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    Proven Facts: Jason's Stun Resistance is not a fully working attribute in the game. Stun chance is extremely marginal and all Jasons have the same stun duration. A counselor does not have to be crouched for the Low Profile perk's sense avoidance chance to work. A cabin/lodge does not glow red when Jason uses his Sense ability pre-Rage mode if a counselor is in a hiding spot. Jason's -Defense attribute does not contain a 'Block chance' mechanic. All Jasons will block all counselor melee hits as long as the Block initiation was not affected by the player's ping value/lag (off host). There are only 3 pocket knives to be found by counselors in a mtach. Tommy Jarvis, if called, arrives with a forth. The Strength stat marginally increases the duration of a counselor's melee weapon stun on Jason. Fear takes longer to decrease, as well as increase, for high Composure counselors. 15% Lightfoot perk allows A.J. to sprint without giving off any noise pings. The same cannot be said for Tiffany despite her also having 10 Stealth. Luck slightly increases the size of the skill checks when repairing an objective. Jenny's Stealth is actually higher than 6. It is actually ~8.5. The cooking pot and machete are more durable than the in-game infographic portrays. The cooking pot is technically as durable as the 2x4, and the machete is actually more durable than the metal pipe. Using 10% Nerves of Steel and 10% Preparedness perks together on Jenny ensures her fear level will never increase; simply known as No Fear Jenny. Part 7 Jason can detect counselor noise pings from a greater distance than other Jasons. Jason can use Combat Stance to identify the specific bed that a counselor is hiding under. Tommy Jarvis does not emit any noise pings whilst jogging or sprinting. Jason will show up indefinitely on Tommy Jarvis' map when he first arrives on the scene right up until Tommy encounters him. This is provided the Jason player has not activated Stalk. Brainless Fiction: +Shift Jasons travel at a faster speed than neutral-Shift Jasons. The Stealth stat impairs Jason's ability to sense a counselor when he uses his Sense ability. Turning on a radio will cause the entire building to glow red when Jason uses his Sense ability. A counselor's Luck stat influences the amount of damage they receive when climbing through a broken window. High Luck provides a counselor with better items when looting cabin/lodge draws. Sense avoidance perks do not work when Jason is in Rage mode. High Strength increases a counselor's chance to stun Jason with a melee weapon. Man At Arms perk increases durability for all melee weapons, allowing a counselor to attack more before their weapon breaks. (Counselors of specific Luck levels will not get an extra melee hit when using particular melee weapons.) The frying pan has a 100% stun chance. Jason can hear players conversing from anywhere on the map if their counselor has a walkie-talkie. An Epic/Legendary Sucker Punch perk will 100% guarantee a sweater-stunned, demasked Jason will fall to his knees when hit. Jason can be killed with his mask still on. A player muted in game chat can still hear you talking. Tommy must have Jason's mask in his inventory in order to perform the Jason kill. Part 2 Jason has a worse Sense range than other neutral-Sense Jasons. Jason's mask can be removed quicker if players aim their counselor's melee attacks upwards at his face/head. Escape Artist and Scout perks allows players to break free/escape easier from Jason's grab and Jason's traps/counselor bear traps respectively. (The same number of button presses are required with the perks as without the perks.) Unsubstantiated Claims: Pyro perk increases Jason spotting time with the flare gun.
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    Heres a cool tweet and video from wes keltner on twitch i believe. Wish it was on you tube. It aired today in the afternoon. I Cant wait to watch it and understand more about IP Intellectual properties of video game license.
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    Agreed this guys entire arguments is illogical to the point of nonsense. LMFAO same here like who takes what a single person like MC Hammer says? he got bankrupted got into numerous lawsuits and etc so his words aren't that inspirational or should be taken into any relevancy for Kane Hodder. VERY BIG FACTS! Firstly how are you going to judge and compare that instance vs Kane's trauma??? YOU purposely kept DRINKING that is a whole decision YOU YOURSELF MADE and aren't you also doing what you want in life so what makes you different? Kane on the other hand DIDNT/WOULDNT want to be having his body burnt which is clearly mishandled stunt! the guy almost died NUMEROUSLY because of his hospital poor choices of not knowing how to properly deal with his wounds until he was properly moved! it's a MIRACLE he even survived despite all the infections he even had. Its beyond just being rude or disrespectful to compare one Death Experience to another like its some contest for sympathy or something!
