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    I played it. It's enjoyable but matches are just a little on the short side for my liking. Either way I'll list a few Pro's and Con's of the game and make comparisons to F13 where applicable. Pro's: The option to choose to play as either the Predator or the Fireteam (soldiers) is a massive plus point. No problems getting into a match - about 2-3 mins wait on average. Takes a bit longer to get into one as Predator, but that's understandable. The graphics are miles better than F13. The menu screen alone shows just how high quality the character models are. Cut scenes are also a lot more polished than F13's PS3 looking textures; most noticeable in the Single Player Challenges. Gameplay is very smooth when minimal AI are on screen and appreciated more when playing as Predator traversing through the trees. XP system allows you to unlock new classes, weapons and perks as you level up and use the points to unlock loadout gear and player/item skins. Alternatively, you get reward boxes (Field Lockers) after most games, which you can also buy, that drop 3 items containing gear and skins. So you can save on XP points if you get good drops. Duplicate item drops give you points (amount based on item rarity) as an automatic exchange. No perk rolling! If you like CoD-style gameplay you'll like this game. Personally I play for Predator as it's much more challenging and less point-and-shoot. Con's: My biggest issue is that matches will average about 6-8 mins and can only last a maximum of 15 mins. The Fireteam are required to complete 3 mundane objectives and "get to tha choppa" to escape. F13 has much better pacing and intensity IMO. If Predator players go in gung-ho and get taken down they have the option to self-destruct before being killed (by shooting his mask off). The game is then over regardless of whether or not the Fireteam escaped the blast radius. This can lead to matches being finished within 5 mins when, in fact, the Fireteam should at least be able to finish their mission. Unlike F13, which has a few ways for counselors to proceed in a match, almost every match in PHG requires you to find computer terminals, documents or cargo and interact with them (hold square). Do this a couple of times and then get to the rendezvous point to end the game. This process gets old very quick. Kind of like DBD - fix gens and exit. The AI enemy is not too smart. Of course they are the tertiary players in the game, but they fail to take any evasive action. They will either just run up to you directly or run around until you kill them. On a rare occasion they will just stand there not doing anything as you run right past them. A squad that sticks together will beat the Predator 99 times out of 100 (in my experience). As several higher level weapons are unable to be unlocked in the trial it's quite hard for Predator to take down a team that are watching each others back. The game can move so fast from area to area that placing traps that work effectively is few and far between. Also, Predator's ranged weapons give away his location almost instantly, leading to a hail of bullets coming your way. Hopefully more game experience/the full game will balance this. Predator has no window of invincibility when performing a "claimed" kill (taking his prey's skull as a trophy). This means you will eat a bunch of cheap bullets without being able to do a thing about it while your in the amination. No offline or single player mode (in the trial/at time of writing). Would be really handy to practice your stealth gameplay and taking the AI down as Predator, as you can as Jason in F13. Bug: T-posing AI advancing on the map until he started shooting. AI stuck in a rock unable to move. Bug: New item indicator remains on items that have been checked. Also shows on items that are locked because the unlocked skins within cannot be checked.
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    Since Neca has been affected by the lawsuit and is unable to make any new figures in the F13 franchise, I decided to make a custom version of JGTH. I know that this film is hated by many fans, but I happen to really enjoy the movie and love The design for him in the film. Let me know what you guys think! @Dogmatic here are pix of the JGTH custom I made. Since you liked the J8 not sure if you saw this topic thread. @DontZzz34 since you liked J8 I tagged you for this one as well..... not everyones cup of tea for a movie but JGTH’s look for Jason is one of my favorites. Enjoy the Photo shoot !!! “GO TO HELL!!!”
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    The devs have made Jason harder to kill by having to have perks that allow your counselor to carry over perks to tommy jarvis to be able to stun Jason. Jason players have a ton of defense mechanics to use. My guess is that new players at a lower level try to play as Jason and expect Jason to not be killed. When i play the game i notice that lower level players just fix things like cars,phone box. Its only lobbies that have higher leveled players that understand how to use the Jason kill.
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    I agree, thick skin is a must have perk. Back when I first started playing, I didn’t have the perk on every counselor, just the few I’d play more often, so one time I got the random counselor glitch and my character got injured from one knife and a broken window. Now I don’t use broken windows anymore unless it’s absolutely necessary (which is rare), but either way, I agree, without thick skin you get crippled so fast. It’s almost impossible to survive that way if you’re going up against a jason with weapon strength or a Jason who is good with throwing knives. You’d run out of health sprays pretty quickly, even with medic on.
