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    I just noticed this the other day. NoS doesn't work if your counselor is set to random. Is there a list somewhere of known perks that don't work when you set your counselor to random? Its kinda disappointing as I like setting my counselor to random but not at the cost of giving up perks.
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    One of my first rules while playing Jason... If anybody in the lobby is excessively bitching about being slashed, chocked killed, throwing knifed, that makes it almost a guarantee they're going to be killed that way. Not a good idea to tell Jason exactly how to piss you off, especially if you're acting like a obnoxious fuck already.
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    Best advice one could give.
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    Welcome to the forum @purplenylons.
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    Hopefully they are delaying it so that they can iron down the rights to release parts 8, 9 and both versions from Jason X shortly after they release 7.
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    Thank you @Fair Play 🥳 The topic is so SUBJECTIVE it hurts, lol.
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    I main Part 7 majority of my entire time of playing the game itself.
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