? At this point in the game Gun Media no longer require kickstarter money. The game sold almost 2 million copies in its first 3 months alone. And surely those Nintendo Switch sales are a nice cash injection. So can you see the fans' frustration when it doesn't seem as if Gun Media are investing in a quality team or demanding excellence? I would greatly appreciate an answer to my questions as it could help me (and possibly others) to understand the perspective of the team, and direction of this game, a lot better.
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    As someone who has been here since launch and backed the game i can say that the game is in the worse state it has ever been in. For those who keep saying "We should be happy there is even a game" need to understand that there is a game because of us who backed the game. The fans are who helped fund the game in order to be made. There is no excuse for the state the game is in right now. After 2 years in to the games life span there shouldn't be this many issues, in fact the game should be in a near bugless state at this point. It is clear that far more testing of the patches need to be done before going live. I also think even having a dedicated group of fans/community players do testing of the patch before it goes live to find issues before this kind of thing happens again. Clearly the community can find the issues quickly upon playing it far more so than the devs. There is no excuse for a patch causing this many issues.
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    The game we all wanted but nobody got. All the good content none of the bugs!
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    Strigoi, I got your question via PM! We'll chat on it in stream for sure! I love this idea. I will create a master thread later today for next week's BEYOND. We can have people fill it in and I'll lock it after the episode and make a new one for the following week. For this week, I'm up against the wall as I go live shortly, so we'll shoot for a good thread of questions for next week. I appreciate that feedback. I agree, while we try to answer everything brought up, not everyone can attend.
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    Gun media and Black Tower, I've brought in a motivational speaker...
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    Some things never change, huh? 🤣
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    The engine upgrade was the start of the downhill shit show. Revert it back to the old engine! They said the only reason for the upgrade was to make it easier to improve the game. Clearly that isn’t the case. Because it’s the worst it’s ever been.
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    This isn't how the real world works. If any other business couldn't give you proper service after a set amount of screw ups you would not give them more support. There's a difference between legitimate complaints about the product and someone conducting personal attacks on people. The new dev team didn't come on last week, they've been here for months. At what point are they supposed to be responsible and accountable for what they do?
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    @mattshotcha leaving this here for you since one of the F13 Reddit mods decided it was a good idea to delete my thread on there. Here is some accurate info for you regarding some issues with your latest patch - * All Jasons now receive Shift at 0:45 (originally 2:15) and Stalk at 2:45 (originally 4:15) * All neutral Shift Jasons have had their Shift cooldown decreased to 10s pre-Rage (from 30s) and 6s post-Rage (from 20s), surpassing +Shift cooldown speed by 10s and 7s respectively. +Shift and -Shift Jasons do not receive this buff. * Counselors are now able to bypass interactive animations (eg. windows, drawers, doors, skill checks) at any point after interaction by pressing the attack button. Window dives especially benefit from this by allowing counselors to avoid damage. * AI counselors on Jarvis House (all difficulties) are now immobile for the duration of the match, regardless of their interaction with Jason. They will not use melee weapons or guns, but will use firecrackers and med spray. Best of luck.
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    I agree, my friend and I were playing and at some point he said, "Come to me..." and he was Jason, so I said "OK?", and I explained to him that the assets must've not loaded properly, since Jason's face was squished in, it made us laugh and kinda made the game more fun as we tried to show other players, but you know what you would do if you saw Jason in front of you, RUN! By the way, I found a few glitches on Xbox One, can also confirm some... 1) An animation where the counselor stabs Jason with a knife, doesn't finish. Instead it's an instant knife stab, and the counselor breaks free as soon as they're picked up. If I can get a capture of it next time, I will. 2) Jason can slash through vehicles, when a counselor is slashed through a vehicle, they may leave it, without the player pressing A. View here. 3) A counselor can go through a window without finishing the animation at the end, when spectating. I can't confirm whether this happens when viewing the other counselor when you're viewing them still alive. View here. 4) The barricaded door issue is a big one, as it's starting to happen frequently and my ping is down to 50ms or lower. This shouldn't be an issue if that's how long it takes to respond, unless it's improper server configuration or just a game bug in general. View here. 5) For me there's weird sounds playing, some are high pitched that play for a few seconds and feels like my brain is gonna hemorrhage, then stop, and then now I am discovering static sounds. View here. 6) I can glitch into, and then on the car when chocking someone to still living. This happens when you glitch into the car while holding a counselor, and another comes up to save them. This doesn't last long though. View here. 7) I don't know if you may consider this a bug, but when I pressed Quick Play, it began searching for matches. One abnormal thing I noticed, was that it went from Searching > Checking for an open spot > Cooldown > Searching at a repeated loop until the third search for me. This never happens to me, usually it's Searching > Checking for an open spot > Joining. P.S. Took me one whole hour to get this post together, you're welcome!
