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    I hope Let's hope that deadline continues to be extended. Even though I've barely commented, I've still enjoyed reading these forums these past few years, I hope it lives on a little longer.
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    Down to Jason, unless the other players are cheating. I recently had a player Glitch under a bed, last one alive and no way to kill them. They wouldn't come out from under the bed, I wasn't going to wait around for the timer to run out.
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    Everything is in the title @mattshotcha
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    I used to do this with teamers and cheaters but it got to be so many that it got tiring to keep the list going.
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    We're still here. Enjoy it while it lasts.
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    I ho!d no one accountable. If you quit, I make note of the name, and avoid playing in a lobby with you ever again.
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    It has been said that any future announcements will be made on their social media accounts. Follow them on social media, and you'll get the announcement when they are ready to share. The Beyond streams may or may not come back. If they don't, there are those who will miss them. I doubt any "big" announcement will be made once the forum is archived.
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    Offline saves like this will not be a thing unless we turn off the database servers, which as we've said prior, is not likely any time soon.
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    This forum is BORING. No one will make threads about Gun media's next HUUUGE ,Big Franchised Horror Titled Game with Kane Hodder. Stale conversations about counselors or Rage quitting are absolutely ridiculous at this point. Asking people about their favorite counselors or there favorite Jasons are just BORING Threads with no point and absolutely ridiculous conversation threads. We should be talking about Things like the Stretch Goals that should have been in the game and Game maps of CRYSTAL LAKE CAMP THAT SHOULD HAVE BEEN ADDED. 1.Part 4 Hospital and Morgue. 2.. Camp Forest Green with Huge Gothic Cemetery with Jason's grave,Sherifs station,Big Camper,campgrounds etc. 3..Shepherds House map The Doctors house with party house and Barn. 4..PART 8 Lazurus Ship AND Manhattan city Map with sewers and green flowing sludge that floods the sewers. As you can see there was alot of meat left on that bone of Friday the 13th map games that should have been in the game. Lets make threads about how more maps and stretch goal maps should have been in the game. Lets make threads about GUN MEDIA'S HUUUGE ANNOUNCEMENT ABOUT THEIR NEXT BIG TITLED HORROR FRANCHISE GAME WITH KANE HODDER.
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