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    Agreed 10000% counselors do not fear Jason at all. I think this could be fixed if this happened..... Nerf counselors combat, buff Jason’s combat, nerf Jason’s sense only slightly, buff counselors stealth, give infinity stalk, make running Jason’s faster, nerf shift to a way longer cooldown, decrease morph to a shorter cooldown, let jason break furniture, get rid of shitty punishable animations, get rid of his red icon on map, music only plays if you visually see him, etc I think with these changes alone Jason would be more scary and the game overall would seem more creepy. Playing as a counselor, now you will never know where jason is unless you visually see him. Counselors would have to play very carefully and would have to be more aware of their surroundings. Jason could jump out at anyone at any moment. Amazing stalk jump scares would become the common thing. With the nerfing of his shift Jason players wouldn’t have to rely on that so much as now they can stalk the entire game. The game gets old when all Jason players do is use their shift ability every time it recharges and counselors running around like idiots to avoid it. Most Jason’s have no care at all for any cool stalk kills. The mindset now is “kill quickly and head punches and choke kills. Gets kind of lame after awhile. I feel like these ideas could turn the game from a trollfest to a true horror game
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    If tough defines me almost every match as Jason trying to hit the Tommy box AND trap it after trapping my shack before I leave it before even touching any objectives, then that makes no sense. By now, most people who are familiar with this game always try to make sure the counselors won’t get the Jason kill because once they get the sweater, once they get Jarvis, and once the mask which, by the way, has way too low HP to it - it’s game over for Jason unless the counselors decide to split up or if they make some mistake. Now that’s something nobody ever thought would happen with this game. Nobody is afraid of Jason anymore, which is why so many people solely play matches just to kill Jason. If all doesn’t work out, they rage quit. The Jason kill isn’t even anything near difficult unless you have a bunch of newbie players who don’t know what they’re doing. Even then, there have been a lot of new players who were playing as Tommy and I’ve seen them successfully knock Jason down to his knees and do exactly the right thing after that, executing the kill. It isn’t just the experienced, high level players that can pull off the Jason kill. The Jason kill is the easiest way of winning in this game, easier than getting the cops called. Even if it’s a good Jason it’s very hard to get rid of Tommy and the little “squad” once they have everything going. Throw knives from far away? They’ll spray with the six sprays they have because of the medic perk. Grab one of them? That’s your death trap.They’ll have two pocket knives and then spam the button to use the sweater. Jason is severely under powered. I’m not sure what you’re doing wrong and how you’re playing that makes you think Jason is so OP in so many different ways, especially with all the other posts you’ve made. Of course everybody is entitled to their own opinion but with this game, there is barely any opinion involved. It’s a fact that Jason isn’t as strong as he should be. It’s at the point where I have to ask if this game is based off of the movie franchise of the same name where Jason was a badass.
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    Once again, a nonsense post that omits any facts or data. Please do research and tests, and provide the results with your claims. A thread like this can't be taken seriously otherwise.
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    The game looks like it can be fun and enjoyable like F13. But I can't play it because I play games on Xbox. But I hope all you PlayStation and PC players enjoy the game.
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    Even when players swarm Jason it doesent last long before they get slashed and everyone realizes that they need to run. Ive noticed that lower level players are more interested in fixing things phone fuse and cars. higher level players are more interested in the Jason kill.
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    i was thinking what if they update the security to the game it could help stop the hackers hacking the game just a idea
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    Exactly. SARS in 2003 caused according to current numbers 8000 infections with ca. 750 deaths worldwide, in western countries it even was quite noiseless. H1N1 a couple of years later was way heavier, figures speak of 60 Million infected, 19.000 official deaths, dark figures even speak of up to 150.000 - 500.000 deaths (not all laboratory proven so the real count is and will forever be unclear). I am by far no virologist, but what we so far face and can see here with covid -19 is still only the beginning and this corona mutation seems to be more aggressive (higher infection/death percentage than H1N1). The incubation time is with up to 14 days quite long (SARS and H1N1 were shorter, in the end better to control) and what makes it now also more difficult to grasp is the current cases’ real number. today on March 28th, we have worldwide 650.000 positive tested persons: 150.000 already recovered and 30.000 dead, this leads to officially remaining infected 470.000. With the given incubation time of up to 14 days, every one can do the maths and will see that those 470.000 had been infected in the past 14 days. it is very likely that all of them spreaded the Virus during the time till they showed the symptoms, got positively tested, got the results, came in quarantine by themselves. The real infected number of today’s March 28th has to be considered as follows: with 470.000 calculated at an average date of already on March 17th and a doubling rate assumption at every 2-3 days, which would lead to ca 4 -6 Million infected persons worldwide. But of course all of them do not know it right now, they will only show symptoms in the next couple of days, accelerating a further spreading. This combined with the more aggressive virus, the higher death rate makes it worse. The social distance situation and the hysteria that comes with it , sucks, no question. ask our little kids, who want to play outside, but our neighbors‘ do not allow their kids to play with ours (or demand to keep a distance of a couple of meters). We ourselves had planned for next week our vacation (the first in a year), but now we are not allowed to travel at all, but stay at home. All that sucks, but avoiding the spread is the absolute necessary way in order to slow down the infections/death rate and give the hospitals more time to cope with the real serious cases. Italy and Spain are some tragic examples, with the situation out of control (and this even weeks after their shut down): hospitals are overcrowded, 3 sick people waiting in the hospital‘s hall for 1 occupied ICU bed to get free, last couple of days +1000 deaths per day only in Spain+Italy, even several of the limited doctors and nurses got infected and died. The Military has to deliver the victims’ coffins via several convoy trucks to crematories in the suburbs as the local ones are overcrowded. The USA is unfortunately at the brink of stepping into this scenario, with the current doubling rate of infections/deaths in the last days and New York at the tragic lead: piling up cooling containers as provisional morgues... Watching those spring break pictures a week ago, careless people on the streets, the numbers (infections/deaths) will undoubtedly further increase. in my opinion we won’t look back in a couple of weeks/months and are ashamed of having overreacted, but more likely we will ask why we didn’t see it coming and did social distancing earlier. Just my thoughts.
