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    You know, I had a moment of hilarity happen very recently that reminded me of this thread. A couple of friends and I were going around killing random Jasons a couple of nights ago. We're on Pinehurst, I'm Tommy, and we're having a bit of trouble getting the mask off. I was out of med spray and got crippled, so Jason quit trying to slash SG and came after me instead because... of course he did. As soon as he gets close enough, I swing and the mask comes off. SG does her thing, I hit him, and he rage-quits after dropping to his knees, apparently not even realizing the axe broke on the final hit. If he'd hung around about 5 seconds he probably would have noticed this, but because he was in such a hurry to demonstrate his pussy-ness, he quit what would most likely have been an 8/8.
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    This is a very ambitious project @Jason Todd Voorhees. If anyone can do this, it's you. One thing I would have liked to see is a Tommy Jarvis / Tina Shepard teamup.
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    Every since I was a kid watching Friday the 13th I always wanted to play that role of Jason. In early 2019, I asked Kane Hodder for his blessing/approval and he said Yes, this was something amazing for me to ask for someone I look up to for years on end. In mid 2019, I was making my own ideas for a fan film a lot of stuff was deleted for obvious reasons of it either being too unoriginal to people or just people doing it. As of 2020 I threw a lot of my original ideas. Vengeance with their introduction of Elias Voorhees, which I also had an idea of bringing in his "father" but this was there's and well I didn't want to look like a "Well you copied" them and stuff. Never Hike Alone in the Snow is also another which was always a discussion with Jason being able to kill in the Snow so that idea was also something I had but Stomp Films is producing such a thing. Friday the 13th: Rose Blood is doing a continuation of Part VII So I am asking for any other ideas for me to try to do, it could be a continuation like with Vengeance/Rose Blood or with NHA with something new and nothing to do with the overall sequels. Before anyone ask I am hoping to do a Part VII sequel (a Personal Goal lol) and then that sequel being it's own entirely new Jason design. This thread is basically to see what the fans want to see and what not to see or what to do with Jason and what not to do with Jason, My main thing is....I dont want to do what Halloween 4-Resurrection did for Michael which made him to Humanized and to Obvious with the plot. Any Ideas/Help? (These Tags is to help get the discussion started: @OCT 31 1978 @Fair Play @Dragonfire82877 @Slasher_Clone @Redcat345 @Big Daddy J)
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    Okay... Just when I think I've seen everything. I originally took this capture just because I thought the lighting glitch on the cabin looked cool. Almost like the house was about to be swallowed into a blackhole, or demons from hell were going to spew out the door. I didn't even register at first that I wasn't in sense mode while admiring it. That's not what I wanted to ask about though. The really weird thing about this video is that the cabin kept glowing red when I went into sense even though I'm one hundred percent positive there was nobody in the cabin. I walked through it twice just to prove to myself or anyone else I'd be showing this video too I wasn't losing my mind, or Deborah wasn't hiding in a corner somewhere and I just didn't see her. I even included the end of the match just to show that the last counselor standing was on the other side of the map and nowhere near the affected cabin. Now I've seen some strange lighting glitches with sense mode in my day, they're nothing new. This is the first time I've seen one outside of sense, or a cabin light up red when nobody was home. I know this glitch likely has something to do with the timing of myself using sense, but nothing I did really stands out that I can say, well this is probably why this happened... I had a brief skirmish with a pair of counselors in the affected cabin about a minute before they died, but again nothing all that remarkable of note happened that might explain this. I was wondering if anybody else has experienced something similar to what's on this video, and can maybe even explain to me how the hell it happened.
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    No Necronomicon in the cabin as far as I can tell. I checked just to be safe.
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    Firstly thanks for the advice/heads up I know film making isn't as easy as what others make it out to be! I gotta look for ALOT from audio help,cameramen/women, to just finding special effects people who an work for a long time for different body parts and other such things so yeah gotta go with a profitable salary and insurance and etc for people, I can def do Jason but I can't see myself not doing the stunts myself LOL. Secondly that is def something I will be considering with a sheriff who knows the "Legends" Thats very very interesting! I think I could add such a concept as a "Prelude" during Jason's death but also during a part 6 proluding! Def something I got planned up for!
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    Ya but.. This game is meant to be dark and some of the game mechanics involve darkness and light sources. All the Movies last chapters involve the dark. And this game is a take of that. On top of that. They are supposedly not allowed to add new content to the game.
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    Pam looks great soaking wet and Megan has a beautiful smile & natural chemistry with Tommy but Ginny’s the complete package. Smart, cute and a survivor.
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    @Jason Todd Voorhees, that sounds like a once in a lifetime encounter.
