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    Jason went back to the shack real quick and told her a funny joke. No big deal.
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    I can bring this up to the team and see what might have happened to the audio. I know issues like this are lower priority, but it never hurts to check in on them. EDIT: Pinged the team on it and we'll take another look. In all honesty, it may have been something that fell through the cracks as lowest priority. But we'll take a second look.
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    *Whistles innocently* Yeah... uh... what a bunch of assholes, huh? Seriously, if a counselor decides to 'give up', I might abduct them just to show them something they may have never seen before, but I'm not going to do it in a typical round, especially against a kill squad (I don't want them to have the excuse of "The only reason we didn't kill you is because you cheated!") HOWEVER.... if they start sliding or using exploits, then fuck yes I'll abduct your ass and drop you into the lake... might even let you get >.< this close to shore and then drown you at the last possible moment just to piss you off even more. When you get butt-hurt about it and start crying, I'm going to laugh, upload the video, then send you the link to it along with the time-stamp so you can see exactly when it went from "Oh joy, another kill squad" to "Ohhh... so you wanna cheat, huh? Ok, two can play that game".
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    Why would they take the game down or off the PS store/XBox store or Steam just because the lawsuit would be settled? That makes zero sense.
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    Yes, this is the Random Counselor bug that we had initially implemented a fix for, that fix turns out to be incomplete. The team has fully reopened investigation on it. More news as soon as I have it. As for the standing dead counselor, strange things can happen when ya ragdoll. But in all seriousness, probably a disconnect after death or during. Could also be just a ragdoll bug, but would be very low priority comparatively at this time. I'll keep an eye out for more reports of similar issues.
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    I hate that Kane Hodder wasn’t Jason in Freddy vs Jason.
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    You heard someone get out from under a bed... while you were OUTSIDE the cabin... seriously?
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    This won't effect the game at all. The impact from the lawsuit has already been felt with all new content stopped. Gun will keep the online servers on until they decide it's time to pull the plug, so no worries till then.
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    Oh! You're on PS4! I'm gonna send you a FR and then invites any time I am on playing with a few people. We shall see how you do as either Buggzy or Jason.
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    @Bigbossman1202, he wasn’t inexperienced, lol. He was just messing with you. You can already tell he was above level 113 considering he had a machete and was using part 4. He knew exactly what he was doing when he did the abduction. It was almost textbook compared to the ones I’ve seen. Watch these clips, this guy knew what he was doing: @TimDuke 01, I can also confirm it happens by accident. This was a match a couple months back. I have no idea how it happened, other than rubber banding like you were talking about.
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    It seems there have been a lot of issues with game chat recently. A friend of mine is having the same issue.
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    The laughter triggers when Jason’s Rage meter has filled up completely and he will no longer be able to be stunned will melee weapons..... He can be stunned with the shotgun bear traps, The last hit that de-masks him and the sweater. The more you know 🌈 ⭐️
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    Boring but fair. I’m close to get my PHD in the game and I always like to “go out” in a cool way, but I get why people stick with slashing. Get 3 pocket knives in a row and you’ll never wanna grab again. 😁
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    Interesting... The bots are more human than one thought possible. On the bright side, at least the tents are being used.
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    @Ahab, you probably need a six-pack after such a lengthy post. You are right about the number of ways to learn things. You have Visual, Physical, Aural, Verbal, Logical, Social, and Solitary for starters. A game of this quality would likely fall into a little of each, depending on the player. If I ever have any questions about drywall, I know who to ask now.
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    You have your opinion, and that's fine. Your view differs greatly from other members here. Things change over time here, and that will always be the case. If you do find something to reconsider and discuss, it will be worth having a conversation about.
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    Players become the best by doing, rather than just taking someone else's word for it. Sounds like Tina might have something to do with those twirling knives.I knew she'd sneak in this game one day...
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    There are players who potentially have a better chance of survival as Vanessa. The point you seem to be overlooking is that counselor choice is part of the equation. Consider the player's skill as Jason, the Jason that is chosen by that player, the map selected, and a number of other things. All of those things factor in on how easy or difficult a time that a player has in a match. That holds true for Vanessa, Jenny, or anyone else.
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    While some counselors are better at certain tasks than others, your own skill and knowledge of the game is taken into account as well. I've seen players perform tasks their counselor isn't the most suited for.
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    Surviving as any counselor is tied to your own skill, and the ability to think outside the box.
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    You two made my day with that. So many memories of the 90's.
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    For some reason I had all my perks and clothing choices removed on the switch. I thought something like that was addressed for the PC and not all platforms.
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    i have been playin since the patch that jus came out an if players join right be4 the match stars yr character even tho is was 1 u chose its switched out to a random 1 that u didnt choose another thing 1 person was killed by jason an there character was dead standing up it looked wierd
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    Its a bug. the devs need to make it more easier and sensitive to kill Jason. or just toggle different difficulty modes on lobbies that a majority of 5 have to agree too. part of the fun of this game is killing Jason. Killing Jason should be a common thing.
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