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    No need to apologize. You do you. Your comments may come out of left field and may seem bizarre to most of us. But you are always respectful of other people. Which is something a lot of your critics cannot say.
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    Why am I not surprised?
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    There is nothing I can say in response that would not be considered insulting or abusive.
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    ok i apologize. i dont understand what im doing wrong. i keep getting in trouble here on the forum. i just want to be accepted by the group here. ill stay on topic.
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    @Laotian Lam you're good people. @Strigoi I just wanted to say I see you making an effort to work within the forum rules and I appreciate it.
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    Thanks so much. that makes me feel better.
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    DO NOT GRAB WHEN SURROUNDED BY COUNSELORS Break down at least one door on every cabin you come across (assuming they're close by and you've got the time). If the last counselor alive tries to survive the night, you don't know where they'll end up. On bigger maps, use the waterways to get around if you for whatever reason don't want to Morph. Ambushes are common, so get used to going into combat stance and holding block when searching a cabin/building/etc... that you saw somebody run into but not out of. Trap your shack. Jason-kills are common too. If they dive through a window just before you grab them, pull out a throwing knife and hit them as they're getting up. If you can't get to them before they get up, hit the window with the knife instead. If you're inside with a counselor and they try going through a window when you approach, tap L1 to quick-toss a knife. If it hits, it will cancel the climb animation and leave them open to a grab. If you miss or don't have any knives left, walk out of the room and turn on Sense. If they/re waiting by the window, wait a few seconds to see if they climb back in now that you're out of sight. If they don't climb in, but they're not running either, activate Shift inside the cabin and shift to a spot close to the window they climbed out of, such as a corner or a nearby desk. You'd be amazed how often this gets them to jump back inside that same window. Don't tunnel the first counselor you see, especially if they're fast. This is how 20-minute long goose chases start out. Any counselor with an axe or machete is trying to kill you until proven otherwise. Any counselor that runs up to you and starts dancing or flashing their light is either: A) Trying to get you to kill them so they can come back as Tommy, or B] Trying to get you to chase them so other counselors can repair objectives. In either case, ignore them. If you're breaking into an occupied cabin, listen for the 'grunt' sound cue that means someone's climbing through a window, and use combat stance for the last hit. This will let you block just in case somebody is on the other side of the door waiting you hit you when it comes down. If you hear a skill-check fail, turn on Stalk (if you have it) before you try to stop them. Most counselors will be listening for you so they know when to quit repairing and run. You've got a better chance of catching them in the middle of it if they don't hear you coming. When counselors lock themselves in an upstairs room, they're probably planning to jump out and heal up when the land. Turn on Sense (so you will instantly know when they're climbing out), hit the door once, and wait a few seconds. If they're still inside, hit it again. If they're STILL inside, get ready to quick-toss a knife as soon as the door comes down, just in case they're planning to climb out when you try entering the room. Traps disarmed with PK's will show up as triggered on your map, but you won't hear the audio cue. Every now and then, take a peek at the map to see if anything's been disarmed. If the cops are on scene and counselors are loitering near the exit, do not grab...PERIOD. The only reason they're still there is so they can bait you into grabbing them. The only reason they're baiting you into grabbing them is because they have PK's and want to troll you. Slash those bitches to death. If the sweater is taken, find and kill Sweater-Girl immediately. She didn't yoink your sweater because she thought it went well with her shoes. If you DO end up getting killed, don't be a bitch-pussy and quit mid-death. It makes any shame or embarrassment you feel infinitely worse.
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    There should be More pooket knives added...At least one for each player. Also , Jason shouldn't be able to Shift. And The Gun should kill Jason if he's shot once. Counselors should Have the opportunity to Punch Jason when they are Grabbed.
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    jason should be able to wear a party hat & invite everybody over to the shack for cake & ice cream. he would have to grab them to slip the invitation in their pocket. hell yes. find them jason... make them supper..
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    I Understand what your saying and i wont bother any Employees or any officials at Gun Media about the next project. I Wont Go to any Gun Media properties unless im invited. Just to be clear i wont follow or bother any Gun Media employees about Gun Medias next game project. I Understand that i will just have to wait patiently and wait untill Gun Media decides to announce their next project.
