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    That's damage control. They told you and others they're not ready to share because it's quite obvious they clearly don't have anything. Or, they did at one point but then scrapped it because they realized they backed themselves into corner if they decided to repeat the controversial history again with F13. Think about it, it's been 3 years. Don't you think we would've heard something by now? Those taglines they feed you about Gun staying is all part of their manipulation tactics. They're playing you like a fiddle. They've been doing this to their F13 community for years. They'll butter you up for a bit and abandon you when they feel like they're done. The fact that one of their staff kept warning you to stop talking about future projects should've told you something. These guys only care about their fans during a time when it suits them. They can throw around "Gun is not going anywhere anytime soon" as much they want, but the only fact we know is they're not doing "anything" right now. Gun Media is a shell of its former self.
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    I just thought of an unwritten rule that isn't in the list that I probably would have voted for. Counselors are not allowed to dance, tea-bag or emote at all. That is one of the top 5 things I see people complain about on this forum. There are a lot people who don't care if you cheat or slash or exploit glitches but OMG YOU BETTER NOT FUCKING DANCE! lol I personally liked the addition of emotes. Even the dancing ones. If your panties get all bunched up because someone tea-bags you or dances or emotes around you...grow thicker skin and stop taking things so seriously. I think my favorite part of killing Jason is getting in an emote in the right place at the right time during the killing cut-scene. Makes for some epic game captures.
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    Yeah, we report everything, even the slightest unpublished emote now. Good job ๐Ÿ˜
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    Good Job Bro, Good comment!!! He need to understand the true and feel the pain. You and me are everywhere, EZ Ban!!
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    It has been three years going on four. That is more than enough to time to have conceptualize a project. No news of new hires. Just vague tweets by Wes Copeland. At this point it's sink or swim. I don't see much swimming. Nor do I see anyone throwing them a life vest. Gun and Black Tower barely have the know how to keep Friday from being hacked. It doesn't look like they have the creative talent to put together something on their own. And even if they did the lax attitude they have had when it comes to exploiting and cheating would doom anything they put out anyway. To this day you can find ghosting Jason's, teleporting councilors and safe zones to harrass Jason players. They never got tough. They never did anything about it and the word is out about Gun. They don't have the know how or the spine to run a project like this and it shows. If I am wrong I will be the first to apologize and eat my words for breakfast. But so far it doesn't look promising at all. You can tell people you have something coming all day. But at some point you have to deliver. Go ask the developers of Star Citizen or the promoters of Fyre Festival what happens when you try to bullshit your way around real business.
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    I love to dance and kill dancers. It's fun.
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    I just rechecked my messages history when messaging to my friend, I was actually mistaken as it was April 2018 when this happened, my bad.
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    Spawn Killing - Considering that even the running Jasons are super slow and can easily be avoided. If you are killed before Jason gets shift you need to get good and stop bitching. And calling it spawn killing is ridiculous because that isn't accurate due to it being a multiplayer first person shooter term. No one is gunning you down as soon as you spawn in. Trapping Windows Early - I will trap windows early if I know they will be used. Especially when I am part 2. Again salty players bitching because they need to get gud. Trapping the window closest to the phone box is just a good idea. Slashing - This one is asinine and once again is the result of bitchy players who need to get gud. You are playing the king of slashers. Jason has killied more people in slasher films than any other slasher villain. Slash away. Shifting over Traps - Again get gud scrub. Fighting the Kill Squad - You dont have to fight the kill squad. But its more fun to try. The Car - Sometimes you have to GTFO especially when you put the whole thing together yourself. Choke kill - Kill how you want. Combat Stance to Break Doors - It has it's advantages and disadvantages. Sure you get through the door quicker but you can get your blade stuck or miss. No Flashlight - Seriously? Jason has a power that lights you up like a Christmas tree and your fucking worried about using your flashlight. An item that lowers your fear to get your stam to regenerate faster. Get gud. There are reason to tactically turn it off sometimes but the flashlight is useful. Must Bar Doors - You dont have to but if you do you live longer. I don't know how many times I found a corpse next to an open door. No Sweater till Tommy - Play how you want to play as long as you are not cheating or exploiting. The only rule here I agree with is the counselors shouldn't try to trap each other but that is the world we live in. People are assholes sometimes.