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    Can confirm that Jason gets shift at the same time as Sense for some reason. Only played as jason vs offline bots so I can't say anything else yet, though other than early shift, I had rather smooth gameplay. I get the funny feeling that the reason this game always seems to break every time something is fixed is due to the main engine not being suited for this sort of game, or rather, the initial main game not being structured properly, thus leading to everything breaking because it's like the video game version of this: Thus, every time you try to plug something else in or change where something is plugged, something else gets unplugged.
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    Seriously. People that actually play this game find all the bugs within MINUTES of a patch being released. Things “months of testing” apparently can’t. Makes no sense. One step forward, 5 steps back. 🤷🏼‍♂️
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    I empathise with the EU players who suddenly have no servers, without any word from Gun on what the fuck is up. There are no Australian servers on PS4 all of a sudden either. Total coincidence that the servers in several regions disappeared just as the game released on a new platform, I'm sure. They had already clearly reduced the server capacity months ago, I guess their next step was to get rid of them completely and hope that the people who bought their game are too stupid to notice or care, or would be happy with a borderline unplayable connection on overseas servers? It can often take 20-30 minutes to eventually find a game even in the wrong region, after repeatedly canceling and restarting the search every so often to no avail. It will often say 'Checking session for room' after about 20 seconds, and then it doesn't put you in a lobby, it just hangs indefinitely. When working correctly, it places the player in a lobby within a few seconds of that message appearing, rather than just wasting their valuable time and leaving them confused and unsure about if the servers are even up anymore. It really seems as though the servers in several regions have simply vanished. If that is the case, if nothing else, the backlash is going to be amusing to witness as it unfolds. All there is in the way of dedicated servers for players in my region right now are AP and US servers where players from Aus/NZ have 200-300ms and playing as Jason is an infuriating joke. I'm someone who normally enjoys playing as Jason, but have set my preference to counselor for the time being because at least it's at least borderline playable (albeit unacceptable, pitiful trash) to play as counselor with 200ms. Grabbing a counselor standing right in front of you, let alone shift grabbing, with 200-300ms is quite the task. The lack of acknowledgment is pretty suspect on their part and if they have silently done away with several region's servers so that they can milk more money from the game on the new platform, that would be the single most disgusting, unforgivable action on their parts yet, and I'm far from someone who hates the devs in general, I appreciate that they created a game that I love and have improved it in many ways, my post history shows that I'm not a Gun 'hater' by any stretch of the imagination. To reiterate: it's not a case of the servers having reduced capacity or whatever - they are simply gone. This game had a fairly active player base on PS4 in Australia/New Zealand, arguably a better population than it deserves at this point in its lifespan given the plethora of pathetic technical issues its riddled with to this day (admittedly the recent patch made it better, pity it's all for nothing if you can't actually play the game...). It was never hard to get a populated lobby, other than very late at night. I can assure Gun that 90% of the players are nowhere near as diehard a fan of this game as I am, and the majority of them will have moved onto other games and lost interest by the time they bring the servers back, if that ever happens. I'd give it another week or two before a significant percentage of the player base does an impression of the so called dedicated servers and vanishes without a word. I don't really buy into the conspiracies about them intentionally sabotaging the game, but this seems like an excellent way to kill off the player base in several regions so that they can wring every last cent out of the game on Switch before they wash their hands of it altogether. I bought the game on Switch over the weekend and have only played a handful of rounds. There are no AU servers on Switch either, but the 'AP southeast 2' (iirc) server gives me ping that is on par with the Australian servers that vanished from PS4. I recall when dedicated servers were first added, I would get ping like this on the AP servers on PS4, then that changed when they silently got rid of