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    Figured you guys might like them I put them all together in a video, let me know if you like it. I've found some funny glitches whilst playing so it's got a variety of them on it, plus some physics engine related bits and bobs.
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    So you think the team behind Battlefield, or Call of Duty, or Apex, or Fortnite, or any other modern popular multiplayer game are the top players of that game? C'mon now. As for how you're going to be on a team and not find or make time to play as many hours of the game as our top players being "lazy and pathetic" that's so incredibly shortsighted it's unreal. I spend somewhere in the range of 60-75 hours a week just reading and reporting on the community side of things as well as the other core functions of my job here at Gun, as well as maintaining a home life with my wife and 3 year old daughter. Between those things, I don't have the same amount of time to commit to ALL games as some of the top tier players have committed to JUST F13. NONE of that, however, is an indication of a "lack of testing" as we have a dedicated test partner whose core function of THEIR job IS testing. And on top of that, we've adjusted our build check processes to add an extra layer of redundancy to verify builds. This is part of how we were able to diagnose a few related, but unreported issues with similar slingshot methods like the bear trap one. The team is working through them as we find them as well. As for the reports and videos, I share an office space with the folks who review those reports and can tell you that do view them, document them, and follow up on them. In all of the gaming industry, there are reporting options for players. This isn't unique to Gun because we're "lazy and pathetic" it's all studios that have support sites. It's ludicrous to think that because we have a site with options for the player base to report things they uncover in game that we are passing the buck off to players. EVERY SINGLE STUDIO will tell you that the community will always inevitably find something that the team missed in game, a bug or break not found by testing. As for bunny suits and emotes, yes. It's a liberty taken. Put those on one side of the scale and all the 1:1 elements from the franchise on the other. And no, the counselors aren't from the films. Only using counselors we could secure likeness rights to would drastically limit the amount of counselors we could have in game. Calling liberties taken to actually create gameplay elements and calling them lazy is again short sighted. A game needs gameplay mechanics, and that means having to go off script in some places. And lastly, "took the money and ran"? Are there not still dedicated servers? Am I not still here answering you on a forum? Are we not still working on the game? You can argue and question the details like patch issues and frequency, but the word itself "ran" indicates abandoned. That's an entirely false narrative. You might see this as bickering, but I don't. Still, I find it odd that you argue that we've abandoned the game, then get upset when I reply to provide the developers side of things. If this type of communication is not acceptable for you, then I would ask that you keep the comments to something constructive and rooted in facts. No conspiracies, assumptions, speculations, or unfounded opinions. Then we can have a dialogue free of all differing opinions and work only off of facts. Comparing Friday the 13th: The Game to Street Fighter was honest and reasonable criticism that I should have addressed differently? Or was it acting as if we have brought shame to the franchise by having a few laughs while playing? What I see is a team working their best within the confines we find ourselves in to still try and hold up this title, despite the strict cease of all new content. I also think that if you think about it for a minute, you'll see that there are not a lot of studios that would do this without the potential for a revenue stream generated by new content. We're past the one year mark since our End of Content post went up on these forums. Now I don't expect high fives, but I think the fact that these forums even still exist is evidence to the contrary of the "take the money and run" narrative. Are we working with a much smaller team than we would if we had the content plans still rolling along, I don't know. I can say it's what we can do. And we're still here, doing our best with it. There are people in this community that see that. And I'm going to continue posting here and trying to help as best I can, for them. I'm also going to continue to reply to the false narratives and misinformation because that is literally not helping anyone. If our live stream upset you that badly, I'm not sure what to say. We're going to keep having fun in game, bunny suit and all. I'll be doing the Poppin' Robot on Switch in August. Hope to see you in camp.
