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    EDIT: Patch is rolling out on all platforms now. Please be sure to download the patch and fully restart the game before matchmaking. On Tuesday, the 16th of June, we'll be rolling out a patch for all platforms simultaneously. This patch will be deployed in the evening in the US, 10PM Eastern US Time. As with every patch day, as servers repopulate with players on the latest version, some matchmaking delays can occur. Make sure you have updated to the latest version once the patch is live, and completely restart the game. Support and Community teams will be standing by to monitor any potential issues. **Patch 1.37 (PC, Xbox, PS4) Patch 1.04 (Switch) - 6.16.2020 - 10PM Eastern US Time** Overall Car Improvements Jason or Counselors Attempting to Interact with the vehicle (Interaction Lock). Counselors entering and exiting the vehicle (Interaction Lock). Jason throwing knives at cars no longer causes catastrophic rocket cars. Jason morphing to the car no longer causes catastrophic rocket cars. Catastrophic Rocket Cars are non-canonical and should be regarded as such. Random Counselor Players Should No Longer Spawn as Random Counselor (Unless Selected) Players Should No Longer Spawn as Random Jason (Unless Selected) Residual Issue: Some icons may not appear correctly in limited circumstances. This is a UI bug only, and does not affect the selection. Team is investigating. Various 'Stuck Spots' and Hidden Spots Fixed This includes but is not limited to Pinehurst Stairs. Offline Challenge - Snuggle By the Fire Tiffany Pathing Issues Resolved Various Interaction Locks Fixed Includes, but is not limited to: Use of firecrackers Entering/Exiting vehicle Shooting Flare Gun Multiple presses while using windows/doors Various Exploits Fixed This includes but is not limited to a recent vulnerability causing perk/CP resets. Damage, Mask, and Balance The team has monitored feedback present in the community regarding the mask removal as part of the kill process. We wanted to adjust this in a way that would eliminate one or two hits being capable of removing the mask, while still preserving the effectiveness of perks and builds that took players significant time to develop. We’ve shifted the damage values needed to remove the mask to make this process a bit more difficult, even for counselors with high stats and perks, but kept it in a range that will not alienate newer players. Removing the mask will still vary depending on counselor, perks, weapon used, and attack type. The team also would like to provide some insight into what the team is currently investigating. While the following items are under investigation, our next patch is not limited to only these items. These are high profile, community requested items, and the team is already in the investigation stage of identifying the cause and potential correction. **Under Investigation for Next Patch Cycle** Combat Stance - Various uses that manipulate stamina, "sliding" etc. Health Spray Break Free Issue Ability Unlock/Recharge Rate Toggle in Private Match
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    The game is about Jason. If you can't handle that, I hear Fornite will take you.
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    Now with Jason in rage mode, it's the hardest things to do, we should be awarded.
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    After playing the last month or so, I feel like Vanessa needs to be nerfed. Its impossible to catch 5 of them if you wanna use a Jason that "cant run" which should be removed from the game as well. Just give him a walking speed thats similar to his slow jog for all of them.
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    I been called "Barney" as NES Jason before does that count? 😛
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    Wow, I see alot of people crying over a game. Take it for what it is. Play it or dont.
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    Im tired of hearing ppl cry about the rage buff,they have no idea what was going on b4 that. 4 chads stunning jason for 20 minutes in every lobby. The game is designed to fight jason when u have to, not troll the whole match.Im glad that its harder to kill jason now.It was way too easy b4.
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    The new grab could be tweaked. The big issue is being locked into the forward lunge. If we could turn while grabbing, that would be better.
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    Jason getting permanent invulnerability with rage is still something that should be revised or reverted. It is a horrible mechanic. Either give Jason temporary rage/invulnerability(with decay) or buff him in some other way. Removing player's ability to fight or contest objectives past a certain point in the game, or punishing the entire survivor team for every individual hit players get on Jason, are not healthy mechanics for the game. There should be a sense of reward when a player gets a swing on Jason, not a sense that they are getting screwed out of a late-game because they successfully defended themselves.