those (Singapore?) servers, and all you could find in that region was lag induced depression. It's interesting that the new platform has an AP server that gives me good ping, like they used to on PS4, at the very least they need to reimplement those AP servers on PS4, but really not bringing back the AU, EU etc. servers in a timely manner would be something that not even the most ardent supporter of the game in the past would be willing to forgive or overlook. And maybe acknowledging the issue openly, being transparent about it and not leaving the people who paid for their game on the platforms that have already been bled dry to sit around wasting their precious time trying to find a non existent playable lobby in their region would be a bright idea. tl;dr: fuck you a lot
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    Friday the 13th: The Game - Where Is The F13 Official EU Dedicated Servers For The United Kingdom? After Patch 1.35 @mattshotcha @GunMedia @wes PS4, EU, UNITED KINGDOM, SCOTLAND I am in Scotland, United Kingdom still no dedicated server after i installed patch 1.35 on Monday 12th of August 2019 It's now Sunday 18th of August 2019 6 Days on and the same thing over & over every day, what is going on with this? Have tried and tried no joy whatsoever. So i decided to do this almost 1 hour video to illustrate how bad things are in the United Kingdom. @GunMedia if you are listening or watching out there please for the love of god sort this mess out. After playing the game for over 2 years never have i encountered anything as bad as this after a patch or any patch you have brought out i have always been able to find a lobby so where is our dedicated servers for the game?
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    @mattshotcha @GunMedia_Ben @DamonD7@NthnButAGoodTime @JPops @Kodiak @Ralph Wiggum777 Looks like I found something. May not be a new issue. It is possible to repeat it every match. Any map. Xbox One X. Sweater stun bug. A few steps to completing it. Need to knock off Jason's mask. Get the sweater. Gather weapons in one spot. Then use the sweater on Jason and break free from the sweater animation by picking up a weapon. Hit Jason to his knees. Now keep hitting him with all the weapons that you collected. Enjoy laughing your ass off as Jason is stuck in place getting beat over and over. Here is the new video. Patch 1.35
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    I honestly would love a fix for kill animations.....
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    You took the swing as he morphed, a little latency made it look like a miss, but the weapon broke like a hit. Seeing something happen once and demanding "Melee issues need a fix now." is unreasonable, honestly. Latency can be tricky looking. But please don't rush to rile everyone up with the doom and gloom like it's been happening with every weapon, every hit. And more importantly, before demanding a fix, can I ask if you even sent this video in to the support team? We have a resource to get these things looked at immediately and JasonKillsBugs.com is still the best way to report a bug, or any other strange occurrence in game. No, that was a Kickstarter back exclusive and must remain that way. No, not with this patch. In order to keep the patch rapid, we had to focus on the top issues that emerged after the interaction fix. Car is on the list to investigate, but we anticipate that being a major undertaking. Deep rooted, similar to the roof and interaction issues, but even deeper in the code. ^ Right here. EU servers are not down or dead. The game takes time to ramp back up post patch and this rapid patch left us with multiple build versions making the transition over to new build and the ensuing server shift. This took longer than it has historically, but we anticipated that. I see folks connecting again and we're continuing to monitor. Hey, thanks a lot for stopping in and saying so. I'll get this forwarded over to support and we'll see if we can repro it here. So you're saying we're only pretending to work on the game in order to sell copies? How does that make sense? Spend money on a team just to fake work? Ludicrous. Believe me, I understand that things have been pretty frustrating, I can be frustrated too. But this isn't it.
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    Edited the original to reflect the patch is starting the roll out. Expect deployments across all three platforms by end of day.
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    Before I even got this game, in 2017, people were already saying it's dying. Two years passed, still didn't die. If the devs still wanna work on the game for a community, let them do it. We don't want this game to go anywhere, it's your choice if you want to play or not.
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    Can't wait to see what gets broken next with the updates!