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    Spare us the feigned upset. As always, you didn’t address the major points in a valid post. And yes, the developers of a game SHOULD and need to be the best and the foremost experts on the gameplay... of their game. This is a top down issue Gun has always had, passing the buck to be someone else’s responsibility. Not everything falls on a handful of testers or the small group of guys coding. How are you going to be on a developing team yet not find or MAKE TIME to be the absolute expert on the game? That’s lazy and pathetic. That’s what happens when the hunger is no longer there because you have all been eating too good on our dime for 2 years now. As many have said before, the lack of testing and simply playing this game from the developer side is why so many bugs have gone unnoticed and just completed proliferated through the game. It’s not up to US ago find and report bugs as if your team even looks at the videos we post with zero views on a YouTube. Gun is out of touch with a game it represents and published which speaks to the consistent lack of professionalism. This from a company that used $800k to finance a game they proudly bragged about being one of the most downloaded games of 2017 yet claimed they didn’t have the money for a proper team. Oh ok. Furthermore, do you actually care to comment on the loss of immersion and Gun’s inconsistency with the way it presents the IP? Is Friday the 13th: The Game an M-rated faithful recreation of the cinematic experience of the franchise or is it a party game for children to run around in bunny costumes hitting Jason with wrenches and dancing? The 11th hour knee-jerk rage buff is not helping. Is Friday the 13th: The Game a faithful adaptation of a slasher franchise into nonlinear survival horror game or not? That’s the question. Just because the maps went through an arduous process to have every detail of the films present doesn’t discount the fact that the atmosphere quickly became abysmal shortly after launch. So what was all that work for just to have non-canon counselors running around mixed with look-allies and some actual characters? Fans love the game counselors but let’s not act like there was some inconceivable care out into them. There are multiple inconsistencies with this game supposedly being the 2nd act of a calm: Jason attacks the counselors at a camp in the start of the match yet he shows back up at his shack? The counselors see him kill someone at the beginning of the match yet are shocked at each new dead body they find? Tommy from Part 6 is running around with a new counselor created for the game who is using the sweater from Part 2 on Jason from Part 4? This is just lazy and indicative of developers that never refined their game. The public perception of Gun is a company that took the money and RAN. Whether that’s true or not, that’s your legacy. If you’re in a business selling goods and services that perception matters. The lawsuit happened, ok. The promise then was to focus exclusively on performance and bug fixes yet the game is filled to the brim with NEW bugs every update. It’s embarrassing. If there is no new content and all work is spent on performance and bug fixes, how is the game in the state it’s in? If you want to give up and pull the plug then do it but don’t rebuke the lack of developer engagement as the OP addressed. The backers, fans, and players alike have come and gone due to a complete distrust and you get on here bickering with us over tone, definitions, and semantics? Ok.
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    @Slasher_Clone I have you on my list but almost never see you online (but you apparently live here). If you're online on weekends or later in the week (usually between 5-7 pm EST) you'd be able to hop in with @lasse_hei, @Vaderspupil, @Redrum138, and others we frequently play with. Weekends are a better bet to have a full or close to full group. Same goes for you two as well, @HaHaTrumpWon & @mike-hannigan, so long as you follow simple conduct (no glitching/exploiting in ANY way, and if a grab or environmental bugs out, don't run off and take your death like a champ... That is basically it.). If you want to add me, PSN ID is the same as here, just add a 13 to the end of my name & MAKE SURE you put your forum name in your friend request so I know who it is. I DO NOT add blank requests, someone I only met or played with once without knowing how they play (want team players, not lone wolves), or people I know who just glitch and abuse this or any games... And while I'm at it, @mattshotcha, I know I may be hounding you, sending a similar text to your PSN ID, but, of you're ever on your PS4, join us!
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    Honestly...after watching that Switch stream. It didn't help them in any way shape or form with their critics IMO. They treat the IP like its some goofball party game, backed up by how much they clearly play the game, which showed in the stream. A far cry from what they tried to sell the playerbase with immersion and atmosphere pre launch/beta/alpha. This is starting to look like one of the greatest 'bait and switches' in gaming history. They sold us on the F13 IP before launch and during development. Then they gave us a poorly coded Street Fighter: F13 Edition. This would be like some indy gaming company trying to sell a playerbase their next James Bond game is going to be the next Goldeneye/Perfect Dark and instead you get Call Of Duty: James Bond edition. Its false advertising. Don't get me wrong. The game is fun, but the dream of this IP being treated with care and effort is like...probably dead. Its just being used as a cash register now for all its worth. Sorry ya'll, that's just what I saw in the stream.