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    Those are hilarious!! I forgot all about Butthole - Ears 😂!!
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    This reminds me of a conversation from olden times, back before I was a moderator. I was particularly proud of a few of the suggestions Mine were: "Uncle Overalls" "Lumpy" "Sgt Spear" "Crusty" "Squish" "Also Lumpy" ...and "Sparky McForkboy" @Tattooey had suggested Butthole Ears for Part 8, which was delightful. I once heard a kid in-game refer to Part 6 as "Fat Jason".
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    Block if they're gangbanging. Don't grab in groups. Slash>block still works in quick play, especially if you're already in combat stance.
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    i miss the victory dance too.. BUT you can enter combat mode in the cop exit & boogie out that way 👍 give it a whirl.
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    They are posted in the patch notes section of the forums.
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    I see the villagers are already grabbing their pitchforks... @mattshotcha as promised, here is my initial overview: I spent most of the night testing mask damage, picking @Tommy86s brain for ideas, and just trying to wrap my head around the new mechanics. It is definitely harder to get the mask based solely on the new 4 hit minimum requirement and strength nerf. Although we were able to get the demask in 3 hits, once out of 4 tries, with damage build Buggzy. I'm not sure if that was some strange anomoly, or if we just hit the exact right conditions based on our experience level and overall knowledge of game mechanics. From what I can tell, 1 heavy machete hit from 10 strength with no perks deals around 45 damage post update. Light attack seems to be roughly half that. We did not test lower strength counselors much, but mathematically speaking it should take more than 5 heavy hits with a machete to demask a base defense Jason with any counselor 5 strength or under. Considering how easy it is to dodge or block a heavy attack, that honestly doesn't seem bad. The biggest problem I've seen is that weapon stuns do the same damage as non stuns. You used to trade standing in stun for up to 10 seconds for the comfort in knowing that the hit did little damage and basically wasted weapon durability. Since this is no longer the case that will undoubtedly be the biggest adjustment. And most likely the greatest complaint from Jason players. Although I completely understand the concept in why they did that. This way extra rage damage due to the fact that no hit stuns is taken completely out of the equation, and now we're left exclusively to balance tweaks. Base defense Jason's still have 100 hit points, -defense/-hit points Jason's still have 85 hit points, as tested by trap damage. Traps still consistently demask on the 9th/10th trap respectively, so must be immune to any mask RNG or "chance" to demask. Block damage seems to have an interesting damage multiplier, or reducer rather, that I don't quite understand yet. Although that feature will likely go unnoticed in quick play lobbies as block is nearly useless there due to input delay. Overall I'd say the update didn't hurt anything, but I'm not sure if balance is correct or not. Is it the end all be all answer to unskilled/low level Jason deaths? Probably not. But you can't really balance to someone that doesn't know how to play. We'll need to play some matches both in quick play and in private against average/above average skilled Jason's before we know for sure if the balance is in a good place. Also noteworthy for anyone interested, the car can in fact no longer be put through the map with throwing knives and those certain out of map spots are no longer a thing.
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    TBH I would want Jason to be even stronger. The game was based on communication but now can easily be played without it. I dont like that I can play without a mic and win/kill jason/escape relatively easily, personally. Escaping Jason should be tough, exhilarating and rewarding with good teamwork. I dont use a mic because at this point I dont need to.
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    Should make a new kiddie mode for people where Jason has no weapons and can't grab. And the counselors have no weapons either. Everyone wins all the time....
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    Sweet lord. This reply burned my eyes. Jason only players? How do you only play as Jason? I myself have my preference set as Jason and only get to be Jason about 20% of the time I play. There's really only counselors ONLY players. Then the whole Jason only players cry about everything comment.. Which is complete BS. Because anyone that's been around these forums since the start knows full well its counselor only players that cry about everything ALL THE TIME. Its the reason why Jason was constantly nerfed and counselors constantly buffed. You can literally search this forum and see that for yourself. The massive amount of counselor only mains that cry about everything all the time, as if they are to special to die. And its because of how the game was constantly changed to help counselors that led to Jason getting to rage invincibility. I spend most of my time playing as Counselors (which is not my choice because you can't play as Jason everytime) And I prefer Jason to be supremely over powered because I like shitting my pants and trying to survive. I don't want it to be easy for me when playing as Counselors, because that would make the game boring and comical. This game is not supposed to be balanced. This isn't a 1 vs 1 fighting game.