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    Honestly, I don't think they test-play it at all. That's the only way I can see them not realizing that Sense and Shift now activate together before the last patch was dropped. Even one Off-Bot round would have made it obvious, so it seems either A] Nobody bothered to run even one play-test, or B] They did play-test, knew about the problem, but released the patch anyway. I'm hoping the "final testing" @mattshotcha mentioned is ACTUAL TESTING, the kind where somebody literally takes a controller and plays the game like a player, not a developer. Watch some YouTube videos if necessary to see how people are performing the exploits, then play BOTH SIDES (Jason and Counselor) and see if they can replicate the glitches (and if they can, hold off releasing the patch until they can't). This is an excellent chance to restore a little of the player-bases confidence in the Dev team, provided enough ACTUAL TESTING has been done to ensure the issue is actually fixed.
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    There you go with that again. Trying to twist someone's impression of a game just like you did with me when I was explaining why I thought Uber, Grender, a new game mode, alternative playable heroes would've been a much better focused priority over things like the engine upgrade or 30 dance emotes/halloween costumes if a bigger group of community could've help influenced the company's decision. Feedback is not the same thing as telling someone how to run their company. Anyone is allow to critique a decision they don't see eye to eye with regarding the company's service. That is not being in an authority position on ordering them what to do. In fact, this would've probably have a little more validity if one were to demand a certain change BEFORE THE COMPANY TOOK THAT ACTION and therefore making that decision go into effect. So why are you trying to enlighten someone's opinion of a company's action revolving around particular decisions that already took place? That is pointless to begin with. Everyone knew they never had that kind of power and never will. But they could still leave feedback which for the most part, really influenced some changes to be made( like the Roy coveralls for example.) You and some other companies may feel like this is telling them how to run their business and granted, a company doesn't always to accept anybody's requests but the reality is, if you want your product to go places, you have to put your costumers first.
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    Every patch has something that you always have to adapt to or work around. Roof bugs. Moving through cabin walls with combat stance while holding a melee weapon. The invincible window bubble animation counselors had. Glitch spots. Hidden rooms. Crazy car issues and flipping over nothing. Knives destroying cars. Trap related bugs. Body blocking to avoid traps. Using the car to block entrances to buildings so Jason can't enter. Giant melee weapons. Rubber banding back to the car after exiting. Falling out of the map. Jason spawning to his death. Game crashing 1 time every time you start it forcing 2 lanches just to play it. Environmental kills being bugged. Drowning/boat kill/water bugs. Exiting the maps to get to new areas. 2nd sweater. Flare guns knocking Jason to his death. Trees inside cabins. Flying like ET above everything. Jason having shift as soon as he gets sense with insane recharge time. Grab kills bugging out and counselors instantly breaking free. Cabin doors getting stuck ''open'' with the bar closed and can't interact with it anymore. Jason teamers following you everywhere helping Jason to try to kill you. 100+ms in every dedicated lobby I play in. 200+ in private lobbies. Etc. (insert millions of bugs here since launch). Point is something will always be broken about the game. It's going on 2+ years. It is fun. I got my moneys worth of etertainment out of it. Understand the new team are dealing with fixing Illfonic's mess. I don't expect a miracle but bugs that alter the core mechanics in game changing ways do need to be addressed and fixed. The new window bug is a huge game changer. Worse than the roof bug. Is it fun to mess around with. Yes, for awhile. It does start to hold up games and lead to more window looping with 20 minute matches in quick play. In my video those are all randoms in quick play. My mic was muted. Only the last clip with 2 cars destroyed was with friends in a private match. As you noticed Jason is not scary. The experience makes him look like an adult man child that wildly swings his weapon with a bad combat system. It shows how much the game has changed in a negative way since launch. I have played and suffered through evey patch just like everyone has. I'm still here enjoying the game for what it is. I believe Matt told me to ''pump my brakes on calling this the worst patch ever''. That is simply my experience after having played since launch. This patch is the most game changing because it alters window damage and gives super shift. The shift can easily be fixed. The window bugs they said they are unaware of what caused that. Needs to be a top priority because it is much easier to do the window bug than get up on a roof with a trap. Already seeing more matches that have Jason giving up and rage quitting in quick play matches. I actually want to play as Jason to get my final achievement. When I am forced to play as a counselor at 150 you try to find ways to keep the game entertaining. The other option is to quit over and over until you get selected as Jason. That gets boring real fast unless you listen to music while doing it. Use my new ''wonder woman'' window powers to save counselors or distract Jason. Just like you said dumb fun while it lasts. Hoping the team gets it fixed fast. No need for me to go after them with a Savini trident. Just get it fixed before the lawsuit settles 🧜‍♂️😄👍 New video was simply showing how the bug changes the gameplay even with the new shift advantage for Jason. To everybody still playing and here on the forum thanks for supporting the game and staying around this long. Thanks to the backers too.
