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    What a bunch of losers. You know what's really satisfying when dealing with teamers? Being Jason in the very next round and getting the rest of the lobby to help you hunt down the teamers (counter-teaming, for lack of a better word). I find that most counselors are happy to assist you, especially if they were team-killed in the previous round. The last time I did this, I had the non-teamers hold on to any repair parts they found until the teamers were dead. One of them came back as Tommy and decided to go for a Jason-kill but this was foiled when one of the ones who had gotten run over last round snatched the sweater. They rage-quit, because of course they did.
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    Not just yet, but as soon as I do I'll have a post out on here. Can't really share that info. Between the ongoing investigation by the firm and the fact that we don't want to show our cards to anyone potentially responsible.
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    Of the in-game kills, I would go with the campfire skewer. I think its the only kill that leaves the counselor squirming in pain until they die. Boiling their face would be a close second.
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    Cool. You know, it's a shame you're even having to have this conversation, but I guess that's what happens when some cocksucking little whiners get butt-hurt like the little bitches they are and decide to fuck with people who just want to play a game and had nothing to do with whatever made their vaginas sandy in the first place. Fuck those little cunts.
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    https://www.moddb.com/games/doom-ii/addons/friday-the-13th-jasons-doom I go by the name Kontra Kommando, in the Doom community. I made a Friday the 13th mod based on LJN's 1989 game for Doom back in 2014. Above is the link for it. FYI Jason's colors are a bit off, because of how I converted the sprites. I also made several other mods based on the movie Aliens. https://www.moddb.com/mods/aliens-the-ultimate-d
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    Here's something to talk about while we're waiting for that server issue to be fully resolved. Feel free to share any memorable stories of any noteworthy teamers you have encountered.
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    Nice video @HaHaTrumpWon. @Dunken, it sounds like one impressive match. @MortenMagnePal, from the people I encounter in Quick Play, it seems to be a common observation. @SonofOdin6039, giving roadside service Jason and friends the finger and bow was a nice touch. I once had a match with a Savini Jason and a pair of Tiffany helpers. I quickly realized that they were allied, and I made them think I was with them. They went around opening doors, to which I closed and locked them again, once they moved on. I repaired the car and parked it near an exit, telling my "team" that I had trapped it, and they took me at my word. Jason ended up only getting 1/7 and left the lobby with his sidekicks afterwards.
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    Excellent detective work @RetroJason89.
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    Escaped a couple of times in the boat recently, early on in the game. Guess Jason was side tracked and didn't notice the boat sound.
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    Because it was glitched for a long time, but then got patched so now it's no longer glitched. My point is, some Jason's who started playing before the patch were likely not recognizing the sound cue for the boat after the patch, since they likely had never heard it before and weren't aware of what they were listening for. The sound also has a tendency to get lost in the background noise of the game, another factor as to why some players still think the sound cue for the boat is still glitched even though it isn't. (Like I said before, I thought the same thing until I found, or in this case, heard proof otherwise)
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    To be fair, I've heard many complain about the boat noise glitching and not activating, myself included. Might be why some Jason's can't fight that.
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    I wish i never played Witcher 3. Just to be able to play it again for the 1st time. IMO, Its one of the greatest games ever made
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    I'd personally like to use the cork screw bottle opener from part 4. Make the little bastard suffer.
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    I've escaped quite a bit in the boat since the patch. It's risky and takes a bit of luck, but it's very possible. If it's a Part 7 or 8 Jason, I won't screw with the boat at all, unless their new and still think that boat is just there to help with the ambiance, but any other Jason with less than plus water speed can be maneuvered around and outrun by a counselor who knows how to handle the boat... Especially if someone's running the motorboating perk, though I don't know who in their right mind would waste a slot on the most situational of escape perks. While the sound is there for Jason to hear, it's kind of muted and not as obvious as the car or fuse sounds. If Jason's chase music is blaring in his hear or other loud chaos breaking out around him, the motorboat startup sound can get muffled and Jason will completely miss it. I've had this happen to me a number of times as Jason, where the boat started without me hearing the alert simply because the noise around me at the time had drowned it out. That's where the luck factor comes in. You just gotta hope Jason doesn't notice you or that he's not properly equipped to catch you if he does. Personally, I like to go for police escapes. They're the most fun, as you're still taking the chance that a skilled Jason can cut you down before the cops show up, but your not completely screwing yourself over if you get caught.