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    A few of the things on that list I actually agree with to some degree and a few of them I have never even heard anyone complain about. Counselors Need to Bar the Door of Every Cabin You Enter - Maybe not every door but please do your best to lock as many as you can (with the exception of 1-hit doors) as you go around the map. There is a good chance that locked door will help save a counselor later in the match. Jason is Never Supposed to Slash Kill. NEVER! - This is what I voted for. I don't even mind slashers (other than the fact it's kinda lame). Easier to find a bunch of health sprays than PKs. Jason Using the Choke Kill is Cheap - I agree with this somewhat. Using choke kill or head punch has it's place, but using only that kill is just lame. I had a 150 Jason kill the entire lobby using one handed choke and it was embarrassing to watch. Jason Trapping Cabin Windows Very Early in the Match - Go ahead and waste your traps. Fine by me. Counselors Shouldn't Set Traps Behind Unlocked Doors or Out in the Open - This I 100% agree with. If you are setting up traps where counselors could easily step on them you better be communicating that to the rest of the group. Jason is Obligated to Stand and Fight a Kill Squad - I don't think he has to stand there and fight but he damn well better keep trying to kill everyone. If you lose your mask it's your own damn fault. Man up and find a way to kill the rest of the counselors. Use stalk, shift, morph whatever you have to do to kill them. Running and hiding in a lake is by FAR the most embarrassing thing you can do as Jason. If you are the type of person who runs and hides because you don't want to die as Jason you need to grow a thicker skin and stop taking the game so seriously. Counselors Shouldn't Escape in a Two-Seat Vehicle by Themselves - Whether you stop to pick anyone up depends on game circumstances, whether you are in the 4 seater or 2 seater. It's Cheating for Jason to Shift Passed a Set Trap (Yes Seriously) - This is definitely the dumbest in the list lol. I didn't vote for it because I have never heard someone complain about that. Jason Should Never Spawn Kill - I partially agree with this one. Considering how much time it can take to find a lobby and wait for everyone to ready up, I do think it is douchey to kill someone in the first couple minutes of the game. But that's just a personal opinion on this matter. I don't play as Jason a lot so sometimes I am guilty of this as well because I just get excited to kill someone the moment I see them. lol Jason Shouldn't Use Combat Stance to Break Down a Door - Meh. I don't really care how they break the door down but if they are taking advantage of glitches/tech then ya, I'd have a bit of a problem with it. Female Counselors Should Never Get the Sweater Before Tommy is on the Map - I agree with this one, somewhat. If the lobby is a well organized, communicative group then it may make sense. If some random person goes and grabs the sweater before Tommy is even called then they are just an idiot and will probably die while wearing it.
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    ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜@Mayday weยดll continue reporting . Today new Day, lets see in the match. We will searching only Hacker/Cheater.
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    You was banned for cracked Savini Jason and unreleased killes for Savini Jason. Also you used a lot of glitches in the game (pocket knife, rocks and etc). You said Overestimate wouldn't ban you? You was wrong. Epic win! Do you use hacks in the game? You will be banned. We are everywhere in the game.
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    Counselors Need to Bar the Door of Every Cabin You Enter I hear this one all the time, and I'll say that it is absolutely pointless to lock a cabin and open windows if you're not planning on spending any time in said cabin. One or two cabins close to an objective, sure. But don't bother with the rest. Jason is Never Supposed to Slash Kill. NEVER! Jason Using the Choke Kill is Cheap Jason is Obligated to Stand and Fight a Kill Squad (Basically Expected to Stand There and Take it Without Using Any Type of Strategy) It's Cheating for Jason to Shift Passed a Set Trap (Yes Seriously) Jason Should Never Spawn Kill Jason Shouldn't Use Combat Stance to Break Down a Door ๐Ÿคฆโ€โ™€๏ธ๐Ÿคฆโ€โ™€๏ธ๐Ÿคฆโ€โ™€๏ธ๐Ÿคฆโ€โ™€๏ธ๐Ÿคฆโ€โ™€๏ธ๐Ÿคฆโ€โ™€๏ธ Counselors Shouldn't Set Traps Behind Unlocked Doors or Out in the Open I don't have a problem with a trap being set out in the open, but it's dumb asf to set a trap behind an unlocked door unless you're teaming with Jason. Counselors Shouldn't Use Their Flashlight Counselors Shouldn't Escape in a Two-Seat Vehicle by Themselves ^^these two are just stupid ๐Ÿคฆโ€โ™€๏ธ Jason Trapping Cabin Windows Very Early in the Match This is actually a bad idea. Although I've occasionally done it with success at the kitchen window of Pack/Pack small. Still better to save the traps for objectives. Female Counselors Should Never Get the Sweater Before Tommy is on the Map Again, this is a bad idea unless the Jason is a really bad player.
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    Oh God ... Pray for me if I encounter a player like this cause I'm just gonna facepalm so hard that they'll need to preform surgery to remove my hand from my face.๐Ÿ˜‘
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    Good question. Perhaps they are conceptualizing their next project, or trying to find the right company to do business with.
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    If you were banned, it was likely due to a violation of the terms of use. Contact the team directly, as they don't discuss ban specifics here.
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    It had to take them years just to bring F13 out of bad shape along with terrible communication. Of course they have nothing in the oven now. They never were going to. This the same company that couldn't even come up with a concept for paranoia despite continuing to tease and false advertise it for almost a year. Don't count on any license horror games from them either. Wes's past tweets makes that pretty self explanatory. The company has had a bad reputation for awhile. It's likely most of these horror license representatives done their homework on the history and wants nothing to do with Gun. The last thing any IP holder would want to do now is put their franchise in the hands of a publisher willing to work with any cheap second-rate developer like illfonic and Black Tower.
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    Gun has nothing in the oven. I wouldn't be surprised if they go out of business soon. No news about hiring anyone for a new game. No announcements on new projects. No kickstarter announcements. Nothing substantial at all. When a company is a video game publisher to succeed they must publish. It's that simple. If they aren't publishing games what are they doing?
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    Welcome to the forum. You can probably ask customer support about that. f13game@fearthegun.com
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    Um, why? Jason in The Final Chapter had not one but two water kills and he's shit in the water in this game. The Part V Not-Jason is much better in the water even though Roy Burns never went in the water in A New Beginning! That's just fucked up. Doesn't make a lick of sense.
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    I wrote this thread @Strigoi I think it's great you are so enthusiastic but should also be realistic.
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    Glad it was caught on camera and not just a bad edit, especially when Jason told Dan to wait until they finish hoping they have to rip out a shower (that was my understanding of what he said...?). How malicious. You'd think house 1 were happy that the pool saga is over, he was well paid and he could move on but I guess not.
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