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    Firstly thanks for the advice/heads up I know film making isn't as easy as what others make it out to be! I gotta look for ALOT from audio help,cameramen/women, to just finding special effects people who an work for a long time for different body parts and other such things so yeah gotta go with a profitable salary and insurance and etc for people, I can def do Jason but I can't see myself not doing the stunts myself LOL. Secondly that is def something I will be considering with a sheriff who knows the "Legends" Thats very very interesting! I think I could add such a concept as a "Prelude" during Jason's death but also during a part 6 proluding! Def something I got planned up for!
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    What are your thoughts?
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    It’s a glitch, there’s another video of a similar effect on here somewhere. It was on Packanack not sure which version.
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    Who am I?....... I’m Batman
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    No problem. Have a nice stay at camp while you are here.
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    Thanks for pointing this one out @OCT 31 1978.
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    Welcome to the forum. Your concern would be better suited under the suggestions section of the forum.
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    Hopefully the countermeasures put into place will help keep the spread to a minimum.
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    People are just preparing for worst case scenario. My wife has reached out to our daughters, and they are on the way home from college. We've also extended invitations to our parents as well as some other family. We're pretty well stocked, though our popcorn supply needs a refill. A potential bright side is the quality time with family. @Wolledc, it sounds like the precautions there are similar to those here in the U.S. @badassgixxer05, leaves will do the trick, just as corn husks will. Improvisation is a dying art in modern times. It's good to know if is still a thing. @FridayThe31st, Monster Mania may be cancelled or postponed. If you or anyone else get confirmation, we're all ears. I was told there were talks of cancelling E3 this year. @Strigoi, A lot of the states have plans to close schools for the next 2-4 weeks. I have stocked on the usual food options (pizza, pretzels, canned food, hot wings, mac & cheese, and peanut butter).
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    Taking it one day at a time is all we can do. I'll say a prayer for you on that one. Hopefully everything is ok. I don't think it'll take you. You've got many years of things to look forward to. Thanks for the update. It's getting to the point of stuff selling out. People are taking the precautions they feel are necessary.
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    the one that survived the first movie. a white as snow ginger with beautiful eyes. god i wish i was her.
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