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    I would actually like to see a team such as Naughty Dog get ahold of the license. They did such a great job with the Uncharted series and at least the first Last Of Us (haven't played Last Of Us 2 yet). I think they would be able to work wonders with the environment and gameplay. Love the details Gun and IllFonic put into this game, but if anyone else ever takes a crack at it, Naughty Dog would get my vote.
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    I think some of the best writing and storytelling in a game has been in Bioshock. Without a doubt, an amazing story, a whole world created underwater, with a whole alternate reality timeline. Horror elements, shooter elements. Just a great game. As far as F13 as a franchise and video games, who knows really. I think the franchise has some significant ground to cover before we're at the point where we can even speculate on it.
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    People have way to much time on their hands, I don’t know why someone would want to break a game so nobody can play it...... losers, I hope they get the punishment they deserve.
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    @Jason Todd Voorhees @Carlos Thanks Guys!!! I definitely appreciate the positive feedback!!! @Carlos the trick For me is finding a sculpt that Has similar features to what I want it to look like.....And then adding or taking the existing features back a little. in this case the figure I used needed a shave, longer hair, Less prominent eyebrows and a new dimple chin.... ( One of Tom Matthews Identifying features. Lol) Fine sand paper/ Greenstuff sculpty and Acrylic paint are my best friends...lol
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    Not exactly. The phone is the easiest because you can do it with a high repair counselor and a pocket knife. Jason wont know what hit him and he'll just get the timer alert. The car if you can fix it can dodge Jason pretty easily if you off-road and know what you're doing. If you stick to the paths, then its tricky. His advantage is certainly the boat. Waiting it out isnt a bad idea in the hopes that he'll morph out if someone tinkers with the car or the phone.
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    Well, I didn't say it would be exciting... Most Jasons don't camp the boat exit tho, they just go straight for the boat. The more experienced the Jason, the more difficult it will be to escape in the boat. But the same could be said for any escape method.
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    That Tommy actually looks sick. The face is very accurate. I don't know how you do that, but I know that's good af.
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    Bethesda? LMAO After that train wreck of Fallout 76? No way. I say CD Projekt Red much better Witcher 3 speaks for itself. Creative Assembly would be good too they did Alien Isolation. Definitely no company that will micro transaction you to death like EA.
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    Welcome to the forum.
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    I strongly agree with these two points you made. The sooner the lawsuit is over, the sooner the countdown will begin for something new in the F13 universe, even if that wait is decades. I'm a patient person. 😎
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    Welcome to the forum. They are aware of the problem. It just sounds like an issue they haven't been able to figure out yet.
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    It sounds like a major server issue. Ridiculous or not, it could be a while, but we hope not. Welcome to the forum by the way.
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    We might need Thanos for this one. 😎
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    People associate him with the decline of the franchise, no matter how irrational it may be. These types are usually purists who only really like 1-4 or 1-5 and dismiss the rest. Some of them throw Hodder in as the problem as I said above, others don't. I'd say he was involved with two of the most despised entries in the series for me. JGTH and JX. To this day, I've only ever been able to watch Jason X once. That said, I recognize the simple truth that Hodder didn't write any of the films he was involved with, nor directed them. He was merely the guy behind the mask. I thought Part's 7 and 8 were fine as they offered enough variety while not straining too far from the formula. I feel like once New Line got their hands on the franchise, they went too far in the silly direction. I don't blame Hodder for that, I blame New Line for that. It took reassociation with Paramount for the series to even get back to a reasonable track and while the remake was a bit boring and forgettable. I did like that I felt like Jason had been brought back down to earth, literally and figuratively.
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