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    I'd really like if the bots wouldn't hide and stay hidden throughout an entire match. That's a fun suck.
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    They just troll us. Add perks, CP and delete them again. But they don't do the same to me. I had more than 2.700.000 CP and they deleted. The same with perks %). Probably they hate me more than anyone else. 😀 I play without everything now. In principle it is tolerable. Just for info a few screenshots of the process of hacking my account. %)
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    The majority like it, some have no opinion, some dislike it but can understand why it was needed, and a small minority are of the opinion that it's a horrible idea because Jason was fine the way he was and didn't need a buff (these people can go blow a dead bear). I DO like it overall, especially when faced with lobbies who have no intention of escaping or even killing you and just want to kick your ass all round. Personally, I don't think the buff would have been needed if: 1) The only guaranteed stun was the shotgun or flaregun. 2) The stun rate of all other weapons were severely reduced (I.E. hitting Jason with a baseball bat 10 times yields 1-2 stuns. 3) Jason's mask could take a great deal more damage before breaking.(no more 1- hit demasking). 4) Combat was tweaked to allow Jason to immediately block after he uses R2. Also, the amount of damage Jason takes when blocking is reduced. 5) Throwing knives had increased damage, ditto for bear-traps.
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    I don't know the exact criteria used to ban troublemakers. If you feel that you have concrete evidence, you should report it. I just wouldn't get my hopes up. There are still a lot of decent players out there that don't cheat. Many people still see the same cheaters despite reporting them. There are some people being banned, even though it isn't very many. Check through some of the older threats where people admitted to being banned. Hopefully one day more of them will be banned.
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    Private matches should give you XP, as should the Offline Bots.
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    That's a better way of putting it. I'm sure in matches of a bunch of noobs the entire rage buff comes into effect but when you have people who've played this game for a while, escapes are happening before rage, Jason killing everyone is coming before rage and most likely is Jason is getting killed before rage. The last match i played as Jason in a random QP lobby I got rage as I was in the middle of killing the last counselor. So what does rage actually accomplish or do for the majority of us long time players? Absolutely nothing.
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    maybe add an option to make Jasons mask more difficult to remove. also add options for weapons to be stronger. an option to add 2 more pocket knives. friendly fire option by host of map. daytime exploration mode with friendly fire .
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    Welcome to the forum @Velvet. People have been banned when the evidence is enough to make it happen. In the meantime, make friends with decent players, and try to avoid the troublemaker whenever possible. I wish you the best of luck.
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    Make friends with players that don't rage quit. They are out there. An entirely different F13 experience may be preferable to a remake. Start a script for a single player F13 game story. I see that in Quick Play from time to time. In Private matches I rarely see it. The extent of players like that vary from game to game. This game just seems to have a higher occurance. It seems to be present in most modern games. I long for the good old days when people knew better.
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    I'd say about 500 people have the tool now.
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    Hahahaha Tgames you are angry because we finally got you and your friends 😘. We can't get you for cheats but don't worry my friend we got you anyway. You can say to your friends we are on they way and we will get their new accounts soon. We are invincible we can ban any account we want. Don't expect devs to unban you, they will not do it. We can cleary see your nickname in the discussions 😜. If they unban you i promise we can track you until you are banned again my friend. Your place is out of the game, spastic. Say hello to MrKev we will ban him on others games soon. And if you have the bad idea to create a new account, we will send it to dev for another ban EZZ. There is lot players get profiles wiped, it's maybe you too ? You don't want new discussions coming and sending to dev ? So stay away from the game !
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    I restarted my game today to verify my account and I have no more CP. They deleted me 1.821.941 CP
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    Do you have proof of those numbers? Please post it when you have a min. Back to the topic that I was actually asking about @mattshotcha is it a possibility to have the “rage buff” removed as an option in private match so all the people that hate it can play and enjoy the game again?
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    Yes, I'm aware of that. It bothers me because claiming that the option to turn off the Rage buff would make people see how much better it is without it is bullshit of the highest order. You sound like you've been taking notes in Professor Strigoi's class.
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    If stating obvious fact qualifies as "whining" then so be it. It's already been explained in excruciating detail why the Rage buff was needed and the benefits for both sides of having it. If you're still butt-hurt over it then that's your problem.
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