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    i dont understand how gun couldnt finish & release work they had already started. they lost time & money working on content that didnt make the "cut off date". thats not right. they should not have had to take that loss. i wish they couldve fought back at least for the content they began already so they didnt have to lose out on that effort. im no law man so of course i dont understand. i also dont know all the details.. i dont blame gun, i blame horror inc. horror inc should have gave gun the ok to finish what they started, & took responsibility for any legal matters gun mightve faced. i dont know if it works like that but seems like if ya got alotta money you can get away with whatever you want.. cunningham... ugh. you suck dude. tellin wes craven, rest his soul, that nightmare on elm street was a bad idea... good gravy thats the man in charge of jason.....ugh.. no wonder this happened -yack- gun media/illfonic, thank you for this wonderful game. you guys/gals rule, mistakes/misfortunes or not. you made the sloppiest masterpiece ever created. when i first laid my eyes apon your vision, i was like "whoa... im here.. im at crystal lake..." horror inc... god damn you... (thats from halloween 4) just my opinion.. feel free to go strigoi on my ass if i got something wrong 👍
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    Well going by what Larry Zerner said on twitter "Technically, the release of figures of existing characters doesn't violate Victor Miller's rights in the 1st F13 movie, so Neca can do this without getting into trouble. The good news is that I was told a year ago that WB was not allowing new figures. So the fact that WB has changed their mind and is allowing new figures is a good thing. But this does NOT mean that WB is (or can) make a new F13 film." So what he is saying here is that because Part 7 Jason is already an existing character it doesn't interfere with Miller's rights of the first film, Neca can produce and release him. Also stating that a year ago that WB wasn't allowing new figures but suddenly is allowing it is a good thing though for me this is an odd one. From everything we have seen, once the lawsuit struck down on the franchise there was a cut of date for anything new to be made and until an actual ruling nothing could be made. So in theory regardless if WB wants to change their mind on something it shouldn't simply allow for something to be made now. That decision again should be in the hands of the court. Now obviously we have seen that a new board game is coming out, the new Film boxset is coming with all previous bonus content released on all other releases but is now including all new bonus features. Now to quote Gun from previous statements when it comes to the game. "We cannot add a rock or tree". This does conflict with what is happening in regards to the film boxset in my opinion. The boxset is getting new features that wasn't there before but the game can't add a rock or a tree that already exists in the game? Now i am not saying i am right in my assessment as i can only go by what we know but it does seem a little strange.
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    That’s ok. I’ll just be sitting here playing with my OFFICIALLY licensed Friday the 13th board game and figures while watching the new box set with all new artwork and content that somehow were able to be made during this lawsuit instead, and that no one seems to have an answer as to HOW. But yet, we can’t get the content that was already almost finished and advertised for this game.... 🤷🏼‍♂️
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    They were until they weren’t.
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    @Laotian Lam you're good people. @Strigoi I just wanted to say I see you making an effort to work within the forum rules and I appreciate it.
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    For me it would be like: +Morph (cuz neon travels fast through the air) +Shift (cuz neon travels fast through the air) +Weapon Strength (cuz he has something that looks like a lightsaber as a weapon) -Can't Run (If it isn't on the positives, it has to be on the negatives) -Stalk (cuz he looks really bright, idk if he could sneaky on someone, especially in the dark) -Water Speed (i googled "neon and water" and it said that neon dissolves on water. he wouldn't be that well in the water, so.)
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    I would've traded all the tricks for stuff of actual substance that we never ended up getting. - Jason locking doors/closing doors/hiding in hiding spots/wiping out furniture, picking up the mask, etc - Counselor special abilities, counselors swimming under water, using paddle boats, etc Oh well
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    And yet we still have fuck-tards on this forum demanding to go back to that... Edit: Dude, don't rage-quit...EVER. Me and the 2-3 friends I go Jason-killing with have literally bagged literally hundreds of Jason's, but the only ones that we actually remember are either the rage-quitters or the teamers. If you stuck around and played fair, we've probably forgotten about you by the time the next round starts. No matter how much you want to, don't rage-quit.
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    Wow! He's even better than Savini. I mean c'mon, he comes with a frickin' lightsaber!!! 🤯😂
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    If anyone is interested, Tokka and Rahza two pack is available for sale through the NECA store. This is the only way you can purchase them. Have from now until August 7. https://thenecastore.com/products/teenage-mutant-ninja-turtles-1990-movie-7-scale-action-figure-tokka-rahza-2-pack?variant=32905942171757
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    I did this before I think so if I were even more honest with myself. 4 Composure 4 Luck 7 Repair 3 Speed 6 Stamina 8 Stealth 3 Strength This is me directly comparing myself to the other counselors in the game. My guy is Slow with Low composure so he's known to freeze up around Jason and not get away unless he was unnoticed. But also pretty decent at Repair and Travelling around by himself in the open.