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    Umm, no? If you are paying attention, it is very easy to avoid being grabbed after the shift. All you have to do is juke to either side when Jason is about to come out of shift. Another technique that will avoid the shift grab is, when you know he shifted, stop moving for a sec, then right before he's on you sprint. He will come out of shift expecting an easy grab and you will be several steps out ahead of him.
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    They're working someone else's code with a tiny team. Give 'em a little slack, dude. Also, calling for Matt's job is TOTALLY uncalled for. He's been polite and helpful throughout his tenure here.
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    Just hang tight, as the team is tackling the tickets for this.
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    So demasking Jason is still way too easy and happens way too early thus killing Jason happens way too early. Played a match as Chad. Hit Jason 5 times with a machete and the mask came off. 3 minutes in. Jason was dead at the 6 minute mark. Played a match as Buggzy. Jason showed up at me at the beginning of the match and I luckily got a nice cabin spawn with an axe and machete. They did seem to fix the 1 or 2 axe hit Buggzy demask but it mattered little when I demasked him on the first hit with a machete...third hit in total he took in the round. Dead Jason at the 4:30 mark. To say I'm a tad disappointed that the patch didn't do anything to make Jason a bit more difficult to kill would be an understatement. At this rate, my only suggestion is to delay Tommy from coming back til at least halfway through the match, if not longer, as whatever tuning is done to Jason's mask hp or weapon damage isn't going to change anything.
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    I am very disappointed the random counselor glitch still continues after the new patch. 😑
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    Great. Now fix the amount of Vanessa’s that can play in one game, she’s an OP character and to have five of them is unfair as a Jason.
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    Honestly, jason needs all the help he can get.I suggest every jason gets 1 more trap,and if someone steps in one of traps jason can replant it,using another trap of course, in the same spot of course.Also id like for every jason to have 1 extra plus on his stats,to balance some of the bad jasons like pt 4 or 7.Also counselors get 1 extra perk, so 4 perks per counselor. Like pt 4 having a plus on morph,or pt2 having extra throwing knives etc.
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    Patch is rolling out now! Please make sure to download the update and fully restart the game before matchmaking!
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    You already get XP based on how long you survive. Personally, I don't like the idea of encouraging people to run out the clock. The most common reason (other than Rage quitting) that people leave the lobby is because they don't want to sit around waiting for the match to end. It's already annoying as it is having to watch as people Juke Jason for 10mins while the Cops are on scene already.
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    Why though? Is there an unwritten code somewhere that says once you have hit 150 you are supposed to be toxic? I have been level 150 on two separate accounts for almost two years now and I have never been toxic.
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    If counselor "sliding" is set to be patched, then please, please, please add Jason's counselor "abduction" to the investigation list also. It's an extremely cheap way to get easy kills and renders pocket knives (arguably a counselor's most resourceful utility in the game) utterly pointless when abducted into the water. Half-decent Jason exploiters can abduct counselors when they're climbing through a window, sitting in a car or trapped in a corner with ease. Hopefully patching it will in turn fix Jason's "ghost walking" exploit. Overlooking that abduction needs to be fixed in the next patch cycle will mean that the exploit will most likely remain in-game for a further year minimum, if fixed at all. Admittedly I use counselor sliding, BUT ONLY TO COUNTER TEAMERS, EXPLOITERS AND GLITCHERS ALIKE. However, I would ecstatically welcome the removal of sliding, as there are those who abuse it and I only wish to play fair. That said, a concerted clean up effort must be made on both sides to keep the playing field level.