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    Cool thread I definitely want to post some ideas here for you I am at work now so later today I will post some stuff for you. @Slasher_Clone always good to see you pop in buddy. ******Edit******* @Jason Todd Voorhees Ok here Is one of the story ideas that I’ve been throwing around in my head for quite a while.....it’s more Of a Supernatural Story....and Jason doesn’t come into it until the very end but here it goes..... Camp Crystal Lake is run down and has been dormant for years.....quiet.....No missing campers, no killing, no Jason..... All the locals know that Camp Crystal Lake is Haunted by the Vengeful Spirit of Jason Voorhees his legendary 80’s massacres At the lake are still told to Warn any outsiders who come to town.... A group of 4 friends who are Paranormal investors Like The Ghost Hunters decide to investigate the supposedly Haunted Camp......they want to Investigate and debunk the stories of Ghostly apparitions that float above the lake in cabins and around the grounds, the voices in the woods the wailing of a vengeful Mother and of course...... the rumors of an undead killer. Two of the people in the group don’t take the stories as seriously as the other two and are more Interested in investigating each other. As they set up Their equipment: I would have scenes with the group Or each person individually just missing seeing the Ghosts of Past victims around the camp/cabins/ archery range ect.... When setting up at the Lake a ghostly hand comes up from the water reaching for one of the team members.....as they feel the unease building they Turn and see nothing. As the Team conducts EVP sessions in the cabins the team records voices, and warnings..... the past victims tell them they are.... doomed..... This concerns the Two who are taking this investigation seriously but the Two who aren’t believe it’s a set up by the other two they all Agree to continue the investigation..... As they continue they hear voices in the woods......They all decided to follow the sounds.... This leads them to a run down empty shack in the middle of the woods....They continue their EVP session The answers to their question Terrify them to their core... Is there anyone here? Yesssss.... who is this? A victim of Jason Voorhees? Mrssssss Vooooorhees.... Want is it you want? Makkkke youuu sufffffer. The equipment blows out and their flashlights flicker on and off and burn out they scream as one of them scramble to change out the batteries in the flashlight as they click it on Pamela Voorhees’ Zombie face looms over them and screams at the top of her lungs... “Make them pay Jason!!!” The Flashlight bursts......the team screams in the Dark......and we now for the first time hear the classic ......KiKiKiKi MaMaMa.......it repeats KiKiKiKi MaMaMaMa....... The group runs out of the shack, in front of them Stands the giant undead Hockey masked killer.....Jason is back he is real..... the team Screams and scatters.......KiKiKiKi MaMaMaMa... This is where I leave the story idea in your hands......do they live? Do they all die it’s up to you..... Hope you enjoyed it. I will Add more story ideas tomorrow.
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    Hey man, I appreciate the tag. Some of the people you tagged might still check in at camp but not very often as of late. I was just stopping by myself and thought I’d say hi. As to what you’re trying to do, I wish you the best of luck. Making a fan film is very hard. It’s possible though so don’t be discouraged. In your shoes I’d start small working on a few things at the same time. You need a script, you need to find places you can shoot it, you need to do some camera tests and workout how your going to handle lighting. Playing Jason will be the easy part. As for a script, Never Hike Alone is the best example. Keep it simple but you can expand the cast, no more than 3 people as characters that you follow to the camp (assuming that’s where it takes place), assume 2 will die and pick deaths that are film able. Other secondary characters can add weight to a story. It’s easy enough to have an older man or woman play a sheriff standing over a bloody sheet covered body or as a coroner covering said body and telling someone ‘He’s back!’. Make the girl the hero and final girl, she doesn’t have to physically beat Jason. Set an expectation in people’s minds early, using the above example of a sheriff or coroner, have them state he never enters a specific place. Could be a house near the lake or the graveyard, locals would have a different understanding of Jason now than they did back in the eighties and nineties. Here’s an idea that’s pretty simple.... Imagine if kids (young adults) have started going out to crystal lake and daring him to get them before they can make it out to the Graveyard, the Sheriff and Coroner can talk over a body of the last person who failed. The three who go out maybe one of them doesn’t know that’s what’s going to happen (the final girl), I mean they (the other 2) don’t think it’s real. Of course Jason will show up before anything really naughty can occur and then it really is a race for the Graveyard. If you include Shift/Morph, you could have them split up and when one of them gets to the graveyard gets killed anyway, you establish a rule people believe and then dispel it by having it not be true. The second runner, the girl can go for help and get to it in the nick of time. (Close with the Sheriff pointing out they keep running to the wrong Graveyard and that his mothers grave is else where. Anyway, there’s an idea, hope it helps.
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    Let's just all agree to disagree and move on. He may not appeal to everybody, and that's fine. If you like his works, have a figurative drink on me. If you don't, you can have a drink as well. Kane Hodder is better at his craft than I would be at the same craft. I'll give the gentleman his due respect. @OCT 31 1978 and @SonofOdin6039 I would also enjoy seeing Kane in other roles, just to see what else he is capable of. @Jason Todd Voorhees, that is an impressive avatar.
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    Still waiting on anyone to disprove this one....
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    That's not gonna happen. If we did go back to the game in its initial form, we'd likely be unable to access certain content that came about after the original launch. This would include certain maps, counselors, Jasons, and offline content. As it stands now, every bug in the game probably won't be fixed before the developers walk away from supporting the game. There's a list they are working through. Let's hope they can fix the major ones, and squeeze in a few minor ones if time and resources permit.
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    No problem. Have a nice stay at camp while you are here.
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    Welcome to the forum. Just about every fix for this game has led to some unintended side effects. Hopefully the next fix won't be the case. We'll see. The six week long hacking incident took the team's focus off of the bug fixes. Thankfully, that's been taken care of.
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    People can be superficial sometimes. I for one find no fault in Kane Hodder's portrayal of Jason.
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