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    The reason I went from playing 2-3 hours a day to 2-3 games every 3 or 4 months was solely the engine "upgrade". Lol at people that don't understand what analogies are. Or that you shouldn't complain when things get worse and worse over time whether it's a video game, car repair, burger, etc Keep in mind as well that this game would not exist if not for the backers (I'm not one by the way). Gun Media has I'm sure invested plenty of their own capital to make this game. But the IP was gifted to them and the backers raised a huge amount if money. So with those two advantage they managed to make a bug riddled, yet charming masterpiece. Okay, nobody is perfect, but the game was a lot of fun. The problem is over time they've made a lot of whiffs on balance changes and most of the patches have been 1 step forward and 10 or 11 steps back. Also, keep in mind that for many people this isn't just a video game. If you play Dead By Daylight you can take two minutes to read the "lore" on The Doctor. Many of us have spent countless hours watching the F13 movies. Many go to horror conventions and meet actors of the franchise. People are invested in Jason Vorhees. So when he gets dick-slapped for the majority of the time this game has been around and the game continues to add bugs, people are rightfully going to be upset. Yes, I'm thankful Cunningham gave IP to Gun Media. Yes, I'm thankful Gun Media reaches out and started started the crowd funding. Yes, I'm thankful that many people donated to help create this game. Yes, I'm thankful that Gun Media made a flawed but exciting game. With all that though, I can't get past the fact that the game is in a much worse state (my opinion) than it was prior to the engine upgrade. The same engine upgrade that was supposed to alleviate many of the game's issues.
  37. 4 points
    It was being used as a consumer/product comparison. Totally different products. But totally valid comparison. Here’s a different one then. You go to McDonald’s. You order a cheeseburger. You notice it’s missing the cheese. You take it back. They remake it. Then you notice it’s missing the patty. You take it back. They remake it. Then you notice it’s missing the bottom bun. You take it back. They remake it. Then you notice it’s missing the top bun. And what point do you stop thinking, “Oh boy. I’m so grateful. At least they tried.” And say, “What the fuck is wrong with you? Do your goddamn job and give me what I paid for”????
  38. 4 points
    Posts like this don’t help they promote a toxic environment for all members on the forum. this is not specific to you just to all members in general.
  39. 3 points
    Last I heard, if things go smoothly. They could cut a deal by November 25th. If things push through. By December 1st, they will push ahead with a new film and sources inside Ubisoft have shown interest in taking over development of the game as well as resuming content, all the while offering a brand new micro-transaction system.
  40. 3 points
    Dedicated servers are completely broken, no platform can currently get to any, matchmaking takes up to 10 minutes before dumping us into peer to peer. I can get behind bugs maybe, but LITERALLY not being able to play the game is a big issue
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    It's clearly obvious what's going on here. A full on case of being pissed on and being told by @mattshotcha that it's raining. I work in IT and know 100% that an end-user update does not affect things server-side to this extent. Even a full database migration would only take hours at most to level out as tables are rebuilt. But this has been a week now! So one can only assume, and rightfully so, that Gun Media DID NOT invest in new servers for the Switch launch and that some EU servers were sacrificed to accommodate Switch users. If my assumption is wrong THEN PLEASE UPDATE ME! What's even more of a slap in the face is that there has been NO further correspondence regarding this ongoing problem since being told that "it's not an issue so much as an inconvenient delay. This will normalize in the hours to come." Nothing constructive has been provided on these forums (please show me where if I am wrong). Nothing on social media - Twitter/Facebook is just full of retweets/posts from Gun's loyal minions showing of their care packages ffs. But God forbid someone actually update us on the server problems. All I/we want is acknowledgement of the issue and an honest resolution date. Serious question: Do you actually not want us to play this game anymore? Prolonged glitches/game-breaking bugs are one thing - I mean, how sad is it that the F13 community has to say 'thank you' for getting a patch out that didn't introduce new glitches, lmfao - but preventing us from getting into a lobby/match speaks absolute volumes.