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    if your main gripe is Jason helpers then absolutely nothing Gun does will help you "win" Since you've allegedly played since launch then you should know that Jason is far less powerful now than he was back then. It was counselors bitching that nerfed Jason into the ground. Less grab range, Less grab cone radius, worse grab animation, elimination of meat shielding. All of those are infinitely more powerful than a useless rage buff since the majority of matches are done before Jason hits rage. Hell, you can kill Jason less than 4 minutes into a round which is absurd and stupid. And this newest change does nothing to buff Jason if the counselors objective is to escape because making the mask harder to remove does nothing to change escape parameters. In fact, this patch is buffing the counselors for escaping as it's bringing back car escapes into play with eliminating the many Jasons who just destroy moving cars instead of trying to stop them. In case you don't know, as the driver of the car once Jason is on your mini-map, he never comes off of it. Unless he goes into a cabin and activates stalk.
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    On the contrary, I would say this post is just about as ambiguous as can be, to the point of it being intentionally so. But I’m going to break it down and attempt to make sense of it for everyone. Ok, perks and weapon values untouched, got it. So the way you are minimising damage output is by nerfing Strength then? Since you mentioned stats, and Strength is the only stat which determines damage output for a Counselor. As far as different scenarios go, well pre-Rage and post-Rage are literally the only ones I can see, which seems you’ve got some additional modifier to lower damage post-Rage. Yes, seems you’ve got a damage modifier post-Rage. That would be the fail safe. As for other ways how damage affects Jason’s mask (assuming you haven’t added anything new) well there is only stun (low damage) and non-stun (full damage). By nerfing Strength stat then both values are lowered anyway. Regarding "chances to remove" the mask, well that is simply called stun chance - since this determines the amount of damage dealt (see above). There are also 2 layers of it, base stun chance of a weapon and individual counselor stun chance (not determined by any visible stats whatsoever). A third layer would be Stun Resistance but that conclusively does not exist. Since you didn’t tweak any of the weapons, this leads me to think you increased the stun chance for counselors across the board then. Alternatively you’ve added a new modifier that randomly deals lower damage on any hit including a non-stun. Another alternative could be some extra damage immunity states for Jason - which would be wise - although I’m doubtful this is the case. But moving on... Yes, since you didn’t touch the perks. Hopefully those max values of Slugger and Thrasher with a 10 Strength Counselor have been accounted for regarding that damage modifier... Side note, I also wouldn’t strictly call it “earning” those builds since that would imply progression, rather than randomly rolling them at literally any point. Now, back to the chance topic to finish this off. If this is still simply stun-based, that not only goes out the window as soon as Rage hits, but it is not even effective before that. The reason being is that while Jason does have stun-immunity states (2-3 seconds) following a stun, he does not have damage-immunity. Therefore, even something as simple as a firecracker can be used to safely guarantee a non-stun, full damage hit providing you have the timing down - video link. Video plays from start of the match to show Jason is indeed at full health (or skip to 0:40). The demask hit comes just as he is exiting firecracker stun, and by observing the abilities menu which only lights up post-stun, you can see how much time he has to do anything. In other words - virtually none. Timing can be learned and done consistently. Additionally, there is one last nuclear bomb bit of info that I’ll drop here. There is in fact already a post-Rage damage modifier sitting in the game, although certainly not an intended one. A flare gun - one headshot - does 60 Damage post-Rage. If that is still there in the new patch, unaddressed, everything else is almost for naught. TL;DR Weapon values, perks untouched Maybe Strength nerfed Maybe dmg modifier post-Rage Maybe stun chance increased / random dmg output per hit Honestly I don’t know why the specific changes to mechanics couldn’t just be clearly listed as I’ve done above. Rather than a bunch of stuff about game balance and ambiguous tweaks, which can be confusing even for veteran players simply wanting more specific info. What is written instead is something that lends itself to a lot of speculation. In the future it would be nice to read something concrete regarding changes such as this.