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    I agree with that. You don't know that they have trolled you until you are about to be killed by Jason near the exit. The assholes that are running people over are easy to identify. Just cabin hop or keep trees between you and the asshole as long as you can. That typically pisses off the driver and his Jason teammate more than anything. Also, 9 out of 10 times, if the Jason has someone running people over, they aren't going to be good enough to kill you on their own anyway.
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    This seems like the most plausible solution if d-servers are going away "sooner than we think" (@mattshotcha) and things are going back to P2P. Host migration was discussed in detail way back in the launch era and though I can't remember all the specifics, the consensus was it could not be done properly and I assume nothing has changed. If true, implementing the option to create/host our own lobbies would be ideal. Private matches are great, but truth be told, I have a hard time finding 2-3 friends who want to play this game these days, let-alone 7. Quick-play is needed, and having more control to avoid getting dumped in a troll-host lobby would keep a lot of die-hards playing post-shutdown.
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    Hey Campers, Sorry for the silence as of recent. It’s been a tough couple weeks, as I’m sure you’re aware. But I wanted to address a few questions that I’ve had sent to me personally, as well as questions we’ve received through the official F13 channels. These questions vary but all have a similar tone/request. “Is there a chance of any content being added to the game if a ruling on the dispute occurs in the near future?” The answer is no. Development on games can’t just pause indefinitely and pick back up again; it doesn’t work that way. Especially when you have no idea when that future date will occur. We can’t keep building content that may never see the light of day. That’s bad business. I’ve also had questions about adding “non-F13” related content to the game. “Can’t you make a new level or a new counselor that has nothing to do with the films?” We can’t do that either. We can’t add any content, whatsoever. Nada. Not even a new tree or rock. We can only focus on console dedicated servers, bug fixes, and maintenance. I know this isn’t the news you wanted to hear and I wish the situation were different. But it’s the painful truth. I appreciate your passion and look forward to seeing everyone around camp. -W
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    Was that a result of the glowing furniture in front of a fire place? Whatever it is, it looks friggin awesome.
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    Oh well good luck in getting your movie release in selected theaters then 😆😆
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    NC-17 is more like it, since it would include telling him to go blow a dead bear.
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    Welcome to the forum. The issue with having seven pocket knives is that while it could be one per counselor, not everyone would want to share. That would lead to players wanting even more, until we end up with twenty or more. The three we have (Four if you count Tommy's knife) are enough to give some counselors a chance to survive, while also giving Jason a chance to win as well. The other issue is that Jason players would most likely stop grabbing counselors, and just resort to slashing them only. As for shotguns killing Jason in a single shot, that would be a bit too much. In the movies, Jason took several shots and kept pursuing those who shot at him. I'm not so sure this member is trolling. I'll give them the benefit of the doubt.
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    Did you really create a user name and post just to troll?
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    You are most welcome here @daxter. Pull up a tree stump and hang out by the fire. We'll be making Smores by the fire, once everyone who survived the night gets here.
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    I Think Wes Keltner is very musical and plays guitar and other musical insturments. A LIVE BROADCAST FROM THE GUN MEDIA STUDIOS IN LEXINGTON KENTUCKY Would be great with Wes Keltner playing his guitar and other members and Gun Media employees singing and playing insturments. Jack o lanterns,bobbing for apples,hints of Gun Medias next project.
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    Sadly, that would be too much like right for them. For being players who loved the game like most of us, they have an ass backwards way of showing it. That is, if they had a love for the game to begin with... I was thinking something along those lines. I think that once the dedicated servers come to an end, there will be a few groups (perhaps not that many) of decent players that will still have full lobbies with little to no trolling. Likewise there will still be troll fests as well. Some people will just move on. It's the same thing that happens with every game played online. My advice to everyone is to expand your circles of friends (screen them accordingly) to improve the pool of decent players by the end of things.