  43. 3 points
    It appears to have worked. In general, the bugs that you have read about are across all platforms... @DontZzz34 put together a thread called "An Overview of all the Games Issues" under suggestions and feedback if you are interested. He has all of the bugs we know about so far in the first post... but there may be a few he has missed. Overall it is pretty thorough. Switch players are having a bit of an issue with how the controller works, but I do not play switch and only know what I read about that one. There are also fixes in every patch for bugs that non of the player base talked about here... mostly pretty minor stuff... but the players don't necessarily catch every bug in the game. I bought the game in 2017... and I can say it has improved a lot since then, but that is my opinion... Others will give you a different opinion... but if they are still playing, just how bad can they possibly think it is? Its official.... @MortenMagnePal is no longer the only person complaining about this... he is just the person who has been complaining the longest about this now... And more than just Gottaevil is complaining about this on PS4 servers since the patch... I hope that gets sorted out soon, and I hope it will work for you too when it is sorted out Mr. Morten.
  44. 3 points
    The environmental kills glitch was already breaking the version 1.33 of the game, that's true... But the "super shift" bug is seriously breaking my balls in version 1.34! Absolutely positively insanely unbalanced. I say it should be the top priority now. Calling for help on the radio : "Hello... Is somebody there? Oh God... The patch 1.34 is killing my favorite PvP game, he's killing EVERYONE! We're at the camp Cristal Lake, bring a Gun."
  45. 3 points
    "Name one bug free game. See you can't" What a dumbass argument. Nobody is saying there are games that are completely bug free. We're stating that each patch introduces more bugs with worse issues than the bugs that were eliminated. Good luck arguing against that. Ahab, I'm going to give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you're purposely being dense as opposed to genuinely being an idiot. Though neither attitude is very endearing. Good luck to Gun and Blacktower. Hopefully they get this sorted out soon. It's a shame they upgraded the engine. It turned out to be the beginning of the end. [Edit by forum staff: Don't treat people this way]
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    It doesn't matter what's happening internally at Gun. Unless they are being held hostage by gunmen and being forced to release sub par work then i'll give them a break. They are heading a product experience that they either unable or unwilling to fix. I don't need your permission to have an opinion about them or their product. Never once have i personally attacked anyone at Gun - unless you consider criticism of their inability to manage the game to be a personal attack which I get the idea that you do.
  47. 3 points
    Don't worry, we haven't missed you one bit. Actually, if you could continue having problems and being unable to play, that'd be great.
  48. 3 points
    Posts like that are more so the truth than anything. Some people are just more up front and honest about it than others..... I’m not sure why you still think people shouldn’t give gun media a hard time after all the bs patches we’ve been getting lately. Im currently coming up with a list of all bugs in the game on a separate thread...... It’s looking like 20+. Might get to 30, 40. Who knows anymore... Who knows how long the list of bugs will get. It seems as time goes by and patches release the more problems happen.
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    Can we all relax an at least appreciate that they even made the game? Cursing at them, yelling at them, telling them to fix their sh*t before releasing it, isnt gonna make them want to do that. Maybe that's why we had to wait about a whole year for a new patch. Be patient, it's not that hard even if you're impatient. They could've released this because we were all impatient and they were tired of it, so please I'm asking nicely, stop asking them to test their fixes. They cant see if they fixed anything without testing their fixes.
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    To be fair, the occassional bug isn't what we're talking about here. We're talking about everytime a bug is fixed, 10 other things get broken that were previously working fine and these things are easily caught after just a few minutes of game play. Meaning they're only testing what they patch and not playing through a round or two that would catch half these issues. Not everyone plays the game just for fun, but in tournament leagues because we live the game and we're trying to keep it alive. Issues like these are game changing and it would be nice to be aware of them before our league matches. 😁
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