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    🤔 If I remember correctly: Ginny kicked the car door into him, broke his nuts with her knee, slashed his arm with a chainsaw, broke a chair over his back, mind fucked him with moms sweater, and planted a machete about eight inches deep in his shoulder. Chris stabbed him in the leg with a knife, hit him over the head with a log, dropped herself on him in the barn, hung him, then planted the axe in his head. Trish beat the shit out of him with a claw hammer breaking his mask, then planted the claw side in his shoulder. Then she smashed a tv over his head, split his hand with a machete, and knocked the broken mask off his face with the machete, setting him up for the kill. I think they all put up a pretty good fight.
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    Excellent topic @F13 Seppuku Squad.
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    No problem friend. Im happy to see a podcast of Wes explaining everything.
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    Yeah, I've seen a number of people saying they popped the award after killing the big man. I do think it's a bug more than anything, but it's hard for me to know for sure as I performed my first Jason kill before doing my final kill actually needed for the trophy. I might eventually remove it from the list if the consensus favours it being bugged. I've heard the "Tommy needs to be holding the mask to kill Jason" one also - added to the list. But not the machete only one as most people know the axe can be used too, and it is highly favourable. This one is actually quite funny. It's from the actual game's How To Play > Counselor > Radios guide. Imagine that! 😂 It might have been the case in the beta.
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    I received my P.H.D in murder achievement during a random Jason Kill as Tommy. Fun fact, I hadn't done the cemetery kill yet at the time, so I thought that was the kill I was waiting for to finally achieve it. Random Tommy kill, there it was. I don't think it's a requirement for the trophy, but rather a bug involved with the achieving it. The way people complain, that achievement appears to be incredibly buggy all the way around. I still run into quite a few people who still think (Including a couple 150's) that Tommy needs to be holding the mask to kill Jason, or you have to use a machete, or that you have to have three people for the kill. (If you still think you need a machete, I guess you kind of do) There might not be enough of them to add to brainless fiction, but enough to still be annoying. I don't think this one is an issue anymore since I haven't heard anyone claim this in quite some time, but a lot of people used to think you couldn't shoot Jason's mask off with the shotgun. It's rare, but I knew this was false since I'd done it at least half a dozen times. I've personally never heard the one about the Radio making the cabin light up red. Anyone whose played Jason more than a handful of times should've noticed pretty quickly this one isn't true. Is this really a thing? Interesting topic by the way.
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    No problem. Have a nice stay at camp while you are here.
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    you can tell this was a sentance formed in the year 2020.
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    It isn’t very pleasant when you’re on the receiving end is it? For the record I Never said you couldn’t dislike anyone you want. You saying....... “You would take a running Ted White as Jason any day because you think Kane is a Nut an Asshole and his Burn accident was the result of his own stupidity.” .........And that you continue to try to justify it when you don’t know the facts about him or what he went through that is what I have a problem with. Sooooo...No, I don’t think I am overreacting.......those are not reasons to not Like Kane’s Performance as Jason that is you passing judgements on him Because you’re either jealous or insecure and are trying to feel less shitty about yourself.
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    Yes had last week, quit the game not going to wait the remaining 8 minutes just because someone wants to hide under a bed until the clock runs down. Just laughed when I said why cheat?
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    Wow MC Hammer Was your go to huh? Well, I am sure MC Hammer would never be so disrespectful towards anyone who suffered adversity and came back stronger from it....... Especially a near death experience. ......nor do I Think he would put that kind of thing that happened in the same box as Hollywood privileged whining.......But to be honest Who is he to say who’s Hardships matter or don’t he didn’t live through them. (Also Kane is a stuntman/Actor. Stuntman/ women earn there paychecks By literally doing extreme stunts For our Entertainment that could legitimately kill them....There is a huge difference between a regular Hollywood Actor and a Stuntperson.....but even with that I can’t judge them I never lived a day in their shoes either......all walks of life come with their own adversity to overcome. It is completely different to come up in life with no hardships and become famous and have tons of money.....and I am pretty sure that is What MC Hammer meant by his statement. Your post had so much venom in it toward Kane Hodder and You haven’t even watched his documentary on the subject......It was completely uncalled for......you need a reality check.
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    Welcome to the forum @Whitewolf83. Even without GPS, players would probably still give up your location.
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    @TimDuke 01, you got some justice. It's proof the system works. One less hacker for now is a good step in the right direction.
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    Can't count the games I've been in there is kids playing and most of the time they're more toxic than a lot of other players I've ran into. Where the hell are the parents when the little punks are swearing up a storm? Just a bit of a rant
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    Turn up the motherfucking lights pleeeease!!! Just how it used to be! This is stupid, can’t see where I’m going or how to fight Jason when I’m in dark spots!!! Change it back!
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