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    Considering that you're just gonna quit every round you play, why not just quit the game entirely since you don't enjoy it instead. I mean I see no downside in people like you never playing the game again.
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    He'll probably rage-quit during that too. When someone RQs when getting grabbed, it practically screams "bratty ass sore-loser". You're telling both Jason and the other counselors that you can't handle losing without looking like a whiny little bitch. It also cancels any possible help you could have given had you hung around and came back as Tommy. What a selfish bitch way to play.
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    The downside is that you reveal you are millennial , a pussy, and a crappy player, Jason is underpowered in this game, you must really suck
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    The downside is the constant shame you will always feel for rage quitting and bragging about it.
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    Aside from looking like a salty-ass rage-quitting pussy?
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    I'm sorry but is this a serious question ? You cant wait 6 seconds to be killed before you need to search for a new game ? haha
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    Counselor teams are already OP and you want to nerf Jason? Dumbest shIt I’ve read since strigoi
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    Shift grab takes skill, and skill can keep you from dying. And no, obviously the game isn't "balanced." It was never meant to be. Get over yourself. A good counselor is going to survive Jason most of the time. If you can't get good, then don't pitch a little bitch fit when you lose. If you HAVE to be a child when you lose, STOP PLAYING THE GAME ASSHOLE! Literally nobody wants to play with a crybaby who quits when he loses. You're the worst kind of player of any game. Unless you're a troll, which it seems like you are.
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    The game is still going strong on PS4. One piece of advice, if you are trying to join a quick play lobby, if it is taking longer than a minute or two to find a match, cancel and restart the search. I personally restart the search if it takes longer than 20 seconds to find a match.
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    Got some bad news for you. Even after the lawsuit is settled, they aren’t changing much in the game. They definitely will not take out the ability to shift grab. If you can’t handle being outplayed and have to quit like a little baby, maybe you need to consider not playing multiplayer games.
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    Got called an absolute tw@t last night playing. Cleared the lobby in about 10mins as Jason. Next round is Pinehurst, 4 people leave as match starts. Part 4 Jason is on me in the first minute. I survive 14 minutes, taking him on a tour of Pinehurst. A Vanessa comes over and helps Jason finally kill me. I watch as they both team and kill the other counsellor together. I come back as Tommy, Jason is on me straight away. Lead him around for another 4 minutes till the match ends and I survive. left the lobby and got a message off the Jason player: You absolute tw@t
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    A shift grab isn’t a 0 skill insta kill. It takes practice and skill to pull off. The more you play the game the better you will be at avoiding it and utilising it when you are Jason. If you start playing any online game three years after launch you are going to have a hard time till you’ve learned the game and gotten better at it yourself.
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    It can be fun when it's working right. @deborahwaifu wtf is instant grab? Do you mean Jason's grab that gives you all the kill animations in the game? If you think his grab is broken you should have seen it around launch buttercup. Anybody who thinks the game is Jason sided is kidding themselves.
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    Not really punishment, but the consequences for being so disrespectful to your fellow players you’re already seeing first hand. Friday is not Dbd, they don’t play the same. Learn to play the game you’re playing. Dodging all but the best Jason’s is actually pretty easy, NoS makes sure you can do it even at max fear. Just learn to use your mini map, Shift becomes a non-issue. Not a fan of people who come here hostile, but maybe you just lack self respect.
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    Welcome to the forum @deborahwaifu. Players frown on players who rage quit during a kill. It sucks to get killed, but it is part of the game. There are a lot of useful videos on YouTube, and a lot of useful information on the forum to help you get killed a little less often. Best of luck to you in your experiences with this game.
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    Dead by daylight is a garbage game but ok do your thing
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    Go play dead by daylight where the killer doesn’t kill seems like more your style
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    Rather not, I'll be doing this until the law suit is settled and wait for real balance he does not need instant grab when he has rage mode already either make instant grab when ur about to die and thats it
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    I see more adults doing this as opposed to tweens. Some people are just plain sore losers.
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    So, you're saying they show a lack of sportsmanship and their behavior illustrates insufficient levels of maturity required to accept defeat with dignity?
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    I see newer players do that now and then. I used knives only on the last person I saw doing that. I only did that because the person ran two counselors over in the same match. He left the lobby after that.
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    I nominate you to be part of our F13 Game video commentary committee. 😎
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    It does suck when that happens.
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    I was trying to give Tommy and SG a chance to catch up to Jason, so I ran over and intentionally got killed. Then this happened...
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    Funniest car glitch I have ever personally seen.
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    I like her as sweater girl so I use epic marathon, restful, and nerves of Steele in case I need to run and keep Jason busy for a few while I have the sweater on.
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    as a new player teleport grab is broken and not fun, takes the fun out of the game, So yeah if i quit mid animation grab and quit and reque for a new game is there any punishments?
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    i found out the jasons use a trick cheat an dont let players get any stamina back nomatter what perks they use
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