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    There should be More pooket knives added...At least one for each player. Also , Jason shouldn't be able to Shift. And The Gun should kill Jason if he's shot once. Counselors should Have the opportunity to Punch Jason when they are Grabbed.
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    I play QP matches only and I prefer high repair counselors. Its much easier for me to silently repair stuff and make a quick get away than to tank. I do have them with thick skinned just in case. In other matches when i'm randomly another character who sucks, i'll tank the trap for everyone else, but it seems no one else cares. If I dont do it no one will. So I prefer to disarm them to put a part in. Mostly for the phone along with dads a cop. Then everyone survives and its easier to escape since Jason can't focus on one thing, like the boat/car.
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    Welcome to the forum @bigolebrin.
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    Same. But, it'd be nice to have an option to skip the carousel and go straight to it.
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    It's not a contest to see who can give the most tips. We both want the same thing; to help a n00b Jason-player succeed.
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    Welcome to the forum. The issue with having seven pocket knives is that while it could be one per counselor, not everyone would want to share. That would lead to players wanting even more, until we end up with twenty or more. The three we have (Four if you count Tommy's knife) are enough to give some counselors a chance to survive, while also giving Jason a chance to win as well. The other issue is that Jason players would most likely stop grabbing counselors, and just resort to slashing them only. As for shotguns killing Jason in a single shot, that would be a bit too much. In the movies, Jason took several shots and kept pursuing those who shot at him. I'm not so sure this member is trolling. I'll give them the benefit of the doubt.
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    Servers are under DDOS attack. It's across the board, all consoles are affected.
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    Issues on Switch too. Having this kind of issues for the last 9h. Think they are working on it. Must be something with their servers.
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    Sadly, that would be too much like right for them. For being players who loved the game like most of us, they have an ass backwards way of showing it. That is, if they had a love for the game to begin with... I was thinking something along those lines. I think that once the dedicated servers come to an end, there will be a few groups (perhaps not that many) of decent players that will still have full lobbies with little to no trolling. Likewise there will still be troll fests as well. Some people will just move on. It's the same thing that happens with every game played online. My advice to everyone is to expand your circles of friends (screen them accordingly) to improve the pool of decent players by the end of things.
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    I strongly agree with these two points you made. The sooner the lawsuit is over, the sooner the countdown will begin for something new in the F13 universe, even if that wait is decades. I'm a patient person. 😎
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    That would be a potential solution. I never saw an official post saying the problem was fixed the first time. Perhaps I missed it. It's possible the hackers just stopped, laid low, and waited to strike again. It would be nice if they just stopped doing this, and let the players play in peace, with the time that is left on the proverbial clock.
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    Those were dark times... Agreed. @powerhouse33, things will get for you over time. As you gain more familiar with things as Jason, you'll get the best of dancers and trolls in due time. Hang in there! 😎
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    -watch other jason players videos for tips -use Offline bots to practice Shift ability (including holding RB to Stafe while in Shift) -trap objectives before you start chasing counselors around -when a high stam counselor wants to run circles around tables or cabins, DONT STOP. They WILL run out of stamina if you keep pressure on them and dont let them stand still. -break as many windows as you can -use TKs to get easy damage on counselors who are going through windows -if you get trolled, dont quit. Remember its the trollers who look ike ass-clowns to the rest of the Lobby. Good luck and have fun killin' !
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    Anyone could design a game right now. There's nothing stopping the creative process. However, to release a game on the market, you would have to have licensing rights of the intellectual property. The legal battle is to decide which rights the parties in dispute have claim to. Until that happens, no new games can be made for purchase by anyone. Anything that is coming out in the near future may have different circumstances involved. The future is unwritten. While it's less likely we'll see another installment of an F13 game, it's not impossible. Jason could end up on DBD if the lawsuit is resolved in a reasonable time frame. We'll have to wait and see. Those games seemed awful by comparison now. Some players back then we're grateful to have those games, even if they were far from ideal, because that's all they had. I agree that this F13 experience could open the door for about 30 or so other games of similar styles. Harassing Cunningham with spam mail would serve zero purpose. He knows how the fans feel, but doesn't seem to really be in the mood to care, as the lawsuit is still going on. The same could be said about Miller.
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    There's no more content coming for this game.
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    It would be nice if the lawsuit is coming to an end soon. I'll hope for the best, as many of us tend to do. Welcome to the forum. Anything's possible...
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    Because the characters have become iconic. And I like Jenny like she is. No need to have every character decked out like Vanessa. Its a lame idea in my opinion.
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