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    Stop modding files, not going to outright call you a cheat but it certainly sounds like you are. Do an intro post, actually never mind... I don’t care.
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    Howdy Y’all!! It has been a while since I been to these parts. I started playing again for the last few day. Last time I've been on was back in December, so obviously things have changed a bit. While some remains the same (lol F13 The Bug the Game), the major change has been Jason's Rage Buff. I want to start a open conversation about how this effects the game, especially to those names I recognize here. To the vets here, I’m sure you already aware of what I will be highlighting and came to a similar conclusions, but I like to be descriptive. So without further ado, I'll give you my quick take-away. The Ramification of Rage Buff Vanessa-During pretty much the entirety of F13, Vanessa has been blessed. And since then... she is still the best counselor. In fact, as the Rage Buff was a indirect Nerf to all counselors, it actually separates Vanessa even further with most of the cast. Since continually landing stuns on Jason is no longer a winning strategy, it makes her incredible ability to kite and juke Jason even more valuable. Her combo of Speed and Stamina makes her the best gofer for props, sweater, dealing with Jason. Anyone in the know understands that stealth in general is a underwhelming stat, leaving her repair as her only glaring weakness (even that is manageable, early on). Chad- This one make me sad :(. One of the Heroes of F13, the rage buff impacted his defining role, Stunning Jason. What is left is mediocre stamina and bad repair. Still runs really fast in a Speedo, though. Sure he can be helpful protecting repairs and distracting early on, but with his massive luck is neutralized limiting it simply slapping Jason when he grabs someone late game. Jenny- Man, This one make me VERY sad. Anyone that knows me here knows I’m be big proponent (fanboy) of Jenny. While her partner (and possibly Hubby) Chad is the Speedy one (in a Speedo), Jenny is the consistent one, with Immunity to Fear allowed by a specific perk build. Thanks to Jason’s new rage, her talents with combat/bullying is limited to the first half of the game, much like Chad. IDK, maybe it’s still just a knee-jerk-reaction. She should still have great Stamina management with “NoFear” build, but damn that speed tax. I’m thinking about playing “FINAL JENNY” sometime soon so I might reassess her. Repair Counselor- The name of the game is Blitzkrieg. If something need to get fix or installed, then it better get done before Jason gets Rage as surviving the night isn’t likely against a fierce Jason player. Repair counselors always had a key role to play and an un-stunnable Jason will be happy to know that the only counselors left are a bunch of Vanessas. In 3-4 seconds, Deb or LaChappa can get that “whatever” done if you’re in a the unfortunate situation needing a clutch fix with an enraged Jason. The Luck stat- Luck as always been agreed upon as a top 3 stat (some argue it is #1, myself included). However, much like the counselors who benefited the most from this stat, its largely limited now to the first half of the game. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still a beneficial stat because there is always a benefit keeping weapons in hand, however you’re not going to be able to depend on a stun whenever you need to hit Jason to recover stamina, post-rage. Perks- Swift Attacker & Sucker Punch- This combo is the bane of any Piñata Jasons. Once the go-to perks of any meta/bully/try-hard/troll counselor, again, these are limited to before Jason enters Rage. I’m still rocking Swift Attacker currently though, mainly because I still go for solo de-masking early, and I’m too lazy to relearn the swing timings without it :P. Thicked Skined- Previously, I considered Medic to be the single best Perk, but now I’m tempted to give it THICC-SKAN. If you are ever wounded in front of a Slashing Rage Jason, nothing but divine intervention (Shotgun, sweater, a bear trap falling from the sky right on top of Jason) will save you. An entire baseball team of Chads w/ sprays can’t do shit to save you once wounded (Well, I guess you can go into Combat Stance and block, hopefully someone is in range to heal you while still keeping him/herself safely outside Jason's striking range). An extra hit you can tank allowing for you to safe ground to recover is invaluable. Otherwise, you better hope Jason take MERCY on you by grabbing you, testing if you have a PK & Spray. Marathon & Restful- Since you can no longer simply fight your way off the map (timeout), strong kiting skills are necessarily if you’re going to outlast Jason. You always hear from Salty Jason about a Vanessa dancing away out of grab range, and its unlikely