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    From what I have read Victor Miller (the writer of the original Friday the 13th movie) has won the lawsuit. Now we know who to contact in order to give the OK about getting progress made to game a go ahead we should all take that chance and contact him. I doubt the new developers would contact him and tell us that they did so, so it is up to us the Friday the 13th fans who should band together and make our voices be heard about this game. Together we have a better chance of getting actual changes made to the game. http://victormiller.com/ Contact him there
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    Bots can also get stuck under beds or in outhouses. Rather than removing these, maybe adjusting the bot AI a bit so they don't just stay hidden would be better. Of course, this can wait until the major bugs get fixed first.
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    Damn, you did an awesome job, looks like an official figure
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    A new game will probably happen in the distant future. There are a lot of fans out there, and many of them are pretty creative. Yes. Agreed. There is nothing wrong with wanting to see a new F13 game. I just don't think we'll see one for a while.
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    I think it would be better to just make an entirely new game. I think a new experience with different mechanics would work out better. Keep a few nuggets of the "DNA" of the gameplay style per se but build it upon an entirely new system.
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    WTF? You trapped objectives? Dude, those traps are for catching rabbits. So yes... you are toxic. And you should be ashamed.
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    You cant listen to any of this crap , people take video games way to serious this stuff is meaningless entertainment . You slash they complain , shift grab they complain , knocking a guys head off is not a real kill , if you're ranked 150 and kill a lobby you're wrong for doing it as a lvl 141 told me , I had one counselor alive and a car ready to go so i stalked and waited by the car and caught him i was a loser for doing that .....It's endless !
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    @SirMang youll be fine if you use part 6 or part 8 tho, they wear gloves.
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    if you were using traps youre obvisously just a fat basement man 😂 put all seven traps around yourself & tell 'em: SIX FEET
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    I see more adults doing this as opposed to tweens. Some people are just plain sore losers.
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    What makes for a try hard is subjective. If one plays the game as intended and has a decent attitude, then one gets along fine with most people and has good matches. If players spend their time nitpicking other players for their faults based on personal criteria, then they won't have as much fun. The player base is far from perfect, but there are some decent players among the uncivilized ones. Every game in existence played with two or more people encourages some kind of social interaction. Winning or losing happens with any game that has two of more sides. Everyone wins at some point, and loses at other points. Some people don't like to lose, but it happens. @F134Ever86, I agree that one should make an effort in anything they do. Some people try their hardest, and still can't win. I applaud their effort nonetheless. I couldn't agree more with these two statements. @SteveChristy, nice description of a sore loser. You're just trying to shut down the Jason kill. It is self-preservation. @GeneiJin, I agree that self-improvement is its own reward.
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    I've only been playing for about 6 weeks and i was well aware that i was buying a game that might be dead online. Surprisingly, it's not dead. I actually wasn't aware of the lawsuit when i bought the game but even with that going on, i am having a blast on F13. It sucks that the game could end soon but the only thing we can do is enjoy it while we can. I'll always regret not getting it sooner but i will play almost daily until it shuts down now.
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