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    Well im tired of written statements. Id Rather see a Live Broadcast from the Gun Media studios in Lexington Kentucky. I Want to see The Gun media team explain on camera what is happening maybe some live entertainment,strange hints of what Wes Keltner is negotiating next. Maybe a broadcast of hot college aged women dancing in camp crystal lake counselor outfits and Gun Media outfits. A Special HALLOWEEN BROADCAST FROM THE GUN MEDIA STUDIOS IN LEXINGTON KENTUCKY.
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    We're making a game based off the Cap'n Crunch cereal franchise. Seriously, Strigoi, we are not going to announce a project in the comments section of an unrelated thread. Hell, we're not going to announce a project on this forum even. That's not how this works. I don't know what all that would entail and matchmaking has a tendency to be a tricky spot in the game since the dev team swap.
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    Something naturally should be done about host quitters when it comes to peer to peer. I'm just not so sure they have the courage to 'punish' what will be left of the playerbase by then. I'm not talking about Salt Mines either. Something along the lines of a tracking system for hosts and when a host leaves x amount of times, they are not allowed to host anymore (permanently or x amount of games) and someone else inside the lobby is assigned automatically. Eventually this could weed out teamers/trolls/kill squad eqo types who host quit if Jason can't be killed, etc. If by some chance everyone in said lobby is some kind of scumbag, then it would randomly assign a host. Chances are, that doesn't come but I've seen the same types of players with the same names over and over in PC lobbies, so it might not work even then. Salt Mines shouldn't be a thing though. It'll punish the leavers for leaving bad host games more than it will punish bad host games. They sit on a rock for 20 minutes where Jason can't knife them, they get to stay out of the mines while everyone else leaves and gets punished for it. Not good.
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    I have to be honest here, the day we switch back to peer to peer is still coming. Dedicated servers can't stay up forever indefinitely. And judging by your comment, I have to say it's coming sooner than you might think. But this issue with the servers right now needs to be addressed regardless, due to the fact that our backend relies on some level of servers for player stats, perks, etc. That's the "database" you see referenced in some errors. So even if we were already on peer to peer matches, we'd still need to address this. See above. This would still create issues if we were switched to peer to peer, due to the database servers needing to be online. EDIT: For further clarity, the situation we are facing will need to be resolved separately of any plans to switch back to peer to peer. Dedicated servers already have a life expectancy, regardless of this situation. But this situation eliminates all options for players to play online without instability.
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    Wrong Section of the forum you are looking for the suggestions forum.
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    Hey all, the team looked at every angle when assessing the situation initially. We explored the option of the swap to P2P, but that would still leave gaps in security due to how player stats (CP, Perks, etc.) is stored. I expect to have more news very soon on the progress being made by the team to get you all connected again.
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    I strongly agree with these two points you made. The sooner the lawsuit is over, the sooner the countdown will begin for something new in the F13 universe, even if that wait is decades. I'm a patient person. 😎
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    Miami Vice was the show back then. You get one vote for that on your poll.
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    Yes, we did see reports of another attack on the servers last night. Team is still working on this, as is the computer forensics firm in their investigation.
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    If you're a fan of the movies you would know that most of the counselors don't make it... Play enough and you'll know where the phone house is just by looking at the map. Jasons traps are not invisible. The main reason people die in public lobbies is because nobody works together.
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    Welcome to the forum @Nelly. Many of us started off dying a lot as counselors. That changes as you play more and practice makes you better. There are a lot of useful tips here, if you are willing to read them and get yourself up to speed. You can also watch some YouTube videos and pick up some pointers there as well. Either way, don't give up so easily. You will get better.
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    According to the game's conditions, they did technically win, though it was a lame and cowardly way to win. If you ever get a rematch from one, make sure to record it. I'll bring the popcorn and drinks. All are welcome...
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    Eh, Jason had time to double trap a phone, grab a knife and destroy a closet before the grab kill so he had plenty of time to get the hell out of dodge if he wanted to. Door was also left wide open to the cabin. Sucks being killed quickly but I blame the counselor 100% in this case.
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    @glowing ooze, I currently use a list of sorts to weed out the bad eggs I've encountered since the beginning. I use a three strike rule, in all fairness. It's kept the peace with my circle for the longest time.
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