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    I get what you're saying. My guess is they didn't do it that way because the sprung trap is meant to take up the space that you want to put the fresh trap in. If we could have had this as an option, I could see either side using it.
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    There were some of us who wished to be able to pick and reuse unsprung traps. I trust that's what you mean? It's too bad any changes to game mechanics are a no-go at this point.
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    yes you guys sucks, noobs, you never played against 7 vanessas and tommy team, i wont waste my time, vanessa need a nerf, that is a fact and no one can change that truth, dont matter what you say bye
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    Oh goodie, Mr. Inferior Noob is back. Will you please just shut up already? Every post I've ever seen from you has been bitching at the Devs or whining and complain about one hit demask by Vanessa's, or somehow allowing a lobby of 7 Vanessa's to call the cops on you, and then insulting or bashing anyone who points out how wrong or baseless your nonsense is. In 127 posts I can't think of one I've seen that could be considered of any help or substances to anyone. If want an easy match every time, play offline bots if you can't handle real lobbies. That's basically what you'd turn QP too if the Devs changed everything you've bitched about. The only thing I've gathered from your months of worthless posts is that you've gotta be one of the worst players to ever play this game if these 'inferior noobs' are constantly kicking your ass all the time. That means they're clearly superior to you, so what the hell does that make you exactly? You've gotta be the only person I've ever known that thinks everybody whose ever showed you up playing this game is somehow inferior to you. You really should donate your brain to science so we can figure out how the hell you think things work that way. The one good thing that will come from this forum eventually shutting down is that we'll never have to see one your asinine posts again.
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    In this match, there were 27 players at the start with no player limit, everybody respawned as tommy, and teamkilling was allowed, and i got 183,000 xp at the end! video of it happening:
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    I was wondering the same thing. @gettodachappa, the final patch for the game has dropped, so it's not likely we'll see any kind of changes going forward.
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    Dude people will complain on a grab kill, & a slash kill. You cannot satisfy every single person so why bother trying to satisfy anyone. You not breaking any rules. As far as it goes. You do whatever is necessary to kill all the counselors. Join me in a match one day & watch how bad they rage when everyone's dead within the first 5 minutes. They all rage quit 1 by 1. If they had it there way. My job as Jason would be to just walk around the map & tell the counselors where all the parts are & they would still complain I'm not helping fast enough. Block was implemented into the game for 1 simple basic reason. No it does not defy the games physics. No it's not unethical either. It's fair game & encouraged in fact. Toxic players will act like it's something to frown upon to make you feel shameful for using block only so they gain the upper hand. No different then the players who say "Oh wow Jason you're trash. You had grab me" or "Oh wow you had to slash me to death" That's cause they want to put that pocket knife to use or they complain no matter how they die. I combat that kind of ignorance with a simple question. When you play other games do the enemies ask you how you want to be killed? If you chose to conform your going to find out the hard way players like myself & many others to take advantage of a none blocking Jason. Which will only result in you spending the majority of the match constantly falling on your ass & spamming A while infuriated. So block your heart out & slash them to death while blocking. Hopefully your efforts will rid this game of much unnecessary crying kids.
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    This sounds just as retarded as this one time I got kicked because I started killing people too soon in the match, or another time when the host said they were gonna kick me because I didn't kill him the way he wanted to me to kill him. Lots of big baby's play this game. As long as you're not exploiting something, play how you want, regardless of someone whining about it. I am merciless when I play Jason. I always will be, and won't ever apologize for it.
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    So these people think Jason should just be a punching bag for weak little counselors? Screw 'em! Everyone repeat after me: "Jason is SUPPOSED to kill counselors." People can whine all they want; Jason should be able to block any weapon attack from any counselor. And this is a totally intentional game mechanic, unlike the blocking over traps.
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