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    We have a patch in the testing phase and it will be a quick turnaround patch. Meaning, once we have news that it passed that phase we'll be looking to roll it out almost immediately. No one is "waiting for them to stop" either as we have an ongoing investigation and have been working with development partners for weeks to get this resolved. So before you fly off the handle, please read our previous statement on the situation, and keep an eye out in the next few days for the news on the testing phase for this patch.
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    This bullshit is what got me sick of the game
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    I could not agree with you more on this. My friends and I have a rule, if Jason is less than level 20 we wont even try for the kill. (Unless they have a mic and are acting like a prick) There's no point in it if there's not even a remote chance you're going to get a challenge. If the poor guy is level 5 or lower, we've even been know to grab the sweater first thing with no intention to kill him, and quite frankly don't give a damn if it pisses anybody off. What's a max level trying to prove anyway in humiliating a rookie Jason who probably doesn't even realize he can lay down traps yet? Though I do try to tell every new player I come across to turn off Jason and practice on Bots first until you at least get the mechanics down. Some people just can't wait to jump into online play though.
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    PC whole different animal.We have to deal with hackers who have super abilities like infinite sprays, instant out of grabs, invisibility, unlimited stamina and pocket knives, super speed. If you want I can send you to my you tube videos in a private message to see what goes on. I'm pretty knowledgeable and pretty good not tournament good but good.My point is a newbie is going to say screw this and possibly never play the game again and demand a refund if got stuck in a lobby of 150's that shows no mercy(which most don't). I wouldn't blame them either. I'd be thinking to myself" Hey I just bought this game wanting to experience playing Jason Voorhees a almost unstoppable killing machine and I'm laying dead in a matter of 3-4 minutes SCREW THIS." You see what I'm getting at? I don't know maybe I'm looking at it wrong but a brand new player shouldn't be getting killed so easily. You shouldn't have to be that knowledgeable to not get killed. If the devs intent for the counselors is escape as they claim then why not give them incentive because there is very little incentive when you can kill Jason just as easily maybe easier. I personally will not take part in a Jason killing knowing the Jason player is low level even if I'm Tommy and I've gotten reamed out before for not attempting it.
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    Thank you @mattshotcha Your Feedback and Updates are Always appreciated !!
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    You guys keep sharing that comment like it's some eureka moment. Me saying LRG handled whatever happened to the LRG employee is literally nothing worth wasting breath about. I didn't say they found him, took him outside and flogged him. I just said that they handled their side of it however they handled it. "But oh my god, he said they handled it and they said they couldn't identify the employee and we think we did." Enough already. You start this thread off saying you don't intend for it to start problems. So then what is the point of the thread? There's nothing new to provide as far as info here and there's nothing productive to come from it other than promoting the conspiracy thread from the Reddit page. I'm going to lock the thread now, and no, that's not censorship. Firstly because it's going to be locked, not hidden. Secondly because no one is stopping you from talking about it, just talk about it somewhere else. You know, like Reddit, where you already have a thread on it that's open for discussion.
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    No one is arguing the need to share information with the game community. The community is comprised of more than just those of us here. I do applaud you for wanting to share information and keeping people in the loop.
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    Made these in PS Not my best work but eh made for the lol's.
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    Couldn't find a meme thread for the game on here, so I decided to start one... Feel free to add your own!
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    Not lied but mistake my friend.(•‿•)
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    Try to let them get the car running, a car stop will get you XP as well.
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    So update ... Yep have to have Tommy on scene because after that match I hit 2,600 thanks guys! (☞゚∀゚)☞
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    Not from our side, as we won't have news until Monday the earliest. If the attackers let up, you'll see improved connections, but they may not last.