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    All successful interactions with the killer should feel rewarding, that's what makes a game engaging. A single swing does not come without risk, and every successful hit should feel like you did something good, rather than punished your whole team for shortening the game by another 30 seconds. And, the fact that there might be enough time to kill or escape Jason before he gets rage is completely missing the point, not to mention often false(when the Jasons are competent or when you are playing with new players/strangers, it is very likely that the game will extend beyond the 10 minute mark). It also certainly doesn't account for players who would just go fight Jason and then leave(effectively ruining the game for everyone else who don't even know it happened). I also don't quite understand why you would use the argument of "games can be ended before the 10 minute mark" as an actual defense for this atrocious mechanic. Most people don't really want a 10 minute game. Most players do not want a permanent-invulnerability mode. It removes a lot of the player interactions between survivor/killer that made this game engaging. It makes combat for Jason very one-dimensional and boringly easy. Imagine if you played Dbd and every time you hit the killer with a pallet, one of the generators got disabled permanently. Do you think that would be a fun mechanic for anyone? Do you think anyone would see "just adapt to the new mechanic!" or "just fix enough gens before they are all disabled!" as adequate responses or defenses for this kind of mechanic?
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    And I'm super sick of you whining cry baby counselors. Get over it. Jason should be a beast. Taking the mask off with only 2 hits was absolutely ridiculous. It will still be easy to kill Jason. It will just take a few more hits to get his mask off. But once it is off it's super easy to kill him.
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    Yay! They completely screwed the counselors. As if giving Jason Rage Mode wasn't bad enough, now it's harder to take the mask off? That was the only saving grace when rage mode is active. I love this game, but I am super sick of the whiny Jason players that suck bitching until they get a new buff . I think Rage mode should be gotten rid of. Its just basically giving Jason kills. I miss the days when Jasons had to be good at it.
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    Thanks a lot, but you guys still can't find the perfect balance for Jason. It is too powerful and the survivors are increasingly harmed.
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    Wow, yet another Jason buff, of course, because he wasn't strong enough already. To be honest this update was the change needed for Jason, not the rage change that was just ridiculous.
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    Even you have to admit that Jason X most definitely AIN'T a fan-favorite of the series. And to all of those people that doesn't want Jason to fall on his back after only one hit go play the 1989 NES game.
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    It's nice to have another older gamer in the mix. @AshTray900, I had some fun times with both Metroid Prime and the Silent Hill franchise.
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    I'm an old fart too I guess. I'm not really into video games but I've gotten pretty good at Friday the 13th. Of course I'm a Horror/Friday the 13th fan. A lot of video games are repetitive. Predator: Hunting Grounds looks a lot like those Star Wars Battlefront games, etc.
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    @AshTray900 What's your typical ping rate if I may ask? I know often times when a counselor's and/or Jason's ping rate is up, it can impact whether the weapon connects or not. At least, in my experience.
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    Consider it a trip through the Twilight Zone. 😎
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    There's no shame in gaming alone. You can't really annoy yourself. Alan Wake and Assassin's Creed are pretty good choices. You seem to run into the most interesting of lobbies. A self-equipped Nerves of Steel will go hand in hand with a self-equipped Thick Skin.
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    There's strength in solidarity. Befriend those you can, and ignore the trolls, cheaters and toxic players in general.
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    Amen to that brother. We need more pizza nights to make the world go 'round.
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    We live in a different era of gaming now. I still tell players good game in most games I play to this day. I guess it's in my blood.
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    I have to check with the team about PM toggles and what options are still possible. Thank you for the support! But a sense of reward for hitting Jason? That's a little strange to say since we're talking about a single swing, activated by a single button press. And if players only swing on Jason when necessary, Rage won't be accelerated. It is MORE than possible to escape or kill Jason before Rage ever comes into play.
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    Waa waa waa....cry me a river. The rage change makes since. Before all the rage did was allow you to bust through doors. That was weak as hell. I escape Jason at times even with rage. Most of the time I escape before he hits rage. Get over it. It won't be going away.
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