to change. Definitely top perks. Jason Killing- Before I left the game, there were 2 issues players complained about most, Piñata Jason and Jason Killing. Well… the rage buff addressed one of those. Because since every hit no longer stuns Jason, post-rage, every hit now guarantees damage toward de-masking. Arguably this makes Jason killing easier, but honestly I don’t think it really impacts that all too much. But I can’t help but to point out that this concern wasn’t addressed at all. My Thoughts on the Rage Buff- Well, initially when I heard about this change (while I wasn’t playing) I didn’t care for it. Now that I came back and actually played with this change…. I still don’t like it…………. But…… assuming if the game would see no further changes and I was to choose between the balance prior to that patch to currently, I would choose latter. Jason needed some kinda of buff, but damn, isn’t this just such a lazy “band-aid” approach of addressing it. I’ve made suggestion in the past regarding how gameplay balance can be achieved while maintaining combat as a reliable tactics for the entire game, fair on both ends, but the devs decided to go the “brain-dead” route, which, to be fair, is easier to implement, and I guess makes some people here happy, so I’m glad for them. I'm just against it on the principal that the Jason player can simply relay on the system rather than outplaying/outsmarting the counselors, but then again I am a battle nut. There is the caveat that Jason is potentially easier to kill, so I guess counselors do get something in return. Personally, I’d rather they reverted the state of the game before that faithful “Engine Update” back in May’18, but things are better than how it was in-beween that time and currently, so I guess I’m ..um.. supportive of this change??? TLDR: Post-Rage Jason is now invincible, so Slash away Jasons!!! Guys, looking forward your comments. Just as a reminder, these are my own opinions and opinions are always contentious, so please be respectful towards myself and any other who would like to share.
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    So, here's a fun game mode to play with your friends. Counselors get 3 lives each to try to survive the movies. Part 2-9. If Jason can kill them all by the end of part 9 he wins, counselors need one survivor at the end of part 9 to win. After consideration Tommy Jarvis also has 3 lives, after he is terminated he can no longer be called. Also Tommy can not win the match for the counselors, they must have one of their own survive. Good luck, and have fun campers!
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    If The Lawsuit gets settled in 4 to 5 years Id Like To See Friday the 13th the game get remade by a company that has more money to expand full campaign story mode single player offline. also to include day time exploration mode with counseling training center where you can practice driving vehichles around the map. Include the maps that we didnt get part 6 camp forest green,part 7 shepherds house map,part 8 manhattan,grendel custom maps, nes map abandoned camp map. a full campaign could be where a player as Jason or counselor takes over each map from the movies part 1 to part 7.
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    As far as I know the official site has been untouched for a long time now, and there are many mysteries to get answers to. 1.The weekly challenges. This was a good idea, not sure why it never came to fruition. It’s said coming soon for almost a year now. 2.The player feature/leaderboard. It’s said the same persons name for about a year now aswell..... 3.Just general upkeep as it seems we’re missing the June patch notes on there, and we’ve had no news reports at all. It seems we get news now by just hearing it from other players, I used to love checking the site for updates on anything 4.Id love to see some new videos, the ones listed are from months ago, and before they were listed ones would sit there for 7 months at a time. Hell, the 2nd Parody by Sam is up but it’s been so long there’s now a 3rd one out. All in all id like to see the site get used more, I feel like we’ve had no reason to visit it in the past 8 months, and I’d love to see some of these things get revamped or fixed ♥️
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    @mattshotcha might want to keep an eye on this poll.
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    Perks selected should be shown on screen during the match and shown for all characters during the Tally Screen. This is useful for people who play random counselor, or get the random counselor glitch and can't remember their build. Also, the end Tally Screen so we can see the builds of those we played with/against. And this should be doable, since they're all existing assets in game, similar to the Jason Rage visual indicator released Jan 2019.