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    Like I said before, any counselor can be good in the hands of a skilled player but if you're interested in being stealthy, why not pick AJ over Eric? In my opinion, she would be a much better selection than him. My prior experiences seem to indicate otherwise. Based upon the games I've played, most Jason players will usually trap the objectives first, knock out the electrical boxes, and then chase whatever counselor happens to be nearby. The only time Jason has ever morphed to an objective that I'm fixing with Fox, Adam, or any counselor for that matter is if I fail a skill check. I agree that perhaps a good Jason will morph to an objective where he/she sees a lot of noise rings, but I've never encountered one who played that way. Based upon my experiences, most Jasons will only follow the noise rings if he/she can't sense anybody. I agree that Fox and Adam may not be ideal lone wolf counselors but they could certainly perform that role if necessary. In fact, I have done so many times. While I also agree that Eric could perform as a lone wolf counselor, I still think AJ would be the superior choice. Please consider the following: she has a ten in stealth whereas Eric has an eight, so she would emit fewer noise rings than him. AJ has a seven in composure wheras Eric has a four, so she can manage her fear better and stay off of Jason's radar for much longer. She also has a four in stamina as opposed to Eric's two. This would allow her to run farther than Eric and gives her a better chance of escaping Jason. In my opinion, the only real advantage Eric has over AJ is his repair score of ten as opposed to AJ's score of seven. But I don't see this as a big deal. Eric gets an average of two to three skill checks whereas AJ gets an average of three to five. While this would allow Eric to fix an objective faster than AJ, we're talking a few seconds at most. Therefore, I don't think Eric's repair score is a meaningful advantage.
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    +100 If you think pinatas parties are what make this game great, you're even more fucked in the head than I thought. Edit: I'm not talking about DontZzz, I'm talking about Strigoi.
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    2 full games, no lag or anything.
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    The game would have been fixed by now. Sure they can't add a rock or stone. So what prevents them from taking the code and finetuning it... Even if it's only for 1 platform. It's even made in one of the best documented engines ever... Weird. Plenty devs are willing to fix this mess just for the love of Jason. I say release the source code, and activate the Unreal editor/Dedicated servers. Let the fans pickup were Gun/Illfonic dropped the work. That's not even new content...as it's already in the package... It's the least they can do...
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    I heard something about it being caused by someone joining the match right before it starts. Yup. I had a Part 2 and 3 Jason Hybrid holding the fire ax but able to do weapon kills with the pig splitter on video. It's most noticeable at 10:06 when I do "The Jarvis", but the splitter magically transforms in to the fire ax at the end of the kill:
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    Matt beat me to it. This thread wouldn't have lasted as it's not a topic of a good discussion, so I'd have locked it as well.
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    Sorry for the late reply I don’t visit here much often anymore. But amazing figure man 👍🏼 Also did you see NECA has a J7 for pre order
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    It's possible the same information is posted on other sites. I don't think every site that has the information available is looking to censor it.
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    People can learn from a loss, if they take the time to learn from it.
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    I actually agree with this dude for a change.
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    If anyone's playing private matches on Xbox One and you need people tonight, my screen name is the same name I have here... please invite me... this is maddening!!! I can't get a game tonight at all, at least yesterday it was hit-or-miss a bit. More Miss than hit but still. I got to play a few games in between the misses. PS> Is there a thread for Xbox players currently that want to be invited to private matches because if not, I think we should make one for Xbox and each individual system for that matter. Cheers
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    Miami Vice was the show back then. You get one vote for that on your poll.
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    good to know you are just waiting for them to stop instead of maybe getting better servers that dont get hacked so easy??????? whats not klicking????
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    Beginning the first of July and continuing over the last ten days, there have been hacking attempts on Friday the 13th: The Game affecting matchmaking, gameplay, and player progression. We are in the process of conducting our own internal investigation and have engaged a third party international computer forensics company. We are working with our development partners toward preventing further disruptions. These attempts and the harm to our player base constitute a crime. So, in addition to our other efforts above, we will also be fully cooperating with any resulting law enforcement investigations. We have not detected any loss of or unauthorized access to any personal or financial player information. Due to the criminal nature of this intrusion and the ongoing investigation as to its origins, we are currently unable to share additional information.
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