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    This is a small adjustment, but one I'd really like to see put in. Basically, when Jason performs the "Window Toss" kill on a closed window, it breaks and makes sense it kills the person. If he throws them through a broken window, that also makes sense. However when he tosses them through a simply open window, it doesn't make sense. Also, many Jason players, after performing said kill, will break the window anyway. Why not make it so that no matter what, windows break if Jason performs the Window Toss kill?
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    This is 100% false. You saw my sense range video with part 2 Jason, right? And part 3 is -sense, so shouldn't he be the worst? Like I said before, it's simply recharge rates.
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    Oh one more fact to add to the list. You can use combat stance to find counselors hiding under beds. If there's one close by, Jason will turn towards the bed they're hiding under.
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    @Somethin Cool Making Jason unable to see you is a conjunction of things. Using sense avoidance perks on low stealth and low composure counselor is a waste, even though they work exactly the same in all counselors. Spamming sense is annoying. You use sense, then it doesn't work, then you wait 5 seconds to recharge, then you use it again, then it doesn't work again, then you wait more 5 seconds, then it works, but the counselor is already in another spot, then you use it again and it doesn't work... It makes Jasons lose interest in you. Even when you are the last survivor, these 5 seconds may help you gain a minute when you stack them together. I already won many matches by surviving the night because Jason needed to wait to use sense again on almost half of the time he tried to see me.
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    ..No, this game doesn't need day time. Like i keep saying. If its too dark. Your TV sucks. I don't even use the gamma slider. I just use the tv settings.
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    This is a very ambitious project @Jason Todd Voorhees. If anyone can do this, it's you. One thing I would have liked to see is a Tommy Jarvis / Tina Shepard teamup.
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    To those who celebrate the holiday, be safe and have a good time.
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    Welcome to the forum @Courtenayjade.
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    If you suspect they were a hacker, then you should submit evidence to the team like the rest of us. Also, insulting other members here that disagree with you will not make anything else you say be taken seriously. Take a chill pill.
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    The game may be dying, but it's not quite dead yet. People still play regularly, though the numbers are probably dwindling. There are some dedicated players that will play until it is no longer an option. Hackers and cheaters ruin the game for many people. Thankfully, there are still groups of players who come together, play some matches (without cheating or trolling), and have a good time. Some of those groups have younger players (reasonably mature for their age) among them. @Dragonfire82877, I had a match against four Vanessa players recently. I got them, though I had to work for it a bit.
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    I can't speak for their efficiency, but you could ask our Community Lead about that. According to the Terms of Use, teamers and trolls are not banned. Hackers are banned, though it doesn't seem to be that many from the complaints here. It sucks, but not everyone is suffering to the same degree. Take a look at a poll regarding troublesome players: http://forum.f13game.com/topic/28738-toxic-player-frequency/ In my own experiences, I don't see many teamers/trolls/hackers, but I know they are out there. I feel bad for the PC players, as they seem to be suffering the most. Would you mind sending a PM with links to your YouTube video evidence?
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    If people are using hacks, you report them. They have said in the past that some hackers are blocked, though it seems many of them are slipping through the cracks. If the evidence is clearly showing that a hack is being used, I hope that justice is served in the form of a ban. Not all PC players are using hacks. Find those that play by the rules, and try joining them in a match. Also, if you are seeing the same cheating players pop up in a lobby, find another lobby. The other option is to learn to outplay the cheaters. I'd be inclined to agree that a call pulled off in an unreasonably short window of time is probably a hack. There are those who are that good in the game that a call would take a minimal amount of time. There are also those that suck at this game, and have to use lame ass hacks to win. If you have open and shut proof of cheating, then you should submit it. Hackers can and should be banned. Teamers on the other hand, are not. We're told that sufficient evidence needs to be given to allow for a ban to take place. Bans have been confirmed to happen, based on choice locked topics of the past. I know the process of hackers getting banned seems to be a long and seldom fruitful one, but it's all we've got.
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    Just because it is easy doesn't make it inferior. People playing by the rules don't ruin the game. If you don't want them to escape, stop them before it happens. You are Jason after all.
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    People escaping by cops are playing the game as intended. Escaping is a legit win condition.
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    I can't tell how many people message me calling me a hacker when I'm doing the same thing. Haha. It's not a hack people. Those are simple techniques anyone can learn, you just ran into a Jason out of your league.
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    🤔 If I remember correctly: Ginny kicked the car door into him, broke his nuts with her knee, slashed his arm with a chainsaw, broke a chair over his back, mind fucked him with moms sweater, and planted a machete about eight inches deep in his shoulder. Chris stabbed him in the leg with a knife, hit him over the head with a log, dropped herself on him in the barn, hung him, then planted the axe in his head. Trish beat the shit out of him with a claw hammer breaking his mask, then planted the claw side in his shoulder. Then she smashed a tv over his head, split his hand with a machete, and knocked the broken mask off his face with the machete, setting him up for the kill. I think they all put up a pretty good fight.
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    Pam gets my vote. Usually not crazy about blondes, but that moment when she runs into the house soaking wet, just before Gramps "drops in".... oh yeah. Easy choice.
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    I spammed sense off and on while standing at max sense range, not in direct line of sight, with the counselor standing under a light. I did it 50 times in a row. It's literally 1/10. A little bit less actually. It'll go 1/10 twice then the third set of ten it won't work at all. And that's 15% legendary. It's trash. Sense avoidance builds are garbage. I wish they weren't but they are. You can put that under facts.
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    Probably the greatest myth is one that can't be proven but can most certainly be speculated and that is the health of the game in 2020 with no lawsuit versus with the lawsuit. Chances are, the game likely would've stopped receiving content early last year as Grendel/Uber/Pajamas all likely would've release throughout mid/late 2018. So Virtual Cabin 3.0 aka the Lazurus probably ends up the last bit of content mixed with pointless emotes and a couple kill packs in early 2019.
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