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    After recent arguments have caused uproar in my brain, I’ve decided to lay out my reasoning as to why she is and will forever be the best girl. 1.Shes not just there to Survive by Running around. - I love Tiffany but like Vanessa, both are only good at surviving for their Running abilities. Deborah has somewhat decent Stamina, and her amazing stealth and repair allow her to survive by Cars, boats you name it. Either way, she can do many many things they can’t. 2. She’s actually Useful in Gameplay - I’m sorry but the only 2 uses I can think of for Vanessa are bullying Jason and running around to drop stuff off. Tiffany is even worse, try and bully Jason as her and you won’t last longer than 2 minutes most likely. Once again with her repair Deborah is the main Woman for fixing everything, and it’s safe to say many of the escapes you’ve had are thanks to Deborahs’ hard work. This gives her a huge ability to fix literally anything. 3.Deborah Can easily turn the game around - Last one alive? No problem. Tommy needs power? You got it. Police need calling? She’s comin. Deborah can single handedly break everything in a Jason’s plan. 4. Deborah is Adorable - Cmon, I’m not saying the others aren’t, but just look at her cute photo in TAB. She’s fricken adorable, and her glasses are dope. 5.Along with her trope, she seems badass constantly. As the bookish shyer girl, whenever she beats Jason down or drives away ,does whatever, It only makes her seem hella bad ass when she screams at Jason. 6. This ones opinion, but I believe Deborah looks best in Pamela’s sweater, especially with the Bunny Costume or Swimsuit on. Read it and weep Deborah haters
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    I think the decision to not give us access to unfinished content makes sense. If I were Gun, I wouldn't release something unless it was spot on perfect, and fully complete. I can only speak for myself though.
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    I don’t see why they couldn’t do this. Just release him as a skin for one of the current Jasons. That way, it’s just using existing files. So no new content with having to “finish” a whole new Jason X model. I’d be totally happy with that.
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    A counselor choice is kinda like your child. You have a emotional attachment and yours is always the best.
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    No... Jenny is Queen. Fight me.
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    After some testing I have a couple tips that seem to be helping me out when it comes to the recent environmental kills being glitched out. I’ve been managing to get kills to work now finally, and it’s been a lot easier. 1.Know your positioning. For example, the lawn chairs on packanack porch. During the kill Jason starts at the front of them, so be at the front when you hit E or A or X to start the kill. This will likely help any positioning errors. 2.STAY STILL. Lord almighty, when you move around when you hit the button to start the kill, you cause a position error and stop the kill. Most of the time, I realized this is why they were happening for me, because I was moving slightly while hitting E. 3.Avoid ones we know are completely broke. Ex:Coat racks, they are completely broken and I can’t get them to work at all. 4.Get close, don’t try and start a kill when you can just barely get in range of the button. This will help the game from needing to teleport Jason closer to the kill area, and help position errors. 5. Don’t spam, I’ve found that hitting the button once as opposed to getting tense and spamming it out of desperation tends to help a bit. Hopefully I’ve helped you out a bit. Lets talk about why this is happening, personally have you noticed every time an environmental happens, Jason gets teleported a bit towards the kill? My theory is that the slightest bit of movement during this sequence can cancel it and cause the kill to glitch out, thus why when it happens you can still hear the audio, but your models are back to normal. This is the positioning I’ve mentioned many times above. Good luck counselours!
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    I thought it was the redneck-perk: "back to the kitchen b****, the dishes won't was themselves!"
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    Thank you so much for confirming what Gun Media has stated a thousand times over. It is appreciated.
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    Welcoming our new PC players thanks to the Steam Summer Sale by hosting a Double Event on all platforms! Starts tomorrow and runs through the weekend!
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    Okay, so a brief explantation as to what happened prior to the clip - I was playing as mitch and was caught in a cabin, the jason player executed an environment kill and of course it glitches and I got away, then I found the gas can, just watch what happens next..
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    I’d really, really like to be able to kill bots with a Counselor. I never feel they’re any kind of threat and to be honest the difficulty level doesn’t make it harder or more fun. There’s a ton of different toggles or options I’d like to have.
