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    It is. But it's not going to be a major sweeping change, as that is problematic in other ways. It's also not going to be a massive change, since the community is still divided on this. I'll share more on this when we have it.
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    Rage isn't the topic here. And Rage isn't being tweaked right now. But anything we change is going to be carefully balanced, taking Rage into consideration.
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    I also love slipping away in the midst of a chaotic situation.
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    Lookin good, I'll look for the missing ones from the ultimate collection and search for the older versions of McFarlane and Neca I don't own any mezco figures so I don't know about the quality of those. Edit I wonder if the variants displayed in the mortal kombat x mobile version would be possible without the lawsuit
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    Fatal you say...
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    I'm not sure of the cause, and I would suggest hitting up JasonKillsBugs.com to report it. If there is any troubleshooting or workaround, they'll be the best to walk you through it. And if not, they can track and report it.
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    Mmmm maybe playing dead by daylight for a bit on switch made me realize how Good Friday looks on the console. Good job guys! I was very impressed coming back.
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    When the game gets laggy my counselor has gotten stuck in all sorts of animations. Most common to be stuck in are "bending over to open a drawer stance" and "landing stance" from climbing out a window. I suppose its possible they lagged and got stuck in the repair stance when you went to grab them.
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    She might have had a really rough connection or a spike that lead to that behavior. Especially considering the missed skill check sound. If she wasn't able to control her character due to a spike in connection, she'd repeatedly miss the next click of the skill check. She may have run off, but due to the connection being poor, she looked to be in the animation still, explaining why she was getting further away but still looking to be completing the fix. I'm glad to get the report, however, as I now will keep an eye out for similar strange behavior, just to be safe. Thanks!
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    For offline challenge audio issues, we are not currently prioritizing them. Reason being, it is just the audio and there's not an impact to the challenge if the audio is off. It would be great to tackle them at some point, but we're currently focusing on things like the car issues, random counselor, etc. I also haven't checked in with the team (but I will) to see how deep into things this sync is. That would definitely be a big part of where they eventually fall in the list.
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    Ps4 Haven’t played them for a bit but the last time I did there were audio sync issues with 2 or 3 of the challenges. I will Replay them and edit this post. I believe the Team is aware of the offline issues and it is on the list to get fixed in a later patch. @mattshotcha any update on off-line sync issues fixed down the road?
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    Since it was console I'd have to say glitch.From what I understand it is not all that easy to hack a console but I'm no interface expert or coding expert.I can build a PC and I learned binary and what hex numbers mean but very basic. Could you hook a PC to a PS4 or Xbox and hack it? I'm quite sure it is possible but it would take someone with pretty good knowledge of computer coding.
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    Because it's honestly is. Unlike any other objective, there is no major moments when an counselors is unable to defend themselves involved with killing Jason. Cop call and vehicle repairs all have moments when counselor becomes completely vulnerable. Once the requirements (Tommy, sweater, and mask off), and Jason decides to run (or hide in the waters 😂), other objectives now become free to complete with the sweaters protection. Any team looking to "win" a majority of their games should go for the kill as soon as Tommy has spawned since it's very decisive. Hopefully as @mattshotcha has alluded, that it is evaluated to bringing this closer to a true balance. As is, with strong players involved on both sides, too much of the game is determined whether or not Tommy was called or prevented.
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    Same here. I'll play this game until the servers go off for good, no matter how long that is.
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    If you are in a group of good and competent players, Killing Jason is the easiest one on 99% of all Jasons in public lobbies.
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    It's nice to know I won't be the only one.
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    Favorite is calling the cops and camping what I expect to be the cop spawn. As soon as you hear sirens, I'm gone. I do also like doing the boat whenever possible. Just a certain satisfaction of stealthily getting both parts and slipping away while there's a big scrum at the car.
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    Haha I'll be here til the end. As I've said before, this is the only online game I enjoy; and I check fairly often for new info. Although I've slowed down a lot on that over the last year or so. Also, OP is a really specific type of troll. Someone here made him mad, and he won't rest until... I don't know, he'll get off on something, I guess.
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    The stance on this topic hasn't really changed. When I polled it months ago, the majority of participants felt the sweater was a situational item. As it is first come first serve, the use of the sweater depends on the intentions of the player grabbing it. It will benefit some, and hinder others.
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    If one grabs the sweater and wastes it, then I can see that line of reasoning. The key there is finding players who aren't total dicks and want to play the game as intended. If it's a lobby with less than honorable players, then all bets are off. Many players feel the sweater should only be used for the Jason kill. Like other items in this game, it has more than one use. At least you still get use out of it if Tommy dies.
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    What did you do in-game? Is it a custom private match, offline, challenge or quick play? Happens in that particular map or you can't play at all?
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    Let’s hope not enough people left after the rage update, how many buffs can you give Jason before it’s to much? Killing him is the only thing you can really do know instead of running around a table for 10 min. For something that the community is still divided on how likely are we to see some tweaks to that Rage crap?
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    Friday the 13th: The game part two of course! Only when the lawsuit is over though...
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