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    Yes. Offline bots have terrible programming. Can't drive to save their life. Except they can spawn with 20 pocket knives, 5 cans of hair spray, a shotgun and the fuse. Able to fix the fuse faster than you can spawn and morph to the phone house. Only thing they having going for them. Lets climb through a window. Now let's climb back out. Now repeat. Open a door, shut a door, open a door, shut a door. Never enters the cabin. Hides in a closet or under a bed with Jason near them. Then screams please don't see me. Seems like ''hard'' mode to me. 😄 Developers are like...''How to we make them more challenging?''. Give them 50% thick skin and 10 more pocket knifes. We will release it in 3 months. Our job is done here boys!
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    Pack Small , brand new Jason , kills one loud mouth punk with a mic , said punk complains that he only targeted him . Cops get called car gets a battery , i have a key and gas . said loud mouth punk now comes back as Tommy and heads direct to the roof along with two other players , cops are called, i'm hiding in the house on the hill right above pack , i now hear said punk tell his buddies lets get off and go to the cops . I now check my map and shit you not the 3 got off the roof and are now headed to the cops , so i dash for the car and figure i'm going to run these punks over . As i'm putting the gas in Jason remember he is new grabs me after the gas is in but i had a knife and was able to still get the car going in time . Now i pin it for the cops and sure enough the 3 of them are just about to escape until , you guessed it i get all 3 at once . LOL , my best moment ever . Go back into the lobby and i tell said punk why i did it but he didn't care one bit all he did was complain Jason targeted him and thats why he glitched to the roof as Tommy .
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    Good, because we've got no issue telling you what a little snitch-bitch it makes you.
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    I hope you’re on PS4 so I can run you over some time, Dontz made it pretty clear what most of us think teamers look like, 😉. Do you do any other tricks, fetch, roll over, play dead? Or is it strictly being a trained 🐩 that you find value in?
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    Have been playing on a controller since the 80s. I understand at first it feels like this... You will learn to master the controller after some practice.
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    Sure, sounds good to me. Let’s make it a bit harder at least.
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    Anything to make the kill squads actually work for a kill I'm good with. They usually quit right away if they fail at the kill anyways. Make them play the whole game. I like it!
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    Buff other counselors, or otherwise change the function of stats so Vanessa isn't OP. For starters, rework Composure. It's a double-edged sword how it works now. More composure means a bigger composure meter, but the composure depletion/recharge rate is the same across the board. This means that high composure means the meter takes longer to deplete, and takes longer to recharge. Low composure means quick to deplete and quick to recharge. Give everyone the same composure pool and change the depletion rates. Make high composure have a low depletion and a high replenish rate, and make low composure have a high depletion and low replenish rate. That's how it should be.
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    I've started playing a fun little side-game I call "Operation Counter-Troll" anytime I'm a counselor on the Packanack maps (if I know it's going to be Packanack, I'll switch from Bunny Girl to Tiffany). As soon as the game starts, the first thing I do is grab the trap that almost always spawns beside the staircase in the lodge, run it somewhere out in the woods, drop it, then run back to the lodge, and repeat with every trap I can find. I don't really bother with this if it's a lobby full of severely low-leveled counselors because (in my experience, yours may differ) roof-glitchers are usually mid to high-level. If they still manage to get up there, I drop Jason a PM alerting him to the fact that people are on the roof. If he replies, I ask why he doesn't go up there after them? (Loaded question, I know....) If he says anything to the effect of "I want to but don't know how" (which a LOT of them do) the next PM tells him to meet me at a certain cabin when he gets Rage. From there it's a few PMs back and forth and, a couple of minutes later, I usually notice the roof seems to be unoccupied 😁 Is it teaming? Maybe... but it's against glitchers, so fuck 'em.
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    Taking 7 minutes to kill a single Deborah makes a Jason bad? What if it took almost 9 minutes? lol
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    While it is ultimately a subjective thing, I have to disagree. 1) While obviously she's the best girl to fix stuff, the others can manage just fine. 2) Again you think Vanessa and Tiffany can't fix stuff. If I'm Vanessa I'll usually fix at least one vehicle. 3) As can anyone. 4) Never gave it much thought. 5) It's pretty entertaining when her or LaChappa lay the big guy out. 6) Never cared for her clothing pack outfits. Don't get me wrong, I like Deborah just fine. She's hardly the unstoppable force you make her out to be though. A.J. with her superior stamina, composure and stealth make her better for the role Deborah plays.
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    Because there is a legal dispute over who will own the rights to the Friday the 13th franchise. No new licensed Friday the 13th products can be made or sold. This includes movies, video games, books, clothing, toys, dinnerware, condoms, forts, pillows, toiletries, binders, pencils, paper, letter openers, can openers, gum, pretzels, flashlights, Combs, pizza pockets, cereal and sports equipment. Oh and llamas.
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    I am not sure how pointing out facts is "sucking up to Gun". It would seem some people can't handle the truth. If you are gonna ride around and run people down, that's on you. Most seasoned players know what to watch out for, and avoid players doing pointless stuff like that. All your actions are doing is potentially running off new players that might find genuine enjoyment in the game for the right reasons. We can only hope this happens one day. If it does, I'm buying a round for everybody.
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    Ur evil man. I always feel so bad killing a bunny Deborah or just Deborah in general. Deb is a poor little innocent girl 🙁
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    Game thinks you're dead.
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    Dev Diary #1 was on August 25th, 2017. Still waiting on Dev Diary #2.
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    First off, we don't ban players for the roof glitch. I've said it a million times here on the forums that the team is focused more on fixing a glitch or bug than punitive actions taken. If it were a hack of the game, that's different. But banning a player for a bug we have in our game is problematic, and it's a waste of resources dedicated to verifying and taking action on reports rather than working on our game to eliminate the bug or glitch. So this idea that a YouTube creator gets away with it because they're more popular and the community is being banned is entirely 100% false. Secondly, the grave stone in game has been there since launch. Well before any videos were made of anyone on any roof in our game. The two things have nothing to do with each other. Third and final, the last video I could find that sounds even remotely like what you are upset about is from 2017. This looks like a necro of a topic designed just to rile folks up. I'm locking the thread, as there is zero benefit to the community from continuing this discussion.
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    Noticed the game slashed down to $20 at Walmart today. Half the price and double the bugs. Not bad. 😄
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    Careless Whisper. a.k.a. "Careless Sister" 😄 Kept Jason distracted long enough to escape with that sexy saxophone action.
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    Agreed. They should have allowed PC players to legitimately obtain those clothes. I would gladly bought a DLC, or even bought the game again on physical media, just to get them. The outfits, especially Tiffany's bird shift and Deborah's blue striped sweater, are much better than those crappy Halloween costumes and swimsuits.
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    This probably isn’t directed at me but I’m going to respond anyway. This post isn’t a good argument because it’s actually about something other than what it seems... This is what this post was really about. The rest is just to reinforce it. The message isn’t the problem, the messenger being dishonest is. That said there were good ideas, like Tommy starting with a kit and well, actually that’s it. The mask thing could work but doesn’t feel right, of course it preventing Jason from knowing you’re in the shack feels off too, imo. It’s a mechanic so if they went with it adding a percentage sense immunity, it would be fine but not good. Good would be having the mask let’s Jason see you with sense regardless of distance and escaping with it would let you collect it like a tape. Possibly if you collected it and bring it out successfully, you could then spend it to get a Jason buff in the next match or increase your likelihood of being Jason. Between Tyrant and Dontz the problems with it have all been pointed out, I’m not saying you’re advice (dig) was wrong because it wasn’t, it is a sign of intelligence to look past the messenger and really see the message, which I did. I really hope you don’t see this as me trying to start something or talk down to you, I’m not. I respect what you said, I’m just a smart ass who over thinks this stuff and because I spent time rooting out his second accounts from the forum I got used to reading what he really wanted. PS. @tyrant666, I was writing this when you posted, not criticizing your choice to bring this old post up but the reason I think it’s dishonest is above. Thought you might find it funny, 😉.
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    This is, without a doubt, the greatest glitch I ever encountered in this game. It was truly something special. Glorious even.
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